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Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Scrap Book ideas about Fighters I can't satisfying congeal into something so posting here for others to chew on.

SO if you are playing a rpg with a range of fighting techniques , schticks , feats , etc an idea more or less ripped from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is that you learn from using a certain weapon for a length of time. Like you want to learn "flurry", use a dagger for a bit. "Overwatch?" use a spear. I would recommend having every absurd variation of weapon having a technique from it. So fighters would be changing from tulwars to falchions to naval sabres and chasing after obscure outlandish weaponary.

You would need a nice list of abilities to assign to the weapons, unless you would be happy having all a fighters mechanic bonuses be earned from this. Which sounds wack to me.

Like NeoClassicalGeekRivival, 3rd edition , 4th edition  , pathfinder, style power lists. Shit you could just use spells as your guide line. Might be too final fantasy for tastes though.
I mean this whole thing makes little sense. Its just an idea to make fighters be constantly using different weapons.

I'm not a fan of feats/schticks/powers that give a straight bonus to something or that would be hard to distinguish from general class advancement. Like I think a good rule of thumb with feats/schticks/attitude tacos is that could you easily deduce which of these  a character would have in a novel from their description of them in action?

How much time would it take learn something from each weapon?

Well saying every X amount of exp earned with a weapon would be an idea but as the exp table goes crazy as it goes up this would be hard to work. Unless you did it as percentage of exp earned which is fiddly or had a fixed exp per level system.

So this is where I got stuck, I couldn't think of way of tracking the advancement I liked or a list of combat abilities that I felt were up to scratch. I was tinkering around with on for a while, before I realized that I had no current need for them. I might post it up some time, it's mostly stolen and modded from else where

 Which is totally that scenario  where you start making the perfect ruleset for you to play in and you realize you will have to be the d.m and your players are happy with other things anyway so who are you making it for anyway?

 Also my tastes is broadening and changing.
I'm enjoying playing "I barely survive with my meager talents" characters far more than I thought I would.
That's not to stay I don't love Big Red Button characters.
Which is where you have this one thing that you know is going to fuck shit up when activated. I love that.

The other thing I was tinker around with is having fighters being able to choose a fighting style and this determines what stat you use the modifier from to hit with. I then thought it would be cool to have a damage advantage thing for each style but
the conditions for when you get a damage reroll that I have written are too vague.
 There were additionally powers for levels 10 but they were kinda wack so have only included the level 5 power as curiosity
I will come back to this I think.  I really like fighters being able to use stats other than strength to hit with , even / especially when it doesn't always make a lot of sense.

(most effective means you get to roll any damage you do twice and take the best roll). Should come up at least a 3rd of the  time unless the player takes special pains to make it so.

Audacious : when your attack is sudden, and seizing a momentary advantage you are at your most effective. Use your intelligence modifier to hit. At level 5 you may reroll you initiative once a combat per intelligence modifier

Grace: When you have room to move and control the flow of the battle you are at your most effective. Use your dexterity modifer to hit. At level 5 add your dexterity modifer to your move.

Patient: When you have exercised caution , and sized up your opponent first, you are at your most effective. Use your constitution modifier to hit. At level 5 you may ignore any fumbles (just count as miss) a number of times in a combat = constitution

Insightful: When knowledge of your foe guides your blow you are at your most effective. Use your wisdom modifier to hit. At level 5 every time you miss you get +1 to hit on the next attack against that opponent. If you keep missing it stacks up to a maximum of your wisdom modifier.

Brutal: When you give no quarter, and relentlessly press your foe, grim , and inexorable you are at your most effective.
Use your strength modifer to hit. At level 5 increase the die damage size of any weapon you use by one.

Bamboozle: When you confuse, bluff, intimidate , fluster and hustle you foe, using wit over crude strength, this is when you are at your most effective. Use your charisma modifier to hit. At level 5 any intelligent foe that understands you language and fails a savvy check against you has their fumble chance increased by your charisma modifier.

