Tuesday, 18 November 2014

This is not that list of questions for your campaign

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So Jeff Rients of future man eating fame wrote a list of 20 useful and entirely reasonable questions for your campaign.

This is not that table.

This is an example of the other type of questions players will ask you and you should get some practise answering them now before all those bright keen faces are turned you with the first input they have ever done to a roleplaying game

1. Is there weaponized Squid? 
(follow up questions are below)  Can I start with one? How much are they? Can I have one as a pet/horse/best friend? Can I play one? Can I dual wield them?

2. Is there undead robots?
follow up questions involve the nature of consciousness and the existence of the soul in your campaign and can I play one? or have one as a pet or a gun that shoots them?

3. Do Icebergs walk across the land ?
can I be from one? Is godzilla frozen in one? Can I play a godzilla?

4. What do birds know?
(no further questions)

5. Does medicine work like it does here but no-one knows CPR or does it work like a cartoon so I cure amnesia with more head injurys or does it work like medieval euro people thought it did with demons in your teeth?
Do I start with demons in my teeth? Do I know CPR? Can I invent CPR? Can I give myself powers with additionally organs? What planet is in ascension in my spleen midmorning?

6. I want to play a hobbit but really I'm the fleas controlling the hobbit. Where is that in the book?
Could I take over a new guy with my fleas? Or another players guy?

7. How much could I rent my body out to spirits before I lost control of my character?
What are the names of the spirits? Are they cool?

8.What level do I have to get my character to before I am the g.m?
Can I half be the g.m at an early level? What about when you leave the room?

9. What is the dumbest thing I can spend my money on?
no dumber than that but cool. Like a pet with a pet with a weapon? Can pets dual wield?

10. How ugly can my guy be? Like Can I basically be a walking fish?
No wait I wanna be a walking fish. What is the reverse scuba technology like in this world?

11.The lamp oil? Is that like cooking oil, kerosene, white spirits or napalm?
How much can I buy of it?

12. How does physics work in this world?
What makes the planets stay up? Are there planets? Is it elves? Can I play an elf from another planet? Does everything work like how we though it did in the past? Can I discover stuff and pass it off as a magic? Is possible to use the scientific process to organise the concepts of magic?

13. Can I start with weapon hands?
What about crab claws? Can  I play a crab with human hands? Can I have one as a pet? Do they live on a different planet? Can we go there?

14. What cultures approve of cannibalism?
What about if we are super rich? Aren't rich cannibals be default , I mean if you think about it? How is the class struggle here anyway? Is there a Karl Marx? How receptive are people to the ideas of anarcho-syndicalism here?

15. Can my character not be real , but a hallucination of another character?
But I still wanna be able to do stuff. What are the stats for that?

16. Which is the rome but with lava fire country in this world? 
What about the ice circus country? Can I have a pet from there?

17. Can I invent an insect?
as a player like right now I tell you an insect and you put it in the game? Or as a character? Can my spells be insects that then exist in this world after I cast them? Can I play an insect who is actually a spell cast in this world? What about as a pet?

18. Is there reverse fire?
What about reverse water or earth? What do they wear there?

19. How much money can I make inventing siege engines?
Can I play a siege engine? In what ways are animals used in siege engines?

20.What is the most significant tree to the economy of the starting place?
Is it really a tree or maidens stitched together? If I play a maiden do I get spells or do people that worship me get spells but only if I'm mad at them?


  1. This is awesome. Can I have this list as a pet?

  2. For the Old HMS APOLLYON:
    1. Oh yes, both in the form of fleshcrafted sting flails and floating short tentacled void beasts that spray the stuff of pure primal chaos instead of ink. Everyone is weaponizing squid.

    2.Yes, both of the lich in a suit of power armor and the ancient robot bits animated by ghosts variety.

    3. There is little natural ice in the dulls seas of Pandemonium and no land, so no.

    4. Depends on the bird, the giant mutant pigeons that roost in the deck towers know only how to kill, rut and despoil.

    5. Medicine is an X in 6 skill mostly useful for stabilizing the dying and slowing poisons. It's mostly like today's medicine - there's even mad kelp and red lotus anesthesia (highly addictive of course).

    6. No Hobbits, how about a flying monkey?

    7. Depends on the spirits - forever if you are a Houngan of the Ship Spirits or a Adherent of the Leviathan. Otherwise not long.

    8. 10, that's the max level.

    9. Carousing and/or mad kelp.

    10. As ugly as you wanna be, and you can play an icthyomorph thrall (a fish based mongrelman).

    11. Whale oil and alcohol, and highly flammable.

    12. That's a secret, but time runs at different speed in different parts of the ship.

    13. You can, but it's hard to climb with weaponhands.

    14. Cannibalism is taboo as it is associated with feral humans living in the hull and demon cults.

    15. No

    16. No one really - The Black Gang are the descendents of the Ship's Engineers, grown pale and tall in their furnace fortresses - they are very militant and worship a gunpowder eating fire god.

    17. Sure, I might not use it though

    18. I don't think so.

    19. A lot. You can play an engineer and work towards owning boilermail - then you'll be a siege engine of sorts.

    20. Any of the fruit trees in the upper deck's greenhouses and gardens are significant and very valuable.

  3. This might be the list GMs fill out in that ice circus country... or maybe not the GMs themselves, but the magic fleas controlling them.

  4. 1. Probably somewhere in the Gnoll Ruins under the Hollow Mountain Sea. If you feel like braving a high-level aquatic dungeon at level 3, sure you can start with one
    2. Only if you count the War Machines. Consciousness is defined by sentience + intelligence
    3. Caramir, the Weeping Fortress might interest you. You can worship them, but you can't be them, unfortunately.
    4. More than you would imagine, but don't listen to them. They only speak mangled, mocking mimicry.
    5. Medicine's medicine.
    6. That resolves as a halfling.
    7. On a case-by-case basis, sure. Refer to the Possession corruptuion in Horror Adventures.
    8. As long as it takes, dude.
    9. You can spend your hard earned gold however you like.
    10. Refer to the Deep One Hybrid, and remember, "Bokrug Want Coin".
    11. Kerosene in Aydee and Samenaya, whale oil in northern Lilit, Urfin, and the Toran Archipelago, and it's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rupies.
    12. Four forces + force of magic. Everything was created by the raw primordial chaos mixing with Sephirot energy, aside from the Sephirot and Primordials themselves.
    13. That's called a hook hand, and yes you can!
    14. The Pashtar, the ancient Ishibians, a few of the tribes of Samenaya, and Lilitian nobility (shhh, that one's a secret!).
    15. That's called a thoughtform!
    16. None, but there is a frozen nightmare rome!
    17. That's the GM's job!
    18. The concept of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air being elements is fake (also yes to the water).
    19. Not enough to offset the return on your investment.
    20. The one keeping the giant murdercrow from going on a rampage.