Sunday, 4 July 2021

5 Point Star Faction System

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 Just haven't the focus to post that much, but I got like 3 posts in draft and had some of a afternoon to full one out.

So I've been playing a bit of Magic: The Gathering , mainly Area, to try and learn it well enough to explore its Cube Format , a format that addresses a lot of what deters me about Magic.

Won't be getting into that today, instead talking about using one particular element from Magic in D&D.

(And not the card art , though that is a deep and heady well )

The Colour Pie . That's the 5 dots thing, or more specifically the assignation of traits ,elements, abilities , themes, mechanics , and psychologies, to the 5 colours of magic.

 Actually it's even more specific , its the "allies" and "enemies" concept that came along with it.

This that the two colours directly opposite a colour on the star are its enemies , and the colours clockwise and counterclockwise to it are its allies.

So Red magic has Green and Black magic as allies, and White and Blue magic as enemies.


A Diagram

While White has Red and Black as enemies and Green and Blue as enemies. Hopefully you get the picture. If you don't, there's a considerable amount written elsewhere about it.

Anyway I don't really care about these specific groupings of stuff and how they framed towards each other as I do this particular framework as a default model for putting together factions in D&D.

I think it's fucking neat in that regard because it makes everyone just one degree of separation from their enemies which is the type of "extreme volatile yet currently stable" setup that makes for good d&d potential in your world building.

 You wouldn't have to slavishly apply it , but its a nice default to work towards.

 Think of a faction, think of two enemies for that faction then think of two allies . Then pick an enemy and an ally to also be allied. The remaining ally and enemy will then be grouped up by default.

Patron of The Nezumi by Kev Walker

Here's a example of this be used to array the following fellows:

Picture a swamp , dense with bald cypress, festooned with spanish moss, with a wide slow river winding through it. Somewhere in the green is a haunted stone city, its only remnants the upper stories , the bulk of it swallowed by the mire.

In this swamp is a Dragon , Talking Eels, Frog People , Ruin Shadows and the River Nomads.

The Swamp Dragon is more sly than he is greedy but more lazy than he is sly. If Crocodiles exalted anything other than hungry and sloth, they would exalt this dragon as their rightful king.

The Ruin Shadows are ghosts of little power but reasonable number. The were the most useful servants in life but weren't prized enough to be included into the afterlives of their rulers unlike the musicians and concubines.

The Frog People have migrated from many other swamps. They lost their swamps to the expansions of civilizations and the depredations of monsters. The are an inharmonious blend of a dozen or so different tribes but all agree on that there is no-where else left to go. They have been here long enough for the River Nomads to respect their laws and the Eels to resent their appetites.

The Eels or "The Talking Eels" are Eels that can talk. The Ruin Shadows believe they are descended from the peasants of their city , cursed for their disloyalty. The Eels however consider the sinking of the city a gift from their Eel gods.

The River Nomads could be said to be less "Nomadic" and more that they have a river for a home. Some constantly move up and down the river in small trade, others stay put ,  and hunt or fish. They all bound by a custom to make no home but a home on water.

As to their relations:

 The Swamp Dragon is allied with the Eels. They give him information and gossip while waiting for tasty giblets of meat to fall from his maw as he devours a cow or four.

The dragon was believed to be an agent of their gods and the still make ritual offerings to him so he will keep intruders and looters from their necropolis.

The Frog People are an enemy of the Swamp Dragon, he eats their youngest , oldest and bravest alike.

The River Nomads also plot against the Swamp Dragon, as the toll he demands for passing through the flooded forest is steep.

The Eels trade with the River Nomads too, but have long grievances against the Ruin Shadows and Frog People who both eat them (or have eaten them)

The River Nomads are nomads only because in times passed the ancestors of the Ruin Shadows destroyed their lands and drove them to be ever moving on the rivers and seas of the world.

This shaping event makes ever cautious about the creation of new enemies , and their way of life forces them to treat lightly on the many lands they pass through, so their relationships with the Frog tribes and Eels is careful and considered.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Velvet Hooks : Curselings, Discretion Bugs

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Might break up the formula for this series for a bit , I was becoming frustrated with trying to find the line between "just highlighting what's there" and what is a good amount of expansion. 