Also that diet stunt die mechanic I posted about could be grafted to this stat based fighting style

SO Brutal means you can add that die to damage and to hit
Audacious means you can add it to initiative (and/or or stat checks for stunts??) and to hit
Grace means you can add it to armour class  (and/or movement rate??) and to hit
Patient means you can reduce one attacks damage and to hit
Insightful means you can add it to hit and use it to bypass damage reduction
Bamboozle: means you add it to hit and the fumble range of one attack of an opponent.


ALso this blog is riding with Tiamat now, vaguely as reference to this comic but more a reference to Tiamat:

Because  I think that comic illustrates stuff about game design and people blithely not understanding why other people play games.

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Battle Princess Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form

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SO you wanted ... shit can't find the actually comment, but something to do with Battle/Murder Princesses flip the fuck out mode/ final form. Maybe there was a table? <waves hands indifferently>

(so if you want this post to make some sense go look at that link above)

no wait I found it  "I want tables/pictures for/of Slaughter Queens. They are what happens if Murder or Battle Princesses lose their shit at high level."

SO here is a crude mash of tables and mechanics. The mechanics especially are prob all out of wack for your game and the tables are not really balanced or weighted with much thought .

Choose/ Use /or Abuse as you see fit.

Also I will do and scan the pictures later, for now enjoy beavers.

Okay so the general shit for the   "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" is that you get combat advantage , can add your mighty deed die to damage rolls, and get damage resistance = to any charisma modifier and may add your charisma modifier to saving throws.

YOu will need a trigger to activate your form, which can be found below. A trigger is like a situation where the Battle Princess is pushed to the limit and they flip out get real good at stuff but all like glowing and one winged angel. Well maybe not one winged angel like the boss form before one winged angel. Look I couldn't bothered trying to describe some of Japanese final video game boss forms so I dialed it back a little.

Anyway your  "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" lasts until the situation is resolved or you die or the scene finishes. A dramatically appropriate amount of time etc. IF the situation is radically changed the  "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" might end early. Like... if you were flipping out because your one true love was captured and was going to be feed to a SUPERTACO and then it was revealed she was not real and just a figment of your untreated psychosis that would mostly likely break the mood.

Although its possible that the new situation might meet continue to meet the criteria for  "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" , or meet the criteria for a different  "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" trigger.

See I gave each type of Princess 2 triggers , one for each alignment axis. You might instead just prefer a list to choose from , the players to write their own, or something that is justified on the spot.

You can have it also that to use , say the Chaos BEHOOOOLDD!! table you need to have activated the Chaos Trigger. OR allow the player to choose.

Dunno. Decisions Rey, decisions.

So you can activate your  "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" once per level. You can first do it at level 6, but get an improved version at levels 9 and 12.

Your  Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form  needs a trigger, gives you powers and shit and has a cost.

At level 6 you roll an d6 (exploding) on the AT WHAT COST and the BEHOOOLLD! table

Treat numbers above 12 as 12

note on exploding d6s: if you -1 from each roll after it explodes you can avoid "skipped numbers" like 6  and 12.

At level 9 you roll an d8 (non-exploding) on the AT WHAT COST and the BEHOOOLDD!! table.
YOu may roll on both tables once or twice in the one Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form if you choose to do so

At level 12 you roll an 1d12 (non-exploding) on the AT WHAT COST and the BEHOOOLLLD!! table
You may roll on both tables once , twice or thrice in the one Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form if you choose to do so


Also I decided to make 9 different kinds of Battle/murder princesses one for each of the alignments, that I don't think baronvania uses anyway so maybe Rey will just jam them all together or assign them along personality lines or mix and match

I haven't come up with sweet titles yet either. But like this post has taken hours and hours and I just want to hit publish already.
The titles will happen when the pictures happen.


