Tuesday, 10 January 2012

BASILISK and Neverwere

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF I made another Basilisk to sell at this up coming exhibition at glue gallery in Dunedin. Anyone in Dunedin? Didn't think so.
I made him DAMN CUTE as well, SUCH IS MY POWER
(cue the drum machineeee)
Chips on my shoulder !
More as I grow older !
Feel I owe a debt
For the things I don't get
I only miss out
Well I was there before!
I sit in a corner
Sit on the floor!

Misery, complaints, self pity, injustice! Chips on my shoulder!

There's no time for fun time
It's sit and complain time!

I'll talk about famine
While cooking my dinner
Don't you feel guilty
Don't you feel pity (No)!!!!

While the cat gets fatter
And the starving get thinner!!!

I should have told you
I've chips on my shoulder
I'm making a stand
While I sit on my arse
Fish and chip supper
Whereas those in the gutter
Can't have a good time
Fun's just a farce!!!!
Thanks for that musical interlude, Basilisk. Thanks.

Now here's some notes for some monster type things I'm using in my campaign

It is thought by those given such to such mighty thoughts, that everything that may happen,  does actually happen, the rival possibilities existing  parallel to each other. These other outcomes are unseeable to us, as the past and future is from now . And furthermore these mighty thinkers speculate that all outcomes are not equal and around each unbroken chain of cause and effect is a ghostly fractal hydra of mights and could ofs. And from this spooky maybe goob abstraction comes the Neverwere.
The neverwere  crave  certainity and the glorious internal worlds of conciouness, even as existence here crushes them and burns them. The Neverwere come in a selection of phenomena, as follows;
A Rupture is formed from a sudden gush of notmatter, reality sealing behind them, leaving them to form a body out of everything within proximity. Dirt for meat, steel for bone, limbs and skulls as failing mandibility. A rupture is a infection in reality, and as such is in constant from very nature of reality.  Its time is generally limited, and it will spend it , killing everything conscious with a couple of miles. Consciousness hurts it to be around, the internal map of whats real joining the battle against it.
If it does not wink out within a week or so, it will then start to build a "nest" , a brain bleeding kludge maze  tower of everything the Rupture can drag off and knit together. After a nest is built, the Rupture curls in to sleep and dream. The dreams of Ruptures pull and fray the threads of reality and if not forced out by the immune system of the real, will create a increasing unstable patch of spacetime.

Anomaly form themselves out of one or two substances, like a dust devil, or a looming mud brute. Much more stable than Ruptures, they existence more or less at peace with there surrounding environment, excepting the times they take to kill anything that thinks, drawing certainty somehow by the extinguishing of minds. Much rarer anomaly form themselves from more vague substances, such as gravity or heat.

Meanwhiles and Couldofbeens
CouldofBeens are a chunk of neverstuff latched on to the shape made in probability by a conscious being. The appear as an double of one being, but a double from an alternate lifeline. If the original is still alive , the CouldofBeen is driven above all else to destroy and replace them, claiming its false history as the true. However it's essential instability will see it only to ruin, being unable to maintain the facade for long.
 They have the skills and mannerism of the copied and are capable of being coherent and focused , if they have the original to destroy and sublimate.
Once the original is gone, (either dead, or not in CouldofBeens life to a point where they might as well be dead)
the facade being to slip , it's ambitions,motivations and actions becoming increasingly distorting, turning into the most absurd caricatures of the original, until (sometimes after weeks, sometimes years) it  is stuck repeating one idiot piece of mummery, a warrior endlessly fighting his shadow with the same 3 sword strokes, a merchant counting up to 5 on his fingers over and over again, a writer scratching a single word into their skin.

However a Meanwhile can maintain this facade, and in fact the difference between an actually double, pulled impossibly from an alternate world and a Meanwhile, with it core seething with notmatter, is slight if at all. Some Meanwhiles will crack and decent into the madness that strikes CouldofBeens. If they remain ignorant of their nature, or exceptionally will power or philosophy, or just of a temperament that such crisis of identity are pointless abstractions, they might never be anything else than what they seem.

A atrocity is notmatter trying to be a collection of people, unable to grasp the idea of an individual and appearing as an appalling mangle of flesh, like plastic figures half melted and joined in a chemical fire. Moving like a inchworm or a rolling ball,  its faces carrying on in conversation snippets entirely uncontextal , its actions violent and pathetic, the human bodies that form its mass kissing and arguing , or haggling over a trade goods, or shouting  or sleeping or eating. It will rear up and crash down , a score of faces chewing and hands grasping, tearing. It know it is the weakest of lies and seeks only to destroy, making itself true by grim default.

Notes on these;
the names are mainly from a chance mention on Doctor Who about the weapons of the time lords. The possiblity stuff is heavily influnced by China Mieville's writing, and something specificly like the Rupture is described in Embassytown.
Anomaly are basically a stand in for elementals, except I can have them formed from whatever and not have to worry about any cosmic symmetry whahoohoo.

Kay , I'm making a Dragonee now or possible a gold dragon because I have this pretty pretty gold stretch vinyl bequeathed to me. And I have been looking at the Red dragon and feeling ever impressed with my self.


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