Nasty , pointy , malignities.  Skulk out from the shadows cast by an innocent life . What please them is riddles and gold , but suffering most.

5 Lost Things They Know The Location Of

1. The Ever-Traitor Sword Ujulla , a sword that will slay anything if used in an attack of betray. It will of course betray the user inevitably , but delayable if the wielder sates it with treachery after treachery. 

 2.A Jar of grains from a time previous, where the moon, and  not the sun,  was the source of subsistence to all that is green and growing. They will germinate and grew into strange crops capable of feeding anything that requires something other than food to survive.

3.Time's mercy, who cast it away so they could do their duty. Now in the possession of the nameless god of forgetfulness, kept somewhere in their ever expanding library. 

4.The puckered omphalos scar left by the umbilical cord used to bring the world to life. 

5.The Atalantean Brain Crown that commanded their architectural armies of coral and blight.


Small and politeful , versed well in etiquette and civility , slight delusions of draconic grandeur .

5  gatherings of society in which their guidance would be the difference between fortune and dire ruin.

1. The Feast of The Star Eaters. When a star goes out  its meat is a feast for certain great beings of shadow and all their attendants and parasites.

2. Mermaid Prom. Whose ascendance is the source of red tides before and hence. 

3.League of Insect Nations. Domains are negotiated, grudges and food chains debated, pestilences assigned, sizes granted.Various arthropods are also in attendance but  no mammal has managed the paperwork as yet.

4. Fungal Court. Deep in the rotten heart of the earth, each of the entropy lords plays against the other. The gameboard the great legal work that dictates the properties of matter. To eavesdrop here is be an ear to the great words of undoing and witness the loopholes and make-dos that hold the world together.

 5. The Theatre of Cruelty in which the poet duelists of hell cut the souls out of each other. An appreciative audience could gain the patronhood of one of these psychosurgical artists or discretely gather a writhing soul sliver.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Planescrap : Tower of Babel

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 And so we reach The Tower of Babel, the "Lawful Neutral " , the scrap take on Mechanus.

It as modrons too , which I didn't bother renaming. Modrons weren't listed as a brand identity for d&d last I looked, but a)likely I'm wrong b) might have changed . YET c)this is free.





  Travelling the Train needs a lot more fleshing out, maybe an encounter table , and a better bureaucracy system . Travelling outside the Tower (i.e falling) needs mechanics and an encounter table too.

If Grind was close to 100% , Babel is about 30%. Not quite the climax to end on , but it does take us in a complete circle.

 That's a total of 10 "realms" (aka planes) , which doesn't match the 9 alignments or the 16 Outer Planes of planescape (17 if you include the Outlands ).

 The Grind and Erebus are meant to be "transitional" realms , realms that are halfway from becoming a realm of their own and just being a feature in another realm.

The Infinite Library is an example of something that could become a realm at some stage, but for now is just a feature of an existing realm.

 So the imbalance of realms hopefully suggests something like continental drift on a metaphysical level.

It's also because both Archeon and Limbo were too interesting to not include a version but fuck trying to make Bytopia , Arcadia, Elysium, Arborea etc distinctive adventure rich places.  

In regard to the remaining planes..

So Bytopia, Arcadia, Mount Celestia  , Ysgard*, were converted into Pinnacle of Virtue ,

Elysium , Arborea, Elysium, Beastlands  were converted into Serene Night

Canceri and Nine Hells became Heart of It all

The Abyss and Gehenna became The Flesh Rift

Limbo, Pandemonia, Mechanus, Acheron got a 1 for 1 translation.

Outlands and Sigil had some influence on Vermin Road. 

 I tried to make up new stuff as much I could, yet still used core concepts that I felt were too perfect to try and redo. Like the Lawful Neutral plane being clock work , or a Void of Floating Cube of rusted weapons crashing into each other.

I didn't even try and do anything with Sigil however. There's little I would add to it ,and it feels too Planescape to just keep it.

