Saturday 29 June 2019

More about Encounters

Louise Bourgeois

Last time on TOILET WORLD we talked about encounters and making an encounter based on apex predators and said I might follow it up with
Show an example with lots more variety

Maybe do one with something other than an alpha predator

Or even building it around something that isn't part of the food chain (directly) like rogue golems, or wandering bands of undead

then a bunch of time passed


I will try those things.

The first my idea is just make sure every encounter refers to other encounter
3 variations
 a and b both aware
a is aware of b but not b of a
b is aware of a but not a of b


bone stealer machine

1. Crocodile is about to burst out and eat monkey
2. Monkey is quiet and scuttering around tree
3. Monkey is screaming and chattering and throwing sticks in water

4 bone stealer machine has recently left area and left behind monkey skin and meat sack
5 monkey is fleeing area, bone stealer machine in that area
6 bone stealer machine is lured up a tree too small for it and it's about to collapse , entangling it
the monkey will stay too long to tease it and risk getting bone-plucked

7 crocodile drifting through water being a log near bone stealer machine, will attack things fleeing machine
8. Bone stealer machine is crouched in shadows,  has a bone plucked pig hanging of a branch , crocodile drifting towards it
9 Bone stealer machine is on bank with one hook in crocodile but the other is battered off , crocodile attempting to pull bone stealer machine into the water to disable it
10 roll again, whoever not in encounter will show up .
Monkey will tease crocodile, Bone plucker will go for largest bones, Crocodile will go for easy meat

(I wrote all this  maybe a week or go and now trying to finish it but I can't quite remember where I was going with it all, and from this point things got vague )

Here is another idea with generating some encounters that link up to other encounters.:

a dreary misty land of tight copse , fens and erratic boggage.
We have 6 inhabitants in Squaggle Mere

1 Axebeak (single predator)
2 Madhermit of the bog (single neutral)
3 Stilt squid (large herbivore)
4 Shaggy pilgrims (group neutral)
5 Bog Wight (single dangerous)
6 Murderers (group dangerous)

Predators will only be a hostile if they think they can get a meal, dangerous are always hostile, herbivores will have to provoked, and neutral will be useful or hazardous depending on context and conversations.

Then roll a d6 for each of them to generate another inhabitant to have an encounter with.
If we roll the same number twice , then we treat that as a single inhabitant encounter.
Or an additional single inhabitant encounter , if we include both multi-inhabitants on the encounter table as well as single.
We rolled:
.Axebeak + mad hermit
Mad hermit + murderers
 Stilt squid + Bog Wight
Shaggy pilgrims + axebeak
 Bog Wight + stilt squid

So Murderers have an additional chance to run into them

Then from here we could include the single encounters as well or just have more complicated multi- encounters , giving us 12 or 6.

If we want to have roughly in the range of 1/3 chance of getting an encounter then using a d20 kinda works for 6 encounters, and a d30 for 12 encounters.
If you don't have a d30 you can just make d100 encounter table  and give each encounter 3 numbers.

I'm getting increasingly far away from anything I said at the start of the post but I'm just going to keep going.
If you are making a d100 table and starting with 12 encounters , you could then make each encounter have 3 versions
1 : a is aware of b
2 b is aware of a
3 both b and a are aware of each other.

(or make this d6 table to roll on  other getting the encounter.)

This expansion of course doesn't make sense for single encounters. One that does is this one:
(also you could do the awareness thing with perception checks)

1 About to happen ( if single encounter , hearing distance away)
2 Happening  (if single encounter , visual distance / 1-2 rounds)
3 Happened   (tracks or spore, 5 minutes away)

And again it could be a d6 addition roll instead.

Okay that's some ideas about encounters I had that I expanded on, sorry it's been so long since posts. A lot going on at the moment with life , work , art , rpg creations and poor old blog posts keep missing out.