Saturday 25 July 2015

Ready made Golems

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cut up thought stuck out here in the light  so shadow of it  goes  through your eye

This scrap of paper I wrote some things and now I will type them here.

China MiĆ©ville has premade golems in his Bas lag. Little contrivances to be loaded with power and pointed with a task.

Here are some more from me to you:

Anoint it in blood, it will stretch as it drinks, the blood scabs and sharpens , it folds over some limbs and a pointed head and moves on 4 for speed and 2 when it fights.
Such prepared cloth this can be used a trap (disguised as a bandage) , or worn to become a bodyguard or ambulance when the wearer is stuck down.

Like a pocket knife that keeps opening and opening until it's a bird or a utilitous worm

Like that what a doctor would have. Open it and breath into it and it inverts and flops out as rubber limbed drudge and brute

Sprinkle it on a fluid and watch it congeal it into crude ambulatory life.

A cats cradle that holds a murderous void. An anti-life cage. Simple but dangerous and uncommandable


The wounds will heal fast and the scars will slough and pile too high into a keloid slug. Can be discharged to scar closed a door , a maw or any other portal or wound


Swallow a blade or seed and it will grow slowly inside , until you need it.


To hold a skin on to the air to make it work again.

Recognizing its occult master, it then painfully arises to its wobbling feet, upon which it later leaps and bounds in mysterious abandon.