*yeah I know it's a chaotic plane , but that's just what happened

So that's it, that's all I managed to do with before the burn out. I absolutely don't  recommend doing a project of this size, not unless you can manage any project bloating tendency and/or have a clear template to work to. Otherwise the project will become vast and unwieldy and one loses the ability to hold it all in memory and you'll find yourself rewriting things , failing to connect bits , or disproportionately expanding  aspects.

I guess the question is will I ever come back to this? I definitely needed to kicked out of aspect of my psyche that's responsible for nagging about projects, so basically No, but, hypothetically , what it would it need to finish it would be :

a) Looking at Grind to make a Template 

b)Then use this Template to work out whats missing from other Realms , and also converting existing content to closer match Template.

c)Trim existing Content that seems unfinished , doesn't match Template , doesn't convert to Template , unless it can finished quickly

d)Add content as determined by Template

e)Go through and make sure cross references between Realms match

And most of all

f)Someone who isn't me , is a ruthless editor, is adequately professional* ,and is extremely resilient to project drift/bloat, to  do steps a ,b ,c and possibly e.

g)I guess some more art to match the art already? Like a collage landscape +2-3 pieces depicting a creature from the realm? SEE IM ALREADY ADDING TO THE LIST

*the bar in DIY rpgs is incredibly low fyi. But if this sounds like your kind of hell, email me at to discuss time frames, your rates , previous experience (if any),etc


Here's the links to the planescrap primer:


Other Realms:  

Pinnacle of Virtue 

Serene Night 

Blazing World

Mount Erebus 

Ocean Protean 

Flesh Rifts 

Planes of Revelation 

Heart of It All  


Sunday, 14 March 2021

Planescrap : The Grind

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The Grind , not to be confused with "Grindr" ,though pretty sure I've called this place Grinder a few times in the other texts somewhere. It's modeled off Acheron which I think was Lawful Neutral Evil but honestly you could make a case for it being near the Chaotic planes too.
Canonically in planescrap it sits between The Tower of Babel and The Heart of It All but also drifts out over the Plains of Relevation. 

 This one basically got done.  Monsters, Distinctive & Vast Spectacle, Weird Ecologies and Economies, Valuable Goods, Unique Hazards, Rules for Exploring it, Encounter Tables, and Art. Even got an Appendix N at the end.






Here's the links to the planescrap primer:


Other Realms:  

Pinnacle of Virtue 

Serene Night 

Blazing World

Mount Erebus 

Ocean Protean 

Flesh Rifts 

Planes of Revelation 

Heart of It All 

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Planescrap : Heart of It All

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 Heart of it All. The scrap take on the lawful evil hell/ Baator. Previously named Heart of Iron and there might be a couple of spots were its still called that.


All got about 30% done and had several major revisions (i.e delete everything but a couple of tables) to it.

 I never came up with a good city crawl mechanic for it either, and those were some of biggest obstacles to getting this one done.  I also struggled trying to get mortals, souls and devils to be all interconnected in a economy that kind of made sense. Might of just over thought that one .

Meant to do a lot more with post-life debt and weird soul punishments, plus give this place its own currency and play with the idea of money as distilled suffering.

All that I manged to do is some broad descriptions and a lot of niche tables.


 Heart of It All


Here's the links to the planescrap primer:


Other Realms: 

Pinnacle of Virtue 

Serene Night 

Blazing World

Mount Erebus 

Ocean Protean 

Flesh Rifts 

Planes of Revelation 


Thursday, 25 February 2021

Planescrap: Plains Of Relevation

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 As I said in the last post , these remaining ones will be left as google drive documents, and the link posted. Like so:

Plains Of Relevation

 This is the neutral evil plane.   This one was about 70% done and I think other documents reference things here that aren't actually included in this text. Which is the type of thing that happens when you have a project get way out of control and too much time passes between the stuff you write earlier and the stuff you write later.

After this there's just 3 more realms left and I'm really looking forward having this project no longer taking up massive amounts of psychic real estate.

I'm starting to recover a bit from the burn out. I'm still not up to being able run anything as a dm and it feels like I'm having to relearn how to walk when it comes to prepping material to run as a dm.

