Wednesday 31 January 2018

Another Gristly Campaign Skeleton

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busy with a bunch of stuff but here's some quick content using this again 

making another world for campaign use or just somewhere for the players to pass through on their way to some where nicer.

I get some numbers and get these results:

Foundation Of Economy Is: 

Threat that shapes everyone's lives

ongoing Colonisation by distinctly advantaged Others

Significant Historical Event Which Shaped Quite A Bit I Can Tell You

Doomsday happened but it was mild

Immediately Noticeable

Big Chucks of Death things lying around

Underlying Thing:

Nude Survival

Apex Predator:


Main Adventure Locale:


Well, okay so let's say a big otherworldship landed. Some kind of explorational drone of goliath size. The Wormwood Star.

It moved on, but a bunch of new lifeforms dropped off it.

One of them was like a fungus , in that it will pull useful structural material from its host to make more of itself. 

And it was really really good at it.  

Soon it  converted everything on the planet without an active immune system into itself. 

Leather, dead wood, stone, metal, bone; all these break down in weeks now , becoming more of this "crust-blight"

The landscape is now fine dust deserts , chitin towers , and ossification mountains .

The range  of plants that can grow on this is limited.

Some of the "crust-blight" can be boiled down to make a gelatine like material, used as gruel, or hardened into rubber like material.

It's a big dark-sun doom world but everyone is wearing pvc instead of leather and shells in other words.

The cities that resisted the crustblight the longest got fucking weird from the increasingly desperate sorcerous, alchemy and bloodwork responses to the blight.

Buildings fusing and pulsating with veins in attempt to make them alive enough to fight the crustblight. 

This is your adventure locale, a 3 dimension tetragenic architectural cancer, with the surviving materials of the pre-blight age and the unstable prototypes of living-materials ; veined swords, skin-bricks,  breathing cloaks, tooth-steel.

The biggest worse thing is the "star-hounds" , maybe some kind of mite that fell off the Wormwood Star. 

What makes them realy bad is they are capable of incorporating living elements into their bodies.

They start small and numerous in the cities, but in their final life stages , their now massive forms stagger through the dust dunes to some kind of as yet unfound star-hound graveyard/spawning sea. Despite being the dominant predator , the star-hounds give the impression of being pained and maddened by their life here.

 Zdzislaw Beksinski all the way baby
The Cities



Life In The Cities

The City

Obvious influences and further resources for this is Dark-sun, the Alien franchise, Kingdom death, Wayne Barlow's inferno series, Return To Oz ,and the extensively referenced on this blog :Lebbeus woods

That first photo is from here, the rest of the images are painting by Zdzislaw Beksinski and from numerous content aggregation sites