Friday, 14 February 2020

Look Here And Opinionate

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF The maps are trying to get fixed for a re-released for DCO,
but we getting into a dither with the labelling.
Here are examples:

please give opines there if you have them

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Fling

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there's those campaigns where everyone is fired up to try a new system or setting or someone wants to be the DUNGEON MASTER

but for whatever reason , 2-4 sessions later it just sorta ends.

But What If when we did such undertakings we framed it as limited run, to have something to finish with rather than just moving on?  Both an ending to aim for and an ending to happen if you just stop playing

Please consider the following and note I've included a possible angle to turn each into an ongoing campaign:
(fuck knows why I've listed them in a table)

1. A elritch alien warship, pride of a degenerate alien empire, has been struck by a vast void beast mid void-warp, and crashed back into real space, now warped and crippled, the alien crew dying and maddened from the ruptured void shields, and is now in a decaying orbit towards a blackhole.
You and your fellow players have broken free of your containment  and search desperately for escape among the cruel amusements , maddened guards, and fiendish security systems
You are: captives used as the payload on psychic cannons, genetically engineered geisha, P.O.W, malfunctioning robots, pragmatic alien serfs
The Aim: Get to an escape pod with enough supplies to make the characters future lives comfortable
The Default: You all are crushed beyond all understandings of the term crushed
The Over-achiever: You get the ship going and start your own LEXX-life

Murder Mystery Mansion Time Machine::
 A smug despot of a time-lord has thrown a dinner party for his peers , and further more as a delightful touch , he plucked "guests" from out time and space to join their esteemed ranks.
But he turns out MURDERED and now his mansion/time mansion is freaking out. BUT THE MURDER IS NOT YET DONE. The Mansion itself it not without its dangers, escaped terrors, bizarre traps et cetera  et cetera

You Are: Elites of an advanced and apathetic society, fellows plucked from time for their wit or lack of it
The Aim: To not get murdered, to get back to their own time, to discover Murderer
The Default: forced to live in wrong time line and wonder WHO WAS THE MAKER OF MURDER?
The Over-achiever: The murder is solved , the mansion mastered and now the fabric of space and time is yours to saunter forth upon

A mysterious mist has surrounded a village, everyone but you is got a fish plague and increasing waves of fishy monsters are coming for you
You Are: Simple practical folk , travelers, tourists, fly-by-night grifters
The Aim: To get out
The Default: you got dead or barely got out and are crazed beggar with 'Oribble tale
The Over-achiever: the secret of the Curse is uncovered plus riches too. But is it but one pebble fore-towing a occult landslide?

you are all convicts given a car and some weapons and sent across the Cursed Earth to try and win years off your sentence , battle other HARDENED KILL CRAZED CRIMINALS and the MUTANT HORRORS and CANNIBAL YUPPIE GANGS of the Cursed Earth, all before the drone eyes of a jaded and cruel LIVE AUDIENCE
You Are: Convicted criminals from a variety of backgrounds with a range of skillsets
The Aim: To make it to the finish or remove your bomb collars and commit to life in the cursed earth
The Default: assumed MIA and eaten or back in the slammer
The Over-Achiever: rebel and build a bandit kingdom and lay siege to a mega-city

5.Babes in the woods:
Lost in the faery woods! Will you make it home? Will you find what you seekth here?
You Are: Lost children, questing knights, talking animals
The Aim: make it out
The Default: Lost forever, as animals, fey servants , or living wood
The Over-Achiever : Riches! An Elf Bride! The Favour of the Seelie Court! Human Form! Further intrigues and quests? Maybe!

Post-Adventurer Fun-House Dungeon:
They've come , solved or brutalized puzzle and trap, slain many, found the cackling undead wizard and took from him his undead continence and his tome of big man spells. But what now for those of rooms not visited as his spells twist and die and the less bold crawl in for the scraps left behind?
Factions are unbalanced and guardians amok!
You Are:  Monsters, Undead, Abandoned Henchmen, Former Servants, Escaped Captives, representatives of underworld tribes or dungeon factions
The Aim: To get out without being immediately hunted down due to the dungeons nearest to civilization.  To have a means of survival.
The Default: you get adventured or are still there preying on treasure seekers
The Over-Achiever : you are now the lord of this sinister peak, you have ravaged the nearby out-crop of civilization forcing it back away from the free wilderness, you have got out with a means of power and agency . OR SUCH LIKE


A fling-campaign like any of these could have a table and/or conditions to determine the fates of characters if the campaign just ends.
So for Deathrace if the character has a bomb collar at the end of the session sequence , they are assumed back in slammer, if they are sans-collar there's a table to determine their fate, if they have earned the respect of cannibal gang then they assumed a member .
You could get involved as you like here with tables and sub-tables. I'm sure the above example is already suggestive of more elaboration.


