Sunday 20 August 2017

Plane Scrap

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF There's some advice I've given people: if the weight of too many unfinished projects is weighing you down, just kill some off.

Ideas are cheap, well cheap compared to the energy and time to make them into reality.

Feature creep, a bulging drafts drawer, "gm adhd" ; all these will be take a slow psychic toll.

It's true creativity can be enhanced by juggling or going with inspirations, still there comes a time to admit you ain't gonna finish something.

And yet, I've got all these plane scrap documents, a project kinda dating back to near the state of this blog.

I've worked on it within the last year, but still, it's weighing on me.

And if I compare how immediately useful it is to me (when finished) when compared to the other unfinished project*  and how interested I am it; it's utterly lacking.

So here's all the remaining notes ranging in completion from skeletal to basically done.
(blazing world was the most done and it got a blogpost ages back here )

Anyway it's .. a mess; beware there will be references to tables that don't exist, terms used then forgotten, half started ideas, completely functioning encounter generating systems used once and then ignored, typos.

Use and abuse it at your peril .

Don't ask me to finish it , this will never happen, unless someone wants to have the editing job from hell and cut up all the remaining work for me in easy to do coherent pieces with no chance of feature-creep. Even then.. dunno.

No I never did get the Lawful good plane to be adventure worthy , some of the other good planes have some useable stuff but that's where it gets sparse/non-existent.

The most done was the Grey wastes (Plains of Revelation), The Abyss (Flesh Rifts), Acheron ("Grinder", that word has a new context though ), Pandemonium (Solitary), Limbo ( Seether /All sea)
and of course Blazing world got its own illustrated pdf (and so isn't included in this post).

SO all the chaotic plains basically .




The shithole you came from is the usually campaign place, the “prime material plane”, or
Vale of Tears,
This is the world. Most things here have souls , gather Salt as the live , and upon death , after sometimes lingers around a bit, travel to the terminal torus aka the afterlife .


Twilight overlaps with the Vale. It is visible only if you are there or have access to special seeings. Assume this is a stand in for anything referring to astral or ethereal. It appears  as a version of the world but with only black and white. The stars or sun is never visible. The sky is hazy black like thick smoke. Shadows and pools of darkness bleed upward in black spikes, like rotting film. Following these leads to the Threads of the Gloaming.
 Ghosts and spirits are visible here and primarily anchored here.  Also visible are  large concentrations of emotion (current or residual) . These appear as complicatedly vortexing  smoke or light distortions when being produced and settle down as a thin layer of fog or glistening fat haze. Only strong emotions or a mass of them will leave anything longer than a week but numerous esoteric conditions dictate how long it will last, with some murder sites leaving traces centurys onward and some cities being burned down and leaving nothing 20 years on.
This stuff is known as Fume and it can generate or be made into Spirits.
There are a variety of ways of doing this from the creation
elaborate simulacrum or rituals that pretend a spirit is already real, to folk songs, sacrifices, or the casting of too much illusion or detection magic can give the fume the seed it needs to crystallize around forming a spirit.
A lesser spirit is a rogue emotionally feedback loop; for example a feeling of fear without cause that triggers more fear. If it gets enough emotion generated it can cause minor hallucinations.
The hallucinations will be of it, either a flickering glimpse of it, or the sound of its movements or crys. The hallucinations will only affect someone feeling the emotion strongly the spirit is based from.

More powerful spirits will be actually be real for the person affected by the feelings.
(but not for anyone else) and spirits more powerful than that can basically be as real as they want to be, though they will be still real for anyone feeling the emotion they are attuned to.
Spirits can be about things more abstract than emotion , like tasks, with guarding being a common one. In this case their ability to effect things is based on how relevant or contray to the task that thing is. E.g if it spirit is guarding a pool and you are pissing in it, it will be able to affect you, a lesser spirit might just be a minor spell effect latching on to you.
While a medium spirit might be fish savaging your piss organ to the confusion of everyone who is leaving the pool alone. In fact they will not be able see or affect the fish unless they start to try and protect or destroy the pool.
each day a soul is out of its body make a charisma check or lose
1 . early memories (ages 0 to 18)
2. last month
3. all but your most used skillset
4. name
5. how you died
6.short term memory
once you have  spirits,
failed the check 3 times your identity is collapsed and you are no longer playable .
IF you leave your physical body behind you  (with appropriate magics or abilities, general leaving a silver cord behind)  or will be able to fly here , until you get to the Gloaming, then you gradually get heavier and are pulled toward the Threads. IF you take your body with you (with different magics or a rare tear into the twilight) it will be folded into your soul, weighing you down and leaving you unable to fly. IF you want to access the Gloaming you will have to climb (or use some other flying ability)
It’s bright bruise black here like the city lights trapped under cloud. The black threads twist their way through  the space all meandering in the direction of the torus , which is visible as a brightish mass like a full moon.
Thread is about 1000 times stronger than steel. So a hair strand will be a tough as 8 gauge wire and a woven bridge of it nigh indestructible. It has subjective gravitationally properties, so what ever thread you consider is down is down for you.


Gloaming complications
1. mercury blobs that have crazy surface tension, you can get trapped in them , but you can see your desires in them
2. Wailing heads entangled in the thread will bite and wail
3. wayward soul, apathetic, bored
4.Floating obelisks that shoot black light lasers out of them
5. travel brochure imps
6.Mistaken identity by wayward soul
7. snagged memory palace
8. Weaving spider
9. Distant storm , far off light illuminates you increased chance of encounters
10.Weather. Whimsy. temp shift a character trait from one person to another

There are things that lurk around the Gloaming.
CONSUMERS: All damage consumers do is deducted from the total hitpoints used to determine Salt (see below)
this aim to eat Salt and/or Souls. They in turn are hunted down for their body parts , which can be refined to get a little Salt. (normally about half a kilo per hit dice)
Light O'Tunnel: Like a skeletal giant angler fish its skin stretch drum taunt over its sharp bones. The light it dangles is capable of creating complicated illusions. It will attempt to swallow a soul whole and consume it utterly
LaggardSnatch: Like an ape mantis that has been run over and dried and added to with bits of rotten tire. Will ambush , bite a couple of attacks worth of Salt in  hitpoints
Snicker: pretends to be someone you know and distracts you while others of its kind lick the Salt out of you


the more you care about something the more you sweat, bleed, cry and fuck for it. The more you care, strive or suffer the more Salt will remain on your soul for the Realms to harvest.
A soul has 1 kilo of Salt on it for every hitpoint the person had while alive and at full health. If they had less than 20 hitpoints but were between the ages of 16 and 26 or had a particular passionate or far reaching life they have a minimum of 20 instead.
A kilo of salt is roughly equivalent to a 1000 gold pieces, though it would be hard to trade gold for salt anywhere in the Terminal Torus.
The amount of kilos of Salt your soul is worth is also a percentage chance that someone will show up to guide you soul. If this chance succeeds roll again until you fail and how many times you succeed determines what shows up.

  1. A “wayfinder” also know as a brochure imp. Might be an actual imp or a glowing ball of light or if the deceased follows a particular god , it will be an appropriate representative (like a spider or a sassy horse). If they have never really thought about where they want to go the being will try and talk them a particular place (hence the nickname Brochure imp. Having a Imp to guide you through the Gloaming means you can avoid any encounters you don’t want to and will be taken the fastest way. It can’t protect you from your own stupidity though so if you ignore its advice and go off on your own that’s your bad eggs.
  2. An “escort” basically like a imp but it will get you there faster and is flasher and capable of fighting things. Like around he 8 hit dice mark
  3. A “Rainbow Carpet” , something that will transport the Soul in mere seconds to the appropriate Realm.

Without Salt Realms will shrink and fall apart and be reincorporated into other realms. Each Realm has its own way of taking the Salt from you. After the Salt has been passed on the Soul is now a Imago. At some stage after if it doesn’t try and become a Denizen , it will dissipate into the Realm itself, which will give the Realm further substance
The Pinnacle of Virtue has scales that you place the salt (which you access via opening your ribs like a cupboard and removing the salt.
Heart of it all has a contract.
The Rifts of Flesh when you spill your blood on the thorns of Desire.
Seether you will appear with baggage. When you put it down, thats the transfer.
The Plains of Revelation have the pact made by despair or surrender. If you remain immotile for 12 hours the transfer is made.
The encyclopedia of all machines and the infinite library  has your fluids sucked out and replaced with glistening silver oil. And the infinite library you take your skin off, and they give you a permanent member card.
Solitary has a door that opens to a vast black chamber with deafening wind. If you scream out your voice into the wind, you are accepted. Otherwise you can stay but Solitary attempts to take your sanity instead. Tehe.
Starry Night has warm winds that when called accept the soul
Blazing World : Numerous secret pools to be dived in and accept the soul
Grind: you Salt will be lost with any blood you shed

Vermin Road is the name for the heavily tangled but not organised connected of trade routes, blackmarkets, scams and hussles that exist in Terminis Torus.
Salt is needed there. If you are not an imago, native or denizen you will not be able to draw substance from the food and water you eat and drink. Unless you sprinkle Salt on it.

Salt can be stolen from the various realm process by means, or by luring a soul into a WOmb pig, which sucks the salt from soul and then sweats it out. Consumers can be harvested for a limited amount of salt. The amount of salt that a realm gets of an average soul is about a kilo. Which is worth about 10,000 gold. Salt can refined to make a narcotic. And strengthens power of a creature regular taking it (over many years. If a denizen has had an independent existence and not partaken of salt regularly, roll a d4 for hit dice rather than what ever is normal.)


Gods like to think they run the show, but are still obliged to the realm they occupy for the power they channel to their clerics. A god not in their native realm will steadily lose power and so it's only the most dire of circumstances that will convince a god to leave their home. In return for the power and substance of the Realm , gods are responsible for maintaining the flow of Salt to the Realm, with conversion and propaganda in the world, and harvesting it from the newly arrived souls, and guarding it from thieves and opportunists.
Gods are entirely killable, but equivalent to about a couple of level character with a stack of innate abilities. They will lose like a level a hour not in their native realm, until they drop to about level 20. Killing them in the Realm or out permanently destroys them, their soul being absorbed into their native realm, unless they have various precautions and magics to evade this.

Incarnates: Incarnates are aspects of a Realm itself manifested. They are far more abstract in both form and motivation than anything else in the terminal torus. Incarnates are mostly commonly a upper and lower realm thing, and are known as Celestials and Diabolus respectively
Diabolus are more easy to summon (if not control) and Celestial are more likely to be encountered free roaming. Celestial are impossible to control, self destructed if forced to anything. Diabolus have this option but are very unlikely to ever use, as they are capable of far more flexibility and have a much greater attachment to their own existence.
roll d3 for how many times you roll on the form table( and if the results seem mutually exclusive roll on sub table) and then roll once on the power and what does it do?!!!?! table

1 a glowing child with a echoing choral voice
2 a cat headed snake tracing a figure 8 with pretty rainbow eyes
3 a giant horse head, silver flamed
4 a muscular human with golden skin and stars for hair and eyes
5 a burning wheel
6 dizzying points of light rotating and forming complicated mandala patterns
7 a wise fox
8 some kind of farming implement formed from ice
9 a huge hand its voice coming from its palm
10 a sage with skin as black as the night sky and flaming hair
11 a hovering flame
12 an inverted tree floating above the ground
13 a naked lady but with no nipples or sauce grooves
14 rainbow coloured ribbons
15 a rotating flower head, alarmingly flat and symmetrical,
16 a cloud of tiny silver seahorses
17 It has Wings. If you roll only this result, it's just a pair of wings flapping in space, other than that stick the wings where-ever. If you roll this result as again, why that's another pair of wings.
18: A pair of flaming eyes. If you are combining this with another result, you may give that result flaming eyes, or have flaming eyes looming behind it. Or whatever.
19 A great turtle gently swimming through the air, with a tiny city on its back
20 A bronze bell of vast age

1d6 combing forms
1: have one sitting atop the other, or carrying the other or riding the other
2: like a playing card, one is upside down and joined to the other
3; the celestial changes back and forth in a gentle manner
4 as above but rapidly , in an unnerving strobe effect
5: forms exist side by side , speaking with one voice
6: one form grows out of the other, in a way some how not completely hideous

What is its powers? roll 1d3 times

1 Its can yell causing an earthquake or sing causing a disintegrate effect
2: It can glow so bright, everything looking at has their eyes burst into flames
3:It has a weapon twice its body length that it uses with skill and fury
4: Its laugh causing healing to those it chooses and weakness and despair to some other people it chooses
5:magic spells as a wizard
6 magic spells as a cleric
7: long near invisible razor sharp threads
8:mighty gusts of winds and lightning
9: can liquefy stone, entombing people
10:turns people into animals/plants/bakedgoods/salt with a gaze
11:redirects spells at targets of its choosing
12: at will Command spell effect
13:freezing breathe
14: absurdly fast, natural blur effect
15: Re arrange gravity as it sees fit
16:Laser eyes
17:Blinks as blink dog, and can teleport opponents short distance
18: Can turn into flaming pillar
19:can sing a song that makes evil vomit up its organs
20:silence effect at will. Hold person with a touch

What it does!
1:the party must be destroyed to prevent a great cosmic tragedy to happen. It is apologetic but ruthless
2:It will observe the party at distance, after announcing its intentions to do so, a hour later roll again on the table if the party has not done anything particularly foul or noble
3:It gives stern advices, and  heals moderate wounds and leaves. Roll again on this table a hour later.
4: It gives some cryptic advice , and attempts to confiscate something in the partys possession.
5:It flips out at the party in a icy fury, attempting to destroy them utterly
6:It engages the party in small talk, and if they seem friendly enough, offers a small favour
7:It demands a task to be completed or it will return in a week and destroy the party
8:It asks a complicated moral puzzle to the party Like "you find a bag of gold covered in blood, a sick child says he saw a crooked merchant drop it, the crooked merchant is nice to cats. What do you do?" . Roll again to determine the angels response to the partys answer
9:demands the party cast out one of their members, for being evil or being too good and needing testing. Will try and destroy the party if they do not obey
10: Offers the party richs. If they accept , it scold them and will try and fuck their shit up in a minor way later
11:Offers to accompany the party and will aid them in not in the next obstacle they face but the one after that. Celestial does not announce this until the first obstacle.
12:Demands party accompany it immediately to destroy some nearby evil, possible of a power level too great for the angel and the party. Roll again on this table if the party refuses.

Use the table for Guests in Red and Pleasant Land or the Lamentations Random Summoning table or any number of others. I feel redundant making my own here

Denizens are the devils , demons, judicators, serenes and the like of the Realms. They are originally souls but have been shaped and molded by the Realm and their own strivings to become something else.

When a soul gives its Salt over to a Realm it becomes an Imago. Imagos are effectively immortal , as in they regenerate if destroyed while in the realm. An Imago cannot be made to leave the realm. Eventually an Imago eithers becomes a denizen (losing the regeneration) or merges into the realm itself losing its individual existence.

Dwellers/Natives are things that live in the Realms, need food and water (generally), and can draw substance from anything they eat there. It is not alway obvious what's a denizen and what's a dweller. The Slaadi are sometimes thought of as denizens but are not, they just live there and mess up the place. No-one is going to become a salaadi when they die though they might die acting like one.  There are numerous player races that live on the Realms, and children of a union between a native and a worldling have about a 80% chance of not inheriting the natives ability to survive on the food there.
Dwellers is the term generally used by denizens and congelates, and native is the term used by themselves, if they think about it at all.
The longer Dwellers spend in a realm generationally or otherwise the more the realm shapes them, so the difference between a congelate and a very old dweller is this; it doesn’t matter where you kill a dweller, they die , and if they have a soul, it proceeds to do the normal soul thing.

Some dwellers don’t seem to have a soul or have some complicated as current unknown afterlife process. The term native is often used to refer to a dweller with a soul (or anyone that could be referred to as a people)  and dweller to those who don’t have a n obvious form of post death or just are not people.
A congelate is like an incarnate that makes sense. While dwellers originally come from elsewhere the congelates are created by the realm.
But since them , now have their own forms of generation and are somewhat more independent than the incarnates , but still very closely in the mould of the realm.

Some Denizens and Dwellers claim to be Congelates if closely pressed but generally do not like the term or any suggestion that they are somewhat secondary to the realms purpose.
The difference while often academic and also useful for insulting people is crucially in one way: if you kill a congelate on their home realm they will (generally) comeback to life. Kill a Denizen on their home realm and they will stay dead.

Kill a congelate off-realm and they will stay dead. The exact length of time before regeneration will be mentioned in the individual descriptions but will be longer (or possible not at all) if they have been acting poorly in their realms interests.

Generally someone who is living in the realms but has not arrived as a soul or born there. Certain dwellers will have an arbitrary amount of time/generations to elevate themselves from other dwellers, who they then will call  tourists. If you kill a tourist their soul will form outside their remains and possibly bypassing the normal routes of the afterlife.

Vermin Road:
Vermin road is a trade route, blackmarket, underground network and refugee community.
Its the flow of information, goods, Salt and labour that runs between the Realms. Its community is made up of denizens disinclined to put their realms interests above their own, worldlings trying to make in the terminal realm, souls refusing to commit to a realm, natives trying to make it without all this god/realm/salt bullshit and others. It has not one physical location, (although the city of Bedlam in Solitary is more or less entirely Vermin road) and instead is various encampments , temporary markets, fringe towns, vagabonds and trade caravans. Vermin Road  is a vague term , both trait and possible location  like "criminal network" “underground” or "black market".
Salt is the coin of Vermin road. Gold, coin and other trinkets have worth, but Salt is what gives weight to these. Salt is both used to empower Natives and Denizens and allow non-natives to survive. To get enough salt to add to food for a non-native to survive for a week is about 30 gold pieces
. About half of Vermin road is non-natives and so salt is always in demand as well as food stuffs from the World itself. (any food from the World will see for ten times as much). Any Denizen not connected with a pantheon or high up on a group will have -2 to all their hit dice unless they have the muscle, connections or cunning to secure their own Salt Supply. This is not to say that they are weakened more that the average denizen is already super charged from Salt. Salt effects natives like a drug, with the exact effects depending on its origin (if not purified), its purity and the effects of any additives and its means of delivery.

Combination slicer, crusher , and compressor for cubing  and decubing salt.
Cubelet: 100 gold worth (about 5 mm a side)
Cube: 400 gold worth (4 cubes) (about 1 cm each side)
Block :4800 gold worth:(12 cubes) (2 cm by 2cm by 6cm)
Brick :57600 gold worth :(12 blocks) (4 cm by 4 cm by 18 cm)

1) drawn by giant moths
2) Team of 8 legged horses
3) 1d4 dozen giant rats
4) swollen balloon of mysterious gas (wagon as gondola)
5) Insectal walrus
6)mummified Zombie elephant (wagon as howdah)
7) It is a sailing ship with enchanted winds and also wheels
8) Huge millipede / nereid worm/ or Opabinia , the wagon either mounted  on top  like train carriages or conventually towed
9)The wagon's bottom is a tense thicket of animated human legs
10)1d4 multi headed hydragoose. Foul tempered
11)2d6 Human faced horse sized dogs (round up to even number)
12)2d6 Goats with antenna for eyes.
13)Clock horse figure head juts out of wagon with na irregular amount of legs that furious flail the wagon forward. Clock work  has been often repaired and added to ignorantly and almost hostile and apparently requires constant threats and cures to work
  1. Big Wheel with crazed eyes on its hub that is yoked to the wagon
  2. Train of 4 legged shaggy crow like things
  3. On some kind of runners that seem to burn the ground, sliding like a icecube on a hotplate. Pulled by elephant sized shaggy dog with hair covering its nonexistence eyes
  4. Zombie supporting litters and backpacks. A mass of tubes from central heart engine that enter each from its ears,mouth,nose and eyes. The  zombies run along at a rapid rate.
  5. “horses” regular “horses” . They look like horses but just..not right.somehow
  6. large moss cover bison
  7. elephant


2) destitute! It has nothing
3-4) poor , roll on the goods table with a 1d8+12
5-9) average wealth roll on the Goods table with a d12+8
10-11) rich , roll on the goods table with a
12) Cashed up, has no goods, just Salt. Roll on the Goods table to determine amount gold value of Salt.


roll 2d6
Keep rolling into you get a repeat result, note how many times you roll on this table, call that number "Y" , it will be used in the GUARDS table
1. Silks from the lunar moths of Starry Sky 1d10X100 gold worth (dimensions)
2. Scented woods from The blazing world
5. Jewels
6.Congealed blood blocks
7. Water, pure
8. barrels of insects
9. Furs, hides,skins
10. plants and fungi, medicinal/recreational
11. Preserved meats
12. Seeds (for growing)
13. Grains, pulses, beans
14. Precious metals
15. Usefully metals (iron, bronze, copper)
16. Tears
17. Napatha
18. Oils (vegetable)
19. Oils (mineral) and solvents
20. Ashes

(-4 for destitute , -2 for poor, 0 for average, +2 for rich, for results over 10 roll again and double amount)
(treat zero or negative as no guards present)
1. Yd4 times 0 lvl humanoids with long spear and slings
2. 1d10 Infected fungal pigeons. Kamikaze, attack as 2hitdice monsters , when hit explode for 3d6 poison/ concussive damage.
3.Yd4 bloodhawks.
4.Yd4 trained monkeys with hatchets or machetes
5. 2Y Poison dogs. Dogs that are controlled by phermones released via an ant hat. As wardogs but with mildly poisonous bite.
6. . Yd6 1st lvl fighters. Armed with chainmail, sword shield, short bow with 4 nonstandard arrows  (flaming, acid, poison, glue)
7. Y sharks. They are covered in weird unguents allowing them to swim and breathe in all elements
8. Random 2 hit dice (as monster summoning) , enslaved by friendship or a drug dependency   , 10Y % chance of rolling again for additional guard
9.. Random 3 hitdice monster (as monster summoning) , enslaved by friendship or a drug dependency 10Y % chance of rolling again for additional guard
10. Random 4 hitdice monster (as monster summoning) , enslaved by friendship and/or a drug dependency 10Y ten % chance of rolling again for additional guard

Random Vermin Road Person

Ting Scarlittle
pincer headed rat woman
a cavernous book to return
someone else to take it the Infinite library
Broil Tacks
beetle infested soul
key to a tomb in the Desert of leavings
plausible deniability for unloading this key
Das Phant
hung over ogre stunt eater
no clue where she is
a hot bath and a shave
Talking giant anteater
a debt they are running from
to steal as much as they can as soon as they can
Giant Squirrel Tailor
misplaced optimism in the world
a regular paying job
Duergar Sensual Nihilist
a compulsion to argue with everyone
to get to somewhere civilised
Plung Array
Feathered Lizard Philosopher
Severe blackmail material
to ally with someone powerful
Unemployed Celestial servant
A grudge against an entire mythology
Someone willing to rob the sacred


is a
known for
bearded devil
distracting predators
recovering a debt by selling security holes of non paying former employer
weaponized fungal parasite
Drudg Wheal
2nd level fighter humanish, looks like a nu rich viking
triple crossing
looking for a better deal
barbed harpoon made from taranchula leg, releases cloud irritating hairs
Odd looking humanod with bright colour stains
bodyguarding a merchant’s brat
acid frozen in the shape of throwing axes , stored in a white fur cloak
albino ork
skinning and butchery
trying to salvage a weirdly killed large carcass
blow gun with crazy poisons
Feliana Snit
Halfling with weird fur patchs
drug identification and manufacture
looking for medicine for hangover and curse
many many specialized knives that each gives +1 for the specific situations
Dorr Prunc
Sigil Elf
knowing someone who might sell that
trying to make rep by doing something impressively reckless
snapping severed gargoyle head on a chain
Slightly undead Georgian English human
escalating situations
mistaking you for someone who tried to kill him
razor sharp throwing shield, returns , hits multiple targets via crazy training
Greasy ill
Piranha Jawed water gensai
waiting for a caravan that is apparently not coming
Bow that shoots snakes
Sombre Mongolian
complicated threats
considering a career change
2 handed sword that looks like a salvaged shard of a much larger broken sword
Scorpion bearded tiefling lady
paranoid and sleepnesses
stealing from employer
3 section staff , made from the bone from a devil, daemon and a demon
Ornate Bauhaus Nigerian
require payment in art
subcontracting out something that requires a particular set of talents and/or stupidity
Polished  unnatural hard glass sword and stiletto , hard to see

Grind: (acheron)
(ossification and collusion mechanics can be found in planescape products)


Drifting down from the encyclopedia of all machines is a red participate of steel and half functional machines. Great iron cubes floating a void crashing into each other. Grind draws souls to it who have found no other home but battle. 

