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Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Scrap Book ideas about Fighters I can't satisfying congeal into something so posting here for others to chew on.

SO if you are playing a rpg with a range of fighting techniques , schticks , feats , etc an idea more or less ripped from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is that you learn from using a certain weapon for a length of time. Like you want to learn "flurry", use a dagger for a bit. "Overwatch?" use a spear. I would recommend having every absurd variation of weapon having a technique from it. So fighters would be changing from tulwars to falchions to naval sabres and chasing after obscure outlandish weaponary.

You would need a nice list of abilities to assign to the weapons, unless you would be happy having all a fighters mechanic bonuses be earned from this. Which sounds wack to me.

Like NeoClassicalGeekRivival, 3rd edition , 4th edition  , pathfinder, style power lists. Shit you could just use spells as your guide line. Might be too final fantasy for tastes though.
I mean this whole thing makes little sense. Its just an idea to make fighters be constantly using different weapons.

I'm not a fan of feats/schticks/powers that give a straight bonus to something or that would be hard to distinguish from general class advancement. Like I think a good rule of thumb with feats/schticks/attitude tacos is that could you easily deduce which of these  a character would have in a novel from their description of them in action?

How much time would it take learn something from each weapon?

Well saying every X amount of exp earned with a weapon would be an idea but as the exp table goes crazy as it goes up this would be hard to work. Unless you did it as percentage of exp earned which is fiddly or had a fixed exp per level system.

So this is where I got stuck, I couldn't think of way of tracking the advancement I liked or a list of combat abilities that I felt were up to scratch. I was tinkering around with on for a while, before I realized that I had no current need for them. I might post it up some time, it's mostly stolen and modded from else where

 Which is totally that scenario  where you start making the perfect ruleset for you to play in and you realize you will have to be the d.m and your players are happy with other things anyway so who are you making it for anyway?

 Also my tastes is broadening and changing.
I'm enjoying playing "I barely survive with my meager talents" characters far more than I thought I would.
That's not to stay I don't love Big Red Button characters.
Which is where you have this one thing that you know is going to fuck shit up when activated. I love that.

The other thing I was tinker around with is having fighters being able to choose a fighting style and this determines what stat you use the modifier from to hit with. I then thought it would be cool to have a damage advantage thing for each style but
the conditions for when you get a damage reroll that I have written are too vague.
 There were additionally powers for levels 10 but they were kinda wack so have only included the level 5 power as curiosity
I will come back to this I think.  I really like fighters being able to use stats other than strength to hit with , even / especially when it doesn't always make a lot of sense.

(most effective means you get to roll any damage you do twice and take the best roll). Should come up at least a 3rd of the  time unless the player takes special pains to make it so.

Audacious : when your attack is sudden, and seizing a momentary advantage you are at your most effective. Use your intelligence modifier to hit. At level 5 you may reroll you initiative once a combat per intelligence modifier

Grace: When you have room to move and control the flow of the battle you are at your most effective. Use your dexterity modifer to hit. At level 5 add your dexterity modifer to your move.

Patient: When you have exercised caution , and sized up your opponent first, you are at your most effective. Use your constitution modifier to hit. At level 5 you may ignore any fumbles (just count as miss) a number of times in a combat = constitution

Insightful: When knowledge of your foe guides your blow you are at your most effective. Use your wisdom modifier to hit. At level 5 every time you miss you get +1 to hit on the next attack against that opponent. If you keep missing it stacks up to a maximum of your wisdom modifier.

Brutal: When you give no quarter, and relentlessly press your foe, grim , and inexorable you are at your most effective.
Use your strength modifer to hit. At level 5 increase the die damage size of any weapon you use by one.

Bamboozle: When you confuse, bluff, intimidate , fluster and hustle you foe, using wit over crude strength, this is when you are at your most effective. Use your charisma modifier to hit. At level 5 any intelligent foe that understands you language and fails a savvy check against you has their fumble chance increased by your charisma modifier.

Also that diet stunt die mechanic I posted about could be grafted to this stat based fighting style

SO Brutal means you can add that die to damage and to hit
Audacious means you can add it to initiative (and/or or stat checks for stunts??) and to hit
Grace means you can add it to armour class  (and/or movement rate??) and to hit
Patient means you can reduce one attacks damage and to hit
Insightful means you can add it to hit and use it to bypass damage reduction
Bamboozle: means you add it to hit and the fumble range of one attack of an opponent.


ALso this blog is riding with Tiamat now, vaguely as reference to this comic but more a reference to Tiamat:

Because  I think that comic illustrates stuff about game design and people blithely not understanding why other people play games.

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