Recently my out of control deconstructist streak meant I couldn't finish a single encounter table without overcome with the desire to redo the basic mechanic.

I couldn't just systematically build on any work, I would constantly start, make a small amount of progress and then restart it again. 

 Anyway, next post in a week or so.


Here's the links to the planescrap primer:


Other Realms: 

Pinnacle of Virtue 

Serene Night 

Blazing World

Mount Erebus 

Ocean Protean 

Flesh Rifts



Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Planescrap: Flesh Rifts

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Apologies for the long delay, just been problem after problem.

This post will the last I do in blogger post format. The rest will be a blog post 

introducing the realm and then a link to a google drive document.

  Blogger has become increasingly unwieldy when trying to make large posts,

 and converting tables from drive to blogger is always a headache.

This realm is one that required the most amount of rewrites due to my distaste for

 my younger tone and mechanical choices. In the end I removed more than I added, 

but you can find the original text here:


Here's the links to the planescrap primer:


Other Realms: 

Pinnacle of Virtue 

Serene Night 

Blazing World

Mount Erebus 

Ocean Protean



BOUNDLESS RIFTS OF FLESH (The Flesh Rifts, the abyss)


The Flesh Rifts are about desire, cruelty, lust and hunger, all without limits or restraint . It draws to itself 

 souls who craved their own gratification over the consideration of anything else. Marauders, sadists, 

and the truly degenerate all come here. Most Souls end up in the Depths of Pleasure and Pain, 

which is like a vast city-sized gothic cathedral, 

the majority of its "mass" actually being more of a pit-like bas-relief into a vast heaving stone 

plateau in the approximate middle of the Flesh Rifts.  

The Depths of Pleasure and Pain is a seething brawl, orgy, torture chamber, slaughter and holy rite.

 The majority quickly lose their own concept of self, and are absorbed into the essence of the plane. 

The particularly strong of spirit are shaped into demons.

The Depths has a massive hedge of Desire Thorns, to strip the Salt of any Soul even before they lose themselves

 in the Flesh Rifts. The Flesh Rifts splinter out from this central point, a maddening labyrinth of canyons

, ravines, plateaus, and obscene rock formations, the top of which is frequently covered in garish broiling mists .

 Visibility is extremely limited even if you can find the rare path that does not wind through the Canyons. 

If the mist is clear, you can see what appears to be clouds and stars. These are actually the war debris of The Grind.