The Cubes take the form of  violent aggregates of ores , metal oxides and pure metal seams, compressed machines, mangled ossified corpses or corpse masses, and vast weapons worn and broken down until only just recognisable as wars tools.

Commonly a cube is mixture of any or all of these.

The grist and gore from the cubs crushing becomes finer and finer and eventually form drifting out  over Heart of Iron and The Plains of revelation.

Cube Blood:

Cube is bleeding from semi flesh wounds. The blood is valuable (500 gold per litre assume rate of bleeding of 1d4 litres a round, will congeal and ossify after 1d20 rounds unless lapped at by razor mothes. Must be stored in the absence of oxygen or it will harden in the container and be worth like 5 gold a litre) and delicious to local fauna, and so will attract local scavengers, opportunists and predators. Roll a d6. Assume everything has happened up to the number you rolled

1 no-one is around , roll again in a hour

2 1d12 razor winged moths are lapping at the blood and another 1d12 will arrive every 10 rounds and crowd around drinking the blood.

3. A scout for a intelligent social creature following the razormoth, they will return in 20 minutes with reinforcements and sealable jars to get the blood.

4. A large animal is now feasting on the moths and/or the blood. Any intelligent beings will trying to stay out the way.

5. Another group of beings will show up to attack and drive away the first.

6. The blood has dried up, leaving behind debris of conflict and people packing up what the have managed to get.

Encounter table d20
1 Vault

2-7 Notable Cube

8 Inhabitation

9-12 Animal

13-16 Intelligent

17-20 Predatory




1. wareggs. Put them in areas. Wars then happen, and out hatches horrible things (manticore , hydra, froghemoth etc) . The war will not settle down until that which hatched from the war egg is also slain

Sometimes doves. Doves chill everyone out and bring peace to the land and then fly back to Grind to lay more war eggs. They lay them in vaults somehow

2. A Machine, roll on machine table

3. The beating heart of some guardian creature , who unkillable presence maintains the peace where ever it is.

4. Sphere of Annihilation. Kept still by a ring of quintuplet brains in canopic jars

5. Ornate obsidian idols, last vestiges of a particularly crazed murder god. Valuable , even more so to certain collectors. Will empower various remainders of the god, like artifacts, sacred beasts, undead priest etc

6 Seeds of virulent and dangerous weeds

7. Early (even more?) dangerous prototype of a prominent artifact in your campaign. Looks identical to the real one.

8.Spell book containing 2d6 early much more powerful versions of standard spells, however casting them ages you 5 years or 5% percent of your species upper limit of lifespan , whatever is greater.

9. A property deed for an entire continent or direction of wind

10.A selection of brain cross sections of notorious crazy wizards and genius. A particular kind of crystal projector is require to “view” their thoughts.

11. a Usurper Crown. Appears as cheapish crown worth 1d100 gold. When used to crown a usurper they take on the appearance of the “rightful” crown and the subjects of the usurper will always believe them to be the “rightful” king , even if they are a horse.

12. Plague coins. 1d12 of them in various denominations. As long as they are in circulation a new disease will manifest in that population every month.

13. 2d6 Expensive gems cut in subtly unpleasing and discomforting shapes. Worth 1d4 x 100 gold each , 10 times that to the right buyer

14. 880 coins of a unknown metal, stamped with the face and language of a culture currently barely able to find food and shelter for itself

15. 1d6 magical weapons, each made unusually big or small

16.Your standard treasure hoard as would be possessed by a small dragon , rudimentary circulation and nervous system starting to form between its contents however

17. 1d4 panacea potions. Cure anything.

18. Books detailing the theory and construction of a technology that is not yet in your campaign . Up to you if it’s legit or not. Will still sell for the same as it seems plausible enough to an intelligent reader.

19. A bottle of a transparent fluid. When drunk it duplicates the effects of every potion the g.m can be bother looking up

20. A really really really good wine. Worth 12, 000 gold to someone interested in wines but not widely read enough to know that drinking such a wine will mean nothing will ever seem as good as that wine. Suicide within a year generally results.


Cube Dimensions:

Roll 3d6. Explode any 6s. Use that number for the length of the cube sides.

Notable Cube:
(d20 or just a d10 if want something interesting scenery without too much complications)

1. Malformed. Double one of the dimensions.

2. Cleaved. A collusion has split it in half, the halves are joined with cable/swing/bridge/skeletal limbs small joined/skeletal limbs large

3. Jagged and sharp formations, trying to move and do anything at the same type requires a dex check or take a d8 damage. Increase any fall damage or collision damage by replacing the d6 with d8s


5.Riddled with tunnels

6.Riddled with holes until it resembles the most cartoonish of swiss chesses

7.Mildly magnetic. Double the weight of any metal objects / half move of any metal creatures. Roll again on this table just to see if this cube has junk, cache or a machine on it

8. Tower/ Vertical ship/ horizontal ship / hollowed out giant carcass , ossified and fused with the cube

9.Hills and trenches of unrecognisable fused and ossified material

10. has Junk on it (see Junk table)

11. has a Machine on it (see Machine table)

12. has a Cache  (see Cache Table)

13. The inside of this cube is hollow with locked doors on 2 of is sides. The doors are sturdy but the locks are cheap and easy to pick. Inside is an abandoned experiment. It is asleep but unless painstaking care is taking opening the door it will wake. Randomly pick 3 monsters of 6 hitdice and combine them into one thing. Various horrible tanks of fluids are plugged into it to keep it alive

14. A Door into a cube has recently been smashed open by a collusion , revealing a vault. Roll on Vault contents

15. A crazy immortal giant is slowly gnawing the cube into a weapon

16.This Cube is rotten and filled with machine oil secreting maggots. If you weigh more than a unencumbered adult human you have a 50/50 chance of falling in (dex save to catch yourself.) falling in means you take 1d4 acid damage around and all metal on you starts to corrode.

The maggots are worth 20 each and weight as much as a large pig but very squirmy , slippery and acidic . There will be 1d1000 of them though.

17. Roll on Intelligent Beings  A single member of them is hiding here , having going rogue from others of its kind

18.Roll on Intelligent beings, a small party is making a camp here

19. Roll twice

20. Roll thrice

Random Junk

1 Crumbling balls of beetle shells like owl pellets

2.Frayed steel cable , pulleys, splayed rails

3.Fine cogs almost like grains of sand

4. Barrels of weird fluids, some leaking. Mostly oils (as lubricants and as fuels) and mid solvents. Any barrel will need from 1 to 20 points of fire damage to get it to ignite . When ignited it will do that amount of damage the following round and then half that on each subsequent round

5. Rotten , half ossified horse skeletons

6. Armour scraps from banding from weird animals

7.Ornate , twisted and snapped hooks and chains

8.great wheels

9. Piles of clinker, slag ingots and pools of mercury

10. A small hill of toothless skulls, ossified

11. A large cannon , swivel mounted, blown open like a flower

12. Ossified remains of a dinner party with table , food and plates

13. barely recognisable burned and ossified creature corpse

14. Stained glass panels , doors , oversized hinges, piled haphazardly.

15. A circle of crude clay statues , each with a bottle of stagnant water in front of it,

16.Oil soaked clothing, scattered finger bones

17.A large and delicate planetarium now trampled and broken

18. Oversized clock parts

19. Stack of chewed legs, ossified

20. Ribs from the umbrella like sails or limbs of some kind of transport vessel or creature.


1. 1d20 assorted melee weapons (no two alike)

2. 1d20 of the same kind of random weapon

3. 1d6 x 50 of an ammo type

4. siege engine (1d4 1: ruined , 2 damaged 3 wonky 4 fine)

5. Throne , crown , sceptre

6. preserved warrior bodys

7. over sized weird ammo for unknown machine

8. assorted cages

9. Water, tinned foods

10. oil (flammable) 1d10X10 gallons

11. 1d20 random items , if no table handy , use immediate environment, treat any anachronistic items as ossified and bleeding

12. roll twice combine results

Random Machines:

1. There is a big machine with all kinds of crazy levers and funnels and troughs. All the aspects of this machine focus it all into one part of the machine , a cabinet with a small drawer. THe purpose of the machine is to grind, process, homogenize , congeal, consolidate and combine everything put into it a small pill. Eating the pill will appart all of the properties of everything put into it.

2.A complicated machine that powers an extremely strong magnet. A variety of weapons form a cluster around the magnet. THe magnet lacks the range to pull anything towards it (at its current setting) but anything metal that touches the weapons will be stuck to it (requiring a strength check against a strength of 20) . Operating the device means a roll on the following table. If the effect is not to your liking a successful intelligence roll gets another roll before the first one fully takes effect.

     1.nothing happens!

     2.the magnet reverses suddenly sending all the weapons flying through the air.

      3. The magnet becomes even stronger pulling all metal towards it.

       4.The magnet stops working and all the weapons can be retrieved

      5.A random metal item becomes strongly magnetic

       6.All non enchanted metal with 30 feet becomes rusted and destroyed.

3.A fully working model of a food chain with automations that graze on metal parts , devour each other , rot and die in an endless clockwork loop.

4.A device that makes weapons by freezing blood permanently in the shape of the weapon.

5.A lens that can focus darkness into absolute darkness

6.unstable war machine

side armed multiple scoop catapult/ spinning fuzzy wheel of static lightning, Stack of razor disks with a flinger/rumbling brass bull that shoots clouds of steam Squeaks and groans and has a 1 in 4 chance each round of firing a shot in random direction. Inflicts 4d6 damage save for half. 1 in 10 chance of explode 10d6 save for half if jolted


8 polisher

9 grindstone

10 water drill

11 crucible

12 lathe

(mostly for colour , but possible utilizable by party ,can still be dangerous, but mostly benign. Treat as no result if you are in hurry)

1. Razormoth: Stats as bloodhawk. A razor sharp torso-sized moth. Will flit around looking for spilled bloods. Following them will lead to battlefields. May attack if someone is bleeding but near defenseless.

2. 1d10 Grinding Chiton : 3 foot long chiton that chew on cubes. They are worth 500 gold each intact, but are extremely armoured and attached to the cube Armour class as +2 plate , 3 hitdice. If messed with they start release weird smells that attract predators. To prise one off you need get 40 points of successful strength checks. The number you succeeded a strength check by is how many points you knocked off the needed total. If you fail you a strength check by more than you succeeded on the last one , you have now cancelled that deduction.

Every 3 strength checks roll an encounter. Ignore everything except Predator results. Assume every strength check is taking a minute.

Using a large lever allows multiple to roll strength checks on a round

3. Driller: Like anteater with a long drill noise. Drills into cubes to get particularly tasty (to driller) bits. Bad tempered but not completely untameable. Can drill through a foot of stone in 30 seconds.

4. Rustmonsters (1d6)

5. Giant Millipede:

10 to 60 feet long, sprays acid and nauseating gas when provocated (treat as stinking cloud that does 1d6 acid damage each round) . Some how gets nutrient from chewing on crumbly bits of the cube.

6. Goats 


can be intelligent, can be animals, but the primary concern here is they will often be out to destroy you with little to no provocation)

1. Skeletons

Every group of skeletons here will have a banner and will fight the shit out another skeleton group with a different banner. There is 50% chance that there will be another group of skeletons nearby whenever you encounter skeletons.

2. Ghouls

Ghouls can jump atleast 100 feet here and have iron nails for claws and broken glass for teeth. So watch out for that.

3. Wights

Wights here are bleached pure white and can tunnel through the cubes and at have their movement speed.

4. Zombies

Zombies wounds and generally rottage have formed giant scabs like chunks of rust obscuring their profile and smell of dust rather than carrion. If unmoving they blend into the cubescape effortlessly. They will attempt to move only when not being looked at and have a prenatural awareness of when this is. When they have been detected they will just rush and try and batter you to death. Anyone killed by the zombies here becomes a zombie 12 hour later.

5. Displacer Beast: these here tend to suffer a weird condition where holes appear in them, to no obvious inconvenience

6. Manticore

These are even more homeless looking than usual. With long matted beards and maddened eye. Their teeth are old arrowheads and the tail spikes are miscellaneous scavenged blades

7. Striges

Stirges here are tubular and resemble very strongly old metal syringes

8. Wyvern:

Wyverns here are more cunning and malign here , with rusted coiled looking beards and sniggering cackles. Their stingers are particular long and obtusely barbed. Various scraps of armour is seeming grafted over unhealthy patches of scale baldness and badly healed wounds.

9.Rust monster, Bastard. As well as rust touch it will aggressively seek flesh as well. It inflicts 2d6 con damage on a failed con save as it draws all the iron of your body. Zero con means distingration

10. Peryton

Perytons here are haggard looking, their antlers irregularly taper into the shapes of spear heads and blades with tattered army banners flapping from them

11. Vargouille

Vargouille screeches here is a deep bass of metal clanging with the screech of anglegrinder

12 Half strength iron golem , missing atleast half its parts, berserk

13 Trash golem/animated object/ rogue automation/ other weakish construct

made from broken weapons , rusted metals, hook and chains

14. Rast

15 Bodak

here they tend to relentlessly and methodically pace the cube they are on, when not killing and disposing of any intruders to their cube.

16 Flail Snail, Double regular size, or d12 1hitdice dog size ones

17 Some kind of unlikely but dangerous animal used for a warsteed , like rhino , bear, irish elk. Deeply mentally broken veteran individual , treat as +2 armour class and having 3 hitdice more than standard but discard any 1s or 8s when rolling hitpoints. Has barding and modifications that have grossly fused with it + partial ossification , minor mutations , wounds with weapons still int them etc. Eats meat now or at least chews it a lot.

18 Bullete

19 Waterweird but blood/oil

20. Insane murderous Giant (hill) :

these giants are barely more than insane animals, leaping from cube to cube, looking for meat, any meat to cram into their maws. They are the same colour as the terrain here, covered with the red dust that are here. They are treated as hill giants but with a swallow whole attack after a successful grab. They alternate from this cannibal fury with periods of weird catatonia , huddled like weird rock shapes and perfectly camouflaged. 1 in 6 chance of being in this state if encountered. 2 in 6 chance of switching to their berserk state in response to any stimulus.


1 Archon (d8 Pawns , if even number d2 Knights as well)

2 military band (random humanoid)

3. A vermin road zepplin , offering to take passengers for cheap (25 gold to go to the Infinity library or Heart Of Iron, 50 for the Flesh rifts or Solitary.

But 1. Nah they are on the level
2.Will drug food and a drink and sell to the devils above but crew plans to eat you above crew are planning to trade you to a Wretched for the contents of a vault
5.They are genuine but insane
6.Roll twice, trying to decide between the two

4. devils or demons

5. wretched

6. roll on predator table, unusually intelligent or coherent individual

7. Roll twice again with d6, allied

8. Roll twice again with d6 , trying to kill each other

Archons of Acheron:

The Archons are looming figures of pitted steel, corroded and dirty grey by the dirt and war of Acheron.

War and conflict to them are a pure fundamental things. They believe in order, strategy, logic and above all war. Unlike the fiends however, the Archons find concepts such a cruelty, corruption and destruction for destruction's sake, utterly irrelevant. Archon can be found throughout the planes hired as mercenaries or strategic advisers. While safer to deal with than fiends, it is not without precedence for Archons to subtly escalate or aggravate conflicts. Archons organize themselves in churchs named after the king of the church.

for example the "Church of Reprise Preceding Retribution " with Reprise Preceding Retribution being the Church king.

Typical churchs normally have around 100 pawns, 5 castles, 10 knights,5 Bishops, 1 queen and
1 king.

Churchs have extremely complicated greater allegiances to each other that, grouping them into OverChurchs ( about 20 churchs) and above that a (about 20 OverChurchs) Supremacy.

When not united under/in a OverChurch or a Supremacy (generally towards an outside threat), Churchs of the Archons are in perpetually conflict with each other.

Archon care only for territory or wealth or power as means of winning conflicts. If no worthy conflicts are to be had , these trappings are quickly neglected or used as chips in the wars that immediately and formally start between Churches if no greater challenge is present.

Archon Pawn

Standing about at about 2 metres tall, Pawns are gaunt figures of armour wielding long seemingly flimsy spear axes. They have no real insight or initiative of their own and more or less exist to follow orders. Under the armour there is nothing but black oil supersaturated with rust.

They do not talk, but any higher ranking archon of the same church can know anything a pawn knows if the pawn is close by and they spend a moment or 2 regarding the Pawn.

Archon Knight

Knights are are joined with their steeds , a compact metal horse thing. Also one arm which can swivel along the chest to access either side with no hindrance. They have long curved horns on the helmets to designate their rank, and dozens of spears and tattered banners emerging from their backs , trophys of countless conflicts. While more comfortable taking orders, Knights are quite capable leading small squads of pawns, or other troops, and if under the service of particularly weak leader or summoner will attempt to replace them.

Unlike Pawns , Knights can talk, but do so only in the bare minimum to function efficiently as a military unit. They have limited powers beyond great speed and prowess with halberd, but can blink every 3rd round or so.

Archon Castle

Castles loom at 15 metres, but bigger ones have been reported. The appear as tower with a great cleft in its middle like a baleful eye, and they advance on a tripod of great stone legs. They are faster than they look, and relentlessly trample opposing forces underfoot. They also have powers of gravity manipulation and can use this power once a hour to do one of the following:; flight on themselves and twice their weight in nearby units, a wall of force effect, or a "murder ball" where they create a spot of strong gravity, causing anything with in 60 feet of it to fall towards in the first round, and rounds thereafter the gravity effect no longer pulls anything towards it, but still traps whatever did on the first round. This murder ball maybe rolled around at 30 feet per round by telepathic command of the Castle, crushing and mangling anything too slow to get out of the way.

Castles have deeply resonate voices that can easily be heard even over the cacophony of battle and also can communicate silently with any other castle within a 100 mile radius. While they out rank Knights, they will take orders from them on the battle field.

If under the command of a non-Archon and not employed actively enough they will attempt to over throw their commander or set off a war.

Bishop Archon

standing at about 2 metres, and are hunched cloaked figure with a visage like the business end of a particular elaborate executioners axe. They use a perforated metal ball on a chain, to dispense a variety of killing, mind effecting, and morale boosting gas. They have access to cleric spells. They will always be in a command position if a Queen or King is not present.

Archon Queen

A terrible stilted wasp thing with a floating barbed ring for a face, Archon Queens are rare, and when not serving as a commander , rapidly fly around the battle field wielding a variety of battle magics, both cleric and wizard,and impaling with theri ovipositor. This ovipositor is also used to turn stolen partitioners into pawns and worthy pawns into knights, knights into castles and castles into bishops.

Archon King

A twisted stunted thing atop a limbed throne, while tough to destroy, the King is not particularly ferocious in combat, and will rely on summoning other archons, or cleric spells. They are of course master tacticians.


Parts of machines and rotten axioms discarded from The Encylopedia of All Machines, now with a pitiful existence scavenger and repairing themselves with anything they can get their implements on (living , dead , flesh , wood or steel).

Scuttle around in groups, lead by the biggest , who will break bits off itself to make new Wretched if it gets lonely . If it gets hurt or hungry however its not above cannibalising its children.

1d4 (max 1), 1d6 (max 2), 1d8 (max 3), 1d12 (max 4 ),d20 ( max 10)


Speck, Dross, Snarl, Contrivence, Hulk Forsaken

(determine the hit dice and number appearing by rolling the relevent die. The max refers to the max hit dice any one creature can be, any left over number is the hitdice of the next creature. So rolling a 17 for a Hulk Forsaken is one 10 hit dice Hulk ,and a 7. While rolling a 5 for a snarl is two 2 hit dice and one 1 hit dice.

Also roll the Wretcheds die to determine its abilitys

1. Oil jets, burst propulation, blind attack, small grease effect

2. Scissors 1d3 damage

3. flying

4 fast

5 dart shooter

6 wheeled

7 flame thrower

8 spins

9 harpoon

10 big ass hammer

11 net

12 buzz saws

13 magnet

14 rail gun

15 ultra sound generator

16 armour plated

17 lightning bolt

18 multiple limbs

19 rapid cannibalisation

20 subroutines, can do d4 actions per round

HEART OF IRON (the nine hells , baator)

This is hell of insectile of  decadent and artisanal yet malignant  bureaucracy .
It looks part palace gardens and folly villages and part bisected wasp nest. As you move through the various divided sectors (it could be treated as one big "city crawl" ) they will different laws and ways of enforcing them.

Imagos progress to becoming devils via patronage, bribery , contracts, and in some case theft or fraud.

The inhabitants can be grouped under 4 houses and each house has jurisdiction over various things (though this interacts in all kinds of maddening ways with the individual laws of a sector)

The Atria Houses: 
Gold and Steel. 
These 2 houses represent the fundamental natural of reality:   commerce and war (respectively Gold and Steel).

