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scrawling over the classics planescape number .7SiGIL

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Sigil is planescape really. So of course I would not  suggest any changes.
JOKES I will totally make changes! I will tamper with everything! I am a gremlin on special sauces with my scribbling markers and screw drivers and tamper hammers.

SIGIL , oh to go back  in time in and throw a copy of vornheim  through the window of the writers.
 But alas, time travel is only an option for advanced iguanas. My attempts will be a poor shadow of this not-to-have-been thing.
I'm just going to mentioned the changes I'm making, anything else, presume its the same. And refer to the original source material.

Anyway the torus shape of Sigil spinning atop the spire.
 I personally always found this made it seem small to me. 

So arbitrary change number 1, making the city entirely enveloping itself, until its a sphere, with the spires and rooftops jutting inward and the maze of sewer pipes and catacombs spidering out in all directions on the outside, like a ball smashing into glass but the cracks splintering out in dimensions rather than just one plane.

The city is entirely made of city
Sigil slowly grows , streets widen , stretch and sometimes sinking like continental plates.
 Underneath the streets are old streets and under these older streets, and under these even older.
 Pipes run through these streets taking waste and trash on a long winding journey before they void their contents into the void where Sigil ever spins.

Dabus occasionally descend into the depths to scrounge building materials. But mostly the depths are haunted by gangs and cults and human refuse that could not make it on the streets above. Ghouls and otuyghas occasionally rip into the pipes to provide a ready food source.

 Buildings that are marked with a white filled circle containing things that the Lady Of Pain does not wish to see the light of day. Disturbing these risks raising the Lady's peril. However it seems  anything she wishes truly gone would be never be found, so the  white circled buildings existence is suggestive of a perverse form of bait. 

Buildings further nearer the surface sometimes get used as dumps and junkyards , for areas the dabus don't reach. The building will be filled with rubbish from the top down, the contents then spilling onto the understreets. Sometimes a trash vein is abandoned and then later hollowed out by others.

The understreets are surprisingly deserted compared bustle above. Only the desperate or the mad really make a home down here. The reason for this is simple "out of sight, out of mind" . No dabus , no various peace keepers, not even mob justice. Fiends tiring of holding back their murderous urges come down here to hunt.
 Things escaped from wizards and vile priest labs lurk here. All the multiverse can lead here and so anything from anywhere can wind up below.

A both less and more subtle danger is present, as sigil grows and strains things below can get compressed and crushed without warning.

There is very rare marbled mineral that is created by these forces, like coal becoming diamonds, a cobble stone, skull, or trinket can be crushed and crushed again into it becomes this dark dark grey stone, like a thunderhead , with floating ribbons of red and purple in its opaque yet deep form. It is known as gutter pearl.

One more thing. The Drills. Two legged beetle things the front limbs and mandibles twisted forward and flared into scooped viscous ploughs. They work with the slow slow tides of the city, with the extrusions and the withdraws of the streets. Sometimes a disturbance in the undercity will bring them tearing up , to dig pits below the disturbs, plunging them down where the Drills with rush on them and mangle them to mortar.

The sun shines above all this. But the sun in sigil is in the middle of the sphere. It blooms into existence signaling the morning , swells to an angry red bloat at noon, and begins to wane and burn out, finally winking out signalling dusk.

THe Halfway to Everywhere, the Gate road is where it starts.
 A octagonal space spanning nearly a kilometre, the stone paving here is worn almost skin smooth and the gates scrap the haze of  weak cloud cover. The gates are rusted archs like weaponized fossils.  They lead to the gate towns corresponding to gehenna, abyss, pandemonia, grey wastes, baator,bytopia , mechaneus, mt celestial, elysium, beast lands, ysgard, canceri, limbo, archon, arcadia, bytopia, and arborea.
Everything from the outer planes makes its way to here. A constant stream of trade , vistors and lost clueless come in through the 16 great archs. Still the Gate Road always seems kind of empty, quiet even.

The Harmonium have the peace keeping position here. It took a lot of manoeuvring for them to do so, but it's mostly a show job. Anyone starting shit here is going to get mazed reaaaaal fast.

