Friday, 10 January 2014


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Plot Bombs: On further thought , the talk of narrative was misdirective and I should of mention how my idea of a "plot bomb" also includes "stuff that the g.m should be lenient with when your character tries this", like if you play a thief , you expect that if you are trying to find a dodgy contact in the bar , you are going to be better at it than the knight, or if you are fighter and you are directing the massive stake trap to blind the cyclops, that is going work out better because that is like a fighter thing.

Basically there is stuff that each class has that is might be too broad or vague to put a exact mechanic on, but if you are writing up a new class or re-writing the intro to an old one, it's nice to put some thought into what the players can expect from each class. Like if I am a wizard and I start mixing random magical fluids stuff I find , am I just as clueless as the guy on the street or will I know when to duck a split second earlier?

This is also a wider thing to reflect on with setting , style and g.m-ness, ie
How much resistance will your players get from you when they try different things?

e.g How Hong Kong can stunts in combat be? How technically do explanations of crafting have to get? How favorable is physics  to your plan? How magic is your rope? Does fighter mean "goon with a stick" or "plausible action hero"?

And how well is that communicated? Or needed to be? Try stuff and see if you die seems to work out okay for most people.

 Kicks: I really get my g.m kicks from communicating a distinct feel about what the players are exploring. Like I'm only having a great time (as opposed to a good time as you generally do when you are co-engaged on an activity with friends) if I feel that some gestalt with the setting came across. Generally achieved if the players start doing stuff just for the purpose of learning about something or effected something that doesn't directly result in numbers increasing.

It's something to be mindful of when I'm prepping stuff, as in the players might be needing other things, like a chance to meaningfully interact with the stuff, or a certain level of challenge.
None of this is particularly at counter-purposes though, in fact overlaps are heaps.
Like if you want people to "experience" the setting make sure you lather in on the moving parts, ie moving parts: stuff that the players can immediately interact with and the consequences  can matter in all kinds of ways.

Like no-one cares what the king is wearing unless than dictates what monster pelts are valuable   , what you can bribe the guards with or how easy it is to trigger open revolt.

Murderhoboism: No idea why this is so interesting to people. Like in it's purest state, like you find stuff and kill it and get treasure. Like if the stuff doesn't do anything if it lives or dies and the treasure is just a way for numbers on character sheet to get bigger, who gives a shit?
I know basically everyone does stuff more complicated than this, but some times I read some post or blog and it's like "hey we killed something for treasure, so crazy".
and I have communicated my dissonance with this right now


oh DISPLACERKLAUS I do cherish and actively conspire against yoTALKING I AM NOW NOW NOWu

Magical tattoo effects!

Any other bearer of this tattoo is an effortless organ donor for all bearers of this particular design. Like literally just cut out their hearts with a knife and shove them in and it will immediately attach and start working 

(certain) Ghosts and Spirits can't see you

Attempts to age or change your form instead effect the depiction of the tattoo

The mouth of its gurning face vomit up any poisons and intoxicates currently in your system if you tickle its belly

People will remember the tattoo but nothing else about you

This depiction of an item or personage will draw you to them through the actions of cruel fates


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  2. I thought Displacerklaus only gifted things that nobody wants, those tattoos are good tattoos.