The Ventricles Houses :
Fire and Ice.
These are concerned with motivations , intentions, and subjective framing

Fire governs
 desire , passion, anger , fury, sarcifice , spite

Ice governs
ruthlessness , focus, logic , reason , detachment, bargaining

Crimes in Heart Of Iron:
Various, petty and complicated. But the following guidelines can be followed

When a law is broken in Heart of Iron a "cost" is main arbiter in determining the severity of a conviction. 
Cost is both material  (as understood by the framing of Commerce and War) and emotional (but only as understood by the framing of "Fire and Ice", e.g causing anger and preventing it being expressed would be an emotional cost)

Some laws can be understood as punishing incompetence rather than imorality . Theft is only a crime if you are bad at it and you are only bad it and if you get caught.

Other laws are to enforce the values of the sector; (Fire, Ice, Steel, Gold)

crimes of fire

actions that inflicts cost on an individual and unmotivated by impulse, lack of preplanning)

punishment is greater based on the less control exercised

crimes of ice

(motivated in cold blood, purely for profit), severity of punishment based on sloppiness and potential for disorder

crimes of gold:

interfere with commerce in general (so counterfeiting , fraud that would cause wide spread consumer distrust, price fixing

crimes of steel:

interfere with war and security, so vandalism , interfering with miltary matters, stealing from miltary

What Schemes has this fiend got going on?

1 “lets you and him fight”

2 laying the ground work for an unpcoming faction power play

3 triple agent

4 impersonating someone that they current have captive

5 forced to work for someone else , trying to sabotage as best they can

6. trying to impress a new patron without alerting the old one of their ambitions

7. Nervous about poorly concealed evidence of recent crime

8. Holding onto large amounts of contraband for someone else

9. appears to have mistaken the party for some claustine contact, acts like party has given the correct secret pass words etc. Actually hasn’t but trying to draw heat on to party instead of themselves

10/ Trying to act competent but not too competent because patron is stalin

11. Roll twice

12. roll thrice


roll however many tables you want and combine or

ROLL a d8 , roll on that many tables, combine in some fashion roll a d 6 and consult

1 name

2. title name

3. title name of 1 adjective/2colour/3noun/4 pick 2 place

4. name noun place

5. title of name place

6. adjective name

note gender of titles might not reflect acutal gender of title owner

What is this schemers title?

1. Marquis





6. Vessel

7. Stain

8. Scourge


10. Ache

11. Spasm

12. Mace

13. Pontiff




17. Solicitor




Note there is no functioning royalty in Heart of Iron. This table is for people the p.cs would randomly meet. All the upper echelon of the Ventricles don’t have titles as a form of status.


1. Dredgerose

2. Infinity Joy

3. Zzzxcht

4. Crimefruit

5. Pscious

6. Sangenious

7. Tittering Glands

8. Blacksmoke

9. Ironbrow

10.Snickering Egg


12. Progression Whore


14. Gutcloak


16. Severance


18. Elderhorn

19. Dripping Radial



  1. Mine(s)
  2. Garden(s)
  3. Lake
  4. Glade
  5. Park
  6. Mausoleum
  7. Forge
  8. Yawning
  9. Arena
  10. Brothel
  11. Hive
  12. Mill
  13. APothecary
  14. Mall
  15. Abattoir
  16. Seclusium
  17. Broil
  18. Hall
  19. Estate
  20. Reach


  1. aurulent
  2. azure
  3. cardinal
  4. chlorochrous
  5. columbine
  6. erythraean
  7. filemot
  8. fuliginous
  9. gridelin
  10. griseous
  11. haematic
  12. infuscate
  13. kermes
  14. madder
  15. piceous
  16. plumbeous
  17. puccoon
  18. sarcoline
  19. vermilion
  20. viridian 


  1. steaming 
  2. glistening
  3. wailing
  4. victorious
  5. domineering
  6. sullen 
  7. furious
  8. pulsing
  9. hissing
  10. soaring
  11. conquering
  12. burning
  13. tempestal
  14. flayed
  15. defiant
  16. waxing
  17. decrying
  18. ripening 
  19. just
  20. shining 

  1. Blood
  2. Order
  3. Dawn/Twilight?midnight
  4. Eclipse
  5. Furnace
  6. Purity
  7. Fist/Sword/Axe/Hammer
  8. Wasp/Ant/bee
  9. Orchid/Lily/Rose
  10. Fortress Citadel/ Keep
  11. Skull/Heart/Bone(s)
  12. Spire/needle/Tower
  13. Works
  14. Vision
  15. Measure
  16. Symphony
  17. Peak/Pinnacle/Apogee
  18. Axiom/Truth
  19. Vault 
  20. Promise 

Affiliated/ practising member/works for/ aligned with:
note you can roll twice using the first word of the title for the first roll and the second word for the second if want to make up some even more fancifully professions and callings 

Philosopher duelist

aim to both defeat you and make you understand completely that defeat

Cryptographer epicure

loves hiding and discovery secrets for the sake of it

Musician Fortifier

Ultra sound trumpets built into walls , whistling disharmouns architecture

Gossip Monger

Both buy and sell and custom jobs

Warrior Poet

needs everything to be exactly right when they fight. If it is they get to roll all the dice in advance and assign them as they go

Torture Gardner

both plants and making people grow in a particular psychology damaged way. For fun , profit and artifice

Apisist Alchemist

Bees making magic honey from weird plants

Social Assassin

uses disguise, rumours, and cutting remarks to destroy

Womb Banker

controlling the means of production

Sacred Engineer

it’s not enough that it works. It should deserve to work

Combat Historian

Both a tactician and agent provocateur , “field testing a theory”

GIlded Parasite

“Look how wealthy I am! This person I support is perfectly useless!”

Aromatherapist couristan

gracefully in the corner , smelling like perfect nostagia

Crack Whisper

asks things why they broke

Gambling OVerseer

dare devil capitalists, running an enterprise under bizarre restrictions

Muse Bodyguard

Both model and acts to screen you from experiences that would interfere with your artist version

Horologist fortune teller

Clocks that tell you both the time and what you are going to be doing there

ARchivist Pariah

Someone needs to write down what actually happen, doesn’t mean anyone is going to like them for it

Blackmailer Portrait Painter

Each portrait continues suggests and hints that the portrayed would really not see in the light

Armourer Surgeon

Making you even better


1 truly unlikely quantities of  wasps on concealed on person, always

2.Had 1d4 double of themselves to foil assainations and keep up appearences

3.Supply local authority with drugs

4.Can former sleeper personalitys to hide completely in a lie

5.Have a cloud of cerebreal parasites on their person, that will attach to others attempting mental contact

6.Have a talented advisor and former patron , believed dead, but currently residing in a magic item

7.Have 1d4 scrolls tattooed on their person

8. Excels at knowing just the right piece pertinent trivia

9.A master at knowing when to threaten and when to beg

10.Known to never back down, and willing to stake everything on the blink of an eye

11.Acutely and prenaturally aware of any upcoming betrays. Slight turned on by this

12.Talent for making single use golems or undead

13.A social pariah, people will avoid conflict with them as not to have to interact with such an embarrassment

14.Pretty much always turns a profit

15. Somehow trustworthy even when they are telling you not to trust them

16. Is actually a more powerful being disguised as a lesser. For tax reasons

17.Extensive blackmail material collection

18.Innovative and innocuous spy network

19.Ingested so much poison they are now basically just poison

20.Limited but promising successes with the grafting of monster parts


1. Overly dramatic, can’t resist a good scene

2. Needs people to know how smart they really are

3.Deeply unsatisfied by any conflict that does not terminate in close and personal violence

4.Current status is the resort of carefully manipulated balance of two powerful people that hate them

5.Complicated and disturbing means of “stress relief” need to be maintained to prevent them from snapping. See Frank from Blue Velvet

6.Everything about them is a lie

7.Obsessed with a certain nemesis, sees everything for how it relates to this single conflict

8.Careful. Meticulous, Too much so, hesitant to seize a sudden advantage.


10.Has numerous pet theories and distorts all information to fit them

11.Can’t let a grudge go

 12.Has been racking up new debts to temporarily appease old debts

13.Paranoid, even by the standards of devils

14.Places way too much faith in the hokum “my enemies enemies is my friend”

15.Has to make everything more complicated than it needs to be

16.Alternates between sloth and mania

17.Too curious for their own good

18.Flattery works more on them than they realize

19.Greedy in a very petty fashion

20.Can’t stand to be ignored, dismissed or forgotten.

prefered sentences of this zone:

all crime is translated into cost by loss of wealth

1. having punitive animals sewed inside you, animal becomes dangerous version if removed early

2. personal effects (you will get dream spam)

3.byzantine area contests

4.agony harness

5.memoray fines

6.something annoying is added to your name

7.magic items, fine

8.hard labour in salt mine, abotoir, war constuction, furnaces

9.labrat labour

10.alchemiscal roulette

11.justice maze


13.slave or serfdom

14.punitive dreams

15.loss of a sense

16.entombment in earth to seed Salt

17.bait for horrible giant fish

working in your favour though

18.stocks, drunkyards cloak, dunces hat, big iron helemt or similar punitive attire

19.exps sucked away in the form of leeches organ implanted under your skin

20.body parts

Imagos have the following quirks

1.they are really hung over and are trying to do the least work possible

2. either to piss their patron or please their patron they are doing stuff absurdly strickly by the letter

3. paranoid and prejudice against a particular class, species, or whatever. Will want to find them responsible for any misfortune

4.absurdly , time consumingly , thorough in every task

5. Evidence stated in the form of rhyme has more weight

6.needs cash fast for debts

7. prideful to a easily manipulable extent

8.enjoys long sophistical conundrums

9.prefers to have things settled with a contest of some kind and unsure who is connected and worrys will sabotage their position by punishing the wrong person

11. Dense and thuggish.

12.Actually has soft spot for tourists. Will hide it well though.

The Library of Infinity and Encyclopedia of all machines
(nirvana , mechaus and some other lawful planes)

Imagine a vast and complicated planetarium or an elaborate stage set of endless platforms and levers and cogs and mechanically unfoldings.

A Library is in middle, like a urchin of towers.

Around it is a great song and various geodes and crystal corals of repitation and harmony forming geometry patterns.

forming intricate patterns

Build and mantain the elaborate diatom like spheres that catch the wind perfectly to make music


Imagos have option of taking human form in the enclopedia of all machine or the infinity libary (both sub realms)or being part of the chorus.

Dwellers here:

Diatom music-of-the-sphere things


Features include:

autobiographys for everyone,

origami monsters

book worms

books that haven't been written

Jumjanji type situations

Here is dangerous books

1. Parasite languages

2.Dirt Recipes to drink breath

4. Shadow stitching

5.Phenology for cities

6.Gravity mining

7. Growth stunting for success

8. Conspiracys of ignorance, serendipitous and coincidence

9. Worm tongues, including the languages of things that look like worms

10. Storing time

11. Cancerous Feng Shui

12.How to lie to yourself complete and utterly

13.Unknowable oozes

14. theoretical states of death

15. impossible dreams

16. Bestairty of malign stains, cracks and blights

17. Things that are not here

18. Fault lines in reality

19. Stillborn languages

20. Geography of the outer sky

Pinnacle of Virtue
(lawful good Mt Olympus , Mt Celestia , other lawful good planes I forget)

A Mountain of space goods , that looks like stack of Kirby Space Cakes.

The lower tiers have various tombs and testing situations , the higher tiers only available to those who past tests.

Specific Tombs:

1. Tree of shields.

Defeating the knight unfairly means you must take their place

2. Warriors sleeping , their steeds (silver scaled horses) , keep sneaking out. They can run on anything.

3. Weapon underneath a waterfall, trying to wash all the blood from it

4. Mourners attend tombs and stack cairns

5 The Grinder a weapon eating boar with various spears bristling out of its hide

6. A dwarf smith keeps making violence happy harmmers , the smith clwas out new tunnels to keep them all in bird cages

7. Mishapen wooden men , animated by blowing in a horn

8. Giant that dig up a metal , makes fine weapons but the veins wouldn’t form too near the pinnacle . Giant use stone pillaras as capers

9. Grendel

10 Gorn horned goats or bulls

11. mercyful waters that wash away the weight of guilt unfairly carried

12. Mighty elephants grave yard

13. Knockers tha can find everything lost

14. Specifc herbs for ever cure and aliment

15, Frusits that make the greatest of boozes, fit for the most noblest of partys and diplomatic feasts

16. Mighty bees that make honey that can be made into a mead that acts as a potion of heroism

17. Sketetal knights that will follow you if you wear this crown but you need to keep bullshiting them and following their bizarre knightly code (3d6 skeletal warriors with skeletal horses)

19.Cave painting the show the weaknesses of the gods and evil beasts

20. Holy fire. Burning in a temple or sacred cairn or the inside of a tree or under a lake. Does not hurt a certain alignment (1-3 LG , 4-5 neutral good 6 chaotic good) , but only does 1 point of damage to other good alignments. Also radiates a protection from good 10 foot radius and does triple normal damage against evil creatures and igores any damage immunitys or resistances

`PLAINS OF REVELATION: (grey waste, hades, various other neutral evil plains that you forgot about )

A vast desert, a land of bare stark truth. Meaning and pretence die here. Hunger and strength. What else is there? You know this truth. Take off all that silly pretence and become who you have always been, unfettered and pure.

The plains of revelation draw to them the coldest manipulators, callous nihilists and anyone nearing solipsistic levels of self interest.

The denizens here are the daemons. The imago are as monk like wanderers adorn with mutalations and elaborate flayings and pinnings of their own flesh. Self interest and realization is followed with a religious zeal.

Packed grey clay, metal sands, obesidain planes, the landscape varys but is always relentless barren. There is no sun, a gloomy light mantained anyway. Scraps of fog and mist loiter about.

This is interrupted by bodys build into the landscape. An exiled or defeated mythos entombed in the landscape in a pilgrimage or punishment from some other incarnation .

Some appear as huge angry half drowned faces the size of small mountains emerging from the frozen muds. Mostly these grotesques frozen and unmoving, but just when you start to think of them as set dressing, , a giant face jutting from a cliff face you are traversing below, will suddenly start screaming and screaming and screaming. Others appear more absorbed and are merely have chunks of half dead and fully dead and dying or just plain nailed to something.

The daemons sometimes say that these are former mighty rulers of heaven dragged down by the gnawing weight of their own hypocracy and will only find peace when they let go of their hubris and admit their posturing counted for naught.

The daemons them selves decline to bother with the pomousity of the devils or the screaming fury of the demons. They don't really bother with much really. Smug, yet sullen, fantasically bored yet cruelly amused, their smirk suggests they know you better than you know you.

They have not cities or armies, burying themselves in the dirt of the plane for rarely needed succor, yet can have command vast networks of manipulation and control.

They are born from the soil here, either from a the seed of a truely driven imago, or spawned new from the terminius's matter.

Daemons can advance into more powerful forms , regress into lesser or be reabsorbed and used to fuel the creation of another , all along the lines set forth from an eldritch philoshopy , enigmatical as it is horrid.

A particual type of daemon is known as a principle. The principles currently known as follows:

These appear as sparsely fleshed skeleton, laquared so it appears to have a skin of honey. They are the least active of the daemons and spend their time mediating crosslegged and still. Interupting them is a bad idea. Athough one can apparently interupt them from leagues away by an improper reflection on a cloud. They command the unlanguage, whose words only unmake. The will shout at you to smash you to powder or worse whisper at you , causing your memorary and identiy to fray and rot.

It is unclear if Antecedent are the lowest of Daemon or the highest.


Dolor are brutish cyclopi , looming at about 6 metres, their long lumpish limbs trailing behind them, and the gaze of their single red eye falling like a judgement of doom. Their flesh is blackish purple like the most violent of bruises and solid yet slightly giving , like cold set tar.

They are not cunning but are cruel, and when the can rouse the interest to destroy, they give themselves utterly to it.

The Dolor can warp space, make the air seem thick, slowing the movement to crawl (unless a feat of strength is made) of anyone it chooses within 30 metres or as long as it stares directly at you. Any it can see who fails at a roll, must then save or be struck by a ray of enfeeblement. IF it takes no action other than glowering it can inflict a double speed heat metal/chill metal with its gaze.


Schemata are huge bulging eye ,bloodied skulled, panthers. Their size apporaches that of the smaller elephants. They are loquious and diablically clever, given to barbed promises and ruinous bargains. If you promise them something, they can take it from you, be it your kindnesss, your youth, your courage or your friends. They command a impressive amount of conjurings , illusions and are flawless vocal mimics.

They are the most gregaious of daemons and demand to be told every last bit of gossip.


The Schemata are rare, even compared to the sparse standard of daemons. Their form is a rich robed figure, of small stature compared to its skull head, that of aelephant. The empty holes of which pours a black fluid with the stink of tar drenched offal pit. This vileness pools around their feet at all times and sullys their finery. Underneath the robes is a handsome muscled form, appear as human male or female in the height of health.

They are studied sorcerers and sages and have vast libaries , which consists of thouserds of books scattered across mile after mile, some drenched in foul fluid, others ever burning. None of these books is abandoned and their exact location and condition is known the Schemata at all times. Needless to say, tampering with these books will evoke their ire. IN addition to their magics they can curse a book thief so that any liquid they drink turns to tar in their belly. They can shape the ooze around them into the forms of earth or water elementals or hatch ruinous swarms of insects from it. IN addition they can make this black puddle horribly deep, and impossible to swim in and capable of swallowing a giraffe to the tip of its horns.


The most powerful of the daemons, they appear most lovely, a naked youth of indistinct gender floating in cold blue flame , with a delicate laugh, and the eyes are lit with eons of joyous indifference to any other.

The Eudaimonia have massive amounts of telekinetic strength at their disposal, and they are often fond of holding someone still in the air , while the pluck the limbs off one by one. In addition to this they can reverse the aging process , or accelerate it. With a snap of their fingers they can plummet the temperature of a victim, instantly freezing them solid.

They are fond of pronouns as names , such as "Whom", "Them", "Him", or varairations on this such as "Must'nt We", "Shan't", "Altogether Now"

They appears to be no more than 12 Eudaimonia active at one time, and they each have their own separate campaigns of upheaval, turmoil and patronization of anything that amuses them. The ongoing existence of Yearnings is due to the occupancy of a Eudaimonia.

Noted Locations:

YEarnings: A patchwork city , home to a vast gallery, maintained by Whom (who will reverse the aging of a donor if the art is pleasing to Whom. IF not, WHom will de-age them into a child again, and have them dropped off somewhere in the Plains of Revelation, told to grow up and try again). Other than this Yearnings is little more than a step up from a trading post and way station for the Vermain route, a patchwork collection of building build with a sense of "fuck it that will do" to them.


1. Dry baked white clay, mist obscures more than a couple of metres of vision. The mist swirls and shows you images of everyone and thing you are responsible for the death of.

2. Bogs. The dullest dankest dire ,bogs. Nothing but cloying grey mud and grey water. The grey is uniform like someone has painted it, or more likely leeched the colour that was there. There are no plants. Nothing but mud and foul water.

3. A uniformly flat plane with dank black soil, numerous blood lakes are visible. The gentle lapping of their minor waves is the only thing to be heard.

4.Dessciated. Rock hard with a layer of fine dust. The unchanging bodys of screaming giants dominate the terrain, their frozen contoured bodys rage helplessly. Some are buried with only a face snarling out, other stand tall their fists raisied at the blurry sky.

5.Dull soil with delicate glass bridges spiralling up to nowhere, some prenaturally strong and sharp, others collasping into dangerous shards or lung shredding dust with just a touch. Very occasionally an (1 in 10) imago is here either 1)

carefully rebuilding a bridge, hystically

`2)gingerishly climbing one (50/50 if it collaspes shredding them) merrily or 3) standing, sobbing atop one

4) furtily trying to destroy one with their bare hands in a great rage

(mix and match the moods with the actions if you like by rolling a d4 twice

6.Stonehills,abruptly rising from the flatness. They have been carved to have the appearence of giants chewing at themselves. Some hills are mere boulders , others dominiating the sky. The bigger the hill, the more detailed and realistic the carving, the smallest are the crudest of near-abouts figures, the biggest are accurate in every pore and hair.

7. A drought starved crack-scape. In great fecundents however , thrust grasping arms, not strong enough to trap but enough that progress is naught without violent kicking and flailing at the endless hands.

8.Stark bare iron. Here and there growing out of the iron like a rust formation are declicate scapel petaled flowers. Strange half figures, longitudiually bisected hop about aimlessly, occausionally trying to join with another, but to no result.

9. Scattered Copses of trees. Big granules of pink sand crunch under foot. THe trees are leafless , and seemingly made from burnt black bone. Cloud drift about , a hand stretch away. They occasionally catch on a tree, and then deflate like a fruit collasping on its rot, leaving a few scraps that soon desciate into pink granules, which forms the ground here.

10. More thick mud, this dry and not so deep. Pustiles the size of house tensely protude from the mud.

11. A network of endless bridges and flat topped rock spires, above a cloudy abyss. From the abyss comes the sound of wet moist chewing, loud and horrid. The brigdges are formed from seemingly fresh corpses, strangling and brawling with each other, the looks on there faces paniced desperration or naked avarice.

12. A another horrid bog, memorable from the glaring giants faces, the blood that fills the bog coming up to their glowering eyes. The giants heads and floating scab islands are the only stable ground. Every hour there is a one 6 chance that a head will tilt back, the mouth will emerge from the water and begin bellowing in rage and pain, it will do so for a minute then stop.

13. A white wasteland of dry unmelting snow. Interspresed with cold blue halfed eaten bodys of giants, that twitch still when you are not looking quite looking at them.

14.Red soil, your path will wind between stories tall pillars but arm spread wide pillars of collected teeth , glued together with something like snot and honey.

Each is host to an army of ants, all with minature uniforms and weapons. The ants endlessly war on each other, seizeding teeth and toppling tower when fortune favours them.

15. Smooth smooth stone, with the fainest hint that it was orignall cobble stones, worn down by eons of walking. Blowing about here are translucent whole human skins that dance in the breeze and get tangled in your hair.

16.The floor of the ocean , if suddenly abscent of both sea and life. Insdercrated personal effects are scattered about , a garment here, a key other there. They reek of rotted fish.

17. Canyons and rocky badlands. Goat paths pick their way along it. The parts of entombed giants stick out here and there, crying and muttering or silent. Thick gasey clouds drift about, stinking of old sweat and forced familarity with overbearing strangers.

18.Restless desert of churning sands. Here and there drift upside down floating towers , that regregiate finery and luxery goods. These land with a wet thwack and are quickly devoured by the sand.

19. A scrapyard entirely composed of rusted broken bird cages piled high in vast lake of slime. The slime in places flows along the cages and drips upwards into the sky to rain down in other patches. It smells strongly here ,of flowers and spring, this has the effect of feeling like you can't quite remember a happy moment but are so reminded of it.

20. Flat , hard packed dirt. Endlessly raining , the rain disapearing when it touches the ground. One person in the party will be shielded from the rain, it curving around them like they are encased in a bubble.


