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Running Domain Play as a Carousing Table part1

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Whelp I had an idea for this , like 6 weeks ago and then didn't have a real chance to type it up and so wrote some "notes" so I can easily do it when I have a spare few hours and a computer and here I am in front of a computer resting my knee so I'm looking at my notes and fucks.

They are just a fucking mess of conflicting ideas and tangents and the suggest of unnecessary subsystems and introducing tarot cards because that always makes something seamless and easy to use

But first things first; the carousing table rule is where your characters spend gold , get some exp for it and then roll on a table, as seen here:

Many people have made their own versions:
Updated version, that is fancy:

With me?
So the idea is if your players are now in charge of stuff but no-one really is interested in playing it in all its detail but it would nice if running the thieves guild meant something , even if you will always be busy travelling to the moon to fight laser mummys or something.

And presuming that any political situation is so complicated and crazed that you have no idea what exactly is going to happen as consequence of any action so tables

Ideas on how it could work:
@# you spend X amount of gold advancing your interests you get half ( or a d6X10 as a percentage) that in exp back and roll on a table. Table will need enough bad situations to make this not a given for players to roll on it

@# you just roll on a fairly balanced table at the end/start of each session to see what trouble and opportunity have winged in

@# the player puts a wager (gold, exp, land expansion , severe inconveniencing of a NPC) and you roll on a table to see what the results of that are

@# A  more complicated domain sub system that I will detail in a following post
As alternative to rolling on a table or as Random Event Generator entering random years into wikipedia gives a list off all those things that have happened then. Scroll down until you find something appropriate .

Also you could draw a tarot card and interpret that. Or assign various events to all the cards. Or just the major arcana. I thought about doing that on this blog post buuuuut not today.

here is an example of events table though so you have that atleast from me:
1. IF the player was trying something , the exact opposite happens. If they weren't , somehow their domain has a new reputation that is the opposite of what they actually do
2.Success, but player pisses someone off who was previous kindly disposed to player
3.Success but the continuance of it requires the on-going patronage of an insane person
4.Clusterfuck roll 3 times
5:.Failure and somehow a recent misfortune is now being blamed on player
6: Failure and a weakness of their domain has been widely exposed
7.:Successs but a new faction has entered the scene
8. Roll twice , the first is what you tell the player the second is what is actually going on
9.Failure: someone the p.c knows and likes is now in danger and prob desires to flee
10. Success and player's domain becomes some what inconveniently feared
11.Failure but player's domain's enemys are cautioned against acting against them
12. Failure and violent infighting erupts in players domain
13 Success but all on-going conflicts are escalated
14: Success and a previous enemy offers to join forces
15: Failure but valuable secrets are learned
16: Failure and the players position is threatened from below
17: Failure and someone allied is revealed to be a double agent
18: Success but will reverse if players domain does not appear to be innocent and peaceful for next 2 appropriate domain time units
19:Success but 1d4 foes are convinced now to make an alliance against player
20: roll again but read failure as success and success as failure

(note for success that will reverse if condition is not meet: if this nonsensical due to to the success being not really reversible , like learning something about someone, read a reverse as a random foe gains the same benefit.

I'm just screeding here rather than giving  a coherent useable system , but I guess thats what I do around here.
aaand it I figure its something pretty campaign specific so parts are more handy than plug and play system. OR I just can't stay focused. Whatever. My notes ramble on more from here but I'm going to break this post up into 2 parts so I can come back to the subsystem with more clarity than I feel I have now. It also has an attached table and that needs some chin-stroking and yeah to be continued..


Sword of the Samurai should be played ASAP as how to run domain play 

oh look it's abandonedware

So basically it is a good example of tiered domains where you start out being in charge of village work then get promoted to being in charge of province , then a county  , then a region then the whole kingdom. And this is done by having the highest honour and being elected by the guy above you, until you just above the top and then its more or less open warfare for the Emperor-dom or whatever.
You can go to peoples houses and try and make friends or bait them into dueling you or wander the country side doing heroic things so your honour goes up or sneak into peoples houses and kidnap their sons or whatever. It's great.

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