Thursday 27 September 2012

Pictures of monsters, Archetypes, Lists of names and a Pegasus

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the stuff is from songs

Okay this post is like a bunch of stuff I had sitting around google documents that I decided to clean up some and put in one vitamin enriched suppository.

And some pictures. Because I'm also drawing my way through the monster manual now it appears.

Giant Leech


Giant Ape


With song lyrics of course.


Next up was this idea that wedged itself in my head during a discussion. And yeah so the word archetype gets thrown around a lot with regard to classes, but the classes are not really that archetypical. Like my yardstick here being how easy it is to assign historical and mythlogical "figures of importance" to them.

The d&d classes? Not so good.

So I scratched my ideaistine to think of archetype classes. Not focusing on the what so-and-so could do skill wise, but what their "source of power" is.

This originally had some half assed mechanics but as I'm never going to use this*, I decided to remove them for clarity and just leave the base ideas, occasionally giving some example mechanically fiddle-faddle if its seems helpful.

I ran out of steam toward the end, but hopefully there is enough here to communicate the idea and do all the concept work if you wanted to use it. All the balance and details stuff is left you though.

The Archetypes will be referring to Combat bonuses, Improved Movement, Dodge Bonus, Armour Efficiency , Saving Throws, Thief Skills and then a letter. This is the key for the letters.
Combat Bonus: A= as fighter
B= as cleric
C=as thief
D=as mage
(adjust accordingly to your campaign
Improved Movement: A= +2 feet per level to your base move
B=+1 foot per level to your base move
Dodge Bonus: A=+2 to your unarmoured a.c at first level. +1 at level 3 and every 3 levels after that.
B=+1 to your unarmoured a.c at first level +1 at level 4 and every 4 levels after that

Armour Efficiency A: armour counts as one weight category lighter. +1 to your armour class when wearing armour at level 4 and every 4 levels after that. Also get damage reduction = to this armour class bonus
B:armour counts as one weight category lighter at 3rd level. You get +1 to your armoured a.c at levels 5, and every 5 levels after that.

Saving Throws:
Fort / Ref / Will: You have good progression in the saving throws listed, and standard for the ones not.

Thief Skills: A=as thief
B=as thief but from level 2 onward, and advance one level in thief skills per 2 levels.

After level ten you can ask you d.m if you can spend additional deed options on the deed lists for other classes. You will need a whole bunch of bullshit though to justify this though.


( I'm about horribly-skilled-nobodys style of play rather than fulcrum-of-destiny style of play)

Fate’s Fool

THe Simpton, A Fool, The Youngest Child, One who Strays, Everyman Hero:

“unlike typical heroes, it is Ivan's simplicity and lack of guile that turn out to help him in his adventures. For example he listens to his heart, rather than his mind, he easily forgets offence and endeavours to help others even at his own expense. His naivety, kindness and daring help him fight villains, make friends, win princesses' hearts and ultimately he is rewarded with half a kingdom or some similar accomplishment.”

Combat Bonus: C, Improved Movement : B Dodge Bonus: A Saving throws: Will,For,Ref Hit dice d8

Class abilities: Choose 2 Deeds from the Fool list to start with. You can choose another one at level 3 , 5 ,7,etc.

In addition you get a Fool’s Luck score. It starts play at zero and may reach a maximum of half your level + charisma bonus. You may use a point of your Fools Luck to use one of your Deeds again that day. You may use your Fool’s luck to reduce damage you have just taken by 2 per level, or to get +1 on a saving throw or any roll of yours that is directly helping someone else.

You may not spend more Fool’s luck in a round than your level.

You gain points of Fool’s Luck through acts of kindness and slightly foolish Altruism.

If you ever commit an act of selfishness or cruelty, you will lose all Fool’s Luck points, and in fact will reduce to - your level, and so you will have to work to to bring them back up to a positive.

You also cannot use any of your deeds until your Fool’s Luck is atleast zero.

Some acts that give you a point of Fools Luck:

Trusting someone completely untrustworthy

Putting yourself at risk, or discomfort through an act of charity

Attempting to Cheer someone up through conversation and/or capering (the player will have roleplay this to the successful entertainment of the group to get the point)

Attempting to Converse Cheerfully with something trying to kill you and putting yourself at risk by doing so

Aiding a Stranger or a helpless animal (one point per situation, so no rescuing ducklings one by one). You do not get the point if you were a knowing party to the incident that put the stranger/animal in peril/trouble!

These are listed as examples. Your d.m may rule other activities to be worthy of a point, especially anything that makes the d.m or another player laugh out loud and or stare in disbelief

Fools list of Deeds: (all Deeds are unlimited or constant use unless otherwise stated)

Sheer Audacity : If act like you belong somewhere, no one will suspect you have a reason to not be there (unless you draw attention to yourself).

