Sunday 28 February 2016

it's all natural and it's all bad

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF This spaceship/ palace/ screaming void prison is
a big naked dude
William Blake "Nebuchadnezzar "
all tied up in a tortured cube with fetid iron cable that decay has made more like a microscoped viewed hair than anything wrought

The rooms here are cut into him and held open . The flesh grows back and is removed , fake lives written on it and then burned to power the engine , a black thing like beetles grown into buildings by virii. Sits on his back , dead light denying matt iron burned somehow to charcoal.

It's the last god of a dead world , betrayed by his head priest and preserver into eternal service for his followers. The Archive Pope , mummified in lacquered paper  sits in the skull,  debating the thought forms of his god, trying make him agree . The rot fearing undying  extend out in the lungs with the archives of a entire world to manage

The Rot is a black sea where the bowels were and is a council of mammoth fungal mother knight islands , like feudal lord and aircraft carrier, dueling and campaigning further up in blight crusade .

All sorts have build up warring camps of star refuge on the skin and back.  Some of them have made inroads inside , where they content with the endless flesh chimeras of the Centipedesses who seek delight in the flowering form of predator and prey and the ratcheting creation of evolution .

The Archive seeks to preservation, The Rot to have their children in every home , the Centipedesses a vast tapestry of arms races.

Friday 12 February 2016


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like you can make them human but with pointy ears
and that's fine if you just want to draw people different
fine to me
that's the only one here
I haven't found you and cannot possibly be talking about you

So if that's all you do
draw them real weird though or just real cool, so make it the cool people have different stats than you

from here

Or make them more like people , like the heroic people of bigot folk dreams ,
but live like animals . Like man-shape pokemon.  Walk right out of bush they were shitting in , all glistening and ethereal.
How does that outfit even work?
It doesn't  that's just what their skin looks like.
All kinds of stories and songs about things that you can't go and see.  Oh but you can't , it's just  not there anymore. But it was. And it was perfect and good. We are the good people. Language , poems , art, creation myths, lineage, heroes and gods.
but it's just Batesian mimicry . On a scale about the same size as you. Looks you right in the eye.
that face flawless over a mind of animal noise

Sure you can play one

Ildiko Muresan , from here

they don't have big city , or even a village. Just quietly sleep in hollow trees and come out to drink moonlight. Everything they need is in their dreams. Some can't sleep and they just have keep walking  until they do.


these don't have no cities either. Dry up and curl along , light as anything. Sometimes landing near where there is enough talk and noise to fill up enough to walk on in and be something like you.

Sunday 7 February 2016


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Dear Displacer Klaus what are somethings that can replace the 4 classes to support distinct synergic playstyles?


  1. Horse, rat, snake, 6 year old human
  2. I-phone, clockwork mouse, clawhammer, silly putty
  3. Police Station, Cartoon Animal, Captain Hook, Vague Supernatural Phenomena   
  4. Time Elemental, Homunculus, Ooze Disguised in Human Clothes, Elderly Fairtale Bear
  5.  Captain Picard, Socrates, A computer powered by Snakes, Rasputin 
  6. Arson, Shoplifting, Fraud, Regicide 
  7. Sherlock Holmes as played by Jeremy Brett, Sherlock Holmes as played by Robert Downey Jnr, Sherlock Holmes as played by Paranoid schizophrenic who is right about everything except being Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes as manga