Saturday, 6 March 2021

Planescrap : Heart of It All

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 Heart of it All. The scrap take on the lawful evil hell/ Baator. Previously named Heart of Iron and there might be a couple of spots were its still called that.


All got about 30% done and had several major revisions (i.e delete everything but a couple of tables) to it.

 I never came up with a good city crawl mechanic for it either, and those were some of biggest obstacles to getting this one done.  I also struggled trying to get mortals, souls and devils to be all interconnected in a economy that kind of made sense. Might of just over thought that one .

Meant to do a lot more with post-life debt and weird soul punishments, plus give this place its own currency and play with the idea of money as distilled suffering.

All that I manged to do is some broad descriptions and a lot of niche tables.


 Heart of It All


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