Generating Terrain in The Flesh Rifts


Flesh Rifts

Terrain Features

Broadly speaking it’s a 


  1. Flat plain

  2. Rolling field

  3. Mesas and stone stacks

  4. Abrupt vertical changes, chessboard escarpments

  5. Flooded and immediately islanded

  6. Boggy with hillocks

  7. Slopes downward to a pit

  8. Rises upward to a peak

  9. Gorges branching through it

    10. Lightning bolt shaped chasm


Except there’s 


  1. Teeth

  2. Eyes

  3. Skin

  4. Wounds and hooks

  5. Tongues

  6. Sex organ(s)

  7. Mouths

  8. Obsidian

  9. Scabs and Pus

  10. Intestines and sphincters 

And they are

  1. Massive, cyclopean

  2. Numerous, teeming like blades of grass

  3. Being mined/processed

  4. Hazardous , can injury the careless 

  5. Predator, will be actively try to injury

  6. Treacherous , concealed or looking harmless until it isn’t

  7. Singular , monolithic

  8. Ossified , brittle

  9. Roving, mindless

  10. Forested, vivid, lewd trees and flora


  1. Tooth Studded tongue

  2. Obsidian impalement and sodomy tree

  3. Bone drill

  4. Blood geyser with black toothed giant spermatozoa diving in and out

  5. Field size eyeball , dismantled like the rings of onion with hooks and chains

  6. Giant tit, lactating bile

  7. Single canine , rotten like swiss cheese

  8. Forest that’s actually veins  and arteries

  9. Disembodied lips like a horde of caterpillars

  10. Wound in landscape held open and sculpted with pillars and other architectural bones

  11. Pools of organs

  12. Wound stitched shut with obsidian needles 10-30 metres long and a  handspan wide

  13. Snake tongue nailed to the air

  14. Infected wound on the side of a hill

  15. Long dick , in a graceful snail spiral

  16. Huge shards of bone protruding from ground

  17. Geysers that are vulva prolapsing wombs

  18. Oversized hairs the size of trees

  19. Half completed bridge to nowhere made out of the spine of a huge beast

  20. Cairns of skulls chewing on each other


1| Irregular showers of blood

2|Extremely loud groan and earthquake

3 | Recent repairs and/or tortures seemingly done to the landscape itself. Rock banks with infected 

stitches, trees bandaged to rocks, patchwork terrain with pins holding it together.

4 | Indistinct orifices wetly openly around the PCs, some with pulsing red folds, others barbed thorns 

or obsidian teeth, or cooing sweetly, or flicking long forked tongues

5 | Herds of crab cows grazing ferociously on a bleeding whimpering soil plain

6 | Citadel under construction

7 | Army doing training exercise

8 | Execution in progress

9 | Vile acts of fornication in a lake of blood

10 | Sculpture / torture garden

11 | Horrible animal being eaten by another horrible animal which then gets eaten by a plant. Which

 then bursts into flames from the landscape

12| The landscapes quivers in response to every footfall in an uncomfortably suggestive way


Demons of ancient power and idiosyncratic form.

Table: Size (2d4)

2 | Child sized

3 | Stooped hunch or elderly human sized

4 | Like a human size

5 | Like a huge meat tree of human sized

6 | Horse sized

7 | The size of 2 horses!

8 | The size of elephant

Table: Form (roll d30 at least twice and combine)

1 | Goatish and leering

2 | Flaming

3 | Frozen

4 | Skinless and glistening

5 | Stretched very thin

6 | Scored and hollow

7 | Armour plates nailed into the skin

8 | Something like a t-rex but made of human bodies

9 | A delicate porcelain doll

10 | Conjoined twins joined forming a centaur like grotesquely

11 | Wearing brightly coloured clothing of skinned human faces sewn together, still moving in the 

imitation of laughter

12 | Has a great rusty snail shell with pipes protruding release smoke and oil

13 | Shifts back and forth from the form of a swarm of insects

14 | Unto a womb, inverting itself over and over

15 | Face is spiraling jaw of teeth jarringly akimbo

16 | Bighorns, its height again, festooned with hanging children and gutted snakes

17 | Low torso or random limb is a long python body

18 | Bathed in a soft golden light

19 | A stunning specimen of humanity

1-2 | Male

3-4 | Female


6 | Shifts back and forth

20 | Has wings

1 | Swans

2 | Bat (but with papyrus instead of skin, and writing of drooling idiocy

3 | Butterfly, violent garish colours

4 | 1000 delicate blade-like feathers

5 | Dragonfly

6 | Fans, scarlet and barbed

21 | Floating window looking unto a scene of beauty from the viewer's life, with the duke standing in

 the middle

22 | Half ornate bronze cannon

23 | Nailed to some kind of torture wheel, rack, or cross

24 | Sewed together, stuffed with bugs

25 | Fringed with fingers moving in peristaltic waves

26 | Boneless

27 | Unnaturally detailed, eye can see more detail than it should, gives feeling that you are too close to the duke at all times

28 | Bloated to proportions suiting a balloon or dirigible.

29 | Like a child's drawing of a half buried memory of being eaten alive by the family dog

30 | Roll twice more on this table

Table: Immediately Observable Personality (d20)

1 | Roll again every minute

2 | Simpering

3 | Leering

4 | Ravenous

5 | Near berserk with rage

6 | Cold, detached

7 | Pleasant, polite

8 | Screeching, maniac, paranoid

9 | Solemn like graveyard tuba

10 | Pompous, pontificating

11 | Jovial, likable

12 | Just slightly off

13 | Giggling, near hysterical

14 | Drunk, slurring and nasty

15 | Whispering and threatening

16 | Singing delicately, serene

17 | Still, then maniac and accusatory, then still

18 | Smug, arrogant, condescending

19 | Snarling, abusive, hateful

20 | Apologetic, mournful

Table: Quirks (d20)