Thursday, 6 February 2020


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF A quick post but it's a table so it's content

(might of even done this one before)

A TABLE OF SPICE to apply to acceptable but bland adventure content

1.Half the monsters will always fight the other half , due to warring parasite worm super-colonies . One results in blue luminous worms in the eyes , the other red luminous worms in the eyes. The psychic commanding queen worms of each side are found entirely filling the body of the least likely monsters. When a monster is slain the worms will leave the body a couple of minutes later and can take over any sleeping host

2. All friendly(ish) npcs are actually escaped dreams of a ever sleeping monster

3.Everything comes back to life worse

4.Herbivores are now predators and vice versa 

5.Any rocks or stone materials within a size window of a loaf of bread to big enough to built a house on have been chained down to the bedrock or they will fall upwards. Weird gnomic people climb out of shadows every pre-dawn to check on all their work, add more chains where necessary , and sometimes singing down lost rocks.

6. All monsters , despite initial appearances , are some kind of mollusk, their bonelessness only making their movements disturbing not less able. They each have a tiny shell hidden somewhere where they keep their soul.

7.Everything is on or in an iceberg

8. Two versions of everything exist. The shit-head version at nighttime and the happyland version from til dusk.

9.All monsters are made of sewn together hairless cats, dogs and rats. The hair is elsewhere

10.All monsters are made of a single human body, distorted and enlarged as necessary

Friday, 24 January 2020

Obscure History Unto Adventure

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So:

From 1950 to 1970 Charley Douglass has a monopoly on the laugh track. With a custom built machine know as the "laff box" , which was was only seen and used by the Douglass family (and locked up when not in use) it was thought vital to the success of nearly every prime time comedy. Not relying on a mere single sample , instead a carefully curated collection of 320 laughs , each named and chosen by Douglass, who would rotate , retire , update and replace laughs as time went on , and used to carefully weave a custom audience response as required for the scene.

The wiki is worth a read, and my paraphrasing is probably misrepresentative

Now I give you some ways to use it as modern horrorish adventures:

Charlys use of someones laughter causes them to suddenly spiral into depression, resulting in gruesome suicides. 

His Laff-box is actually too effective and is making the entire population placid and easily manipulated by media. U.S.A goverment hasn't realized this but Russian, East Berlin and Chile all have and are attempting to steal it without drawing attention to  its value. They are all independently trying to get it and are actively interfering with each other.

The Laff-box is actually counteracting a deep psychic poisoning by a supernatural force  (awakening elder god, cult, psychic wing of USSR etc) . Charly regrets actions he's taking in order to do his work (combine with any other idea)

Multiple cases of "laughing disease" where someone is found unable to respond to anything other than with laughter and little awareness of who or where they are.  Cases all show signs of having had some form of brain surgery but that's suppressed by interested sinister government forces. Turns out Charly has been kidnapping vagrants and operating on them to trigger "perfect" laughs to record. He needs to use fresh laughs on occasion and the increase demand for his services have meant he's needing to get more subjects and get his family involved and mistakes are getting made, resulting a number of escapes

When someone whose laugh was recorded dies their ghost is unable to advance to afterlife , resulting in sets using the laff box getting dangerously haunted

Recorded laughs are funnier when the subject recorded is dead. Charly son has fallen out with father , set up a rival laugh track company and has engineered a number of fatal accidents of live studio audiences to get his recorded laughs more effective. But he needs more!!!

Monday, 13 January 2020

NAMES :Why did I click this edition

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF There's this d100 table of names I did that I sometimes go looking for on old blog posts , forgetting completely that it exists as a google drive document.
Now I'm going to put it as a blog post as well to double my chance of finding but have included additional names for anyone whose already seen the original.