Form :  Your armour and weapons appear fluid and part of you, like you are a beautiful new animal, too quick for the eye, laughing aftertrails and sparks flicker and hum after you

Chaos trigger: There Is No Hope Of This Plan Working All Is Lost

Good Trigger: Live Free Or Die

 Form: Incandescent with  sweeping arcs of light , and a bone shaking voice with great wings of ice and fire

Neutral Trigger: Everything is Hopeless, Polarized and Extreme, Is There Another  Way?

Good Trigger: Their Motivations Are Finally Revealed As Senseless And Vastly Cruel


General form:  Ornately armoured  , intricate  in pattern and form, big mandala like cogs and wheels rotating behind, seem heavier , more real and solid than every thing around them.

Lawful Trigger: Laws Have Been Broken In Such A Way As To Threaten To Shatter All Belief In Them

Good Trigger: So Many Are Counting On You Can You Bear The Cost?


Form: A broiling maelstrom whips around you, your form appears to tear into space itself ,your form flickers and twists like the most fecund of glitches

Chaos Trigger: Nothing Will Change Unless Everything Is Destroyed

Neutral:  Your Allegiances Are Turned Against You But You Are Beholden To No-one And Nothing


Form: A grey flame erupts around you, your eyes send out searing blue beams, you bestride a great iron ball, and you have 12 arms

Neutral Trigger: Only You Can Judge The Truth Here And Act Truely


Form: Big black pain tree like horns , Your mouth stretches and distends the teeth grinding and singing  , the earth you step on quickens with poisonous life

Evil Trigger: A Frustrated Appetite Is At Long Last A Chance To Sate

Chaos Trigger: A Great Chance To Show Everyone Just Want  A Fragile Joke Everything Is


Form: Your Armour is Buttressed with Myriad skeletons with bones of vermin and agony, a tattered Cloak of Despair and face of Nothing But A Hungry Void

Neutral Trigger: Let Me Show You How Little I Care

Evil Trigger: Here Is Chance To Be Cruel As Never Before


Form: You glow gold and true , your hair is razors , you sit on a throne made of sewn giants and iron, it walks like a carcass picking bird with cruel spear legs

Law Trigger: I Will Finally Be In Charge

Evil Trigger: You Dare Defy Me? Don't You Realize That You Are Mine?

Good Costs:
1. You can never use your "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" again unless defer the full exp for your next level up to regain this.
2.The next month must be spend helping the unfortunate
3.Give away any and all wealth to the needy
4.Vegetarianism. Compulsory. Also who ever grows or prepares your food must be fairly compensated and not under duress. Otherwise you cannot digest anything.
5. Sad stories always make you cry. Always.
6. You are compelled to fulfill any request for help. It is physical debilitating for you to not do so, -2 to all actions for the next week.
7. You are physically sicken if you have to tolerate evil. Con save or be Nauseated
8. You empathize with others to a challenging degree.
9. Lose 500 exp every time you take a life.
10.You will not be able to sleep until you have made amends for any badness done or spend the majority of your time in the process of amendment.
11. You gain no exp for the defeating of non-evil creatures or beings.
12.You are no longer so sure about this Good thing.

Like man people are just dicks. You give and you give and they just take, take, take. But what about me? How come I gotta bust my ass to save some people too dumb to live?

 Until you level up next you count as different (non-good) alignment of your choice and deduct 25% of any exp you earn until you level up. After you level up you make keep this new alignment or reverted to your old one.

