Wednesday 7 December 2022

Six Secret Books

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I'm going to start pushing out some these little baby bird posts that never really grew to a decent size but just sat in my draft folder demanding that I throw up some insects into them.

Oh Fuck , also keep forgetting to mention you can use the code on the following PEECHO print on demand books:

 Frosty_12495 (might only work with Fire On The Velvet Horizon) or

Frosty_60310 (ditto but for NooFutra)

(Peecho makes it a bit of nightmare to keep revenues separate or distinct so 2 books 2 different accounts.)

to get 20% off. The email said best order by the 4th December to get books by Christmas so that's already completely buggered to damnation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway look I wanted to glue some MILD content on to that greasy CONSUMMATION bait and other stuff kept happening.


been making various SMALL ENTITYS

There might even be a world building post at some stage. I have zero concrete plans other than making a bunch of these things but we'll see if any ideas stick in my head long enough for A COHERENCY.

1d6 books, did it need to be a table? Well why have a list when it can be a table and a list? Are you NEW? IF SO hi.

1. Hand written book, with various splotches , stains and repairs. Resembles an encyclopedia in contents Most extensively stained first chapter. The real book of value is read by using the first chapter to learn which stain or smot corresponds to which word. Learning the book of stains gives insight into the secret weaknesses, failings and hypocrisies of the world

2. Odd barked  dead tree, actually a giant scroll written on extremely resident  translucent paper (skin of legendary eel), rolled up into a tube. What appears to be bark is the interlayed words

3. An injury to the world itself , was sewn shut by a single golden hair of a saint. Unpicking this stitching opens the wound , letting horrors sneak into the world, but a great book of wisdom is written length ways along the hair, requiring an ingenious lens or ant(s) servant(s) to be read

4. Ink poured into a human brain, the brain then dried , and cut into fine sections reveals a singular tome

5. A great book, a monolith, yet turgid, documenting a thousand years of successions and slow regime changes. Each of its thick pages is actually part of singular piece of paper, folded concertina style. Slitting off the spine and unpicking the stitching reveals the occulted book written on the inside folds of each page. It reveals the conspiring , stratagems and tactical betrayals that was the engine behind this dry history . Furthermore it shows that each event , however mundane or anodyne seeming, was an advancement of a purpose most sinister. 

5. A book with covers so wide and tall, that they could be repurposed for a door or modest dining table.
It is splayed open and a thriving hive of bees has ensconced itself in-between ,over and around each page. However removing the bees and their wax-industry would show each page is blank. Instead the honeycomb cells formed directest on the page hold the letters, each a sluggish black bee larvae, part ink and part grub-flesh.

6.This book has been burned to ash but still holds its shape. A single breath will cause it to collapse into irregular soot. However by mixing that soot with water and using it as ink, the book can be recreated, each page arriving in a dream. The trick is each page gets dreamed up by a different person, and only they will be able to recreate it using the ink. Each page describes a different , accurate , destructive prophecy , with the last page revealing the cataclysm that will again destroy this book by fire.