Friday, 6 March 2020

Deep Carbon Observatory Kickstarter

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So we got a kickstarter live to fund a limited print of Deep Carbon Observatory.

It's not just a hard cover version, but an a4 hard cover version with more art, improved layout, better maps , better explained content.

Anyway click the link to find out more .

I'll have some actual blog content for y'all soon.


  1. Backed! Any plans for you and Patrick to do anything new?

    1. Believe or not we thought we could quickly revamp Deep Carbon Observatory while another project moved through a bottle neck. Then have a layout template we could use in the other project. Then it blew up to something demanding far more resources.
      But once it's out the door , then we'll be trying to get Broken Fire Regime completed.
      It has the bulk of the writing and art done , but it's at that tricky 75% mark , where-in the last 25% will prove to be the true challenge.

  2. Insta back!♥
    But since we already ran the old one I'm not sure which group I'm going to subject the remaster to

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