1 | Wigs. Big fuck off wigs

2 | Is carried everywhere by headless musclemen

3 | Flowers grow where ever they step

4 | Constantly eating own body

5 | Knowledgeable about vast range of topics, chatty, asking how things are at home. Any kids? It loves kids

6 | Floats slightly off the ground

7 | Winds and rain follow it

8 | Moves like cheap stop motion

9 | Has a pet

1 | Human baby

2 | Mini-me version of itself

3 | Dog

4 | Cat

5 | Hamster

6 | Weasel python

7 | Mink

8 | Jumping spider

9 | Jellyfish

10 | Centipede with a smirk and cruel eyes

10 | Voice is heard inside character's head

11 | Collects things

12 | Follows fashions

13 | Sees itself as:

1 | Painter

2 | Sculptor

3 | Poet

4 | Writer

14 | Music and a party encumbers it. Party is mostly barely alive magically compelled intelligent beings

15 | Seated on a throne which is motile from its:

1 | Wheels

2 | Pile of squirming babies

3 | Tentacles

4 | One giant hand

5 | Insect / bird / mammal / reptile legs

6 | Innate levitation

16 | Trophy necklaces (eyes, ears, teeth, limbs, skulls, etc.)

17 | Consults a red leather notebook all the time

18 | Smokes an ornate spiralling pipe of bronze and bone

19 | Smells very much like:

1 | The best thing ever

2 | The worst thing ever

3 | Something you can't quite remember but makes you happy and sad at the same time

4 | Constantly changing depending on mood

20 | roll twice

Hit dice: 10+1d10

Table: Basic Power (d6)

1 | Warrior, fighter powers of a fighter = hit dice

2 | Wizard spells = level in hit dice

3 | Cleric abilities = level in hit dice

4 | Half level in hit dice warrior / wizard / cleric half in different class

5 | A particular potent magic item or weapon

6 | As 5 but roll a d4 and combine one of the first 4 results

Table: Weird Gimmick Powers (d20)

1 | Breathe weapon

2 | Vermin swarm

3 | Magic redirection

4 | Sense stealing

5 | Mummy rot

6 | Insanity gaze

7 | Can shrink and climb inside people to possess them

8 | Bites / tears off limbs and can stick them to its own body, getting an extra attack with half your attack bonus

9 | Curse. once on each person can name something that will happen to them no matter once in the next year. Takes a round to announce

10 | Can gush forth sweat / blood / semen / tears / menses / pus and turn the ground into horrible sucking quicksand

11 | Immune to whatever type of damage it was attacked with last round, for this round

12 | Staying in its presence for at least a minute makes you permanently barren / sterile

13 | Uses a giant's arm as a club. Arms still alive and can grab and crush people

14 | Bones burst forth like cross bolts, 1d4-1 heavy crossbow attacks each round on random enemy targets using the duke's attack bonus

15 | If successfully grapples, assimilate you into its flesh

16 | Regenerates like a troll as long as it inflicts pain

17 | Petrification as a kiss. Stoned character will be animated under its control

18 | All liquids not in living creature become poisonous within 5 seconds of being in its presence

19 | Healing magics always heal the lowest die result and inflict pain with 30 feet of the duke

20 | Roll twice


1 | Observed carefully by magically means. Roll again 1d20 seconds / minutes / hours / days later

2 | Squad attempts to capture party for… experiments

3 | Used in a bizarre running man style game / hunted for sport personally by the duke

4 | Hunted for food

5 | Ignored.

6 | Invited for tea / dinner / games / art exhibition. The more pleasant it sounds the worse it probably is going to be . 

Table: Random Citadels of the Flesh Rifts (2d4)


2 | Is the size of a dollhouse. Is actually a dollhouse. Most likely uninhabited, or roll again and it's solid all the way through.