Monstrys, made out of big rotten teeth, either abandoned or full

(ENCounter table like lures 1-4 at start, 5-10 monsters 11-15 danger 16-20 weirdness)



1. Malign wisdom turtle

2. Monstry

3. monestry empty

4. Wind which will strip away one truth and one lie one blessing and one curse.


5. Choir Slug

6. Daemon

7. MOnk, single/band

8. zombie giant

9. Thrill killers band

10 Undead


11. Acid mist

Violet : pores up from the ground , doesn't disperse or obey wind or air currents. Swirls up to knee height, inflicting 1d8 damage per round. Disperses if damage die rolls 1 twice in a row.

White: Whispy smoke like. Drifts in over ten minutes. Difficult to notice until it burns to breathe. (as stinking cloud but choking coughing instead of nausea, take 1d4 damage every time you fail a save. 10 % chance of disperses each round. (or if anyone rolls a 1 on their save)

Red : Moves fast , like a low dust storm, sizzling sounds, zero visibility. Inflict 1d12 damage, reflex save for half to hold breath and cover eyes)
Rushes through  and past in 1d4 rounds. Getting above it (10 feet) or underneath, like (like in a shallow ditch) will prevent damage.

Tallow: Small tight clouds , whirling in and out of existence, dancing up and down , will inflict an area for 2d12 mintutes. While in inflicted area anyone has 10 % chance of cloud whip around them searing for 1d6 damage , and forcing a will safe or suffer confusion as the spell for 2d4 rounds.

Sour Fog: Visibity worsens steadily for up to an hour until only 3 feet. At that stage , exposed skin gets blisters, eyes stings, it hurts to breath. Constition is reduced for 2 points for the duration, unless breathing indepedently . Will take 1 point of damage per hour. Lasts 1d12 hours.

Grizzle: A listless rain of a watery gristly slime. Coats everything in greasey coating, increasing fumble range by 2.  Last for 1d6 hours. Ref check each hour or  or take 1d4 damage.

12. A Bitter wind: Whips through everyone for 1d10 rounds, strips away delusions , any mind based effects, magic, chemical or otherwise are negated, Will save each round. Failing a save gives you the following problems, worsening each time you fail a save. Shaken: -2 to all actions, Despondent as shaken but can only take one action per round (attack but not move, etc) , Despairing (as despondent, but lose any dex modifer to armour class), catatonic (unable to take any action, curled up in a ball). Effects last twice the duration of the wind.

13. A rolling ball of skeletons and half dead flagellants
14.Flood, freezing waters or silt
15. Body part animates and attacks you
16. Sudden mist descends , and then dissipates a minute later, roll again for terrain type
17.You feel utterly right with your self (and have the effects of a bless spell)/ utterly wrong (and have the effects of a bane spell), or feel right (but bane spell)/feel awful (bless spell)
18. You see the answer to the last question you asked the d.m written in blood on something near by
19. The sun goes out, and it's pitch black. Lasts 1d12 hours
20. The sound goes out, silence spell for 1d12 hours


2-4 empty
5-6 sparse
7-9 low
10-11 mid
12 high
Population Wealth Defences
Sparse     1 d20 0      0
low ,      2d20   1     1
mid,   2d20+20   2     2
high     2d20 +50   3      3
empty: 0 , 50 % chance a roll on wealth table, 50% chance of a roll on defense table

1. Coins
2. Quality everyday goods
3. Art objects
4. Books
5. Salt
6. Rare animal parts

roll 1 for low defences , 2 for medium 3 for heavy

1.trained pack(s) of low level bestial monsters

2.Lens of frost  ( big tower with a magnifying class , cold damgage plus effect of a bitter wind)

3. Towers with arrow slits and murder holes

4. arbalests , mounted crossbows

5. Elite fanatical monks (level 3 fighters, bezerk)

6. Daemon in residency

7. Mindless undead, commanded or possible just thrown

8.Other intelligent monster
1.beholder (professor) 2. mindflayer ( dilatte) 3. cloaker ( poet ) 4. moloch (psychologist and collector). 5. ogre-magi (atoning)  6. socially incompetent vampire 7.Naga (multiple personalitys) 8.Mummy (gladiator)

9. Dire beast
1.bulette remoted controlled with very long nerve “cable” 2. werewolf 3.Rotgrub invested troll 4.Minotaur (blind but in a bullshit daredevil way) 5.Full sized but infantile looking orge 5. Wyvern (controlled as a puppet with steel string threaded into its bones and half dozen monks on another wyvern flying above it manipulating the strings) 6. Whistling Bear with poisonous fur 7. Meateating elephant 8.A housecat. Use the stats for a sabretooth tiger for it

10. Buckets of ants

general layout
1. palisade around tents and great pits
2. Stone buildings like grain silos connected with ladders and no entrance on the ground
3. Catacombs like rabbit burrows
4.Stone walls, a big door and then basic buildings inside
5. Fairly stout tower
6. Narrow spindle tower
7.A big stone cube with doors and windows just any old where
8.Citadel atop a rising with a narrow path
9.Hanging under a bridge. bridge  might not be going anywhere or have something that it is bridging over or be complete. But they are there underneath it like birds building spherical nests of mud
10. Classic fairytale castle but in bad shape. Possibly only using a quarter of it, the rest given over to vermin, monstrosities , strange fungus or an alternate band of monks both in denial of the others existence. Or in a ongoing war. This is actually applicable to the other options

(roll once and take that number from each of the 3 tables or roll on each table separately, you might wanna shuffle the word order around so it makes more/less sense)
1:Children of
2:Hand(s) of
3.Ghost(s) of
4.Followers of
5.Chosen of

1. Wrathful


So a 12 would give you Beasts Gibbering Strength, which could be used like that or Beasts of the Gibbering Strength or Beast Strength Gibbering etc etc.

And the temperament of the people?
Roll on the table,
1d6 on 1-2 roll once on the table , on a 3-5 roll twice and on  a 6 roll three times.
and if you wanna more complicated:
On odds on that die roll they pretend to be the exact opposite.
IF you get the same result, reroll or ham it up to a punishing degree
1. Thieving
4. Scholarly
10.Blissed Out

1.Have a monstrous pit, in which they cajole, trick or state openly (depending on temperament) strangers to into and struggle against the horror there, so the may observe and test their philosophic hypothesis
   1)giant weeping baby faced centipede
    2)a mirror! If character defeats the mirror by breaking it they never dream    again
3)A juju zombie with electric eels for arms
4)A brain mole inside a earth elemental
5)A shark. Not doing so good out of water. If you kill it fast enough , the clone of you inside it won't sufficate. They will cut it out for you when you defeat the shark. It wouldn't awaken until you die. Then apparently your soul will go into the clone. Totally won't be just a copy that thinks it you while your soul languises else where
6)A giant albino kiwi. Its beak (while attached) acts as vorpal sword.

2. The have balloons from which they observe the plains around them
3. Each monk is intially skinless, but every time they write an approved essay they can sew it onto themelves.    

4.They have senses uncanny!
       3.X-ray vision
       4.Can smell lies
       5.Can taste your past
       6. Hear 3 second echoes on everything
       7. Bamboozling Stare
       8.Danger sensing eyelashes
5.They have prehensile HAIR
6.They are all CONJOINED TWINS
7. Their hands? ANIMAL HEADS
8.They are highly knowledgeable about UTTER BULLSHIT
9.Their shadows? That of BEASTS
10.They always play instruments
11.They have clocks mounted in their skulls
12.They stuff their robes with biting flys
13.They eat soil like the lowly worm
14.They will doubt the existence of everything
15.They will never turn down a fair wager
16.Unnaturally young ... OR OLD?
17.Part of them is a butterfly/candy/cactus/crystal/ooze/cloth/tallow
18.They can digest ANYTHING
19.Each monk has another ( full sized) monk sitting on each shoulder, who act as opposed advocates. The leader (if any) has monks on the shoulders of their shoulder monks.
20.No-one believes you are there. After a minute or so you start losing levels, 1 every 10 minutes. Levels recover at the rate of one per hour when you leave.

Their doctrine:

1.excessive indulging in excess

2. Denial of things both rich and petty

3. Specific alternations between denial and excess, like no using your left leg when drinking your weight in gold painted quail eggs and then no breathing for 20 mintues followed by lying down on soft pillows but without the use of your eyelids

4.ego less solipsism (they have narrowed it down to one person in the monastery)

5.Following a random die to free themselves from their ego


7.absurd and specific boredoms

8.Trying to discern underlying patterns in a range of occurrences

9.Trying to build a doomsday machine

10.Extreme narcissism

1. Each monk claims to be the only one here
2. Each monk claims to part of the only monk here, a hive mind
3. A severed head endlessly babbling random syllables
4. A rabid gorilla
5. An immense book that contains protocol for every situation
6. That guy shut in the cupboard, that whispers out of great brass trumpet
7. That old limbless guy, shut in that big hat on that huge fat guy.
8. A gentle child
9. Any decision must be made with consensus. Looong meetings
10. Decisions are made collectively and instantly , every monk knows each other so well they need no time to debate or consider
11. An Ancedenday Daemon, who hates being disturbed.
12. That one monk. The one that looks like a complete evil bastard of a fuck. That one.


roll on this table  or if needing something more bell curvy roll a d6 and on 5-6 roll on this table and a 1-4 give them some generic weapons, 1 being basic as, 4 being well equiped.
1. Huge sickles that require 2 monks to use
2.Glass machetes and throwing discs
3.burning dust
4.hammers made from ice
5.Dogs on sticks and throwing cats
6.Fishhook nets and thorn spears
8.wet cloth that latches onto the face and drowns
9.2 handed cleavers and cabers
10.A shield wall charge and trample
11.Foils wired to a sting box. One monk prods and the other winds
12.Bolas and fungal attack pigeons

BOUNDLESS RIFTS OF FLESH "The Flesh Rifts" (the abyss)

The Flesh rifts are about desire, cruelty, and being beyond limits. IT draws the souls to it who craved their own gratification over the consideration of anything else.  Marauders, Sadists, and the truely degenerate all come here. Most imagos end up in the Depths of Pleasure and pain, which is like a vast city sized gothic cathedral the majority of its "mass" actually being more of a pit-like base relief into a vast heaving stone plateau more or less in the middle of the Flesh rifts. Some of the negative space (ie that which is normally empty) is represented in a thin rock shell, creating a bizarre tangle of rooms and corridors emerging from the pit.
The spaces of the Depths of Pleasure and Pain is a seething brawl, orgy, torture chamber, slaughter and holy rite. The majority quickly lose their own concept of self and are absorbed into the essense of the plane.
The particular strong of spirit wind up being shaped into demons.
The Depths has a massive hedge of Desire Thorns, to strip the Salt off any Imago even before they lose themselves in the flesh rfts
The Flesh Rifts splinter out from this central point, an maddeing labrinyth of canyons, ravines, plateus, and obscene rock formations. The top of which is frequencey covered in broiling mists the colour of bruises, so visibilty is extremely limited even if you can find the rare path that does not wind through the Canyons.
If the mist is clear, you can see what appears to be clouds and stars. These are actually the war debris of The Grind.
THe canyon floors vary greatly and indeed change in shape and nature irracticly.
The most common material is a wet stone, extreme hard yet heaving like it breathes. It comes in range of colours, all awful infected shades and mottled bruise purples.
A area of more or less consistent terran is known as a zone.
IT can be nor more than a narrow crack in between towering cliffs or vast plain seemingly without limit. As the terrain itself subtle raises and lowers as well as time and space itself, any sense of if you are at the bottom of vast box canyon or on a flattop plateau raised high above rifts, is quickly lost.
Determining the size of a zone:
2 BAsically a crack in the rock, big enough for 2 people to stand side by side. Continues for 1d1000 feet.
3 As above but 1d4 widenings in ravine where the walls open up to 1d100 feet.
4 3d100 square feet raised plateau, edge looks down 1d100 feet into mists.
5 Dry river bed style, walls visable  but 1d6X200 feet between them. Continues for a mile
6-7-8 Is unclear if top of canyon or bottom, and what appear to be walls are actually freestanding rock formations, adobes and mesa and they like. 1d10 miles in diameter
9 Walls close and if continue in this direction meet over head and path slopes down for 1d100 feet before opening up in to a mile wide cavern
10 PAth on canyon floor curves slightly forming a massive spiral, atleast 3d12 miles in length . Centre has cave mouth in ground leading to another zone after a mile of underground passage. Walls in spiral are about 1d4X100 feet from each other.
11Canyon wall rises up like vast wall one side, atleast a mile in height, the other side no boundrys or horizon can been seen through the mist.
12 other than a couple of exits points, edge of zone loops around like a mobias strip. No walls are visable
1. Peaceful. Like a burned out basement full of cold blacken human remains. All organic looking black stone ruins, weird square pits, cold (but not dangerously so) flames and smoke+ash, and deathly quiet. All sounds at half volume.
2. Like someone was making a jungle but ran out of wood and used worms and intestines instead. A variety of colourful insect life seemingly made from syringes, scapels and disused sex organs.
3.A foul bog of lumunios glow with the occausional islands formed of severed hands clasped tight around each other. Ooze in between island is only mildy acid and regular disease ridden. Acid will cause 1 point of damage per minute of exposure and damage leather and metal, (1 point of damage, ignore hardness). Fort save or catch some moderately horrible mundane disease like gonerhha, salemalona, malira menguistius, hep
B etc.

4. A lake of frozen blood with horrible black skull fish the size of horses entombed in it. Fishs leer knowingly at you and prolonged eyecontact means they start whispering in your head. Chipping the fish out of the ice , other than meaning your a fucking idiot, results in the fish suddenly collapsing into putrid goo. The fish will be in whoevers dumb idea it was dreams forever, meaning they must make a will save or that nights sleep does not count. Can be cured with magics. Can being a dumbass be cured? MYSTERY!
5. A desolate landscape of trees made from slender bones, and windchimes made from bird skulls. The ground is half metre deep with suicide notes.
6.A red desert with the occausional field of thin scopain tails waving in the breeze like happy flax bushes. Horse sized Clouds of pink phelm float about at head height.
7. The Canyon walls here are fleshy, inflamed, narrow ,maze like and far too close. Growing out of the wall, cloacha, vents, orfice , mouths and tentrils fondle you when you walk too close.
8.A mirror maze. Noone can see there own reflection, just other peoples.
9.CAvern. Walls texture of thicken slime. Slowly changes colour from brown to blue to green to red to brown again. Kind of pretty if it did not smell like rotting puppys. Walls slightly translucent to about a metre or so, so you can see all kinds of vile worm life lazily tunneling through the slime to eat and or fuck each other. Scarlet globblious strands of spider webs are draped around here as an after thought
10.Looks like someone started carving the (grey here) canyon walls into brutalist archietecitual walls with not quite right angles. Also bas relief of mosaics of oridinary domestic activity that somehow give the impression of foreboading horror.
Lilys grow shyly here and there. They bleed  blood flecked semen if picked.
11. Curving ebony spikes like horns of the vilest of goats curl out of the ground like copse of trees. The ground is fuzzy from a fine layer of delicate barbed hairs that irrate the respiratory tract and eyes, as well as cause intense itching when contacting exposed flesh.
12. The terrain is furred panting flesh. Plants , cavarens walls, hills all the same seam mass of rising and falling furryed meat.
13.A maze of cages and arches, rusted, with doors squeaking on neglated hinges, and with barbs glinted redly in the weak light.
14.Purple and obscenely wrinkled rock, some what like limestone. Glistening omniously
15.Salt plains. Sinister flamingos. Caustic lakes.
16.Blue granite toads stature the size of buildings with rail protruding from their eyes to other blue granite toad stature eyes. Along the rails rattle a procession of hooks with flailed hides skewered on them.
17.Piles of heaped soot and blazing pits
18.Thorny bracken interwoven in bridges, moats and mazes with no other ground visable
19.Tongues. Everthing is made out of tongues
20.A typical medieval city but everything is in the wrong place. And soiled with (even more) feces.

Oh is that all?
well actually
1. Yep. But its raining knives/blood/new born cattle
2.The air has an alchol content. Every 10s minute you spend here is equivelent to a stiff drink.
3.Spores in the breeze. When you next get damp mushrooms will keep sprouting on you. They are vile mushrooms with foul shouty mouths. You will have to scrub everything clean with various expensive herbs to every really get rid of the spores.
4. It's freezing cold, like die of exposure because its the artic cold
5. It's stupid hot, close to 50 degrees.
6. All sound echos excessively here.
7. Gravity is one and half again times as strong or  half as strong. Flip a coin
8. Disease ridden , roll a fortitude save every half day or catch a random disease
9. Being here makes you hear voices , whispering in your air, trying to convince you that everyone is out to get you.
10.Rising water (or its equilvent). Will climb up a metre every 5 minutes
11. Landscape is graduelly shifting into another one (roll again) takes a hour.
12. Vast steel boulders (10 storys) roll at a brisk walks pace along the landscape
13.Dead fish drift through the sky.
14. Everything is glowing, and will cause minor radiation poisoning with prolonged exposure
15. The day/night circle takes 24 minutes to complete here.
16. Strong gales , buffeting from various directions
17.Everything tastes opposite here! so fresh stuff tastes rotting, and shit tastes like .. sorbet. Taste only is effected, rotten food is still gonna fuck you up.
18.Dead bodys rise a round later as zombies here. Including fresh cuts of meat and uncured hides.
19.You will keep glimsping people you killed out of the corner of your eye.
20.Everyone and everything is under the effects of a Displacement spell. Displacer beast here can Blink like Blink dogs as well.

50 % chance of yes!
1. A battle!
1 forces arriving
2 In progress
3 Rout
4 Remains, scavengers just arriving (note, there is no result for battle a couple of days ago, coz this redundent , everywhere in the
Flesh Rifts is the site of a battle at some point)
So who's involved? (roll twice)
1-5 Demons
6-9 Devils
10-12 Horrible animal life
13-14 mindless undead
15 Daemon
16 Judicator
17 Celestial
18 Archons
19 Brutes
20. 3 (or more) sided battle, roll three times.
Size of force:
1-4  skirmish 1-3 individuals (hit dice 1-6)
5-6  Lone elite (hit dice 9-13)
7-8  pack 2d6 individuals (hit dice 1-6)
9    Squad 3d10 (hit dice 1-6)
10   Elite squad 1d10 (hit dice 6-10)
11   Grand Lone Marauder  (hit dice 11+)
12 1d10x10+ (hit dice 1-4) roll again and combine results. If you get this result again, add another 1d10x10
2. Deathmatch in pit/towers/ blind elephants sewn togther between 2 or more. 20-30 low power demons, yugoloths, and misc vermain roader betting on results. One or more more powerful individuals keep the "peace"
3.Some powerful demon Demon duke or Marqui controls this realm and vistors will be
1. Observed carefully by magically means. Roll again 1d20 seconds/minutes/hours/days later
2.Squad attempts to capture party for.. experiments
3. Used in a bizarre running man style game/hunted for sport personally by the duke
4. Hunted for food
5 Ignored. Roll again 1d20 seconds/minutes/hours/days later
6. Invited for tea/dinner/games/art exhibition. Fuck.
4. Grazing Herd of slightly less agressive than is typical animals. Mostly herbivores but not fussy. 10% of predator near by
5. Viscous plant/fungus/? life (see Horrible Plant or Horrible Fungus table)
6.Predatory animals or lone denizen will more likely than not (unless being all super stealthy) notices and begins stalking party. 1-3. goes for a weak individual to carry off , kill and eat (not nessacryly in that order)4. attempts to kill everyone in the party. If it thinks it can. Because. 5. Bezerk for some reason. At half hitpoints, will fight without consideration of own survival. 6.Not interested.
7. Some kind of fucked up market day/ carnival. Games (all involved pain and/or death), trading, etc. Not immediately dangerous, but assume 1d100 demons and misc vermain roaders present, of various power levels. Everyone has something better to do than kill you but won't take much convincing if you tried.
8 Citadel, see citadel table
9 some kind of seriously creep ritual scarifice
10. Roll twice combine results.