Carny’s Bane: Once a day when playing a gambling game and betting the last / all of your money on something , AND the winnings are going to a cause that does not directly benefit you or another party member (unless it’s to get them out of situation they otherwise cannot get themselves out of) , you (as a player that is, your character will be pleasantly surprised) may choose the outcome of the next roll, hand, race etc down to the exact cards, dice numbers etc.

“Oh! Hello there!”: Once a day something you try and talk to will feel compelled to talk back (unless being currently attacked by you or your party) for at least as long as you can keep the conversation going in a natural manner.

“Just a big softy really” You can make friends with anything.

Fate Smiles: Once a day reroll any dice roll just rolled.

What a Coincidence!: Once a day you have just the right item (mundanish) on you.

Well if it isn’t Old Blanky Blank!: Once a day a n.p.c who has just meet you, is actually someone you meet before and is quite fond of you and/or owes you a favour.

Stroke of Luck: Once a week you can totally make a fortunate plot twist happen. So a secret door just happening to be in the cell you were just thrown, etc.

A People Person: Even if you (actually maybe make that especially ) don’t know the language of a culture you make yourself understood and well liked easily and any cultural offenses you happen to make are laughed off. Unless you push it though. This does not apply to anyone you are with however.

Exasperate : you can talk someone into a near blind rage just with some simple questions. (once a day) They must make a will save after being exasperated by you or make some oversight/tactically error.

Taunt: As the spell, once a day.

They will Never Think to Look Here: Once a day if you have time to hide (even if its a really crap place like behind a curtain), you may roll 3 dice on your hide check and choose the one you want.

Discretion The Better Part of Valour: You may spend Fool’s luck point to reroll sneaking/hiding rolls.

Hey I tripped on something: You may spent a Fool’s luck point to automatically succeed a searching/awareness check.

Lets call it Borrowing Shall we?: Thief skills at B. Spend another Deed Choice to get Thief skills at A

Conflict’s Reaper

The Warrior, The Lord of War, The Ever Defiant , Instrument and Obstacle of the Gods, Foe Hammer and Tyrant Crusher, Deaths Horse:

You basic solves shit with violence type hero. Not above dirty tricks or base trickery if needed.


Beowulf, Achilles, Lugh, Guan Yu.

They most often act solo, but don't only rely on inhuman strength. They can be found in armies but are not for most renowned for their commands.

Combat Bonus : A Armour efficiency : A Saving Throws: Fort Hitdice: d12

You start with One deed from the Warrior List and get a new one at levels 3, 5,7 etc

Also the D.C.C Mighty Deed ability? Would go great here.

Warrior Deeds List:

Last Stand: Once a campaign you can choose to make a last stand when wounded atleast half your hitpoints. YOu will fight normally all the way until -10+twice your level and then you die. No matter what , Valhalla you are coming

More the Merryier: If surrounded by at least 3 people you get a extra attack for each additional opponent after the first. Maybe a maximum of 8 additional attacks in the case of a swarm?

O Blood! Blood! Blood!: +1 damage for every foe you kill in this combat until the end of the combat MAx damage bonus is 5 plus your level.

Hurl: Make an attack with a improvised weapon/foe or a not normally known for being a thrown weapon . Double the normal range and do not get penalties you normally would for throwing something unwieldy , also increase the damage to 1d8/ one dice category (whatever is great). You can do this once a combat.

Chaos as Cover: You can get foes in each others way. +1 to your armour class per foe engaging you in melee. Also reroll any miss chance someone has for firing into melee for any missile launched into this melee. Keep whatever result is more favourable to you.

Grudge: If a combat finishes and a foe is not beaten to your satisfaction you may declare a grudge against them. You may have only one Grudge at a time (but can change it to someone new after a new combat). You gain +2 to hit and damage that particular foe.

Exploit Weakness: Ignore 10 points of damage resistances if you make up a decent way that your character has found to hurt that thing.

Inspire!: +1 to hit for anyone low level than you that fights with 20 feet of you and thinks you are cool.

HARHARHAR: You are immune to fear. Once a combat you can spend an action mocking and berating the source of a fear effect, giving anyone in earshot a second save attempt.


The Great Brute, Champion of Champions, The Savage one, The Wrath of the Mountain, the Grim Giant:

You have freakish physical strength. People regard you with awe in the original sense. They are afraid of you, but glad of your might when you’re pointed in the right direction.

This is the Archetype of Hercules , Gilgamesh , Cú Chulainn and other dudes you kinda wanna party with but kinda heaps don’t.