The main vein of trade goes to grand bazaar, merchants and traders operating from upper ward have runners that skim the best of the best. The rest go to the bazaar. Both the fated and the indeps are big here. The fated set up merchants cartels and the indeps set up unions against them. Both factions provide peace keeper here. The fated are easier to bribe but the indeps are more inclined to look the over the way for crimes that could be seen as "class war"

There is many many other portals in Sigil. Duh. But these are hidden or guarded or obscure.

I keep talking about Peace keepers. I've never liked the harmonium enforcing  the law in all of sigil. Sounds like a good way to have a civil war every other day. So let's make it a civil war in a tense cease fire.

 Sigil is divided up  (barring the hive and undersigil) under a myrarid of peace keepers forces. Of the factions Harmonium,and the Mercykillers, are most represented, then Belivers of the source (around the foundry), Doom guard ( in a couple distrincts in the lower ward), Indeps ( not so good with inter district cases), Athar (near their Sanctums), and Cipher ( without any formal structure). Peacekeepers funded by trader guilds, militarized residence associaltions, Clerics serving justice, law or community focused dietys, Gangs, or "community groups" take the rest of Sigil. The Guvners act as arbiters and mediators. Mercy killers as bounty hunters, taking commissions from applicants at their Grimhouses. Peace keepers operate either with the invitation and ongoing negotiation of residency associations, a previous long standing arrangements or as a dressed up protection racket.

Quick run down of what the rest of the factions do in the city:
Doom guard run a arena, various blood sports, weapons testing ranges, gladiator fights and anything involving the refinement of destruction
Bleakers, asylum
Dustmen, the mortuary
The Believers of the source run the foundry , which handles the big deal industrial building jobs and the wider city.
Xaostict make a mess and make the hive even more "interesting"
Sign of One, have the biggest autobiography library and public square
Athar run Sanctums, where they provide services that religons would. As well running a "witness relocation program" for people that are fleeing the wraith of their gods. Gosh they make enemys faster than the Fated
Ciphers, the gymnasium
Senstates, the library of all sensation (or whatever they call it).
Anarchists, also making a mess like the xaostects, but they will spend far longer explain why they do it.

Local colour of Sigil:
All kinds of detritus from everywhere plus
some animal native to just Sigil:

Lemure pigeons:
Pigeons that have stupid little human faces, as a defence mechanism there faces shift to look like someone loved by the predator. Sometimes they take face of someone that person will love but will have not meant yet. For anything that does not give a shit up about its stupid human face it relies on tasting like rotting cigarette butts

Dustbats: (or blunders, dizzes , fuzzbirds)
Fuzzy little balls of cute little fuzz the size of a fist, will nest in groups of dozens or so under roof eaves, behind wardropes, anywhere really. The name refers to the resemblence to a dust ball, not to any elemental aledgence. They are some what reckless flyers , maneuvarable but prone to crashing into stuff. The thick fuzz protects them from impact. This uncanny ability to crash into anything and everything makes them less welcome in houses that their insectivore habits would normal allow.

Roof Donkeys:
A donkey the size of a dog, wiry and cunning, and prestigious jumpers and climbers, one of the few thing capable of eating razor vine. Instead of the donkey hee-haws the Roof donkey has a surprisingly delicate warble.

A breed of whippet with a frog tongue. Somehow manages to look snobbish while licking up vomit

A 2 headed cat. Can projectile vomit at will. Foul tempered.

Actually a type of slater, when curled up look identical to a cobble stone.
(picture of ibis, but this is what an oil stork looks like)

Oil Stork:
a goofy looking sickly greasy stork. Can eat oozes , mold and puddings. Sticks eggs to gaps underneath roofs with weird goo like a horrible frog.

A trouble causing type of crow that's a near perfect mimic

A shadow of sparrow, eats the shadow of food. Food with no shadow tastes like crap.

Some plants! Plants are exciting!

Blackapple tree, a small scrubby tree that ignores gravity and on the side of buildings

Rust Blossum, a flowering bush that grows on metal and is made of rust, smells a little like jasmine and a bit more like menses. But in a nice way.

Arsonist's pillow, a bright yellow moss, that grows in dark , wet places (AND ITS A MOSS CRAZY!) which is good because it responds to sudden impact by bursting into flame.

New Player races!