1.You can never use your "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" again unless defer the full exp for your next level up to regain this.
2.You count as all alignments for purposes of effects based on alignments
3. You will lose an hour each day to bizarre prolonged staring contests with random animals. That's just how neutrality rolls.
4. You have a 50/50 chance of hating or loving anything new to you when first encountering it.
5. You feel compelled to give away half off everything you own.
6. You will feel the opposite of any strong emotion present in interactions with people
7. Indecisiveness haunts you like a bad pie. -1 to initiative. IF you do group initiative resolve your character last in the group
8. You must murder a bard.
9. Your personality becomes its near opposite on alternating days
10. If anyone offers to explain their point of view to you,  you must stop everything and listen to them
11. For every action you take you must also do its opposite. As a geas spell
12 You are no longer so sure about this Neutral thing. Like.. what the fuck is Neutral anyway?
 We don't even have like Neutral guys like chaos has Slaad and Law modrons and demons and angels but neutral? What the fuck is that? Balance? That's not even a position that's like just shrugging your shoulders and going "I dunno I guess" . That's not really something I want to die for you know?

Until you level up next you count as different (non-neutral alignment ) of your choice and deduct 25% of any exp you earn until you level up. After you level up you make keep this new alignment or reverted to your old one.

1.You can never use your "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" again unless defer the full exp for your next level up to regain this.
2. Your shit is messed up. You are now addicted to 1d4 drugs
3.Healing magic doesn't work on you.
4. You know what is fun? Nothing. Nothing is fun. Ever.  -4 charisma. And other game effects relating to never enjoying anything ever.
5. You smell like over ripe death.
6.Genuine  displays of kindness make you physically sick. Con save or be nauseous , as a stinking cloud spell
7.Ever day you must badly hurt or kill something that means you no harm or you will not be able to sleep.
8. Does anyone actually like you? Well now you will have to kill and eat them, unless you wanna die a slow wasting death.
9. Did you even read the warning label on that packet of  evil? -2 constitution.
10. You can only absorb nutrition from eating live babies.
11. Someone in hell owns you.
12 .You are no longer so sure about this Evil thing.
Like sure strength man , its good to be strong and get that guy before he gets you . But,  like, love, man. Love is real. Love is real too.
 Until you level up next you count as different (non-evil) alignment of your choice and deduct 25% of any exp you earn until you level up. After you level up you make keep this new alignment or reverted to your old one.

1You can never use your "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" again unless defer the full exp for your next level up to regain this.
2 Mutations! You get a mutation! Chaos is kinda predictable like that.
3 A random delusion takes a grip on your head. Not a big one, just enough to kill a conversation stone dead if you bring it up.
4. Your impulse control takes a turn for the really bad.
5. You have no sense of certainty in yourself or anything. Like it could just change at any moment for no reason. -2 to any will saves.
6.You respond really bad to authority. Like it takes an act of will not just to flip out at the slightest restriction of your freedom
7 A lot of Slaadi are coming to party with you at some point.
8 Your next level up must be a random other class. Rey do you use multiclass rules? Well You should. You may not level up this new class again. You are bored of it.
9. Your threshold for boredom is abysmal. You may not stay still or inactive for longer than 5 minutes. It is physically painful you to try and do so
10. You must destroy something enduring or create something unique everyday.
11.Coherent thought often eludes you. -2 intelligence
12 You are no longer so sure about this Chaos thing.
 Like what I got to be random all the time? Isn't doing stuff for no reason a reason in itself.? Look mutations were cool when I was a teenager but shit man , when you get older , dignity becomes a thing too okay? Sometimes I want to be able to find  where I put things and this place is a fucking pigsty and is it so wrong to want a little stability in my life?
Until you level up next you count as different (non-chaotic) alignment of your choice and deduct 25% of any exp you earn until you level up. After you level up you make keep this new alignment or reverted to your old one.

1.You can never use your "Limit Horizon Final Catharsis Form" again unless defer the full exp for your next level up to regain this.
2. The next month must be spend make a mind numbingly through record of your life to date
3. No sense of humour. -1 charisma and wisdom
4. You will never dream again, and distinctly lack any imagination. -1 charisma and wisdom
5 . 29 hours from now a Septon Modrom and attendants  will require your use as a guide in the local realm. They will have all the question about everything all time in such detail you have no idea. This can be temporary deferred with appropriate paperwork. The paperwork is insane.
6. Any discussion with chaotic aligned peeps will make you unreasonably (ho ho) angry.
7.You may not be raised or resurrected
8. If you have broken any laws of a legitimate* authority
9. You can never lie again.
10. -3 to any saves vs effects generated by lawful beings or items
11. Breaking any law of legitimate* authority will effect you as a Symbol of Pain
12.You are no longer so sure about this law thing.