Combat Bonus: A Saving Throws: Fort, Will Improved Movement B hit dice d12
+2 to strength and Constitution

Also would use the Mighty Deed Die out of D.C.C

Also Hands of Ruin: can totally inflict lethal damage with your unarmed attacks and suffer no disadvantage from attacking an armed foe.. Starts at a d6 and you can spend a deed option to increase it by one dice category each time.

Deeds: Start with one. You get one every 5 levels unless you take a flaw, which you have the option of at every level. This will get one deed.

Brute Deeds:

Fury: After 1d4 rounds of combat you can choose to go into a Fury. You are immune to mind affecting attacks while in a fury. YOur fury lasts until the end of the combat.

Brawn to Tremble the Pillars of Heaven: +1 strength for every deed choice you spend on this deed.

Endurance to Pull down the Sun: As above but +1 constitution

A Weapon Fit For A Champion: Use a weapon with one hand (if 2 handed) and/or as if one size category smaller than it is. You may spend another deed choice to reduce the use of the weapon category by another size category again . THis includes stuff like big rocks.

Hide of Iron: Add your con bonus to your armour class if unarmoured

Buildings are Stupid: You make make a strength check at half your strength score to collapse any room you are in if you can reach the structural bits like the walls, pillars or jezisters.

Fatigue is Stupid: You can commence a physical activity and not get tired doing it for a day per con modifier. As soon as you stop (even a moments rest or pause) you fall into a deep sleep for twice the length of time that you were active.

Grudge: as Warrior

Last Stand: as Warrior

The Champ Of Meat: once a day you may add 10 to your strength score for a feat of strength that’s like a sustained concentrated thing , like lifting something or wrestling a purple worm or punching somethings dumb face in.

Bellow: As the spell Cause fear. Once a combat.

HARHARHAR:as warrior

Stomach of Ruin: you can eat and drink anything with no ill effect. Potions don’t effect you positively or negatively and poisons still work if injected or otherwise introduced into stomach. You can get minor substance from rocks, wood and dirt. You can eat/drink your own body weight in one sitting before falling asleep for a hour. After which you need to take a monster of a shit , and are kinda hungry again.

Flaws of Brutes:

Temper: Anything that pisses you off, you must make a will save or attack it for one round for every point you failed the save.

A Hammer On a Knife Shelf: -4 int and wisdom and charisma. Your stats will not be reduced lower than one.

Soft in The Head: you Will saves are bad rather than good (so +1 per level if pathfinder)

Cowards are Stupid: You must never back down from a challenge, or run from battle. If you do so you lose a level.

Glutton: You must eat twice your weight in food everyday or begin to starve, with the equivalent of one day you don’t need eat being like 2 days of a normal person not eating.

Naive: -4 to resist charm attempts, or any form of Bluff or deception

Ogre: Your appearance is monstrous and frightful, like tusks and growths and weird moles and stuff. You will be mistaken for a monster by anyone not knowing you. +4 to intimidate checks and -2 to peoples saves if you have any fear causing effects


August General, Conquer Lord, Usurper and Rightful Monarch, Poet of War, Edge of Words, Deceiver Champion

"in a traditional society where there is a way men act, i recognize this, understand them, don't care, and destroy people with that information"

This is both Inspiring Leaders and Heartless Connivers: ,Sun Tzu, Cleopatra, Salome, Genghis Khan, EMpress Wu, Marilyn Monroe and Alexander the Great. Both those that command vast armies and those that command only a heart-breaking smile. Either way the Generals will use everything in their disposal to get as far as they can.

Combat Bonus: A Armour Efficiency B Saving Throws: Will,Ref HitDice: 1d10

Generals start with one with one Deed and get a new one every 3 levels.

You may downgrade 2 of the following by one category (or one by 2 categories in the case of hitdice or combat bonus) in order to get a bonus deed: Combat Bonus, Armour Efficiency , Hit dice.

+2 Charisma.


Inspiring!: As Warrior


Sheer Audacity : As Fool

Let’s just call it borrowing shall we?: As Fool

A People Person: As fool

Strange Magnetism: When you meet an NPC for the first time roll a d6, on a 6 that person will fascinated by you , for good or for ill. You get an +2 to any bluff , seduce or intimidate rolls on that person. You get +1 to any bluff, seduce, or intimidate rolls (atop the +2 if someone is fascinated with you)

Temptress: Anytime someone fails a roll to resist a seduction from you, they get a accumulative -1 to any saves or rolls opposing your manipulations,charms,lies etc.

Rally:ONce per day per person you can give a pep talk (takes about a round), allowing them to reroll a failed save. You can use this ability to affect everyone within earshot who’s at least 3 levels lower than you. If you spend another deed choice on this the pep talk also gives the effect of a bless spell.

