Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FLAIL SNAIL that's actually a DICEBAG wooo PLus Dungeon entrances of Dunedin part 2 and more wow

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So Jez of THIS DARK CASTLE OVER HERE  had a thinks which he thunk over to me, about making a flail snail dice bag, and he and one other person that I'm about to go to g+ and see who is was, were interested in what the hell is wrong with this sentence lets start again
Jez plus one other person expressed interest in a flail snail, and I have made a working prototype (which I will happy to sell as well) to give you's a look at what you in for,
The next one will have more machine stitching and be able to fit far more dice than this one.
So that is something you know right now

dice! EAT

this is the Flail snail with dice in it

this is the flail snail with dice in it also

this is how many dice I jammed in the flail snail, it is small and the next one will be bigger
 Also been working on some small pieces for the exhibition at goo fest which is on the 17th of feb.
This is an example of what they gonna be like:
Also digging up some of my older pieces and improving how I put them together, and this is one

I'm going to make a blog that will be devoted to the kludgewitchery so toiletworld will be akin to the hydra sprouting heads all over the hat stand.
Anyway? Here's some more secret Dunedin dungeon entrances


secret signs!

what could it meaaaan?


  1. She be a thing of beauty! Me wants it me wants it!

    1. Okay mister, this one "snaily" is marked for you

  2. i like the part where you go "wooo'

  3. Is it just me or is the green/mossy cave entrance picture riven with innuendo?

    1. I was hoping someone would pick up on that, I was going to give it the caption dank grove of the earth mother, but figured subtlety is good too