 Like..who's laws are we talking about? and how can anything be truly objective anyway? Post modernism raises some good points and those Modrons man. With the fucking questions all the time. Like Fuck, I don't know why we do things like this and yes it could be more efficient but just shut up you are a fucking cube shut up shut up shut up.

Until you level up next you count as different (non-lawful) alignment of your choice and deduct 25% of any exp you earn until you level up. After you level up you make keep this new alignment or reverted to your old one.

*so that are coherent and more or less consistent, not just stuff someone makes up on the spot, but does include peoples that you might be at war with.

This is additionally powers and transforms that happen

1 Rainbows: A rainbow appears, it can act as bridge for anyone you like , and is treated as direct sunlight for purposes of evil stuff that hates sun light
2 Unicorn Horn: You have a unicorn horn. It is a +3 weapon and can cure medium wounds
3 Suicide Doves: You have 2d6 suicide doves, each one may be sacrificed to reduce the damage from any attack by a 1d6
4 Sun Bow: It's a bow of sunlight. +3 weapon and does an additional 1d6 holy and an additionally 1d6 fire damage. It can be used as weapon or directed to fire by itself , in which case not getting your hit bonus.
5 Bountiful Steps. Plants grow and and flower where ever you step. Grows goodberrys (as the  spell +  and acts as an entangle spell for evil people
6 Angel Wings : you can fly and hover and shit
7 Glowing Armour of Light like a big robot exo skeleton, +4 a.c and is treated as enlarge spell at a magnitude = to your level 4
8 Burning/ Healing Aura: All evil creatures within 30 feet of you take 1d6 damage per round, all good heal 1d6
9 Great Shield +3 shield that hovers and maybe directed to help other people
10 Celestial Sound Track :ethereal yet visible animals and cherubs and fairys with trumpets and drums play epic orchestral sound track. Cancels any harmful sound based effects directed at you or your allies and acts as a prayer spell
11 Healing Grail: Your armour acts as ring of regeneration
12 Crystal Pegasus Centaur: You are now a crystal pegasus centaur

1 Glacial Form: You are made of ice. so do not need to breath , immune to cold and possibly damage resistance depend on how being made of ice generally works in your game
2 Mirror Shield: +2 shield with Gaze reflection and additional +2 bonus against anyone with inner conflict
3 Adaptable Weapon: your Princess weapon may take on any additionally tags as you wish
4 Healing Roots : If you stay in one spot for 2 rounds you may heal your level in hitpoints each round
5 Shark Missiles: You have shark heads for shoulder pads and can fire them off as missiles for 1d10 damage
6  Eagle Wings With Razor Feathers: You can fly and hover and shoot feathers like a manticore with spines
7 Flying Disc: Treat as flying carpet
8 Multiple Weapons: You have a weapon in each of you multiple arms. They are treated as your Battle Princess weapon and you can attack 1d4 times each round.
9 Cannons: YOu have 2 cannons as shoulder mounts or maybe boobs. They can fire every other round and have no hit bonus but ignore armour and do 3d8 damage
10 Moa throne: Like one of those easter island heads but with throne ontop. Carrys you around does your bidding treat as an earth elemental
11Healing Moon: A moon appears above and may heal 1d4 hitpoints per round on you and your allies or be used immediately for a Heal spell
12 3rd Eye Of Truth: you have a 3rd eye, it acts a true sight spell and anyone who thrives off deception takes 2d6 damage per round if they look at you