Vile Duke:
size (2d4)
2: child sized
3 stopped hunch or eldery human sized
4 like a  human size
5 like a huge meat tree of human sized
6 horse sized
7 the size of 2 horses!
8 the size of elephant

form: roll at least twice and combine
1goatish and leering
4skinless and glistening
5stretched very thin
6cored and hollow
7 armour plates nailed into the skin
8 something like a t-rex but made of human bodies
9 a delicate poleclin doll
10 conjoined twins joined forming a centaur like grostequity
11 Wearing brightly coloured clothing of skinned human faces sewn togther, still moving in the imatation of laughter
12 Has a great rusty snail shell with pipes potruding release smoke and oil
13 shifts back and forth from the form of a swarm of insects
14 Unto a womb, inverting itself over and over
15 face is spiraling jaw of teeth jaringly akimbo
16 big horns, its height again, festooned with hanging children and gutted snakes
17 Low torso or random limb is a long python body
18 bathed in a soft golden light
19 a stunning speciemen of humanity. 1-2 male 3-4 female 5 hemidophrine 6 shifts back and forth
20 has wings 1.swans 2. bat (but with paryrus instead of skin, and writing of drooling idiocy 3 Butterfly , violent garish colours 4 1000 of delicate blades like feathers 5 dragon fly 6 fans , scralet and barbed
21 Floating window looking unto a scene of beauty from the viewers life, with the duke standing in the middle
22 Half ornate bronce cannon
23 nailed to somekind of toture wheel , rack or cross
24 sewed togther, stuffed with bugs
25 fringed with fingers moving in peristatic waves
26 boneless
27 unatural detailed, eye can see more detail than it should, gives feeling that you are too close to the duke at all times
28 bloated to balloonish propations
29 like a childs drawing of a half buried memoary of being eaten alive by the family dog
30 roll twice more on this table
immediately observable personality
1. roll again every minute
2. simpering
3. leering
4. ravenous
5. near beserk with rage
6. cold, detached
7. Pleasent, polite
8. screeching , maniac, paranoid
9. Solemn like graveyard tuba
10. Pompous, pontificating
11. Jovial, likable
12. Just slight off.
13. giggling, near hysterical
14. Drunk, slurring and nasty
15. whispering and threatening
16. singing delciately, serene
17. Still, then manaic and accustatory then still
18. Smug , argrogent, condescenting
19.  snarling , absusive, hateful
20. apogetic, mournful

1. wigs. Big fuck off wigs
2. is carried everywhere by headless musclemen
3. flowers grow where ever they step
4. constantly eating own body
5. Knowledgable about vast range of topics, chatty, asking how things are at home. Any kids? It loves kids.
6. floats slightly off the ground
7. Winds and rain follow it
8. moves like cheap stop motion
9. Has a pet (1.human baby 2. minime version of itself 3. dog 4 cat 5 hamster 6 weasel python 7 mink 8 jumping spider 9 jellyfish 10 centipede) with a smirk and  cruel eyes.
10. voices is hear inside characters head
11. Collects things
12. follows fashions
13. Sees itself as 1 painter 2 sculptor 3 poet 4 writer
14. music and a party encumbs it. Party is mostly barely alive magically compelled intelligent beings
15. seated on a throne which is motile from its 1.wheels 2. pile of squirming babys 3 tentacules 4 one giant hand 5 insect/bird/mammal/reptile legs 6 innate leviation
16. Trophy necklaces (eyes, ears, teeth, limbs , skulls etc)
17. consults a red leather note book all the time
18. smokes a ornate spiralling pipe of bronce and bone
19. smells very much like 1 the best thing ever 2 the worst thing ever 3 something you can't quite remember but makes you happy and sad at the same time 4 constantly changing depending on mood
20. roll twice

hit dice

basic power
1. warrior,  fighter powers of a fighter = hit dice
2. wizard spells = level in hit dice
3. cleric abilitys = level in hit dice
4. half level in hit dice warrior/wizard/cleric half in different class
5. a particular potent magic item or weapon
6. as 5 but roll a d4 and combine one of the first 4 results

weird gimmick powers.
1 breathe weapon
2 vermin swarm
3 magic redirection
4 sense stealing
5 mummy rot
6 insanity gaze
7 can shrink and climb inside people to possess them
8 bites/tears off limbs and can stick them to its own body, getting an extra attack with half your attack bonus
9. curse. once on each person can name something that will happen to them no matter once in the next year. Takes a round to announce
10. Can gush forth sweat/blood/semen/tears/menses/pus and turn the ground into horrible sucking quicksand
11. Immune to whatever type of damage it was attacked with last round , for this round
12. Staying in its precence for atleast a minute makes you permenently barren/sterile
13. Uses a giants arm as a club. Arms still alive and can grab and crush people
14. bones burst forth like cross bolts, 1d4-1 heavy cross bow attacks each round on random enemy targets using the dukes attack bonus
15. if successfully grapples, assimilate you into its flesh.
16. regenerates like a troll as long as it inflicts pain
17. pertification as a kiss. Stoned character will be animated under its control
18. All liquids not in living creature become poisonous within 5 seconds of being in its precense
19.Healing magics always heal the lowest die result and inflict pain with 30 feet of the duke
20 roll twice
Key to demons (can substiate any other monster for "demon")
1-4 hitdice
4-6 hit dice
Random demon: Roll on this table if cidatel does not spefiey numbers.
Roll a d100
1-49: 1d4 Least, explode 4s.
50-59: solo lesser
60-69: 1d4 lesser
70-79:Solo minor
80-85:1d4 minor
86:solo greater
87 Arch solo
88+ roll twice
Whats it doing?
1. patrol, will question any strangers, not a good explanation will attack
2. Bored , will attempt to kill strangers unlessed bribed or presented with something more fun
3.Delivering a message or parcel. Will not dilly dally. If parcel, has 10% chance of being valuble
4.Looking to join up with other demons for reasons. 50% its urgent, so no time for casual murders.
5.Search and destroy: will attack anyone it sees that it does not know
6.Travelling, because of personal reasons. 25 % chance will apporach the party for extortation and/or murders
Random citadel of the Flesh Rifts
Size/purpose roll 2d4
2: Is the size of a doll house. Is actually a doll house. Mostly likely unhabitanted. Or roll again and it's solid all the way through.
3: Cidatel is 1d4 storys high and locked with horrible devices and magic. Inside is imprisoned something approiately horrible (12 hit dice at least) its layout is
(1d4)1 one big room.
    2 a maze in 3 dimensions, 2d20 rooms 2d4-1 doors each, 1d6 (up , down, north south east west to determine placement of door)
    3.a maze in 4 dimensions (as above, but when you enter a room, 50/50 chance of entered a old version of the room, ie everything is undecayed)
    4.One big room and prisoner is attached to torture machine of unusual size
4:  1d4 storys, 1d4 rooms a story. 30 % of inhabitanted. Is a resupply point for demonic travelers. Door opens to password.
5:1d4 storys , 2d4 rooms a story, 50 % chance of inhabitanted, roll on demon table +2d12 servants, Purpose is some kind of "summerhouse" for a duke or powerful
6: A small tower, like a light house. 1d10 storys high, one room per story. 70% of being inhabitanted by one minor or 1d6 lesser demons.
Will have mounted on top a (roll a d6 )
1:signalling device
2signal fire,
3 undead roc head with bellows or lungs,
4 huge tuning fork,
5 light emitting giant eyeball,
6 cannon firing flares
7 Big spiralling tuba
8 Church organ of vast and sinster scale
2:Roll on the previous entry but it's also a weapon
3:Guard tower, ( add another 2d6 demons , least)
1 armed with 6 arbalests with bolts that explode into scarabs swarms,
2. cannons pointed in 8 directions
3. Cauldroons of boiling acid/ravenous flesh eating worms/freezy liquid/molten metal
4 a trebuchet firing 1 stones
2 Bestial elementals
3: Spiked bouncing ball
4.roll on the cauldroon entry, previously
4. A buzz saw launcher
5. Spinning tops the size of horses that shoot fire as they spin around and then explode
6.Roll twice
4:Roll twice combine results.
7:A fort. 1d6 storys, 1d10 rooms per story. roll 4 times on the demon encounter table +1d20 least demons. Assume 4 guard towers as 6.
8: A fortress. 1d10 Dukes in residence, and 10% chance of a demon prince visiting plus an army or 2 of demons. 6d6 storys each story has 1d10 rooms. Assume 2d6 guard towers (as result 3 ) as part of its construction

Citadels General shape:
1Rectanglur , like a upright brick
2A spiney ball like a diatom or a urchin
4Like a cheese cake vampire castle
5Egg shaped
6Like Chewing Gum and broken Glass
8Columalr (like a pipe organ
9Short and squat
10In the shape of a demon princes face

Unsuasal propertys (1d20)?
7: Hovers a couple of feet above ground
8: Can flys( d100 -20, minimum of zero, explode results above 70(before subtracting 20) above ground)
because (d6)
1. Wings (pair) bats/bird/dragonfly/fans/butterfly
2.Wings, absurb amount bats/birs/dragonfly/fans/butterfly
3.Balloon/balloons, 1% chance gas is flammable (hey there's chaotic and thens    there's just plain stupid)
4.Chains disspearing off to point of non-existence in sky
5. Sitting atop a evil black cloud
6. Just can. Magic. 50/50 chance of big red heart/brain/wired up child inside
that if destroyed cancels the magic. Otherwise flight ability is built into t walls itself
9: Dying captives Imapaled on spikes and hooks on the walls.
10: River of blood/oil/ooze/meat slurry/ mercury runs through it, powering a water wheel. If cidatel is currently in air, river is a waterfall
11:Rotating on the spot
12: Gravity is orientated to nearest surface around and in citadel. Outside walls effected with grease spell and razor sharp gut hooks
13: Vast clouds of vultures/bats/flys/stirges/moths/crows above it
14: Vile industrys present so big chimenys and pipes discharges smoke and goo
15: Currently under siege , by  roll on Who's involved table above
16: Having a huge party!
17: Pulsing glowing lights slither around. Discharges wyrd magics. 10% chance per round if within 100 feet of being affected by random 1-3 level spell
18: Living , Sessile
(d6 strong but not complete resemcences to a
1 banarcle,
2 sea anemone
3 mushroom
4 orchid
5 human/wolf/snake/toad/spider head
6 Misc. Hairy/scale/slimy/squalid thing
19: Living, Motile ( d6 1.coz legs(pair of giant)(1d4 1.bird 2.insect. 3. Human 4. reptielain 5 Tentacular 6 mammal)
2. as 1. but like a vast amount of regular sized)
3. coz is nailed to a hunched over giant human/gorilla/cow/Beetle
4. coz is one big amemboa
5. Coz is sculpted into a huge hog/fish/toad/snail/
6. Coz is mounted on a tongue carpet
20:Roll twice.

Horrible animals!:
1: Skinless 4 headed bear with eyes on stalks, Abombibear! (solo)
2: Flagantelope, an antelope with cat o nine tails hanging off its horns (2d6-1 appearing)
3: Toad with horse legs . Size of elephant. Solo. Attacks with shooting out tongue . Know as a Vile-strider
4:Hook goose. A goose that attacks wounded with its hooked beak and vomits up stomach acid when sorely pressed. Number appearing 1d6
5:Fistbeast, its like a rhino with fist for a face. Solo. Blind but absurdly senstive hairs on it give it radar.Attacks with charging and grapping a crushing. Delicate mouth and sex parts located in palm of hand.
6: Battleflys. Butterflys with grim scenes of wall on their wings. About the size of your hand. Scavenge spilled blood at battle fields. If there's atleast 7 of them can collectively cast a hold person 3 times a day by sprinkling dust from their wings. 3 of them can easily pick a human up. THey will fly as high as they can before the hold person wears off and then they drop them. No other attacks. 1d20 appearing.
7: Direcow. A cow that looks like it was twice as big and then got shrunk but its skin did not. Not amazingly hostile but if appoarched will defend itself by shooting black milk from its teats. As acid arrow by a 3rd level caster. Has enough milk for 12 squirts. Then will run away. Number appearing 2d10. Bulls are the size of puppys and graft themselves unto the cows, ala angler fish.
8:Wolves but with permenent haste spell. Known as wlvzzs. Also far more blood thirsty. number appearing as wolves (2d4? sure)
9: PantherShark, combines all the danger of a shark and a panther. Also the boneless of a slug for some reason. So imagine a panther with a furry sharks face , longer, and with a sharks tail. That can squeeze through a hole no bigger than a half a horses head. Absurdly silent and stealthy hunters. Numbering solo
10:Ripperaroos. Kangaroos with the killer claw of a velicoraptor. Predator. Attack with leap attacks. Numbering appearing 1d6
11:Bloat-Whale: A whale, looking beached, dead and bloated by rot. If food (anything moving really) approaches with 30 feet it can suck them towards it with a powerful suction mouth. Actually capable of short bursts of flight (up to a 1d10 minutes) by rocketing around from noxious gases from its arsehole. Counts as stinking cloud for the round after a bloat whale has passed through that area. Solo.
12: Tunneling Weasel. A pack hunting weasel that can tunnel through the ground like it was a fish in a PRETTY stream/brook/pond/loch. Attacks inflict bleeding (1 hit point per round)unless fort safe. Fond of hit and run attacks. Number Appearing 1d4.
Horrible Plants!
1. Roses! Roses are stupid! Smelling these particular roses effects you as a feeblemind spell. THe are known as StupidRoses
2. Knifegrass. 6 feet tall slender grey grass sharp as a obsedian eye surgery scapel. Pushing through it inflicts a d20 (-defection armour class modifer, minimum of zero) damage per 10 feet of movement.
3.FalloverAndKillYouTree: Its a tree that when you get near it , it will fall over and try and kill you. Can right itself in 1d4 rounds. Having a tree fall on you does 3d6 damage, ref sav for half.
4. Gourds of Woe: Looks like a punpkin patch with screaming face pumpkins. Breaking open a Woe-gourd will affect the surrounded 10 feet with a Bane spell. Woe-Gourds if  slow cooked with lamb blood are delcious. OTherwise they taste like rotten tyres.
5.SpitInYourEye Daisy. Daisys that spit in your eye. Ranged (10feet) Touch attack at +1, if hit you are blind for that round. No biggie. Oh wait, except just wiping away the saliva does not remove the microscopic seeds that have latched there (also if you failed the fort save. Over the next week make a wisdom check to notice the vast increase in Phosphenes (also -1 to searching roll or spotting rolls). At the end of the week your eyes explode dandylion style seeds everywhere in a horrible fluffy fountain! You are now no-eyed. SpitInYOurEyeDaisys grow in patchs of an exploding d4.
6.Burning kisses: little red jasmine like flowers. oil from crushed petals is caustic, inflicting 1d4 damage for 20 flowers worth of oil (about a table spoon of oil). Alchemical skills + equipment required to make the oil last longer than a day Smell real nice though, like jasmine but with a spicey cimmimon edge to it. Occuring in exploding d4 shrubs in shadey places, a shrub of them will have an exploding d8 flowers on it. Worth alot as a alchemical ingredient and spice. Like 100 g a flower. Don't keep long though. Like a day. After that worth a g.p a flower.
7. Skull orchid , a orchid looking like a skull. Attempts controls to control undead within 20 feet as a 10th level cleric. If gets contol of undead will make them destroy each other and pound themselves to mulch in the soil surrounding the skull orchid. Appears singularly
9.Obilivax , moss that eats memorarys, as seen in d&d book
10. LadyDownTheStairs, a droopy foxglove like flower. Grows in groups of a d20. Being in its present for a  minute acts like a confusion spell from its pollen. Effective abortive agent.
11. Dancing Tree, also know as a MerrySkinner: A willow tree with barbed thorns on its slender drooping branchs. Movement by warm blooded things with in its reach causes it to fratically "dance" catching everyone in reach (unless ref save) on its hooks and jiggling them up and down. Inflicts 1d6 damage a round , until you make the save. Everytime you fail the save the next one gets a -1 penalty.  Grows either soltairy (50%) or in rows along rivers or roads (number appearing exploding d6)
12.Gliding Lily, a collection of lily flowers gliding on a razor sharp disc, hovers about 2 feet above the ground and inflicts a 1d8 damage if you get in the way of it. Travels about 20 feet a round. 50 % a parked group of 1d6, or 50% a vast migrating herd of 1d100.

Horrible Fungus!
1. KickYouInTheBalls Mushrooms. A mushroom about 3 feet high. If approached it will kill you in the crotch (attack at +5, if hits inflicts 1 damage stuns 1 round plus if balled fort save or stunned for addtional 1d4 round, then nausea for 1d10) Grow in rings of an exploding d6.
2.Flayed Lady: Draping lichen appearing like flayed skin. Bits of it flake off and drift seemingly on  the wind but really self guided. Will burrow under skin if has a chance to alight. Patiently waits for host to be excuted by flaying.  Any court sentence for the host in The Flesh Rifts will be 50% likely to be death by flaying. (if judge strongly prefers some other option, they can get a will save), and a 10% chance else where.
3.Carcass Fruit. Grows on sides on things. Looks like hunks of freshly dismembered carcass. Looks delicious.
4. Delicate blue mushroom known as Sorrow. Heals all hitpoints when first eaten, but you incapable of love for ever after
5.BadBrains: Grows in corpse heads, replacing brain. Explodes if movement with 3 feet (unless movement is painstakely slow) inflicted 2d6 damage and infected people will 1d4 random diseases, fort save for each disease.
6.Destorying Bastard: like destroying angel but worse. If eaten acts as a disgrate spell
7.Amythest Deciever, looks like glowing purple bells. Grows in small patchs. No-one can tell the truth with 10 feet of it.
8.BurnForEver , bright blue frilled toadstill. If squashed with and the resulting oil makes contact with water, bursts into blue flame which cannot be put out except with a dispel magic by a 9th level caster or submerging it in rotten blood. Will inflict 2d6 damage per round, and will start regular fires as per being on fire can normally do. However it will not reduce you less than 1 hitpoint. It will still be hurting like being on fire though, ie a lot.
9.JoyBells. Rainbow coloured floating puff balls. Approaching them at anything other than a carefully pace will cause everything other than the JoyBells to be flung away from them in random direction like a reverse gravity spell.
10. Asshat. Looks like a butt. Stinking cloud in effect around 10 feet of it at all times.
11.WeeHorribleMan: tiny whispy skeleton shaped fungus, grows in shade. IF approached will hop rapidly away in an amusing fashion. Then stalk just out of sight until you are asleep and climb into your mouth and turn your organs to green slime.
12.ThunderBall: puff balls of vast size, 20 feet across. Colour of bruises and air drowned fish. A.C 5 and has 15 hitpoints. Reducing it to zero cause it to explode inflicting 4d6 (ref for half) concussive damage to everything within 300 feet. Grow in close groups of 1d8. Explosions most likely will trigger other puff balls.
1 escaped captives fleeing
2 Cidatel being sacked (roll on whos involved and cidatel table)
3 Wander to be admist a brutally violent ball game or hunt
4 A pilgrimidge has just ended. The overseer demon has declared only one cult maybe entering the "Bloody and Toothsome Rose" (A stone entrance way looking like it was sculpted by someone who is terrifed of vulva. Sublime bliss and agony awaits within) Furious cultist vs cultist brawl has started. Surving cult will be told only 4 cultists can enter. Then after that melee demon will tell cultists that the have to kill the party if the party is detected by the demon.
5 demons attempted to relocate plant/animal/fungus. Its not going well with the relocatee nearly escaping or causing trouble. If it escapes, the demons will blame anyone near by.
6. Animal! Roll on horrible animals
7.Plant! Roll on horrible plants
8.Fungus! roll on horrible fungus
9.demon! roll on demon table
10. Roll on Anyone around? table
11.Rogue escaped experiment. Escaped experiment could be (d6)(1)1d4 random animals/plants/fungus sewn togther,(2) humanoid with brain swaped with animal (or vice versea),(3) a humanoid with 1d6 random mutations,  (4)suffering random magical effects. (5) infected with 1d6 random diseases (6) seemingly fine
and is (d10) 1)animal intelligence and docile 2) animal intelligence and wary 3)animal intelligence and beserk 4)bat shit crazy but harmless and incoherent 5)bat shit crazy and beserk 6) traumatized , terriefeid but coherent 7) blubbering wreck 8)seeminngly okay but will betray at first oppuntity 9) wits together 10)roll twice alternates between these stats.
12.Testing site of loathsome war weapons. Size of (d6) 1-2 horse 3-4 4 horses 5 elephant 6 large house and resembles mostly( 1d6 -->)1 cannons 2 balloons 3 catapults 4 vomiting frogs 5 rotating intenstines 6 eyeball on hook 7 giant bell 8 drum with screaming hide 9 church organ 10 Ballista but with a touch of (1d10) 1-2 roll on first chart again (3) bloody skeletons 4)candlbara 5) mammoth 6) 12 piece brass band with musicians 7) rose garden 8)stone monotiths 9) printing press/typewriter 10)wind up monkey with cymbals
anyone in the firing range (which is about 1000 square feet) has a 1 in 10 chance per round of being subject to the weapon. For the effects of the weapon combine the effects of 3 random spells from levels 1 to 4. Firing range has assortment of tied up prisoners of war, exstatic imagos, wooden targets, crude replica buildings, and animals.
13.imagos(1d12) unarmed and zero level charge the party , attempting to rip them apart raw with nail and tooth. Seem delighted with pain
14.A flashfire is coming! Vile smoke on the distance, moves at (1d4) walk/run/horsecanter/gallop and inflicts 1d10 damage per round for the slowest then 1d8 d6 d4. Effects 10 feet deep 30 feet high and by 500 feet wide.
15.Flash flood! 1 freezing water 2 warm dirty sewage 3 boiling blood 4 mercury 5 pus + other unidefible body fluids 6 mercury 7 maggots 8 oil
16.Earthquake with chasms that try and digest and/or "know" you
17. Rock slide or rains boulders if no walls near. Does 1d20 damage, reflexe safe for half.
18.LAnd tumours swell and burst. IF anyone is near (assume tumour swells for 2 rounds and bursts on 3rd. Size of a horse)(d6) 1 is just gross, 2 is just gross and save or get random disease 3 is just gross but you think you secretly like it 4 acid! 1d6 damage the 1d4 then 1. 5 explosive 6d6 damage as fireball 6 save or get random mutation. IF fail save you get a to make another 2 over the next 2 days. IF you fail those as well, well then it's permenent.
19.Horrible insect! roll on table
20.Mutating rain! Con save per round of exposure, each time you fail, you get one point. When it gets up to half your int, roll on the 1d100 mutation table.