It's 3 tables so you could roll a d3 as what to use,
(Or a d4 with 4 being roll 2d4s and combine, if you roll another 4 , roll again with an additional d4 and if you are unlucky you will get another 4 and start approaching rolling a number of d4s that making it very unlikely to not roll a d4 and its your own fault)

1. Snide ellipsis
2.Mary Planks
3. Tom Armadillos
4.Syrup Basin
5.Calf Ambles
6.David Burly
7.Doug "The Doug" Douglas
8.Clancy Sugar
9.Nancy Smalls
10.Ford Motor
11.Andre "Cannibal" Winter
12.Fisher Probes
13.Lawn Bowls
14.Rivers Condo
15.Outpatients Department
16.Dan Tiger
17.Jelly Roll
18.Melissa Buffalo
19. Brian Harpoon
20.Bulbs Radiator
21.Vladimir Sputin
22.Thomas “For Time” Stalin
23.Trousers Sandwiches
24.Pearl Chowder
25.Tom "Stacker" Baker
26.Fawny Groove
27.Hank Wedge
28.Miles Testy
29.Cornelia Hubestss
30.Jersey Caramel
31.Wrangel Island
32.Sanny Frisco
33.Thomas Busdriver
34. Mark "Mark" Jenkins
35.Queefy Wheats
36.Lakes Blossum
37.Keith Boss
38.Jenny Hammer
39.Hermia  Booty
40.Nina Arena
41. Cloudy Daze
42. Robust Badger
43.Frank Guns
44.Lily "Drownings" Drizzle
45.Fred Daggs
46.Melissa "Octogon" Daily
47. Shuddering Winston
48.Kevin Shirley
49. Trish Arson
50.Hurdy Sedums
51.Wolfgang Analgel
52.Grande Riveirre
53.Bernard Door
54. Hudson Drains
55.Loretta Drunk
56.Sally Runnings
57.Dolly Eastern Promise
58.Joy Cookies
59.Franklin Rhinestone
60.Gilly Eggs
61.Jam Katmandu
62. Kate Irrevocably
63. Erma Turkeyneck
64.Violet Shelves
65.Celia Lamp
66.Rozzy Miter
67.Duncan "Mop and Bucket" Cairn
68. Dredgy Wheel
69.Sufficient Industry
70.Theodore "backdoor" Monday
71.Flight School
72.Salad Despoil
73.Harvey Kindly
74.Complete Sentences
75.Beth Realism
76.Gaggy Paint
77.Henry "Doggy" Sellers
78.Douglas Brass
79.Louise "Bridal" Homicide
80.Tool Box
81.Bert Walrus
82.Classy Broad
83.Monica Plug
84.Laura Correctional
85.Peter Banned
86.Balls Snakey
87.Gamma Radiation
88.Trixey Alley
89.Pixie TwoByFour
90.Vivian "Sparky" Roosterton
92.Terry "Dipshit" Towel
93.Daisy Cutter
94.Poppy Fists
95.Reindeer Little
96.Austria Glide
97.Mary Ann Gusset
98.Conical Wizard
99.Metric Standard
100.Lara Houndings


01:Serenity Kong
02: Charlie “Sucking” Gut-Wound
03: Fiona Swarming
04:Shucka Pines
05: Wall Finkelstein
06:Franco Downings
06:Buster Shots
07:Erma Flipper
08:Phillip “Steamy” Rhodes
09:Manu Photosensitivity
10:Tessa Coils
11:Vinny Long Division
12:Manny Thunk
13:Olivia Apefocker
14:Willow “Cold Butchery” Sunshine
15: Belinda Hive
16:Drusilla “Wine and Dine” Machete
17:Orlando Tombstone
18:Bucket Lisp
19:Lucinda Succotash 
20:Weaver Rotterdam 
21:Hamlet Jackhammer
22:Pigs Whistling
23:Claudius  Removalist
24:Lennox Moth
26:Ross Growling
27:Hecate Verbery
28:Heather Ganger
29:Elbow Southerly 
30:Pete Bogs
31:Isabella Carny
32:Kitten Smalling
33:Juliet Furnace
34:Juggy Dimestore
35:Gilbert “Genuine Article” Druidly
36:Wicker Thicket
37:Helen Shanks
38:Melancholy Hams  
39:Muse Jenkins
40:Moses Brown
41:Roman Decline
42:Aria Throttle
43:Grace “StoneCold” Riddance 
44:Max Intentions
45:Pug Tyler
46:Hercules Periot
47:Samuel “The Dead” Waking 
48:Kathlyn Castaway
49:Theodore Jogging
50:Fridge Cancer
51:Ivy S’More
52:Friendship Station
53:Air Supply
54:Screen “ForHelp” Trenching
55:Ashes Paving
56:Jizz Archer
57:Hinemoa Arkweld
58:Serpent Bridge
59:Violet Bruising
60:Zeke Hurling
61:Xavier Slothfoul
62:Frank “anchors” Downstairs
63:Simian Grace
64:Benjamin Oscillation Black
65:Gamma Fillets
66: Figs Sickly
67:Khole Dispersal 
68:Maurice Junker
69:Tabby Filled
70:Ruby Ocean
71:Quin “Fear Itself” Books
72:Jen Warrior
73:Hooty Galore
74:Zoey Zeigeist
75:Peaches Molotov
76:Bruno Shining PAth
77:Emma Void
78:Colin Buried-Alive
79:Eli Mozambique 
80:Africa Wilson
81:Molly “Drinking Problem” Pullover
82:Zed Fullstop
83:Chuck Stakes
84:Timely Arrival
85:Jade Condition 
86:Falling Upward
87:Manos Gold
88:Oliver Footnote
89:Hanks Raw
90:India Tombstone
91:Holden “Hooker” Sunset
92:Cammy Winger
93:Drudge Monument 
94:Kristos Tuxedos
95:Missy Peyote
96:Bill Crack
97:Forest Yearning
98:Boomer Dogs
99:Watson Chokehold
100:Gelty Finetune


1: Hissy TuMany
2.Sean Alot’O’Dogs
3.Parks Ash
4.Asteep Fitter
5.Fling “The King” Pissant
6.Nova Pinegroom
7.Icella Wined
8.Justine Claming 
9. Zuz Baron
10.Meryl Pucker
11. Blue Meritable
12.Voon Kills
13.Hana Mullen
14.Desmond Balloon
15.Jane Blankblank
16.Lily Sob
17.Grandle Meat-tickets
18.Ivly Bantam
19.Gho’ Sleepwright
20. Tinkles “Very Bad” Scar
21. Cammy Look-At-All-These-Snakes-Now
22. Astrasus Pigstar
23.Wendaline “Wendy” Gowithwoe
24.Merry Poonslin
25. Asha Cosmosis
26.Plu Nostick
27.Jip Everdownward
28. Rex “Fucking Useless” Glory
29. Jubilee Chokegasm
30. Funk Bagham
31. Mae Runderhulk
32. Pendle Grunehills
33.Samima Lastly
33.Minos Tucking
34.Derry Severalcows
35.Chastanence Big Clocks
36.Joes Whippet
37.Tishamont Teething
38.Gas Dahling
39.Saturnus Picklewraith
40. Jom Cloppet
41. Joseph Hoofnoof
42. Batin Van Der Vandeer
43.Granna Cocklesmear
44. Leaguecock Sligo
45.Grung New Bliss
46. Oola Stonehells
47. Juzenee All’Serpents 
48. Munii Undereve
49. Tilda Uggswater
50. Ben “Still Having Frogs” Montgomer
51.Lickle Omegabeam
52.Golda TownInIreland
53.Dark Pointing
54.Avive “Always Be” Awaken
55.Tom “Also Tom” Tomson O’Toms
56.Jamalla Drumharmer
57. Aa’l Burial
58. Foxy Bricks
59. Moonsgroom Efluleza 
60. Du’unk Village
61. Lima Waxwove
62.Wyrpryl Feens
63.Asselle Foundling
64. Merry Alsotomsson
65.Brigadoon Grove 
66. Selwyn Thorn
67.Hunst Ploo
68. Rosamonde Judaschilde
69. Tempeste Vloe
70. Jann Uberdyke
71. Chia Shunka
72.Lopalou Goonias
73. lil’George Huge
74. Vivine Sprokenvixen
75. Cliff Burgstein 
76.Juniper Bellsbastard
77.Kora Yello
78. Anthony Farmswear
79 Borgette Betwixt
80. Shar “Tunes” Hummadum
81. Paul Wartsport
82.Blanche Rippadik 
83.Salome “The Bomb” Atomie
84.Moldewarp Ruttles
85.Sig Wurst
86.Fir Pheromone
87.Junus Ravelle
88. Snicker Princes
89. Osome Augustine
90. Non Tumubose 
91. Penny Jobsworth 
92.Karn Beetle
93. Smithe Hujikott
94.Germaine Frenchie
95. Chuk “Chukwuma” Ekong
96. Sing Allwarsend
97. Assain Worriment
98. Sook Mancook
99. Lila Ephedrine
100. Trica Nocopse