Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hey it was these songs! Plus NPC complication table

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF These were the songs, no-one really got more than 2 , but GENEROUSLY these people can have a free commissioned drawing apishly scrawled with dung lovingly hand drawn by me and posted to their address. Email me what you want and an address and I'll send it, or if you prefer I'll scan and email it to you.
(also some people on g+ but i notify them on g+)
Seth S and Tom Fitzgerald, what do thoust what?

Here are the songs in no particular order:
Sally MacLennane- THe Pogues
"where the elephant snaps strongmen's necks and has too many powers"

Kitty Empire- Big Black
"I'll shit outside if I want to"

Kerosene- Big Black
"Nothing to do in this town"

Jordan, Minnesota- Big Black
"this will stay with you until you die"

L Dopa _ Big Black
"El Dopa Fix me"

...So I like Big Black okay?

Pigeon Kill - Big Black )
"gotta lot of birds"  (link to the live version from pig pile with the spoken bit about making friends with the birds first, Because I love it)

Cables- Big Black

"Maybe I just needed the bang

So I get a lot of Big Black song stuck in my head okay?

Trouser Minnow- rapeman
"then it really did start to matter"
fuck you steve albini for making me have to put that in a search engine.  Also? you dress like someone who would name his band "rapeman". AND MAKING MUSIC THAT IS THE BEST YOU DICK
Also? Superpussy by these guys sounds amazing at 33 when it's recorded at 45. Like I had the e.p and I listened to it for a over a year without realizing it was at that wrong speed. I even had the 2 nuns and a packmule album and was like "man it's so weird that the e.p sounds so different than this album" and it was only after a friend was playing it on the radio, and I was just getting on the phone to call him and tell him he had it on the wrong speed when it clicked.
I still think it sounds better at 33.

The The Empty- Le Tigre
"oh baby why don't you talk to me?"

Cry for Everything Bad That's Ever Happened-Le Tigre
"cry for everything bad that's ever happened" (song title, song has no words yo)


Heroes-David "crotchstormer" Bowie
"swim as dolphins can swim"
"oh we can be heroes"


God's Away on Business- Tom Waits
 "it's a job it's a job"

Keep The Streets Empty For Me- Fever Ray
"Where do people like us go?"
"we were hungry before we were born"

Okay now a table of "why is the npc being unhelpful to the p.cs?"
which I was gonna do for someone who mentioned on g+ (like that trap table I did..although maybe I wanted the trap table) but then I realized it was setting:modern required and then I forgot about it for reasons. Anyway I write it here to reward anyone bothering to push through the off-topic music screed.

1. Habitually giving the p.cs the run around to  stall for time until can work out an angle to profit from their involvement
 2.P.cs are dangerously ignorent of the cultural hang-ups and customs on the n.p.c and they keep offending the shit out of them.
3.UNder pressure by a secret society
4. Npc is actually a shapechanger imposter but has been too long in role and losing it's grip on its own and its assumed identity
4.Xenophobic, especially to you people
5.Is uncomfortable with their sexually attraction to one /all of the p.cs
6.Pining from unrequieted love and is a total cunt to everyone because of the FEELINGS
7.HAtes weak people, wants to see the P.cs show a certain amount of grit/tenacity/stubbornness before helping
8.A/all the P.cs somehow nearly got npc killed by chain of unlikely circumstances , that never the less could of been prevented by greater concern for their actions by p.c(s)
9.Compulsive liar due to curse
10. Member of a cult dedicated to spreading discord
11.Refuge from some horrible bloody purge in far off lands, is hella slow to trust anyone
12. On the run from someone , assumed new identity, dudes still looking for them
13.A/the p.c(s) remind them of someone they heinously betrayed to get where they are now
14.P.cs are close to stumbling on some skullduggery the n.p.cs is unwillingly involved in (but invested in never the less)
15.A fortune teller (for reasons of their own) has warned them about the p.cs
16. Has heard ill tales of the p.cs (either lie or truth depending)
17.Had a son/daughter that went adventuring and never returned, and tries to discourage that sort of dangerous nonsense
18.Related to a enemy of the p.cs , not particularly close to said relative, but feels family obligation to dick them around anyhow
19.There is a prophecy about someone(s) matching p.c(s) description upsetting the sweet sweet status quo with their actions
20. Has a butt-tonne of loose ends , and will try and get the p.cs to tidy them up for them, by making them seem involved it what ever business the p.cs are seeking the npcs aid about.

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  1. Well hey thanks for the generosity. I'm probably not the best at picking out songs.

    Anyway, I would like a chameleon or a chimera, whichever you would find more entertaining to draw.