Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Image Response Ping Pong 16

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF We are on the last 6 days of the DEEP CARBON observatory kickstarter and number 16 of image response ping pong (and week 1 of New Zealand corvid19 lockdown)

Patrick has woven us a tale of the wisest of primates (except for a few) and given us this
From Bad Roll Games

 What is it? Or what was it? The result of Wishing for a Mammoth Spider? An intestinal curse for shitting in the elephants graveyard?
No! it is the sessile larvae form of a Piper of Azathoth  

They are found where despair and mania are both paradoxically ascendant. Jaded and amoral cities of dying empires set a flame by their own populace , worlds where the victors of Ragnaroks turn on each other for lack of any other meaningful act, metro-crypt cities where the immortals strive only to die, etc.

There these creatures will be found, nestled in corner and eave, drinking in the despair and ever listening to the cacophony of nihilistic enterprise. For each will be composing a new unmelody , for this is the test of its kind .
To be admitted to adulthood , it will need to recite what it has composed from countless , fathomless, howls, groans, lamentations , laughter and hissing. An insufficient performance will see it torn apart and scatter to the nameless black winds between the stars.

The presence of these creatures will often prolong the death throes of the culture they are feeding on. 
As the despair is drained into these queer gullets , the populace will often think they have found a solution to their existential malaise .
 But it is like the brief quickening of life before the final hour or the hundred-fold sprouts around the stump of a felled tree.

For when these larvae pipers are engorged and flatuluting their way back to their  Azathoth orbiting brethren , the dreads will fall once again.

now antiantipodean one, I give you this as muse:

a Takayuki Takeya costume design for Kamen Rider or similar show


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