1  Mutations: Roll on a handy mutation table until you get something you like or 4 times which ever comes first
2 Constant ShapeChanging: Each round you may increase 2 stats by 1 for that round only, each round you must choose different stats
3 Bad Luck aura:Your shadow is large and constantly taking mocking forms Anyone you dislike now fumbles on a 1 to 3
4 Hydra heads tiamat style: You may forgo your normal attacks and do your choice of cold/fire/poison/acid/lightning breath attack against one target for 1d12 save for half
5 Gravity Shearing: Down for you is what ever way you want
6 Tornado: Treat as an air elemental
7 Lightning Eyes: Any round in which you roll a 3 on d4 you may release a lightning bolt doing 3 d6 damage
8 Tetsubo 1d20 damage. Do not add strength bonuses
9 Havoc Bears: 1d4 bears appear that do not give a fuck.
10 Godzilla Spines and Nuclear Breathe:nuclear fire breathe maybe used in any round in which you roll a 3 on d4. It does 4d6 damage 30 foot long cone 20 foot at the widest end save for half.
11 Butterfly Wings: Fly and hover. Glitterdust on any round in which you roll a 3 on a d4. If you roll two 3s in a row , counts as a confusion spell. Include any other chaos BEHOOOLD power for purposes of rolling 3s in row ie Nuclear fire, lightning eyes
12  Everything Is Spikes and Fire: Anyone coming near you must dex save or take 2d8 damage

1.Point Defense System: gems fly around and shoot lasers at things . This is like the shield spell + plus any projectile has its damage reduced by 1d6.
 2.Gavel Fists : Do 1d8 damage or heal 1d8 damage on structures or constructs
3 . LO!  Declare what you are doing at the start of a round before everyone else does. Anything that would prevent you from doing that in this round that allows a safe to resist you automatically make.
4 Homoclous Repair Team . Tiny versions of you repair you or nearby structures, 1d4 each round. They will be destroyed by any area of effect attacks doing more than 6 points of damage.
5 Stone Form: You can take a immobile statue form. It does breathe and etc and counts as if you had cast the stoneskin spell a number of times = your level. You may stay in this statue for as long as you like, even centuries.
6 Speech Of Walls: You command some walls to form. As Wall of Stone
7 Big Wheel: Your lower body is a huge wheel. You can inflict 2d8 trample damage and burn around as fast as a double horse
8. Sullen Ox Face OF Judgement: A Ox face floats above the battle and prevents any of your foes from scoring critical hits, ie 20s are treated as usual 
9 Duplicates: You may split yourself into any combination of your total levels
10 Murder Cube: You turn into murdercube. You count as a construct for purposes and get +2 a.c 
11 Wrathful Geometry: Animate Object once per round as a free action on any platonic solidish shaped object. Animate objects do an additional 1d8 Order-Is-Mighty damage
12 Floating BOok Of Truth: A huge book floats around behind and narrates things in a loud voice. Before you do a single action in a round you may roll the dice to see what would happen. If you choose not to do that action you roll the dice as usual for whatever you decided to do that instead.

1 Scorpion Tail:Large, grows out of your head , butt or shoulder. attacks a random target each round , 1d6 + poison
2 Insect Limbs: A variety of not placed well limbs Spider Climb and Reach for your weapon
3 Sick Strength: You get huge veiny muscles that look all sick. Your strength is 18, or +1 with already 18.
4  Insidious Tongue: You have a big old eel of a tongue and if you spend a round talking to someone it counts as a command spell
5 Tears of Ruin: Gross poison leaks out of your eyes and other openings and coats all your stuff. All attack do an additionally 1d6 evily-corrusivey-poison damage and damage is automatically inflicted on anyone grappling you or licking you.
6 Bat Wings Of Despair: You can fly and hover and if you spend a full round flapping at some one they must save or be catatonic with despair for 1d4 rounds
7 Scourge Cloud: If you concentrate the 30 feet area around is effected by a stinking cloud/ insect swarm combination
8 Blood Army : each time you take 10 points of damage , a lemure or manes is summoned
9 Pain armour: You blood and rage scabs up and improves your armour. Each time you are hit you get +1 armour. This bonus is lost when you successfully hit someone
10 Burning Aura: Anyone you hate takes 1d6 damage if they are within 30 feet of you each round
11 Corrosive Shadow : your shadow does 2d6 disintegration damage. If its not obvious where your shadow is , someone has a 25 % chance each round of being in your shadow
12 Vorpal Claws: big crazy long and thin claws, 1d6 damage and act as Vorpal Sword