1.souls pushing themselves in thorns of desire
2.a 1000 mouths emerge from the walls to sing a song sensually and depraved
3.Recent repairs and/or tortures seemingly done to the landscape itself. Rock banks with infected stitschs, trees banadaged to rocks, patchwork terrain with pins holding it togther.
4. Indisinct orifices wetly openly around the p.cs, some with pulsing red folds, others barbed thorn or obsedian teeth , or cooey sweetly , or flicking long forked tongues.
5.Herds of crab cows grazing ferciously on a bleeding whimpering soil plain
6.Cidatel underconstruction
7.Army doing training exercise
8.Execution in progress
9. vile acts of forniciation and bestiality in a lake of blood
10. Scupture/torture garden
11. horrible animal being eaten by another horrible animal which then gets eaten by a plant. Which then bursts into flames from the landscape
12.sounds of extasy or agony seem to come from every where but nowhere
13.a trench full of people fucking and devouring each other
14.the landscapes quivers in response to every foot fall in uncomfortably suggesitve way
15. Everyone spontaneous bleeds from the eyes
16.Flys buzz around the characters singing horrid songs or shouting we know ! we know!
17. clouds roil like burning blood across the sky
18 the sun appears to eat itself
19.Bizarre pieces of some war and or torture and or pleasure maching scattered around
20.A big slab has carved on it the polcamtions of demonprince/god/random obscenite/obselute cosmology
1.weapons: Anything from looting poorly guarded supply depots , to stealing experiment seige engines. Can be hired to steal something particualar (possible as espoindige by devils or daemons) or just motivated by own greed. See list below of some examples of Flesh Rift weapons
2.plants/fungus: They are horrible. But someone might want them , you know alchemeists, sages, the usual suspects. The flora here is generally 100 % weird ingredients for curse curing, potion creation or custom poisons for any situation.
3.animals: Also horrible. Potential profit in capturing young to raise your own elite battle steads, or just hunting down the animals here for the parts you  like. Mostly easier than killing demons, and potential similar pay off from the body parts. Or just releasing the animals as a form of bio-terrosism in a kingdom you hate.
4.Tribute Cavaren: This place is full of despot, demon kings, crazed gods,and debauched dukes and a constantly shifting web of power relationships means excessive bribes and tributes. If you can find out about when and where a caveren loaded down with treasure for some foul thing or another , is going to be, you could get very rich. Noteworthy is the fact that these cavarens are not always as well guarded as they should be, being that being any sort of messager or diplomat in plane of chaotic evil is not a desired vocation, so the job has a tentacy to get kick down the ranks.
5. Attentting tourment and or market: Prizes, heidous challenges and games, vile things on sticks, vile fried things on sticks. The best bit about attending a tournement or market here is that everyone is being entertained already and are far less likely to shove you up their ass for something to do.
6. PArty/ball:
A party is actually still pretty dangerous but presumely it's in someones honour who likes the idea of a party right now, so it's unlikely to descent into a hunt or a free for all. OTher possiblitys fucked up on the most twisted drugs ever , making new friends that are complete untrustworthy and pickpocketing. A ball basically is this plus excessively depraved amusements, and formal invites needed. You are more likely to make some useful contacts here, as the class  of demon that intends a ball is capable of long term planning. Well more so than a rutterkin doing a kegstand anyway.
7. Obsedian for armour or weapons
While demons generally make the best stuff from it, it could be good to cut out the middleman and get your own. Veins of the stuff are staked pretty quickly, you never know, someone might have a hot tip on a unstaked claim.
8. Poisons or diseases:
Overlapping with plants somewhat, someone could pay you to get a sample of something particualr virulent for studing a cure or advancing the art of medicine. Altertively the more common practise of "prevantive medicine" via germ or posion warfare creates a lucrative sellers market.
9. Stealing from the trophy mueseums of the gods/demon princes. Possibly an insanely stupid idea, but most of them are crazy and crazy old, so who knows what kind of junk they got stuck in an old estate somewhere. You might be want to be sure they are not in attendence though. OR, you know, just go off a tip some drunk gave you in Vermin Road tavern. What could go wrong?
10.Cavaren guard dutys/raids. The trade of vermin road has to come along here , and as much it trys to skirt around it on  route from Bedlam to Iron heart, it still has to pass through here , so there's a job for you. EIther guarding or raiding.
11.Salt mines:
THe plane itself generates or extracts Salt from absorbed emotions and Imagos. It is mined from bloody rents that look worse than they smell (for once). Salt is precious and these will be heavily guarded, but a thing such as a mine lends itself to having backdoors and secret enterences. Alternatively you could be wanting to free the slaves who work here. You know, altrulsm and shit.
12.battleground looting:
The armies are always tearing each other apart here and if you are in quick there could be some profit here. One particular reliable way to know when a battle is going to happen is to cause it yourself. A couple of intercepted diplomatic messages between demon Dukes and voila, one small scale war to pick the leavings from.
13.scouting stable routes for cash.
Not all the terrain here is as mercurian as the rest. IF you can find a partcular stable and safe stretch, Vermin Road trade caverns will pay big.
14. bounty hunting!
Just because someone is dead does not mean people stop hating them. Sometimes people will over a post mortem bounty, for people to go to the desceaseds plane of residence, kidnap them and drag the back for more punishment or feed them to a consumer.
15.Finishing off an enemy:
It's not a bad insurene policy actually , if you have some powerful enemy in the dead book, to go and make sure they are not getting fast tracked up the demon ranks to come back and ruin you or your grand kids day. If you don't have the means to strike at them directly, poisoning their relationships with their sponser could be a good way to see they spend the next millerium in a salt mine or as a dretch.
SOmeones always hiring here.
17.Abadanndoned estates of forgotten cosmologys:
Estates of dispated demon dukes and forgotten gods can be found here, and more than likely to have its resident guards and wards, atleast you don't have to worry about busting in on demogorgon having some me time. Also if you picked up some nasty curse from graverobbery in lost ancient empires, the cure could be here in the reminents of their gods.
18.The most fucked up drugs ever. Seriously, with things you've seen you think ale is going to cut it anymore?
19.someone is trying to bring something horrible to the world, so why not cut out the the middle man and kill it on its own plane?
Imagine the look on those cultists face when they complete the profane ritual and the Babe Of Razored Wombs falls out of the circle with a blessed ballista bolt in its stupid head.
20.Castles. Eventally you are going to want somewhere awesome to keep all stuff. And renting a room above the tavern is so 10 levels ago. Castles take ages to built though, so why not steal one? Trouble is , if you steal a castle, everyone knows exactly where it is still if they want to get it back. Steal a flying fortress from the Flesh rifts, and that's not a problem you'll have (the luxcery) to worry about.
Some Weapons of The Flesh Rifts:
Obsidian, specifically weeping obsidian. Is absurdly sharp, and is always wet with tears, which actually mend cracks and nicks in the obsidian, making it always keep its edge.
Weapons made from Weeping Obsidian get +2 to damage if edged or piercing and suffer non of the draw packs of obsidian. As well as the common swords, knives, and Glusiarmes, those aztec sword things are made, but using a diseased thigh bone as the shaft and tongue of it.
Emetic Whip: A emetic whip is a cured semi living stomach inverted around a section of its large intestine. The other other end of the intestine is held and as the whip is snapped the stomach turns back inward the contents of it spray in 1-10 foot arc (depending on size of stomach) . The contents in addition to virulent acid can include poisons , diseases, and dire tapeworms
The stomach will reload its acid load in about a hour if "feed"
Hornets nest crossbow. Half crossbow and half hornets nest, when fired it shoots 1d8 quarrel headed wasps, each doing 1d2 damage, resolve each attack separately, ignoring any concealment or cover modifiers. It has 30 shots at most, and grows new wasps (which generally don't survive the impact) at 10 a day. As well if you speak someones true name when you fire it, the wasps will home in them and each roll gets +3 to hit. If someone says your true name before you do, then the wasps will turn on you, and the crossbow will keep disgorging 1d8 wasps at you until empty.
Pain Tree. This is more or less a small tree with steel hard short branches used as a club. It's also an effective disarming weapons and provides 50% cover from missile weapons

Ruinous Hooks: This is  pair of big black iron hooks joined with a chain. Entangle or disarm maneuvers with them inflict the weapons normally damage as well and require a ref save or the hook is embedded in you and a strength check is needed (as a free action) to remove it, inflicting a d8 damage, or a dex check (as a full round action) with no damage. The dex check can only be done if someone is not trying to pull your around by the hook. If you have a hook in someone you can inflict a d8+str damage with a standard action and beating them in a strength check.

Black IRon: IT has the appearance of  badly rusted iron, with flakes of rust forming a scab like covering. It is black and glistening like it has been dipped in oil and has something of its appearance reminiscent of wood burned to a fragile charcoal skeleton.
It is heavy however and strong. Weapons made from use the next size up for dice, but get  -1 to hit. Armour made from black iron is 150% as heavy but add +2 to its protection abilitys.
Holy water acts as acid on Black iron btw.

Envious Sallet: this is a specially treated skinned face of someone who hated you. The hate for you has infused it and if it sees anyone appearing to attack you it will involuntary alert you with the feelings of envy that pulse out of it, for it longs to be the one to kill you.
Worm Spear: These are spears with the shaft that of a more or less rigid worm. By squeezing the worm, the spear with thin and lengthen and become a pike. By pulling the shaft together it will shorten and fatten and so become a short spear.


Some, like the above, will be invested with the slaad. Either a couple of mobs of bickering red and blues (maybe with egg laden humanoids in the middle of it) or a couple of more powerful slaad like grey slaad quantophrenic or melliflous. In these occasions they have been known to play games where each slaad seals up a number of creatures into the twisted hive and watch or listen to the creatures explore and fight . Other times a more recognizable arena is made, with an audience of slaadi and githezerai and planetravelers. The conditions of the arena are prone to sudden change by the grey or death slaadi who has claimed it.
Sometimes various structures and buildings or half a city is stolen by the slaadi and used as playground/battlezone/gladiator arena/ zoo. It's not so much a co-ordinate effort, as more a mob of slaadi all randomly have the idea at the same time and pour through a portal to drag whatever architecture and flora fits the bizarre whim.
The haphazard clumps are steadily warped and dissolved by limbo causing the ill nature of it to be even more.
These stolen landscapes/battlegrounds/arenas/playgrounds are known as a Glean and sometimes they proceed to attract more floating pieces of what ever from the churning matter seas of limbo, and grow and grow. Slaad are then more likely to dump more found structures on top of this mix. The difference between a Gleck and a Glean is that a Gleck has been generated by the chaos stuff of Limbo and a Glean is material from elsewhere brought to Limbo. It is not unlikely for Glecks and Gleans to be combined to some fashion.
The largest is know as detropolis and it is more of architectural  junk yard than a city. Yet it has  a thriving trade city , somewhat hampered by it having no portals directly opening to it, meaning visitors have to make a dangerous journey across limbo to find it. The safest bet, is to use it's trash gravity and dump a large mass of rubbish and hide in  this trash raft, the currents of limbo will guide in towards detropolis. Nothing is certain though in Limbo, and while most slaad will not bother investigated a trash raft some might.
Surprisingly detropolis is safe (ish) from slaad attacks, rumored to be because of a particular large and powerful quantophrenic slaad in it's core. Leading strength to this rumor is the fact that Whisperforms
(which are created by quantophrenic slaad, if you don't have a cool idea of what a whisper form is , here's one; A quantophrenic slaad may invest a number of hitpoints to bring into existence a translulence version of a person that is being talked often about within 6 miles of the quadtophrenic slaad. The personage has their face distorted to look some what like the quantophrenic slaad (ala Aphex Twin videos). It will have a percentage of its ability and  hitpoints equal to the hitpoints invested (but as a percentage, so 20 hit points invested is a whisperform  at 20% the strength of the original). If the hitpoints invested are equal to personages hitpoints at full health then the whisperform has 100% of the abilities of the personage )
of unusual power defend the city and inflict a mockery of city codes on it's inhabitants. Most of chromatic slaadi (blue,green,red) barely visit here, but Desiccated , Slangral, melliflous, spumscent  bleached,and  quantophrenic make themselves at home.
 DISCARDS: native mainly to detropolis but found else where in Limbo, but very rarely outside of there.
THey just showed up one by one and kind of just.. are. The don't really have a collective name, although in a pinch the Discards will do. The are a fairly benign bunch just kind of pottering around the place. Here is a trailer for the movie I'm totally ripping them from:The Lost Thing Trailer
There is a table to generate them at the bottom of this post.
Detropolis: yes it has cute things that are not going to drill inside your bones. Look the last post was horrible things okay? Felt like some cute happy guys. Look at that guy up there, he's just living in a cloud of wahey!
Also githzerai?
The monastery like fortresses of this guys dote the churning void here, adorned with strange devices of research and protection. Sometimes have one tower, sometimes 2 forming a card like symmetry . Some even develop until they are like spikey ball of cranky wizard monks.
Severance Blades are the Githzerai silver sword, although they would be angered with that comparison. Severance  blades give a natural free-action effect to the user and the wielder may choose instead of inflict damage on a hit, instead sever an advantage of the opponent , removing a external enhancement such as a protection magic, effects of a magic item (including armour bonuses) or even terrain advantages. This severing lasts a day. This is particular dangerous if the individual is say in elemental plane of fire and the githzerai removes the fire protection effect allowing them to survive...
Severance Blade
Also the githzerai zoom around in ships. These are called Void Razors. The ships can cut through weak spots in the planar boundarys allowing travel from remote corners of planes to another planar outskirts. Sometimes they abandon one to the slaadi, letting the slaadi go all viking on the great ring, but not before entwining strange magics to monitor the ships progress. A mob of slaad running amok will put a new ship design through every possible situation and stress. The magics also allow the ship to disintegrated remotely by the githzerai. The Voidrazors look like this
A merry Discard of Detropolis, Limbo and unknown gentlemen.
here is some tables to generate the Discards of Detropolis, the environment of said place, artifacts of no purpose and history, and Gleans.
Okay so the Discards of limbo range in intelligence from a smart animal to a person in smartness.
They are pretty much just local colour and to make some npc interaction a tad more interesting by having a clock face tube cat on wheels trying to sell you a rowboat. These tables might be more excessive than is needed. But hey, random tables. If you need stats for them just reskin an animal of similar size.
How big it is?
1 the size of a large beetle or mouse
2 the size of a cat
3  the size of medium dog (colour of dog not important)
4   as big as praying mantis that is big as person who is average in size
5    the size of horse
6    the size of a elephant
roll 1d4+1 , and then roll that many time of this table. Or , more quickly, roll a d20 and look across the table a roll a d4  times.  Combine the results in some haphazard fashion. For example you are using the quick method. You roll a 11, and then roll 3. So that's hourglass (going down the table) and going across is anvil , kite and rabbit. So its some combination of those. Lets make it have a anvil for its body, hopping (loudly) with rabbit legs. There is a somehow a suggestion of a face at the front of the anvil. From its rear hovers a kite string but leading to a floating hourglass instead.
1   lemur    21 accordion         41 eel                      61 sting or manta ray 81fragrant herb bush
2   chain    22 wagon wheel       42 cauldron           62 mushroom               82 newt
3  barrel      23 panther             43  cart                   63 piano/harpsichord 83 walnut
4 bird cage   24 giraffe              44 windmill           64 scrolls                   84 turtle/ tortoise
5 monkey     25 gazelle             45 kangaroo           65 magnifying glass   85 mortar and pestle
6 pig             26 horse                46 sloth                  66 telescope           86 hat
7 tuba            27 donkey            47 rug                    67 spider              87 clock
8 crossbow        28 shark           48 rose bush        68 catfish               88 dried seaweed
9 catapult           29 broomstick 49 orchid               69 flounder                   89 candle
10 cutlery drawer 30 butter-churn 50 egg               70 beetle                90 pelican
11 hour glass      31 Anvil             51  kite               71 rabbit               91 hand drill
12 door                32 printing press 52  umbrella      72 bluebird           92 butterfly net
13 snake               33 organ             53 plough          73 condor              93  toasting fork
14 centipede         34 mattock         54 moose          74 vulture                94 pterodactyl
15 candelabra       35 pineapple       55 shield          75  owl                     95 possum
16 bear                36 tree                  56 bucket          76 lizard (gecko/skink) 96 bellows
17 dolphin           37 picture frame   57 teapot           77 iguana             97 mirror
18 squid               38 key(s)             58 drum             78 hedgehog      98  crocodile
19 cuttlefish        39 cat                   59 flute              79 goose           99 kiln
20 book(s)           40 dog                60 grasshopper     80 cow        100 cupboards
and roll on this table if you want some addition pizazz . YOu could even roll twice if you are one who kicks caution out the backdoor while inviting the devil in the front!
1 little jingling bells
2  Smoke stacks with weird coloured smoke puffing out
3  glowing orbs like head lights or a deep fishes lure
4  little  tiny versions of it's self run about its body making repairs and adjusments
5 has tentacles for locomotion purpose
6 wheels (or wheel) that it toddles around on it
7 Ribbons and flags, baby , ribbons and flags
8 wearing clothes , possibly well , possibly like a tree in floodwater.
9 Has some cheap gaudy scepter , miter , or incense burner of authority
10 bounces around on springs
11 attached to a balloon, either decorative or large enough to support it's weight
12 has various slogans and mottos written on it in a variety of formal scripts