3 | Citadel is 1d4 stories high and locked with horrible devices and magic

. Inside is imprisoned something appropriately horrible (12 HD at least). It's layout is:

1 | One big room

2 | A maze in 3 dimensions, 2d20 rooms with 2d4-1 doors each, determine placement of doors:

        1 | Up

        2 | Down

        3 | North

        4 | South

        5 | East

        6 | West

3 | A maze in 4 dimensions (as above, but when you enter a room, 50% chance of entering an old version of that room,

 i.e. everything is undecayed)

4 | One big room, with a prisoner attached to a torture machine of unusual size

4 | 1d4 stories, 1d4 rooms a story. 30% of which are inhabited. Is a resupply point for demonic travellers. 

Door opens to password

5 | 1d4 stories, 1d4 rooms a story. 50% of which are inhabited, roll on demon table +2d12 servants. 

Purpose is some kind of "summerhouse" for a duke

or power demon

6 | A small tower, like a lighthouse. 1d10 stories high, one room per story. 

70% chance of being inhabited by one minor or 1d6 lesser demons. One top is mounted a…

1 | Signalling Device

        1 | Bell

        2 | Signal Fire

        3 | Undead roc head with bellows for lungs

        4 | Huge tuning fork

        5 | Light-emitting giant eyeball

        6 | Cannon firing flares

        7 | Big spiralling tuba

        8 | Church organ of vast and sinister scale

2 | Roll on the previous entry but it's also a weapon

3 | Guard tower (add another 2d6 demons, least)

        1 | Armed with 6 arbalests with bolts that explode into scarab swarms

        2 | Cannons pointed in eight directions

        3 | Cauldrons of boiling acid / ravenous flesh-eating worms / freezing liquid / molten metal

        4 | A trebuchet firing:

            1 | Stones

            2 | Bestial elementals

            3 | Spiked bouncing ball

            4 | Roll on the cauldron entry, previously

    4 | A buzz-saw launcher

    5 | Spinning tops the size of horses that shoot fire as they spin around, then explode

    6 | Roll twice

7 | A fort. 1d6 stories, 1d10 rooms per story. Roll 4 times on the demon encounter table +1d20 least demons. 

Assume 4 guard towers as 6

8 | A fortress. 1d10 Dukes in residence, and a 10% chance of a demon prince visiting plus an army or two of demons. 

6d6 stories, each story has 1d10 rooms. Assume 2d6 guard towers (as result 3) as part of its construction

Table: Citadel General Shape (d10)

1 | Rectangular, like an upright brick

2 | A spiny ball like a diatom or urchin

3 | Pyramidal

4 | Like a cheesecake vampire castle

5 | Egg shaped

6 | Like chewing gum and broken glass

7 | Hexagonal

8 | Columnular (like a pipe organ)

9 | Short and squat

10 | In the shape of a demon prince's face

Table: Unusual Properties (d20)

1-6 | Nah

7 | Hovers a couple of feet above ground

8 | Can fly (d100-20, minimum of zero, explode results above 70 before subtracting the 20) feet above ground, 


1 | Wings (pair) bat / bird / dragonfly / fans / butterfly

2 | Wings, absurd amount bat / bird / dragonfly / fans / butterfly

3 | Balloon / balloons, 1% chance gas is flammable (hey there's chaotic and then there's just stupid)

4 | Chains disappearing off to points of non-existence in the sky

5 | Sitting atop an evil black cloud

6 | Just can. Magic. 50% chance of big red heart / brain / wired-up child inside that, if destroyed,

 cancels the magic. Otherwise, flight ability is built into the walls itself.

9 | Dying captives impaled on spikes and hooks on the walls

10 | River of blood / oil / ooze / meat slurry / mercury runs through it, powering a water wheel. If citadel

 is currently in air, river is a waterfall

11 | Rotating on the spot

12 | Gravity is oriented to nearest surface around and in citadel. Outside walls are effected with grease

 spell and razor-sharp gut hooks

13 | Vast clouds of vultures / bats / flies / stirges / moths / crows above it

14 | Vile industries present, so big chimneys and pipes discharge smoke and goo

15 | Currently under siege, by (roll on "Who's Involved?" table above)

16 | Having a huge party!