Monday 5 August 2013

derangers+encounter table for arabian nights

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Ryan Silva asked for some fluff for a class based on crazy.

 By fluff , I presume you mean the descriptions and all?
I have some what done this!

Actually I think I wandered off and did something else.


So wizards get by on what they know and clerics who they know and everyone else gets by on what ever they get their hands on.
 Derangers however are simply wrong, but too stubborn, dumb, or crazy to realize that they are. ANd that kind of works for them. For awhile any, there is only so long you can cheat luck and casuality before it comes a piling in on them. 6 paths.

charisma : Alienist  destructive resonance mimicry. You mimic someone exactly but just a little bit off setting off existential collapse in the viewer. someone that just cannot quite get social cues . Always too loud or too quiet or too soon. Treat any negative charisma modifiers as positive for purposes of adding to hit and damage rolls against intelligent foes. If using stat checks, roll over charisma for intimidation, bluff or any social situation that doesn't require the other party to like you afterwards . An Alienist risks total catatonic ego collapse.

wisdom . Delusionist. If you believe hard enough its real for you. Can perceive patterns in unconnected events and then influence them anyway. Risk seeing everything so interconnected that they dare not take a single step lest it set off a lethal chain of consequence. Treat negative modifiers to wisdom as positive as long as you can make up an explanation for everything. As soon as you hesitant on a explanation or get caught out on a contradiction it is negative again.  

intelligence: Faker: not a real wizard. Sometimes not a real anything.  Suspected rogue illusion .Manages to cast spells but not the same one twice. Risks losing hold on their own reality. (thanks to Jensan Thuresson)

constitution:Wretch: a hypochondriac that makes up new diseases to fight the diseases they already have. It works most of the time, making them a dangerous petridish of virulent mystic plagues. Risks losing the delicate balance of ills and vomiting up organs.

strength: Beast: Those guys that think they are a werewolf. You actually get the stats of the werecreature with the hitdice nearest your level, but must spend a equal amount of time with the mentality of the prey animal/plant

dexterity: Loon: drunken master even when sober

Jensan wanted an Arabian nights encounter table for a harbour city.
 (roll a d12 for night time, 2d6 for day time)
Which is funny because I was reading some of it the other day. Man some of the originally stories were filthy. That one about the 3 christian knights is basically paragraph after paragraph about how they smelt like farts and would steal the teeth from their own grandma while sodomizing a black slave. While farting.  I'm serious.

1 . Ghuls gambling on fresh body parts
2. Wailing woman. She has lost her family to a curse/Jinn/scheming vizier
3. Mysterious fountain. Will speak riddles and inflict curses for those that fail to deriddle the riddle.
4.Guards enforcing bizarre edicts of Sultan.
5.Trained Monkey or Dog or Parrot. Possibly all 3 in a gang. probably cursed with a long story behind it
6. Pickpockets
7. Cursed beggar with long story about what happened.
8. Enchanted animal being sold as ordinary animal, pleading for help. Because curse. Has a long story behind it.
9. Street Cobras.
10. Scheming Merchant , really disguised genius/scheming vizier/ Jinn. Has a scheme to get around the curse on some treasure.
11.Mischievous Pair of Jinn looking for a truly good being and a truly evil being. Because wager.
12.Ghost with a long story and a curse.

Look here is random generate for some of these storys and schemes: