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I hate these


I recommend the following nomenclature 


some palaces

Animation Smears and Spiritual Texts.
Exactly what it says

some excellent blogs you should see and a terrible weapon table

Kiel wanted some fun things that fairys do

Elementals, but actually this is a elemuntal , a goop elemuntal

Hell Knights
I drew pictures for this one

things that live on you or in you

Have you considered these things could be AlIVE?

Where do things come from? Science, mythology , creation, animals and plants? Who knows

Go Inside The Big Naked Dude



a way of having background , equipment and skill in one system

a monster that can't be told about

The "There I fixed it series" where I fixed things for people such as

rock paper scissors in rpgs

wizards making things 

talking to people. gear repairs, taverns



0               0


a table of random herb complications 

A money system, a weird bomb , profession quirks to make regular jobs have f a n t a s y  f l a v o u r 

some regular dirty people doing dirty jobs and ways to make it, you know the content around here by  now

everyone uses spiders and the arachnid family has so many other friends  

I fix crap board games like tiddlewinks and marble

Ready-made Golems

Secular Creation myths for your campaign world

These are links to anything I've written that might be of interest to you if you into funny dices and things that are not real but have cool stuff in them

Places to find teeth. Weapons that shoot teeth Things to do with teeth
teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth

Elementals that break and are broken

I interview FALSE MACHINE because FIRE ON THE VELVET HORIZON is released

I endorse Zak Smith and give out an adventure about a bee princess and link to a sweet adventure generator

I talk about doing things with plants in games like having them exploit you

A video game review of Probability zero and Anodyne 

The first planescrap document, a cleaned version of the scrawling all over the classic series. This Blazing world and a glossary of terms being used. Such as Blazing world
the second document of this which is the first so its called zero

A campaign setting for the 52 page rule book called Very Big Space ship

A list of question for you campaign that your players won't ask but it's good practice for preparing for question that players will ask you that you cannot foresee ever

Encounter tables that have sign and spoor for "near miss" encounters. Example table is of a island. Also I complain about how everyone else does it

Another campaign setting for the 52 page rule book called islands

Brief sketches for campaign setting , 2 were developed later (Islands, Very Big Spaceship)

I start talking about art and feelings and waving hands airly about the idea of magic realism urban fantasy that makes no sense and is broken

Names of fantasy races (dwarf, elf, grey ooze, displacer beast, goblin,toadborn,githyanki,githzerai,giant,treant,pixie,leprechaun) 

oh and Kenku and , thri-kreen , and skaven)

thoughts on monsters that combine together and a triad that does that

additional gender roles for fantasy settings

running domain play as a carousing table part 1 is here and part 2 hasn't happened yet

Duels of the guilds. Like trying to scald each other or make an army of ginger breadmen to fight their cupcake hussars 
(also some ideas for unusual dungeon location, tables for weird social structures around d&d classes)

I hadn't done a post for awhile and decided to just take some photos around the house (the trees are not in my house, they are some of the tallest trees in New Zealand though) and put them in post for inspiration and didn't bother to explain any of that at the time. Then this big hoohah happened and my blog got all this extra traffic but that was the post at the time so now blogger has this as the most popular post of all time.

Fairys oh the little people don't go outside boy don't even look at the door they will smell your lookings

d8 table of minor cultural eccentricity 

3 city description where I try to pack flavour and identity without rambling too much

Grappling rules and stat check rules that maybe of interest?

Describing cities and a description of Day of the Lords

the secret places of palm trees and horrible places to put the astral and ethereal planes

The symbiotic armour series:




Additional mechanics

I made a table of
Unkind things

Game mechanics without any context for people to do something with

d6 table of kinds of people. Kind of like the above


plot bombs, magic tattoo effects

2d6 world hack

a d104 table of everything that Arnold K then turned into a dungeon

d9 table of magic weapons

table of 2 words that rhyme named monsters, rpg titles weirdly unused,   items made from bread by this society, reasons for ghosts, weaponized instruments, pointless islands, Cimim

a d16 of troublesome lakes

ideas for drawing counters as random generators , thoughts about encounters , a trap for the curious, through and stubborn and then some magic teeth and fish bones

Arnold K wrote about "tigers" , monsters and animals that are very good at exploiting human weaknesses . I gave it a go too

Farms. Always unsettling. But now, very unsettling with these

traits for armour , magic and mundane

the attack and defense modes for the psionics handbook were terrible , my take on them

attempt at simple yet distinctive wizard subtypes

Pandemonium Fracking Coffee and carousing in Sigil  

how to run a pokemon campaign , terrible nigh ungameable ideas about pokemon

A review of the 53 page rule book

Tables featuring cults, monsters, rooms and treasure to be found in your local

stray fighter house rules ,  featuring learning shit from weapons and stat based fighting styles

As a birthday present for someone I wrote like a mess of tables for their class flipping out and having transformation sequences
the class is battle princesses!

An excuse to use the class name "derangers" and Arabian Nights encounter table

magic drugs, with tables and a subsystem because table and subsystem

fossil city encounters and fighting a heavey burny ship rule

 NPC faction interactions

fighter ability :
like a diet version of dcc stunt die pretty much

 tables. tables. I can pull on a rope and kill a cow as well as any other fucker can.

 quick rule grab bag (encounter, revised climbing on creatures, armour piercing, a "can they buy that ?" table, fumble table and some old stuff)

 Players are paying people to make them weapons of fire
how do i resolve that?

 Minigame for wizard projects(making creatures, items , spells etc) using tarot cards and a table. In need of hack I feel, but sometimes you just got to type up what you got and leave it for someone else to realize the true potential.

monster based off pokemon fusions

People gave me names, I gave them monsters

Monsters inspired by the Burgess Shale

Some ideas for how to roll with player funded weapons research

races in planescape the mechanics there of in sweet bite sized chunks

Thief skills variant idea
they get to roll something at the same time to give them bonuses or rerolls

Reskin for 4th edition with all the 80s anime ever.

Simple critical tables

Talking about gold as exp and other things that could be exp units like human misery and energon cubs

A fill in the blanks find and replace dungeon with the blanks filled in and a link to the template

More grandiose monsters with the best art ever
snark is turned into useable content.

Chase mechanics made up in ten minutes
but they are actually pretty good

Some weapons that make not really any sense at all

I think they are great and make them even better.

Flying ship mechanics
in sore need of a good play test

Pictures of things to ride
with a link to the stats of them

when animals attack! 
simple mechanics for beasts doing what they do best

post post apoc tables 
generate weirdo bands clad in bike tyres spitting snakes at you because of what buddy holly told them. 

post post apoc treasure
It's crap , but people know its crap and they like that way

old school hack in a great murderous land part 2
old school hack in a great murderous land part 1
New classes for old school hack

plot generator BEST EVER
with link to abulufia version

lets go shopping!
a good start of game shopping complication tables

rethinking elementals
A lot of text about cool elementals
Archetypes as classes  A thought experiment , and a complete mess of game notes afterwards. To be cleaned up: NEVER
random table of names
 yes it is

Climbing on Things and Stabbing them in their stupid face
Rules for climbing on creatures and stabbing them. Kinda assumes you like giving big creatures damage resistance for being big
Notes on Post APoc one shot
A okay stand alone game system
(mechanics borrowed from Wildlings)

Character Creation in the redlands
Kindly readable presented version of the below, now obsolete
redlands, setting (planescape, dark sun, spelljammer mashup)
how about all the border towns have sorcerer kings and fight each other over the outlands for souls?
redlands character creation

this is a mess of abandoned game notes
Why is this NPC being a dick?

It's a table of NPC complications
The ill-assortment of house rules I like to call a d&d system for home use
Obsolete. Old school hack with standard d&d and home brew mechanics dog piled ontop of it. A mess

d20 table of traps
Tables for urban crawl sigil
Generating street layout and who is in charge for Sigil
Planar magics
Some ideas about portals and gates.

Bestiary for flux engine, (sweet monsters and pictures)
page 1 page 2
link to pdf of these pages (includes slaadi)

"leaked by time ghosts" 2nd edition of blue rose???
wow for realsies??

Fengshui over haul for 80s adventure girl cartoon super power:
DANCERS AND GUNRUNNERS: The tiara of bloody freedom
(updated and modified periodically)

The above but for a very very very loose world of darkness
THe World Has Ended: Wraith archetype
The World Has Ended: Golem, Changeling, Freak
The World has Ended
(featuring some hex filling tables for crazy reality broken post apocalypse worlds)

scrawling over the classics, planescape part 8, Arborea

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 7 (Sigil)

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 6 (astral , ethereal ),

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 5 (limbo)

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 4 (pandemonia)

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 3 (mt celestia, beastlands)

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 2 (celestial, random celestial tables, elysium)

scrawling over the classics; planescape part 1( canceri, cancerian choir slugs, archons)

Neverwere monster types

An system for tarot generate omens and the mechicanical effect there-of

A d30 mutation table

putting a new spin on fighters, wizards, rogues, clerics, rangers and paladins

traditional fantasy races rethunked also Bards

a d100 table of mutations

encounter tables, some monsters

notes on Flux, spells , armour and magic

races of Flux

spells as living junkie words