Rag Dolls:
Cloth constructs that are capable of self replication ie baby making. No bones,but human organs and circulatory system. Flesh is stuffing, skin cloth, are sewn together, facial features either painted or sewn on, but as change as easy as meat faces. Can restore body if have access to sewing materials and fabric. Very difficult to tie up , can squeeze through tiny gaps. Can count as size modifier 1/2 when needed. More damage from fire.
            agility, luck +, awareness, int -

MAybe people tainted with negative plane energy? Maybe the descendants of some worshippers of a death god? Anyway these guys live in Sigil. They look like a person but with lips  torn off and black evil orbs for eyes, and fiendish piranha teeth. Hairlessness is common but not universal.
immune to disease, poison and paralysing  can only eat spoiled food and water, can't restore body points through healing magic, can't be raised or reincarnated.

Plane touched: sometimes planar travel can contaminate people . SOmetimes it can only show up a few generations later. Your saw bones advisers not travelling while pregnant
 Earth: have 3 faces like weird stone idols or some other earth type creature thing. Heavy builds, and or     grey 
                   skin. Protruding angular bones
                        strength, health +, agility, social -

Fire: swavy dwarves with beards of thick smoke that bursts into flame when they are anger or excited
                        agility, spirit +, luck, health -

Water: Marbled eel skin, rows and rows of evil fish teeth
                        spirit, health +, strength, social -
Air: hair moves slowly as if in wind, small sypth wings, clouds are seen in eyes
                        awareness, agility +, strength, health -

Salt: Skin cracked like a river bed in a long drought, eyes shriveled up to little sullen raisins , hair    bleached white or verypale
                                    awareness, health +, social, sprirt -
Ash: Grey skin, sunken in look , mouth cavity always pitch black, teeth like coal
                                    intelligence, luck +, health, social -
Dust:Skin like sandstone, raspy voices, sweat dust, hair falls out all the time, grows back and breaks down real fast
                                    strength , intelligence +, health, agility -
Vacuum: cracks in skin lets show a void that seems to suck at the light. Eyes pour out darkness. Always seem quieter around them
                                    agility, intelligence +, health, social -
Ooze: Always looks wet and sick. Eyes leak weird fluids, weird rubbery boneless movements
                                                social, agility +, health, luck -
Ice: Look like you froze to death.
                                                intelligence, health +, agility, social -
Smoke: Burnt black lips, glowing eyes, dark hair
                                                spirit, awareness +, health, strength -
Magma: Flowing movements, no outlines of bones, light shines out of mouth and eyes
                                                health, spirit +, awareness, social -

Mineral: Hair like spun silver or gold, eyes like gemstones, quartz shimmers in skin
                                    luck, spirit, +, social , awareness -
Steam: skin seethes and ripples, little vents open up releasing little puffs of steam. Always wet look.
                                    awareness, luck, +, strength, health -

Lightning: Eyes crackle with lightning, sparks play along skin. HAir stands up like near a telsa coil
                                    agility, luck +, social, health -
            Radiance: Coloured light pulse from under skin depending on mood. Its like light has been jammed under your skin. YOur   hair is freaking rainbow.
                                    spirit, intelligence +, strength, health -
Tieflings and Aasimar: as written
tieflings roll twice on random mutation table
Intelligence, agility,  +, social, luck, -

social, luck +,awareness,health -
+1 on all saves, food can be only be  digest if the person liked making the meal


  1. This would have been part 7, were we not using the 13th-dimensional Scrap Princess system of numerical notation.

    The city is entirely made of city.

    Speaking as someone who loves Necromunda, Vornheim, Kult, etc: nice.

    Love the native animals, esp. the Lemure Pigeons and Double Toms (zat sum Transmet shout-out I see there?).

    1. Sorta shout out, was just enjoying drawing 2 headed cats, and was including them when I realized the transmetropolitan influence

  2. This is brilliant, and the native creatures are wonderful. Given your description of Sigil as being the inside of a sphere, one wonders what the outside of the sphere is like, and what kind of things live there; for some reason I can't get the image out of my head of speed-addicted goblins racing each other along the surface in kitbashed sail carts.

    It also makes me want to play Super Mario Galaxy.

    1. In my head the outside of the sphere is basically a mass of tunnel endings and sewer pipes and tunnel/chimneys