1 its communicate with elaborate colour changing
2 it talks like a regular person
3 with body percussion!
4 with only 1d6 phrases!
5 scratches or writes on the ground or a chalk board
6 silent, except for surprisingly expressive body language
Note: All Discards can communicate silently with each other, with about a sight range
(supposing that you have not already decided that is a shop keeper, bartender or clue giver)
1 Hovering around like a humming bird , trilling musically
2 Sessile , watchful and ponderous
3 Follows people and mimics them
4 Shy, it  runs and hides
5 stacking things artfully
6 offers people little wrapped gifts
7 drawing or painting on everything
8 being cheeky and playful , knocking stuff over
9 Collects things. Has little collections of things on artful display around the place
10 Is being protective of a person or place
11 Is being a teacher /mother for 1d12 miniature versions of it
12 Eating its environment
13 dancing with steady , but drunken, rhythmic  lurches
14 Repairing its environment
15 Has a collection of objects that it has stolen. Its currently repairing and polishing them and will return them later
16 delivering messages at high speed, or asking if anyone would like a message delivered anywhere in limbo. Message will be at plot based speeds
17 Slowly dragged an improbable load
18 pushing a fancy tea trolley around , with dainty cakes. Will offer dainty cakes to p.cs
19 observing and taking notes
20 climbing it's surroundings and nearby tall objects and placing flags atop.
ah ..
So Gleans are parts of bulidings and stuff limbo has swallowed or the slaad have dragged back on some DIRE WHIM.
And detropolis is huge ball of them clumped together and constantly added to.
Here's  a table to determine what its like. If you are generating a glean, also roll on the additional What is this Glean Being Used For.
1. Mass of fused boxes, crates and rooms
2. Pillars from a 1000 lands , stacked and balanced
3. Upside down trees suspended from other upside trees by chains
4. Log cabin(s) and longhouse(s) with statues replacing some of the logs
5. Maze of severed church steeples
6. Floor, wall and possibly ceiling is made from wrought iron gates, portcullis, and taut sails and flags
7. giant sandstone bricks (Egypt like) and stained glass windows
8. Boats standing upright
9. Chinese style temple with headless stonelions. Severed animal and humanoid heads placed instead on stone lions.
10. Clay (still wet) walls with  threatening drawings carve into them
11. Staircases, huge cauldrons and tapestrys
12. Wheels, ropes, cheap  plaster walls, elaborate painted backdrops and other props from a theatre
13. Interwoven sticks and hair
14. Huge pearly shells and giant bees wax cells
15. Walls of empty shelves and iceberg hunks
16. Chimneys, mehirs, monoliths, irregular stone walls. Garden paths and herb garderns
17. Big Aztec stone faces, stacked like bricks, with child skulls inplace of the mortar
18. Curved half melted stones walls with irregular streaks of glistening metal and metal boiler plates riveted  in places
19. Vaulted archs, big wooden doors and mighty anchors
20. books nailed together and grass meadows
1. Its a clearing or a open town square type thing. Choose one of the features to be the floor and the others politely bordering it
2. Its like a mess, you are pretty much crawling through tiny gaps in between what its made of
3. It is stacked like an apartment block having sex with an apartement block with most of the walls missing
4. Mostly opened with irregular partitions
5. Everything is just floating in the air like a platform game
6. The structure of it is like a winding alley way or ravine
7. The matter of it is piled like a hillock
8. It has been formed into a cavern like space with small alcoves branching of it
OH HOW BIG IS IT? (gleeks, detropolis sections and gleans)
1. THe size of a 3 bedroom hut
2. 2 of these huts!
3. The size of a town square
4. The size of a festhall/medium buliding
5. about half a city block
6. The size of cricket pitch
SO WHAT IS HERE THEN? d20 roll it baby
If this is a section of Detropolis roll here:
1-5 nothing at the moment
6- a copse of trees planted by Desiccated slaadi. Roll once on the Discard table to determine what the trees are growing
7 a fight between 2 creatures (1-2 is just starting, 3-4 it's in the crux of it, 5-6 one lies defeated). Roll on any encounter table you want to determine creature
8 Roll on the Artifacts of No purpose nor History. Note, if the players leave this area, without taking ridiculous methods to make sure they can find it again, the chances of every being able to find it again is  slim. As in roll again and if you get an 8 again its there
9 A bustling market selling 1 food, 2 clothing and general goods, 3 weapons and armour, 4 arcane objects and trinkets, 5 jewellery 6 roll twice
10 Various shops and professional services tucked away in little alcoves. 1 a shop , roll on above, 2 blacksmith 3 cobbler 4 leather worker 5 sage 6 healer or cleric 7 masseuse  8  Fortune teller 9 brothel catering to bizarre fetishs 10 pet shop 11 library 12 roll twice, combining results
11Fountain. Out of which flows 1 nearly rusted to dust coins 2 oil 3 blood 4 water 5 salt 6 ink
12 A mural is covering half this space made with paint , clay and mirrors. 50/50 chance it reveals the location and key of a portal somewhere in sigil if studied
13 A garden 1 medicinal 2 fruit 3 herb 4 poisonous 5 psychoactive 6 roll twice
14 Giant tools and weapons, swinging ponderously by vines/cloth/rope/chain/spider web
15 1000s and 1000s of lit candles
16 Completely out of place animals looking gormless
17-18-19 1d6 discards/ slaad/ or humanoid (githerzai , human, tiefling etc) inhabitants  and roll again
20 roll twice combine results
draw the shape of this section on a bit of paper. Roll a d6, trying to get it  inside this outline of the section. If it lands on the outline that's where a secret/hidden exit is. If it rolls over the outline there is no exit. If it is a 1, trace a line from the top left corner of the die (using the upright numbered face as the orientation ) on 45 degree angle. Where that line hits the the outline of the section, put an exit there. If you roll a 2,3,4 do the same  and  then for the additional corners , counting clockwise from the top left.
If it's a 5 there is trapdoor in the floor on that spot where the die landed. ANd reroll the die. If it's a 6 there is a trapdoor on the roof, and then reroll the die.
If it's a Glean/Gleck
roll a d20 here to see just what is being done with the place
1-2 A fighting pit /ring /arena 1 in use 2 empty 3 looking for new contestants 4 crowd just starting to form
3-6 Roll on detropolis table
7 Slaadi!
8.A lair for a monster (roll on any encounter table  )
9A stockpile of dangerous leaking magical equipment or a ongoing experiment, unattended at present (may contain telsa coils, caged monsters, eggs, bubbling vats , forges or kilns)
10 1d10 trees planted by dessicated slaadi. 1 in 3 chance they are around still. If you can't think of something cool for the trees to be doing, roll on the discard form table and that's what they are growing.
11 A library , the books have inside 1 words, as books do 2 words completely at random 3 pressed leaves 4 pressed faces 5 pressed insects 6 music
12A meditation room for githzerai   1 in 3 chance inhabited now
13 A wrecked Voidrazor
14 A stockpile of pickles and cheeses  and/or weapons
15 Githzerai. Doing something githzerai. Presumably some else has done a "what is that humanoid group doing" table, because I do not want to. Oh wait I think I did here scroll down a bunch.
16 Some other humanoid group like halflings or something. Roll on some other table someone else wrote
17 Seemingly empty, 50% of something there but hidden! roll again it that case. If you get this result again,ignore the 50 % thing just roll again again but make it super super hidden.
18 A theatre, 1 is perfoming, 2 is rehearsing 3 is empty but still used 4 is long abandoned 5 undergoing repairs 6 about to began / just finishing. Thespians a mix of Xaostects, githzerai, bleached slaad and others. Audience potentially anything
19 treasure stash badly hidden/well hidden, and it's rubbish!/kinda cool/ real good but someone will come looking for it and its got a tracking device
20 prisoners infected with blue /red slaad eggs. 1 slaad not here 2 slaad guarding 3 slaad with arrive in a couple of minutes 4 some other creature tied up and guarding (roll on any encounter table, reroll if it seems too stupid like a lich, but keep if it's only kinda stupid like a giant crayfish or octopus)
1. A insane warren of cardboard cells (like the picture)
2. A clump of stone with ever burning trees growing out of it
3. An iceberg with iron poles frozen in it
4. A paper thin plate of obsidian
5. A spiders web of coral
6. A hollow crystal skull
7. An Tropical island made entirely of glass
8. Smooth iron ball 50% chance of being hollow
9. Columnar Basalt
10. A ball of water
11. A churning yet solid storm cloud
12. A castle made entirely of flesh
13. A dirt mass with giant fungus also made from dirt
14. A giant ball of string
15. Big rock mass
16. Big dirt mass
17. A frozen wave of blood
18. A honeycomb made from tin
19. A delicate fluted tower made from solid purple light, 1 in 3 chance of it existing in a radial symmetrical form
20. A goliath Diatom!
21. A big flat clay dish with miniature sand dunes
22. An massive organ fully functioning  (1 heart 2 lung 3 stomach 4 intestines 5 liver 6 brain )
23. A tent like structure like a massive leather box kite
24. A tooth
25. some kind of giant candy!
26. some kind of congealed half dried organ mass like old meat and very old coffee
27. Snow ball
28. Roll on Discard form table, if result is an animal, it is not alive but not rotting. (..or it can be if you want, but you know that right?) 1 in 3 chance to roll again and either merge the results or have them on top each other
29. Roll on Glean table and 2 in 3 chance to roll again and either merge the results or have them on top of of each other
30. roll twice and merge the results.
1-12 no not really
13 okay it's gravity kicks in as soon as you get within 20 metres of it, thus sending you falling toward it at high speed
14 it looks flat but actually is a sphere, and if you go off one side you wind up on the other
15 weird lagging effect. every round or what have you roll a d6 1-2 affected as if by a slow 3-4 as if by a haste 5-6 nah you good
16 All surface on the Gleck are frictionless. As a grease spell but also means you do not stop sliding
17 the air tension is weird. It's like being underwater, but in air.
18 Lighting reversed. shadows glow and light sources darken
19 sound is twice as loud
20 silence, no sound can be made
really? Fine
1-5 Chromatic
4-7 Perverse , Lesser
8-9 Perverse , Coherent
9 -10Perverse, Wanton
11 grey or death slaadi
12 roll twice
1-2 green
3 red
4 blue
Perverse, lesser
(weaker, or more animalistic)
1 slangral
2 bleeding
3 Dessicated
4 Verminous
Perverse, Coherent
(medium to strong power, will start encounter with conversation, will have to be motivated to commence violence)
1 Quantophrenic
2 Spumescent
3 mellifluous
4 Bleached
Perverse, Wanton
(strong to very strong in power, immediately dangerous, do not approach, does not play well with others)  
1 Radiant
2 Prismatic
3-4 Fizzing
Artifacts of No Purpose Nor History
this is a table for huge weird things that can be stumbled upon in limbo. Each artifact is unique. That does not mean it can't keep showing up in unlikely places. Indeed it's incredibly unlikely that they will be in the same place as they were last time.
1 A huge brass bull (the size of a 4 story building) with 7  long necked swan heads emerging in place of its head. It is hollow and the insides of it can be accessed via its anus. If one travels up to  any of the swan heads (which is difficult climb) there is a large pearl the size of a baby's head. Looking it to this pearl's murky depths reveals a vision of who hates you the most.
If all the pearls are removed from inside the bull (and not just the swan head), it animates and relentlessly and unerring chases the pearls (going for the closest one first) and when it reach of them will swallow them up with a swan head. It will then continue until it has retrieved all of them. It cannot planeshift but will hone in on a portal large enough for it that will take it a step closer to the pearl. It will not attack or undertake action other than moving towards the pearls. Anything in its way will be crushed however if it cannot evade its great hooves.
2 A insanely complex siege engine. Anyone educated in engineering matters who attempts to decipher it's workings must make will save (d.c20) or spent all the time engrossed its endless gears and devices. They will not sleep or seek out food (and so will starve unless food is brought to them). After each week they may attempt the save again. If they are entranced for 4 weeks in a row, they discover that the underlying logic that has been teasingly out of reach, is in actual fact a cosmic farce , and will forever crush any hope of a greater order to the multiverse. They lose any lawful alignment (and can choose another off either axis to replace it) and 6 points of wisdom. However if they succeed in the 2nd will save (the one they attempt after the first week) the will gain exp equal to  200 times their level. But still be convinced that there is something more to discover in the workings of the artifact.
3 A featureless glossily black cube of 20 by 20 by 20 feet. It is immune to everything, including spheres of annihilation. Can be moved around though, but weighs as much as an iron cube of twice its size would (assuming gravity is present).
4 An endless waterworks. See picture on left.
5A great stone foot with 4 toes and inscription on its plinth. The inscription is in a language that the viewer knows (if any) , and will be describing a childhood moment of theirs of utter bitterness.
6 A rat wheel , big enough for a man to run in. Actually contains a man, naked and endlessly running and screaming. He will not respond to stimulus, and is just a weak ass 0 level human if you shot him with something. If you remove him from the wheel, he will stop screaming, and give a look expressing emotions unknown to any other. Then he will age in seconds to dust. IF this dust is mixed with water and drank , the drinker will awake from their next sleep 1d4 times 10 years younger, and haunted by dreams of eerie grandeur and loss that they will never quite shake.
7 A  large black iron crab, adorned higgledy piggledy with fine wooden chairs with lush red velvet cushions. Emerging from its head is a formidable cannon, the length of 2 horses. If the cannon is primed and fired as would you any other cannon, the ball (or indeed anything else in the barrel) shoots out and arrives somewhere else in the multiverse, unhurt. The destination is seemly random, but may be influenced by additives to the black powder used to fire it.
8 A great ornate empty frame. big enough to ride a stage coach through. Anyone passing through it feels lighter and freer but with a sadness as if something was lost a long time ago and suddenly not quite recalled.
9 A whale skeleton formed from compressed sherbet
10 A huge book, the size of emperors bed. Opening it and laboriously turning its pages  reveals blank page after blank page. Every now and now again things seem to flicker off the page just as it is turned. Shutting someone in the book will press them flat and reduce them to a inky silhouette . The may then explore a hidden 2 d world of inky silhouette in the pages out of sight, the inhabitants of which are welcoming but do their best to remain unseen. One thus transformed maybe freed from the book by cutting out their outline. They will then be able to move around the wider world as a Shadow (but without the strength drain). ANy items they have will however be only able to effect them and other shadows. They do not count as undead. The book will heal from the cutting like butter melting in the sun. It should be difficult but not entirely impossible for them to recover their original form, depending on your whims.
11A grinding wheel the size of a largish hill. On its side is a complex series of gears leading down to a small pedal drive , allowing someone of human size to pedal the wheel into motion. With this wheel one could grind down a towers worth of steel into a blade that could sever an astral cord or the fabric of the planes, depending on the quality of the steel.
12 A hourglass tall as a giraffe. If the glass is broken the sands will rush out in terrible roaring wind, to quick disappear from sight. Randomly choose a person of great personal significance in the breakers life. The sands will sweep to that person , and whip past, taking with them the curse of age. They will no longer age , naturally or by any other means.
1 a caravan viewed in the distance is being under attack by
1)salaadi 2)anarchs 3)bandits 4)parasites disguised as bandits 5)random sentient race 6)roll twice combined , the caravan
2 salaaidi egging raid,
3 void razors,
4 someone thing going horribly wrong with reality,
5 random monster encounter from anywhere (possibly escaped from a zoo or an arena or bathhouse or .. kiln?),
6 Anarchs wanna use you to test something.
7Flux Storm.
8 Lifesurge (inanimate stuff comes to life),
9 Fercious cloud of Vermious Slaad
10 Hostile Anarchs (roll on random anarchs)
11 Salaadi(roll on random brute table)
12 Horrible spiked ball the size of a castle starts pulling characters towards it with its gravity. Holes beside spikes with feeding tentacules
13 In this area (assume half a hour of travel) every time you speak a verb you get a year younger
14 Skeletons attack! Actually inside a giant translucent jelly that animates them and is trying to kill the characters so it can have more toys to play with. Will extend the skeletons on pseudopods but if the characters try and get behind the skeletons they will be in the jelly and it would try and make them move around. Strength rolls to resist and penalties to attack anyway. It will make the characters try and fight the other characters or the skeletons if no one else is around
15 A whirlpool churns into existence d10x10 feet away, will get to full strength in 2d4 rounds and will suck everyone in it through a portal
16 An ever burning forest makes passage difficult in the current direction
17 The contents of a 100 kitchens rocket around here at vast speed. Every round you get attacked by a thrown 1-3. Nah nothing this round 4. pot 5.vegetable 6. half eaten pie 7.knifes or forks 8. chair 9 table 10 spoons
18 A cloud bank swirls slowly into existence around the characters. The clouds are solid and it rapidly develops in a 3d cloud maze
19 Huge deafing sounds happen from no where, making conversation near impossible
20 Everyone suffer mood swings for the next 10 minutes. Every minute 50/50 chance of changing mode 1. Really really sad. Nearly suicidal 2. Sleepy. Catatonically sleep. 3 Angry, pissy, irrratated by the slightest thing 4. Terrified 5. Content. Smugly so 6 Crying because sad. 7 crying because happy 8. amorous 9. near bezerkly angry 10. annoyingly talkative
1. A travelling Discard band tootles past
2. A giant (30feet) bust of someone's head, hollow and containing a bee hive drifts past
3. A streaming of florescent water twists and spins through the allsea. It could act as hydroslide, but to where?!?! woooo
4. wreckage of ship
5. Big stone torus carved with Githzerai texts
6. 1d4 chromatic brutes fighting to the death.
7. a snowman complete with coal eyes and a fine top hat
8. limbs of a great insects , torn and drifting
9. Bubbles, vast clouds of tiny bubbles, or just a few giant ones or a cloud of giant ones
10. a castle wall with graffiti carved into it. Graffiti might offer clues but definitely offers abuse
11. string. Either end disappears  far off into the distance
12. Grave stones, random numbers and letters mark them
13. A drifting washing line with clothing. All the clothing has one extra leg or arm. One of the socks has a neatly severed foot in it.
14.An Anarch VoidRazor is seen in the distances
15. A merry whale!
16. A wooden platform containing a gullotine, a stack of fruit and recently excuted fruit.
17. A madperson with kites attached to pegs clamped on delicate areas of the body drifts past cackling "ITS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY"
18. Zepplin , vermin road traders
19. Bemused horse
20. Wickerman full of marshmallows

1.Impossible elements exist in all-sea. Ice that burns, liquid steel, floating rocks magnitic corn. Such wonderous devices could be made from such things. There is a trick described in old tomes about how to attune a compass to such a element (assuming you have a sample of it in the first place), so you can guide yourself to a vein of it in the all-sea.
2. The Anarchs in there Crisis Citadels test a 1000 situations and 1000 techniques for each. It is not unheard of for them to teach outsiders, but you would have to have just the right proposal, bribe, praise , or argument to convince them to teach you some of their wonderous violence.
3. The Brutes have been known to use devices made from combing both animal and tool. IT has been reported they do this by jamming both animal and tool in mystery boxs that exist in All-Sea for just this purpose. If you want a dog-gun or a horse-cage, you know what you need to do.
4.Detropolis is a major nexus of the Vermin route. Making it there safely from the outskirts of the The Blazing World or Solitary requires tricks, schemes, and more than a little recklessness. Vermin Road traders are always on the look out for cavern guides, guards, or a new plan to make it Detropolis intact.
5.Detropolis is of course bait in itself. If you want to buy something that you can't find anywhere else, there's always a chance its in Detropolis.
6.Some Gleans and Glecks have been there a long time. And some contain arenas, libarys, or theatres renowned for sights and prizes unheard of anyone else.
You could properly find a reliable guide there right?
7.There are parts of the All Sea that one can  be unmade and remade, emerging with all of your old life that is deserious to you (and you manage to hold onto)  but losing anytraces on your soul or being of past deeds, geas, curses , diseases of the mind or body.
8.Strange oozes of the All Sea are corrusive to dimensional boundarys, making summonings or portal creations easier
9.Luck can crystalize in the shape of objects here. The surrounding area will be dangerously unlucky, all the luck concentrating in the form of a goat skull, old bottle, tiny shoe etc. The lucky object can then be used to draw luck from. Some objects have a limited store, others contain to draw luck from their surroundings. (lucky objects  have 1d8 rerolls stored in them. 1 in 3 will cause fumbles to occur on 1 to 5 instead of on 1 in the surrounding 20 metres, including the holder of the object. These "luck sucker" objects replenish one charge a month up to maximum of 8.
10. There is a great shoal of feral spell books, released into the wild eons ago.
11.Semiabandoned cidatels, lairs and crypts float here from cultures real and imaginary.
12.The great helliphant graveyard is here apparently, a fortune in dangerous ivory.
13.Giant Nautilus play host to delusional parasites. The parasites adopt a culture and crudely mold their own  flesh and the internal shell of the nautilus to match. Inherent mental unstability leads to banditry and banditry leads to hoarding.
14. Sometimes crisis cidatels go "wrong" and are sealed off by the anarchs and then abandoned with great haste leaving considerable wealth behind. "going wrong" is a catch all term to describe and variety of malignancy forming in animate object, dangerous localized phenoeneum , the spawning of hostile anomalys.
15.Minature storms! So cute! Fits in a bottles! Bamboozle your friends! Inconvinece your enemys!
16.Mad hags. The norns weave your fate, everything that happens appears on their looms. The mad hags weave everything that might of happen, didn't happen and couldn't possibly happen in spacebending fractual terrasact looms. If it pleases them they can attempt to rewrite your past.

17: Kaiju eggs

18: Giant Friendship Snake

19: Lost Worlds

20: Dinosaurs made from left over Dinosaurs


Also known as the mountains of madness, soltairy is a titanic spire of rock , its base at the crismon planes near the Flesh Rifts and its peak jutting at the fringes of the allsea . Souls are drawn to Solitary from less concrete alligences than other terminal realms. The souls of the mad, who are unable to shed the burdens that drove them mad, come here, to thrash on the hooks in their minds, some eventually finding catharsis as howling winds, others taking on physical form again and inact their old lives, hoping to make sense of it this time. While the outside of soltairy is desolate slopes, the inside is riddled with endless maddening miles of tunnels and cyst like pockets. Wind is present here always, and you never know just how far  anything spoke,whispered or shrieked will be carried.
Some of the tunnels the wind is soft, almost soothing, with the immited streams and drips being subdued. In most places however, its dark, cold, damp and the wind tears through your mind and makes it impossible to be heard with anything less than a shout. That's not the strongest the winds get though , in someplaces it can easily send a laden party tumbling helpless end over end in the dark, battering to death, pieces, gore , bone then finally dust.

The water here is mainly confined to dripping "ceilings" (see note about gravity) and shallow streams running along a tunnel wall, or occausionally the middle of the tunnel. The fish in these waters are pallid and gruesome at best.
There is a network of flooded tunnels at the very depths of soltariy, the water here is sluggish and still, and its cold embrace acts unnaturally fast, causing fatigue and unconciousness in minutes , rather than hours. Anyone losing unconsious in these waters will be in state of suspend animation however, but is potentially lost for a very long time, in the stygian labyrinth of black tunnels.
There is a vast lake somewhere at the very bottom where all the contrary currents eventually wind up, and so is full of countless floating sleepers. There are Rumours of a eldritch race of flatworms carefully tending this library of sleep for purposes  nigh incomprehensible.

As well as the tunnels, there is various sealed chambers, like bubbles of air in the rock. Some imagos form in these, finding peace that they have always desired.
Also dangerous individuals and artifacts are dumped in these cysts.
Its always at great risk to crack into a cyst.
And that is skimming over the fact that trying to find a sealed chamber in a vast expanse of rock with no tunnels leading to it is no small task either.
THere are numerous towns and settlements setup around a mineing venture to follow a particualr plausible rumour of a treasure stash in a particualr cyst.

Another curious thing about SOltairy. Food and drink from here can actually substance mortal life. The Salt harvested in the tears of the poor mad souls that come here stays in the waters and vitalizes the mushrooms, crawdads, lichens and alages that are the default meals here. This is why the largest point of the trading ring known as the Vermin Road is based here, named Bedlam, its the biggest and least insane (not that is saying much)of the numerous towns and villages buried here.
Even so, the nigh constant winds and being around so many crazys is a constant tax on the sanity of the most stable. This is possibly the secret behind the food substancing mortal life here, Soltiary draws substance from the crazy some how.

Imagos do find peace here though, some having found a cure for their personal hells (and indeed passing on to other terminal realms), others embracing the endless freedom of being wind itself, or the oblivion of the quiet dark.

There are the "Main Veins" the most travelled network of large tunnels, leading from the red plains to Bedlam, then connecting some scattered mining communitys , before broading out into a vast mass of capillary tunnels, of such vermisitude and number , they are nigh unmappable. Also? They are moltile, like a inversion of worms, slowly insidiating through the stone dark.

Moving anywhere off the Main veins without a guide (Imagos, Denizens and natives can more or less find their way) or a Strange Compass (see the Why would anyone go there? table) is entirelly random.
For each 4 hours of travel roll a 1d8
1: Monster encounter (use cave, urban or water)
2:Wisdom check or lose an hour to tantrums , catanoia and paranoia from the constant wind.
3:Roll on What could go Wrong?
4:Roll on Local Colour
5-8: Just the wind , the dark , and the stone.

If you get the same number twice, you have arrived! (after resolving any encounter).

If one does not want to attempt to put body and mind at risk there is transport in the form of the Screamer Boats. Like the worlds worse hydroslide a screamer boat is a small water craft equipped with wheels and a sail, and the captains possible pre naturally deranged understanding of a tunnel series that the boat can rocket along at horrifying speeds. The boats are named for the only sane reaction to hurling at frightening speeds in a black narrow tunnel, narrowly avoiding sharp stone spikes and sharper corners, at the command of a cackling paranoid deluded ship captains (all good screamer boat captains are mad. you really really don't want to trust the ones that are not.)

gravity: if you live here, you get to decide which tunnel surface is down for you. If you don't , you don't. Down stays whatever direction for you that it was when you entered Pandemonia. Until you fail 4 will saves or wisdom checks. Then you can make a wisdom check to change which tunnel surface is down for you. Note:you have to fail this wisdom check though
Howlers, and other natives will use this to their full advantage, running along the "ceiling" to drop down with impaling attacks and then to fall back up to the ceiling again.

Klesha, Toolheads,
About a 3rd of imago choose dissolution and immediately swallowed by the winds and merge with it. A others take physical form, however. They appear much as they did in life, but they are bonier, and the howling winds seem to affect them as much as they do visitors of the plane. Also, most of them are utterly insane.
No-one is sure if toolheads are native to Solitaity or a form of imago. In any case they look like the imago here but with tool heads.

Vermin Road in solitary:

Available Goods:
2: Resisident artisans make 1d4 different random high quality expensive goods.
3-4: Basic goods, and 25% chance (per item) of anything more complicated being available
5-6 food, and basic equipment only
7:basic goods and 50& chance of anything else. About 50/50 chance of being shoddy (will completely break on the next 1 or 2 on attack roll or 19,20 on a stat check.
8: One thing and one thing only. Randomly determine

"local charm"
roll d12
1- absurdly cheap! Like force you at sword point to take all their stock of what ever you want to buy
2-everything is so fine. and not weird at all and totally stress this fact about how normal and happy and everything everyone is and how the equipment looks decent and the prices are fair
3-10% of money is refused on the grounds that its fake, or has rude imagery or has some royal everyone hates or looks like that guy anyway
4-Coins not used. Just rocks. Just the right kind of rocks. 1 in 4 chance of anyrock presented to the shop owner being acceptable. If players start asking about what makes an acceptable make up some shit and but still have the shop keeper turn them down 75% of the time. "oh no, you see how this sedimentary and has a slant eplisoid  tilt to it? That is normally acceptable but only if its a clockwise tilt. This , I'm afraid is counter clockwise " Encourage players to make wisdom checks to look out for just the right kind of rock. It wouldn't do them any good.
5-roll again but this time have a flat 50% chance that half way through the transaction a number of townsfolk walk into the shop, and then they and the shopkeepers matter of factly draw weapons and attack, with a completely casual indifference
6-Choose one player that everyone in town discriminates against in a complete arcane way "hey look at that frigging Lobeswinger, Pike off Lobeswinger, we don't want none of your shellfish around here!"
7-Shop keeper talks backwards
8- Everything is labelled and sold as something else torches as spoons etc. Shop is in the style of general store with everything behind the counter so you have to ask for what you want
9-Everything pretends to be deaf and illiterate . Actually are not. Use charades for communication
10-Shop unattended. Everything, and I mean everything, is nailed down.
11- Shopkeeper directs all questions to a hand puppet. Hand puppet overcharges. Shopkeeper starts argument with hand puppet and stabs it. Then is helpful and gives discounts before passing out from blood loss. Immediately another shopkeeper with a hand puppet enters from back room and repeats process
12- Win a paper scissor stone contest for a discount on food and perishables. Win a paper scissor stone wind beetle xorn contest for a discount on armour and weapons. Win a paper scissor stone rock beetle xorn paladin orb of destruction crossbow fireball shoes contest for a discount on anything else.


(the rumour/bait/whatta we doing today boss table)

1.Someone  makes sculptures by trapping animals in these spaces and using magic to sustain and spur their growth horribly them until they grow to the very contours of the spherical rock, eventually dying from the bone pushing against organs. This vast skeletal ball is then teleported out and makes a fine conversation piece for your hellish entry way.
If you find a portal leading to one of these and are willing to fight a pig that's nearly taking up the entire 20 foot diameter chamber and can kill it and dig through its guts, you can find the ring of substance and abnormal growth implanted inside it!

huge open caverns with rock formations like organ pipes that play music. Horrible music. Possibly if you had some crazy musical  artifact that you needed to play a tune on , here's where you would try and find it.

On that note (ha) there's a place here where all the music that's ever been played is being howled all at the same time by the wind whipping through frightening rock formations. The Cacophony it's called. Its just the kind of place a quest to find or destroy something sound related would end up.


Whisper Kings , they are the wisest , oldest and schemingist of Howlers. All their spikes have grown into a crazy tall crown and they are long, dirty and elegant, and they know which caverns the whispers stick to, and so they know all kinds of stuff and they will share their (d6 1-3 it knows, 4 -5 it vaguely knows and is a dick about it 6 it does not know) eavesdroppings but they give you a little quest to do afterwards, but they get all Hannibal Lecter on you and make it something that fucks with your head in some weird way.
Um.. a crude way to mechanical represent this is give the character who asked the question a saving throw penalty (say.. will?) until the player works out what this quest is testing or saying about them or trying to teach them..  For example a : okay nowwwsss youss must carry this limbless lamb everywhere. The lamb , more likely than not will eventually comes to horrible end. The lesson? Weakness is a burden.

If the character does not to the quest the Whisper King curses you so whenever you try and sleep you overhear anything nasty said about you anywhere.

Alternatively a quest could be given and only after returning with the lesson will part the thing it knows.

Many of these caverns have stale air within them if any at all. Surrounded by solid stone, these bubbles of space hide many secrets. It is rumored that many a deity has either stashed treasures of great value or imprisoned beasts to mighty to be slain in these small, rounded rooms of stone. Numerous bands of solemn  following strange compasses search them out. One particualr vault is The keys. As the name suggests it is hung with a vast collection of keys hanging from thin black thread. Legend has it that every key ever made has its twin here.
When a key from here is tried on a lock, it has a 1 in 10 chance of just concidencely happening to be that key for a lock. There is also a 1 in 6 chance that a key randomly grasped here is a heart key, which will immediately tunnel into the heart of the grasper and "unlock" it. Which , unlike is suggested in poetry , is a sudden , massive and fatal exsangigation.

