Thursday, 25 February 2021

Planescrap: Plains Of Relevation

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 As I said in the last post , these remaining ones will be left as google drive documents, and the link posted. Like so:

Plains Of Relevation

 This is the neutral evil plane.   This one was about 70% done and I think other documents reference things here that aren't actually included in this text. Which is the type of thing that happens when you have a project get way out of control and too much time passes between the stuff you write earlier and the stuff you write later.

After this there's just 3 more realms left and I'm really looking forward having this project no longer taking up massive amounts of psychic real estate.

I'm starting to recover a bit from the burn out. I'm still not up to being able run anything as a dm and it feels like I'm having to relearn how to walk when it comes to prepping material to run as a dm.

Recently my out of control deconstructist streak meant I couldn't finish a single encounter table without overcome with the desire to redo the basic mechanic.

I couldn't just systematically build on any work, I would constantly start, make a small amount of progress and then restart it again. 

 Anyway, next post in a week or so.


Here's the links to the planescrap primer:


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  1. Well, I'm appreciating the work you've done on these, anyway!

  2. I glanced through the placescrap posts before as they came up, but this morning I made a point to actually read them in detail. Your vision is grand and impressive - so much good material to play with - just really fucking impressive! I'm looking forward to the rest of this collection. Thank you!

    1. Hope you find something you can use! Thank you!