17 | Pulsing, glowing lights slither around. Discharges weird magics. 10% chance per round if within 

100' of being affected by random 1-3 level spell

18 | Living, sessile. Strong but not complete resemblance to:

1 | Barnacle

2 | Sea anemone

3 | Mushroom   

4 | Orchid

5 | Human / wolf / snake / toad / spider head

6 | Miscellaneous hairy / scaly / slimy / squalid thing

19 | Living, motile. Because of:

1 | Giant pair of legs

        1 | Bird

        2 | Insect

        3 | Human

        4 | Reptilian

        5 | Tentacular

        6 | Mammal

2 | As 1, but like a vast amount of regular-sized legs

3 | Nailed to a hunched-over giant human / gorilla / cow / beetle

4 | It's one big amoeba

5 | It's sculpted into a huge hog / fish / toad / snail

6 | It's mounted on a tongue carpet

20 | Roll twice



Size :

1-2 | Horse

3-4 | 4 horses

5 | Elephant

6 | Large house

and resembles mostly:

1 | Cannons

2 | Balloons

3 | Catapults

4 | Vomiting frogs

5 | Rotating intestines

6 | Eyeball on hook

7 | Giant bell

8 | Drum with screaming hide

9 | Church organ

10 | Ballista 

but with a touch of:


1|Pinned  open heart

2| Jellyfish

        3 | Bloody skeletons

    4 | Candelabra

    5 | Mammoth

        6 | 12 piece brass band with musicians

    7 | Rose garden

    8 | Stone monoliths

   9 | Printing press / typewriter

    10 | Wind up monkey with cymbals

Some Items Of Note

Emetic whip: an emetic whip is a cured semi-living stomach inverted around a section of its large 

intestine. The other end of the intestine is held, and as the whip is snapped the stomach turns back

 inwards, releasing its contents in a 1-10 foot arc (depending on the size of the stomach). 

The contents, in addition to virulent acid can include poisons, diseases, and dire tapeworms.

The stomach will reload its acid load in about an hour if "fed."

Envious sallet: this is a specially-treated skinned face of someone who hated you. 

The hate for you has infused it, and if it sees anyone appearing to attack you, 

it will involuntarily alert you with the feelings of envy that pulse out of it, 

for it longs to be the one to kill you.

Worm spear: these are spears with the shaft that of a more-or-less rigid worm. 

By squeezing the worm, the spear becomes thin and lengthens to form a pike. 

By pulling the shaft together it will shorten and fatten and so become a short spear.


 Mercenaries enhancing their bodies reckless with stolen flesh

Hitdice 1 to 5

Damage by weapon or power

People just pumping weird juices in them to hypertrophy in fucked up ways.

Can heal limb loss

1 ability per hitdice. Rolling again upgrades

1Armour skin of warts/m teeth


2 1 limb extend 1d6/ 1 limb extended and swells up like a club 1d12

3  take d6 damage to win initiative/ Take 1d10 damage to get a 2nd action

4  Shoot off nails (1d4), Shoot off finger bone s(1d8)

5 Leap and dive/ Super leap and pile driver

6: Spend a round absorbing recently dead meat to heal themselves 1d4 per hitdice. Inflicting damage on them ruins negates the ability/ 1d6 per hit dice and can increae above 15 maxium

7. Super pus , become puffy , reduce damage from impact / pus is boiling hot and shoot out from injury to slashing / piercing

8. Bone whip , dislocate arm or leg and thrash it into people the bones breaking and multiple and judding out. \can be used like grappling hook/ Limb spilts like the mythical hydra upon recieving damage or delivering max damage

9 Over charge : haste that does damage to user when fail to damage things , steam , fluid and boiling blood leak from meat head. / ?

10 Emetic Bomb  acidic vomit/ Can have additional damage type  (boiling blood, chewing polyps, bone shards)

11 Nerve Wrap : Extend Nerves and tendons into weapon , armour or other equipment. Have to hack it off to disarm it. Reroll lowest damage rolls/ ignore lowest

/ 360 vision via equipment, have no “back”

12 Spend round to cancel a physical debuff/ incorporate into a one off attack