Ghostwood is an abandoned mining camp, having found a mysterys vein of some silvery glowing metal, was set upon by gibbering hordes of translucent toad people, claiming the eggs of their gods were laid in the metal. The toad people now guard the vein, extracting it by licking away the surronding stone. Nobody thinks  it could be anygood what they will do if they find their eggs

7. A medusa was paid to petrify a purple worm to serve as a moresleum for worm worshiping priest, but the twisting words of  the contract meant she was paid far less than she thought and she risks a horrible curse if she loots the tomb herself.

8.Someone in bedlam has made a oxygen creating ooze bubble and wishes to fund a expedition into the watery depths of solitary, to verifiy the rumours of the Sleeping Libary

9. The Fungal Tyrant is cruel fungus infested man, who makes occausionally fungal disease to infect the gardens surrounding bedlam , making the mushrooms to cause horrid hallucinations. The mayors of bedlam want him dead. Nobody knows where he is, and their are stories that he hides out in a parasitical house in bedlam or a tumbling fungal ball in the tunnels, or a disused mining camp the miners animate still with fungus.

10. A previously flooded tunnel has suddenly drained , exposing a mirror maze, surrounding a tower of bone and fire. Treasure and madness await!

11. Once a year in bedlam a game is played. All the non-contestatents barricade themselves in their houses, and every light is extinguished. For as long as it takes the contestents, naked and knived try to find and murder each other. Every 24 hours a wraith is released to hurry up the process. Anyone with infravision, dark vision or sonar must take a handicap in the form of massive amounts of hallenigetics.
The prize is a choice of a treasure from Bedlam's "Muesuem of the Madness of the Gods and Novelties Imporium"

12. Peroidically Nautilus with delicate white lady hands for tentacles and a sorrowful human eyes come to Bedlam. They  sell compasse Strange compasses  that point to the holders most desired thing.  The majority of miners tunneling after the Vault Cysts are lead by one of these. The Gloomchild (as the the naultlids are know as) do not accept money or Salt but dried leaves, if the leaves are to the Gloomchilds liking.

(the beefy up the encounter table /Great they are here now what?/ trouble/ players are looking bored /Need something interesting right now table)
A Screamer boatman is going to whereever the players are going. He dies or pretends to die of a heartache or chronic oldism but thankfully he wrote his directions down (or left signs in the tunnels). Naturally they are written in an obscure dialect of Gibbering Maniac.
IF the players try and follow the directions, have a number of locations that they can end up, and each time they take a wrong choice (when at a junction) you make a note that they have one more going-wrong-point and at the end you look at their point total and see where they end up , and the higher the point total the worser the place they arrive at.

Note: This is all presuming the tunnels are so intertwinded, windy and double backy that one wrong choice won't immediately send you to the wrong place AND the captain is insane enough to make notes on the tunnels he doesn't actually ever go down. This is completely plausible for Solitary.

Random Junction:

1 : left or right? (correct choice is left!)
2: left or right? (correct choice is right!)
3:left or right? (correct choice is neither, a successful percption check reveals a 3rd correct option! Well 1 in 6 chance it is correct , otherwise odds left is correct , evens right is correct)
4:3 way junction (1-2 right 3-4 middle 5-6 right)
5:Tunnel opens up to room big exit near top , small exit near bottom (50/50 which is correct)
6:Chasm with bridge (50/50 going along the bridge is correct vs going straight down the side of the chasm)

CORRECT/WRONG CHOICE TABLE (d10 for correct choices, d20 for wrong choics)
>1-2:Powerful wind means Boat gets faster and faster! (give the players less tiem to make choices
>3-4: Slow curve , tunnel narrows ,wind drops a little
>5: Tunnel snakes back and forth
>6:Omnious glowing sludge (either like lava or classic toxic waste green) water fall and the boat is heading straight for it. Water is harmless.
>7:loop the loops , hair raising turns and sudden plummets make anyone failing a con save nauseous. Anything not secured goes flying out of the boat
>8::Mist in the tunnels plus stagatites means a 1 in 4 chance of 2d6 damage on a failed dex
>9-13:If the boat is not carefully piloted through a series of dangerous overhands, leering wall spikes and wind blown boulders it will suffer structure damage. If you get this result again and the pilot check is failed the boat is destoryed/slowed/less plausible depending on how difficult you want to make life for the p.cs
>14: Bats! Or Fish! Disturbed cloud of bats/fish/fishbats/batfish flap around annoying and distrupt light sources.
>15:Some kind of giant bat or cave turkey or albino pteradactyl will pursue and attack the party for 1d6 rounds. It leaves (if alive) after this, and has 25% chance of coming back with 1d6 more of its kind
>16:Omnious glowing sludge waterfall, but this time its 1)disease ridden, 2)scalding , acidic or flesh eating 1d6 damage 3)mutating on a failed save 4) staining , you now glow for the next week.
>17:Tunnel narrows until the boat just fits, the wind picks up and the boat is now moving extremely fast. No chance to choose at next junction, boat just whips through at random
>18-19:Boat needs to jump a chasm. It will make it fine if it's not carrying more than 2d6 people in weight. THe notes make it clear how much weight is too much, and the party will have 1d6 rounds to jettison any superflous halflings. If the boat is particualarly fast add another +2 to the amount of weight it can carry.
>20:A dead end! A successful piloting roll can bring the boat to a stop otherwise it smashes to pieces inflicting 4d8 damage (reflexe for half). If the boat is stopped in time it will have to be slowly pushed against the wind back to the junction, taking at least a hour.

What is the code?:
(either/and on a map , book or on the tunnel wall)
1:animals! the correct choice is always the most delicious animal
2:Colours! The correct choice is red then orange then yellow then green then blue then purple
3:each choice is marked with a letter. Spelling out the captains name is the correct choice
4:Each choice is marked with a item. The most flammable item is the correct choice!
5: Each choice is marked with a item of clothing, the correct choice is always the one that begins with a S (socks, shoes, suspenders, slippers, slip, skirt, shorts)
6: The correct choice is always dripping.

Natural traps that are just small holes in the tunnel , that sand blast the skin off anything in the way of the hole.

A ragtag group runs a toll booth besides a swiss cheese wall  with high speed winds whistling through it . Refusing to pay , means they quicklythey jam all kinds of broken weapons and glass and bones into one hole, and then pull a switch and all these hatches slam over the other holes, and the wind blasts out of the remaining hole sending all the shrapnel rocketing forward inflicting 1d20 dmg dex save for half.
4 A frost giant completely blocks the tunnel with his face. He threatens to spit diseasesed blood at you if you do not pay the toll.

6. 1d4 Sail sleds each with 3 bandits will swoop past attacking with +2 to damage and preventing return attacks if you do not have range or beat them in iniative. THey will return 2d6 rounds later, following a looping back tunnel.
7. This chamber is large and bristling with weird rock formations of beautey but alarming like people. There is also 1d12 insane bandits tucked away giggling and armed with poison knives in the little grottos and alcoves, and  near invisible in the bizarre twisting shadows.
8 The caverns and tunnels  are becoming even smaller  require crawling and squeezing to get through. Of course, this tends to focus the force of the wind, so getting through these tunnels is a miserable experience.

9: Water , either in a stream running through the air in middle of the tunnel, or in deepish pools along the sides is full of dangerous chuckling fish.

10. Klesha begins stalking someone in party

11. The remains of a vermain road cavaren being picked clean by a swarm of flies. Disturbing them risks being attacked as a Insect Swarm

12. This tunnels is huge and with numerous little capilarys and grottos. Gaspermen begin stalking you and waiting for a opptunity to strike

13: A crashing is heard upwind from the party. Horse sized chucks of pumice  being blown toward them and will arrive in 1d6 rounds, resolve as 1d4 unmodifed attack roll on anyone in the way, inflicting 2d8 damage from impact and abrasion

14: A skeletal huge eel has been set to guard an upcoming tunnel. It will bite and swallow whole, its ribcage is full of skeletons that will attack anyone swallowed. Anyone dying in the ribcage is immediately animated.

15: A toll booth with a wight attending. It wants its name back in exchange for passage

16: The wind proceeds to pickup up force slowly but surely until it reaches hurrcaine strength. Party will have 5 minutes to try and secure themselves or find shelter. Otherwise it will sweep up and batter anyone for 1d20 damage and scatter them a couple of kilometres away.

17.A mid level insane wizard semi merged in a wall.

18. A abandoned town.3d6 Shadows (the undead) acting out the inhabitatants lives. IF the characters do not go along with the charade the Shadows first show anger and frustation (as if you were in a town ignoring everyones attempts to communicate with you and walking into their houses and smashing their pots ) and then attack.

19. A wide open chamber with 1d8 naked frost giants wrestling to the death in the dark in the mud in the middle of this chamber. Some prize awaits the winner. The frost giants will immediately turn on a detected thief the prize. Even so engaged their senses of hearing and smell are horribly keen.

20. A expensive looking carpet is weighted down with rocks  in place over a shallow pit containing an random ooze.

1 Scene of great past violence. Stone hewn, blood splattered , half powder bones, broken teeth and rent armour. Wind suddenly stops.
2 a crying figure, seemingly a child and a old wizened elder, surrounded by revevent figures licking the tears from its feet
3.a stream running through the middle of the cavern , fish wearing faces of dead family members
4.You catch a half a conversation about you being said elsewhere in the world
5.1d2o peacefully sleeping people, some in a stream some on the "ceiling"
6. Group of miners , with their eyes torn out and mounted in lamps in place of flames. They seem to know where they are going though
7. Person in rags, knows too much about you, but is friendly and offers good advice , before walking over on blooded feet
8.wind up suddenly, dust blows in mouth with a really nasty flavour, reminscent of old sweat
8 1d20 trepanned skulls come bouncing down the tunnel
9.water turns to blood briefly
10. screams that turn into laughter and then back into screams is heard
11. beautiful organ music is heard then abrupt stops. Minor earthquake follows. happens 1d6 times over the next hour
12. Traveller following a wool string, doing a quest to find out his name from a whisper king. Wool string leads to yarn ball, seemingly endless , always  bouncing just out of reach and sight of the traveller. Traveller is unaware of the source of the yarn, and revealing the futility of it , causes a result on the "bugfuck" table
13. Stagelites with holes in them causing planative whistling
14. 1d20 ragged clad wretch all claiming parentage of the p.cs
15. Childrens drawings scatched on the walls. Animate out of the corner of your eye
16. 1d6 severed hands worn down to the born from being used to scratch messages in the stone. What is scratched? (1d10 1.Nothing nearby, but maybe someone a couple of 100 miles away? 2. Treasure map to a cyst 3. Boring Diary entrys 4."I forgive you" scratched over and over 5. A continuous line leading elsewhere, following it leads to a random Heat or Bait result. 6 a random spell with slight but disturbing extra effects 7. Incredibly detailed portraits 8. Music/poem/theorem/engineering diagram 50/50 chance of being complete screed or complete genius 9. Warnings about nearby inhabitants. 50/50 chance of being lies 10. Rude limericks

17 . Smells! Smells like delious cooking to all but one memember of the party. And to them it smells like pigshit.
18. 2d6 unkempt looking imago guards, attenting a toll booth. They wave the party through , saying Bob has already payed for them.
19. Street stall attented by a glump mute, sitting in the darkness, alone in the tunnels.
20. Tunnels becomes neat, square and  hand carved for 1d100 feet.


GasperMen look like those rays people used to taxidermy up to look like monsters. "Jenny Knavers". With long slender fingers. Malign and cruel, possessing of secrets. Gliding along the floors and ceilings real sneaky like possessed door mats or manta rays, and then rear up gibbering (will save or paralysis) if it works they snatch on to you and fly off and dump you somewhere and then go back to to split the party up more, before finishing people off. Will give mouth to mouth to corpses and then push on the chest to Speak with Dead to find out things.


Anyway these guys. 3 kinds. The  Kleshas,  "the 3 poisons" Desiderium , Dominus, and  Abhorreo .
All Klesha are surprisingly stealthy and have exact visual knowledge of their surroundings in 300 feet radius, even through barriers such as stone or darkness. Also true seeing.

Desiderium appear as naked humanoid with 2 great hands emerging from their back.

The hands are arranged as wings the palms open and front facing and each one is bigger than the humanoid in between them, the feet of which do not touch the ground .
The hands constantly feel out the surroundings. In a narrow environment the fingers support the central figure by pressing against the sides of the tunnel but in the rare event of encounter one in a open space the hands rotate , still palm forward, but with the fingers touching the ground.

The central figure appears to be a drugged haze , with eyes closed and a smile of ecstasy on its face. Wounding the central figure does nothing to change the expression even though wounds to it are fatal as any other creature.

Like all Klesha it seeks to turn others into more of it. It either does this choosing a particular avaricious individual and tailing them slightly or  by isolating an individual by killing or otherwise removing its companions.

That individual is "marked" .It then silently follows just out of sight of the individual, (sometimes in a parallel tunnel) and keeps the target safe from other monsters.

Natives of solitary can tell when someone has been "marked" by a Klesha although some are crazy or dumb enough not to care. The desiderium can the make minor illusions to hint at shelter , the re-appearance of companions or treasure if the individual is so motivated.
The more effort spent to chase these the more the taint grows (represent by wisdom loss everytime the player states "I want..." or  "I need.." (either in or out of character) deduct a point of wisdom.

MAybe give them a save if you want, but either way tell them they just lost a point of wisdom. Don't tell them why of course) . If the reach zero wisdom they slip into a coma. If the Desiderium can get hold of them it will spend a hour gently cooing and massaging their flesh into a malleable putty and shape them into a egg like shape. The "egg" will then hatch , and the new Desiderium will emerge (the old form appearing as the humanoid in the middle).

Desiderium are loners however and will not remain around an "egg" that it has formed.

If the marked individual resists desire repeatedly and shows no sign of wavering , the Desiderium will kill them if they feel the have a reasonable chance to do so.

In Combat they attack with grabbing and crushing with one hand at a time (the desiderium can only move slowly if one hand is so engaged) or flinging a grabbed individual into its companions. It can also make the tips of its fingers sticky and seize weapons or shields in this way. SOme times it will use this on a marked individual, to take a beloved object and then run away.

Dominus appear as gaunt human figure with a row of stitches running from the groin to the top of the torso. It has no sex organs and instead of a head and neck it has a tall paper crown. Blood stains are seen in the paper crown occasionally that are suggestive of a face bleeding on the other side of the crown.
Dominus are a lot more aggressive than Desiderium and will sometimes attack and kill things without regard for anything other than killing. In combat they may inflict a variety of hold person , command, and domination effects with grandiose hand gestures.

They have little strategy about this other than sewing confusion. THey attack with frightful strength despite their withered frame, often grasping one opponent  by a limb and using them as a club against others.

Sometimes they will already be in command of weaker inhabitants of Pandemonia and will send them forth to die, sometimes supporting them with physical attacks and powers sometime merely observing.
Dominus create more of themselves by repeatedly  dominating a stupid or weak creature and then having that serving a marked individual.
The more the individual relishes or abuse there new found minion the more wisdom them they lose (effects as Desiderium) .
Again once the individual has fallen into a coma, it either commands the marks minion to carry them off, or it attacks immediately.
Left alone with the mark, it will take off its crown (revealing another crown underneath of the exact dimensions of the first) and place it over their head and neck. The mark head and neck are then dissolved into bloody goo by the crown over the next hour. The new Dominus will awake and proceed to strip off it's clothes , pull off any external genitals and scoop out its guts and organs, and sew itself shut, using hair , pieces of cloth or intestinal strips.

Abhorreo appear as a black blurred resembledge of beetles standing on 2 legs, with an empty skin crudely draped over it's multiple mouth parts and antennas.
It has similar approaches to reproduction as desiderium but instead uses hate, paranoia and distrust. With illusions relating to the same (same mechanics but use words like I don't trust, or suspicions  of other people in the group).
If has gotten a mark into a coma , it will peel their skin off and stuff it full of discards shell plates from its hide. It will then leave in to rot inside the skinless corpse, and after a week a new Abherreo will emerge.

In combat they have a varying amount of bladed fangs, claws, and hooks (roll a d4 each round , thats how many attacks it gets ) and can cast off their skin and fling in to wrap around a target holding them fast like a rubber straight jacket. IF the skin is damaged beyond repair, the Abhorreo will peel a new one off the first available body. While it lacks a skin it cannot mark or use its illusion powers.

STARRY NIGHT (neutral good planes, elysium etc)
What’s it Like?
Endless slumbering utopias and ruin bejewelled night desert . Above spin endless moons , stars and spheres, the home of the space mermaid,void moths, star whales. Pearl moons made into palaces , baroqued hollow.
Luminescent rivers twisting through space.

The time-deserts  are for forgetting and resolving and that’s where any conflict that a traveller still needs will be found. Ruins and relics of war are laid down here to crumble, nemesis formed of tortured pasts are confronted, and mighty stone beasts are stalked in a champions trial. Sands like a worn down carnival , crumbled pillars, cracked monoliths , stone oaths to irrelevant victories.
Forests of only bloom form in and fall in a hour, gentle phantoms , stone remainders.

So chill afterlife with chill , slightly o.p npcs => above
Adventure potential area => below

Adventure bait:
1. Mosaics depicting legendary monster weakness
2. Sleeping legendary kings
3. Ruins of might-happen future cultures. Want to see what a current monarch legacy could be? Go here.
4. Abandoned wealth.
5. Stone beasts , forming out of crumbling militarism . To bring them down is to obtain powerful weapon materials.
6. Memory ghosts, want to confront or remember something ?
7. Liquid time , pooling in triple shadow. Spend things up, slow them down, freeze them.
8. The starry people as possible patrons , a convincing speech will earn sponsorship in a campaign against evil

  1. What the players want is here
  2. But ironically
  3. Or there’s an implication that changes things alot
  4. The shadow of it
  5. Someone else is there taking it or in the way atleast
  6. No
Hex map, drop a pencil for where they start and where the thing they want is.
Each hex of travel has encounter on 1-2 on d6.
Anyone they speak to do they know anything?
1: The exact location but in terms that make sense to them
2: The general direction (ie north or south)
3: the exact direction
4: If it’s close (1-3 hexes or far 4+ hexs)
5: the exact location of another npcs that would roll a d4 on this table
6: the name of another npc but there location , as above
7-8: no idea

Quick description of a Time Desert Area , like to be a background for something else
(it’s always night, it’s always really starry with crazy looking milky ways and multiple moons , and generally it’s slightly windy in a pleasant way and sandy.
Sands tend to blues, purples, faded reds and gentle metal oxididation colours.
1 Magenta sand dunes loom over, a glowing stream the thickness of hair winding through the valley of them
2. A blue marble  amphitheatre, the centre of which has ring of eight 20 metre tall statues each with a different emotional stance
3. A empty city, seemingly build out of polished coral. Nothing has a roof and and forlorn looking single bamboos poking out here and there.
4. Plateau , sand more compressed here and looking like black glitter
5. Pale giant stone hands form a forest
6. A shallow lake ringed with red sand and wading black flamingo
7. Sleeping figures (stone) , forming a sizable hill.
8. Monuments like massive lily's half buried, their stone crumbling and scented to the touch
9. A stronger wind here , exposing vast bricked plane, and assortment of discarded weaponry, seemingly from 2 different cultural groups. Most but not all beyond repair.
10. A dune is open , an arch with a stone king standing in its security. His face carved with a look of disbelief.  The tomb empty , his jade mummied servants woke and walked out.  
11. What look like strange hills are great black bells, cracked open.
12. A toppled aqueduct , stretching out for miles, neatly on its side, forming a helpful road to the finer sand here. Walking the sand means sinking up to the knee or waist.
13: Dried up seabed with fish phantoms flicking around.
14. Undulating plane

Something needs to happen? Roll
1. Choose a random player. An alternate version of the shows up for 2d6 rounds. Take the first major decision that character did and have the opposite decision get made extrapolate from there, and/or roll for personality, ethics , pragmatism vs idealism
   1: Extreme version of characters current
   2: Slight inversion of characters current
   3: Complete inversion of characters current
   4: Same as characters
Any equipment taken, stolen , or traded from alternate replaces characters equivalent (if applicable). Alternate will desperately need to exchange at least one significant item with character. Other p.cs cannot see or interact with alternate.

2. Chasm completely blocking way (falling it takes you another random realm) , bridge forms for each character , bridge made from equivleant hair of everyone that trusts character. You can walk on another character's bridge, but only at the same time as them and only if they let you. Assume 8 trusting people takes an unburdened character.

3. Miles of rustling grass field, grass like a dried ribbon. Massively tall (25 metre , but more tall than anything) iron legged stalks stalk about. People sized frogs will try an approach p.cs and talking them into swapping skins with them. Swapping skins means you look like you but with a frog skin kinda stretched everything and the frog looks like you stretched over a froggy body. Having frog skin means water breathing but those stalks will try and eat you. Frogs are mostly cowardly jerks and liars, but not total assholes.

4.The unfurling bridge , like fern fiddlehead but a bridge. Walking on it causes it unfurl leading to a place the first bridge walker choose not to go.


1. Rivers without gravity
2. The walking houses of leng
3.The tower of a single fang
4. Palace of the empty lotus
5.The dam of time, ruined but partially working
6. The treasure ship
7. Glaicer of Spring
8. The monestry of formlessness
9. The toppled collosus of a million mice
10. mountain fishes canoe
11. The forest of sorrow
(dead dtrees with silks caught on their branches from the silk of cacoon that were actually metaphors)

15. The Burning jungle
16.Libary of all glass
18. Echo valley (can hear want everyone wanted to say to you)
19. Scar healing lake, heals anything but at the loss of exp
20. Discarded weapons of titans (big oversized, overly complicated Jack Kirby bronze age)

2.mirages only real for one personn
3. escaped undead servants who don’t want to be buried with their king anymore
4.Archaeology dig/tomb raiding needing muscle
5.A night made out of birds a day made of song (too quick night, day is loud and causes synesthesia
6.Frogs that jump so high they return with gems and stars encrusted on them
and cause considerable craters
7.An iceberg pushing through the desert. A sad princess entombed in her glacier of tears
8. A phoenix about ??? in a obsidian forest
9. A sea wells up from a single shell
10. Feathered snakes guard poet fruit
11. A space mermaid and flotilla is holding a pinic and crave stories
12. Interconecteed lakes with wise pearl headed eels (someone has snuck off with a pearl)
13. A empty forlorn palace with bitter hunchback king
14.A well of mead and drunk bears
15. A temple of vines and snakes
16.A giant rose garden
17.A over flowering jungle with sentient scents that latch on to you

19.Bats of silence sleep in bells.
20 . Library islands , attended by crabs