Monday, 3 March 2014

Unkind things

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1. Rooms filled with a single fish
2. Castle vital organs
3. adulthood here is obtained when 3 children climb onto each others shoulders and never come down again
4.the sword is a sensory organ. The more it tastes only you the greater the chance that it will emerge to eat you
5.the cauldron contains the boiled down fat of an entire city. It will be used to make a single candle
6.The speak with dead spell has unlimited duration and effect. You may ask nothing of them, only listen.
7.Every house has toad that they do not speak of but worship painstakingly
8.The dogs are very big and very smart for dogs. They are smart enough to enforce the laws but not well. Not well at all.
9.The wars of ancestors have left rivers of blood. This has frozen in a glacier which makes its way home slowly even now.
10.Take turns being the cow
11.This land is insects.
12.The disease breaks you like crystal but rarely kills.
13.The city walks on small soft legs
14.Dimensional parasites tunnel out space and brains from the inside of tall hats. There are books about it.
15.Souls are water.
16.You mint  your own coins with your own pain. Suffering is the only guarantor , really, when it all comes down to it.
17. Gods are dirty unkillable old men who make the weather work and harvests ripen.
18. There is no limit to hunger. You will not die. You will be just more hunger
20.The most fertile land is that around flood prone river and muttering volcano

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  1. I didn't see this on G+ only blogger dashboard. Surmise;
    a) Scrap eschews flippant superficiality of the former and has chosen to abandon dissemination of genius-nuggets through such a conduit.
    or b) I missed it

    I love everything. Also I have odd bits in my notes that fit nowhere else but remind me of this only more puerile - A living chair made of contempt, everything is grey children as far as the eye can see. It feels a bit like David Firth stuff: off the edge of the precipice and careening into unspeakable.