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The Wonderful World of Symboitic Armour, Coral

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It's solid , repairs very slowly but easily accepts grafts of coral.  Can be used to replace or internally buttress bone, sharp edges shred attempts to entangle or grapple
Possible enhancements: Poison stings

Anemones (either small and protect against vermin swarms or large and attack independently)

Astral feedings allow you to replace a cast spell if someone casts the same one near by. Spell will have reduced effect (-2 on any dice roll, +2 on saves)

Crabhammer : one limb is a big hammery fist mass. Shards break off into flesh of those struck causing pain and muscle spasms.

Obscuring Clouds


 Disadvantages: heavy, requires periodically migration to nutrient rich streams or winds to filter feed. Will take you for walks at night if deprived.
Who can hook a girl up? 
mermaids, eldritch underwater types, wise and cunning crabs and crayfish, sentient reefs of coral and its druid guardians

Specific Kinds:

Cold Fire Crown:
People intruding on the reefs of the Drowning Druids will be forced to work out their sentence with one of these driving their body. It's a spired crown of coral that fuses to the skull. It glows and flickers blue and causes weird aftertrail effects (Treat as Displacement ). The thing about these druids is they have been known to deliberate lure ships on the reefs so they can claim fresh labour to enhance their reefs.
Each druid has a different reef and they compete by laying down fresh material for the coral to grow on.
The mind control effects of the Cold Fire Crown require the presence of the druid or the reef , so if found further afield it is benign. For now.

Red Ruin:
Thick sharp scab like bands in rings around the body. Thick around the knuckles , elbows and knees. Adds 1d8 poison/abrasive cutting damage to any grapple or unarmed strike. For going drink for 2 days triggers a survival mechanism in the coral, it drains and stores all your blood, keeping you preserved in a dessicated state. Being submerged in water will rehydrate you to life with no last effects, except for weird colonial organism dream hangovers.
Red Ruin has been used to store and smuggle troops into strategic locations

Architect of Bone:
This coral must be planted underneath the skin directly on to the bone. Once there it will spread , reinforcing all bone structure (+1 hitpoint per level) and repairing any breaks in a couple of rounds. If you are attacked without a weapon it will form a large spike out of your wrist, for use as a sword. This inflicts 1d8 damage on you however.
In addition , everytime it repairs damage , it is making the bone thicker than before, with the distinct possibility of turning the host into a immobile hulk. Each time it repairs a bone or you are reduced to zero hitpoints, deduct 2 points of dexterity or strength (players choice) Reducing either stat to zero means you are now sessile. 

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  1. This is all brilliant stuff. I love things which are way good at first but end up being really worrying after a while.