Tuesday 31 January 2012

FLAIL SNAIL that's actually a DICEBAG wooo PLus Dungeon entrances of Dunedin part 2 and more wow

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So Jez of THIS DARK CASTLE OVER HERE  had a thinks which he thunk over to me, about making a flail snail dice bag, and he and one other person that I'm about to go to g+ and see who is was, were interested in what the hell is wrong with this sentence lets start again
Jez plus one other person expressed interest in a flail snail, and I have made a working prototype (which I will happy to sell as well) to give you's a look at what you in for,
The next one will have more machine stitching and be able to fit far more dice than this one.
So that is something you know right now

dice! EAT

this is the Flail snail with dice in it

this is the flail snail with dice in it also

this is how many dice I jammed in the flail snail, it is small and the next one will be bigger
 Also been working on some small pieces for the exhibition at goo fest which is on the 17th of feb.
This is an example of what they gonna be like:
Also digging up some of my older pieces and improving how I put them together, and this is one

I'm going to make a blog that will be devoted to the kludgewitchery so toiletworld will be akin to the hydra sprouting heads all over the hat stand.
Anyway? Here's some more secret Dunedin dungeon entrances


secret signs!

what could it meaaaan?

Tuesday 24 January 2012

MUMMY variant and dungeons entrances of Dunedin part 1

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF I made this mummy. Its from a culture I'm just gonna make up now that covers the body in pitch, sews funeral cloth around them and stores them in upright petrified wood sarcophagus all facing the same direction out in the cold cold tundra.
Mummys? Frequency causing a whole bunch of fake Egypt to be crudely shoe horned into a campaign, which is interesting because other monsters tend be a lot more permeable with what ever culture debris is heaped around them.
picture not related
The Mummy as  part of the old school undead family  is the only one with its burial style intrinsically  tied  (wrapped up?) with its schtick. You could broaden that and use the mummy for the what-are-made-by-elaborate-burial-rights undead niche, and give them some death rite specific powers, like a mummy that made by bog burial instead of giving that crazy mummy rot, instead makes you lungs start to fill up with mud when it touches you. Another  mummy is  created by encasing  the body in palm leaves and leaving it up on a branch platform to putrefy in the tropical heat, a spigot at the base collecting the sacred fluid. If pissed off and woken it of course jams its hands in your mouth and forces you to drink some of itself, allowing it to possess you, its foul putridity  drippling from your eyes and mouth. Another mummy is buried in a great clay stature which it animate, and you have to hack out it's body from the clay in order to cease its deny of death.
You might ask, well why don't I just make all these their own type of undead? And what's the point of trying to clump these monsters together under the one umbrella ? HUH? RIDDLE ME THAT BAT FUCKING PRINCESS

Well. I don't know, I don't actually care much for either my suggestion or your tone for that matter!
I'm just trying to pad up this freaking post here okay? I'll fucking cut you! Don't think I wouldn't! Cut you up real ugly like! ahem

lets do the time wrap agaaaaaain

Okay and also I have been collecting pictures of Dunedin's dungeon entrances!
also I went to the museum and took photos with my phone and I share them and I will remember my freaking camera next and also when I go past that other door in the cliff and tunnel freaking beach
wooden weapons can be actually really fucking lethal looking but I'm still not letting you play a druid
I love this guy so much
yeah put some shark teeth on that shit gonna fuck up some mother fuckers
that is indeed a dried pufferfish helm , also that's where all this bad ass shit is from Tuvalu
that curved looking piece of head carving bizniz? Parrying shield apparently 
You find a magic helm. It looks like an awesome fish. It is awesome. It magic power is that you can dress all in black and people think it's a flying fucking fish and fail all their morale checks all over their pants

Go to your local Museum! Museums!!!

Sunday 22 January 2012

COUATL ( variant)

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hello. I'm your spirit animal.
I'm a Couatl. I am beautiful. I am to share my teachings with you. You are beautiful

Wisdom is a journey. A strange journey.
We will go places. Are you feeling..

..strange. Do you feel strange?   
Its okay. You are beautiful. I will teach you.
I will began telling you the names of the people you must kill...

So speaking of Geas/quest spells, ergot!
I'm reading about fungus at the moment, and I thought I'd share some excitement from this learning.
Ergot is a type of fungus. It grows on wheat, and instead of the wheat producing it's normal grain, it produces a black fruiting body of the fungus. One of the chemicals produced by ergot is what was later synthesized and lead to the creation of lsd. There is fairly strong evidence that the europe witch burning craze and the classic salem one's was caused by people tripping the fuck out on ergot growing on their wheat. Unusually cold springs preceded the witch burnings, and were apparently great for the fungus to grow. The fact that adolescents were most reported to be affected by witchy curses as well a as cattle failing to produce milk (adolescents being most sensitive to toxic alkaloids)    and other domestic animals acting strange and occuasionally losing limbs to dry gangrene, are all symptoms of ergot poisoning.
People bewitched described sensations including feelings of ants running over the skin (formication), facial distortion, paralysis , hallucinations, convulsive  seizures and dementia, all these consistent with ergot poisoning.
Okay you all knew that right?
But what the cover sleeves of Big Black albums don't tell you is another kind of ergot poisoning, because ergot has a whole range of alkaloids, and one of those, ergotamine is a powerful vaso-constrictor to completely restrict blood flow to some parts of the body causing  gangrenous ergotism. Sometimes it merely cause loss of nails, sometimes hands , feet or whole limbs.
Which dry up, turn black and fall off with no pain or bleeding, but with a overwhelming stink.

Feelings of intense heat of precede the weeks before your whole fucking arm drops off, thus making medieval people refer to this horror as a "plague of fire" or "holy fire" and later "st anthonys fire"(also there's another st anthonys disease which is a bacterial infection that makes red, swollen and sore covered)
Depictions of followers of St Anthony are often depicted with burning or missing limbs.

Thought that was all horrible and thought I should share. The Irish had only one case of witch burning and no ergot poisoning reports because they all ate potatos instead of rye. This is possibly the only lucky break Ireland has had in its entire history and the whole potato eating thing didn't work out so good either.

.............. on a lighter note:

Oh how I how I laughed at this. Laughed and laughed and laughed and got my camera and took a picture and laughed and put it on the freaking internet.
In conclusion;
It's my birthday and I'm a lonely old woman

Found this picture. Quick question, Mr Anthony,  your position on limb loss is unclear, can you explain if you are for people losing their limbs or against people losing their limbs?

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Matt Kish your REMORHAZ is ready...

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF This guy! It got a little cookie monster in the mix. I don't know how. Wizards? Wizards!
Fucking Wizards!
okay so I got detoured making the Dragonennenenenee dragon - lion into art trade land.
 Matt Kish! Your remorhaz is ready for adoption!

so whadda think Matt kish?