Honing The Greatest Weapon: +1 to charisma or intelligence or wisdom. You can get this deed multiple times but can’t get more than +4 to any one stat.

Conversion: Any Charisma rolls you make to get some around to your way of thinking, you get a free reroll

Analysis: If you spend a round studying something and make an int check you can get the d.m to tell you the exact number of one of it’s stats

Command: AS the spell, once a day

I love it when a Plan comes together: When you have plan that’s like a reasonable decent plan and it’s working , you get +1 on up to 5 rolls as the plan is unfolding and reroll one fumble


If someone fumbles your next attack on them is automatically a natural 20

Prophecy: This deed can be used once a campaign per deed choice spend on it. Make a prophecy. The g.m has to have it happen, but you know it could be in like a weird twisted way. If the g.m decides to make happen like ages in the future , they at least should not be a total dick and have various ripples of this future event happening.

<any other warlord, shout at people to give them bonus type powers that seem relevant.>


Trickster, Clever One, Trouble and Strife , Thief of Fire, The Fox

The trickster deity breaks the rules of the gods or nature, sometimes maliciously (for example, Loki) but usually, albeit unintentionally, with ultimately positive effects. Often, the bending/breaking of rules takes the form of tricks (e.g. Eris) or thievery. Tricksters can be cunning or foolish or both; they are often funny even when considered sacred or performing important cultural tasks. An example of this is the sacred Iktomi, whose role is to play tricks and games and by doing so raises awareness and acts as an equalizer.[c

Combat Bonus: C, DodgeBonus: B, Improved Movement:A, Saving Throws: Will,Ref Hit Dice: d8 Thief Skills: A

Tricksters start with 2 deeds, and get a new one every 2 levels. You may spend an additional deed choice to get a additional use per day of a deed


Likes A Fight: Improve your CombatBonus by one rank. You may spend another deed choice on this to get another rank improvement

Sheer Audacity: As Fool

Hello there!: As Fool

Temptress:As General

Fate Smiles: As Fool

Exasperate: As Fool

Taunt:As Fool

ShapeChange:Once a day As alter self.when you reach level 10 as Polymorph Self and at 15 shapechange

Mimic: Mimic voices perfectly

Suave:+2 charisma. You may not get this deed again.

Steal Everything:Once a day you can steal abstract stuff like senses or hope. The more weird and debilitating what you are stealing the hard thief check. And they get a saving throw. Lasts for a minute per level unless you spend another deed choice to increase this to one hour per level (the spending of that deed choice does not give you an additional use per day)

Bargain:If you can get someone to agree to something, that's binding, as the Geas spell

Hussle:If someone agrees , you can trade "abilitys".This can be anything from a fishes ability to swim, or musicians talent with their instrument, a particular trickster deed etc.

. The person you are trading with must think that what you are giving them is of equal value. You can borrow an ability for up to a week. This normally goes horribly wrong for someone. I refer you to mythology for examples.


Wizard, WiseOne, Elder, Hermit, Most Venerable Sage , Hierophant, Haunted Genius, Mad Scientist

One who gains powers from their knowledge and learnings of things just beyond normal understanding.

CombatBonus:Type D, Saving throws: Will ,Hitdice 1d6

Cast spells like a wizard. Get one Deed to begin with, and one each 4 levels.


Honing THe Greatest Weapon:As General

Bargain:As trickster

Shapechange: As trickster

Familar:<as spell I guess?>

Turn Undead/Demons/outsiders:As turn undead but you can do it on spirits and outsiders

Second Sight: Like detect magic all the time, and see some invisible things

Staff:<can store spells in it>

Wand:<bonus to ranged touch spells>

Orb:<bonus to scrying and shit>

Speak With Beasts:as it says

Speak With Elements:””

Speak with Plants:””

Unearthly Servitor:A bound elemental or demon. Like Ariel in the Tempest

Circles:Can draw circles that act like various protection from blah blah

Augurys:As somekind of contact other plane spell

Dooms:You know 3 things that are doomed to happen to you. You choose one, the player to your right chooses one, and the d.m choose the last. They will happen at someone point.

Unearthly: Choose one of the following; you don't do it anymore: Sleep (but can't laugh), Eat/drink (but can't taste), Age (but can't die. Your body can be destroyed though and you rendered powerless. You will just stay fully conscious in your mortal remains until time itself ends), Breathe (but can't smell or speak above a whisper)


Crone, madwoman, tainted one, womb of monsters, faustian bargainer

Unlike Wizard in His Tower,who gains his power from knowledge at the cost of attachments to the world the Witch In the Night gains her power at cost of her humanity and through transgression.


Yeah this overlaps with Wizard in His Tower, and could need further codifying apart or just merging the two. As I said before I don't intend to use this. I just need to write out this idea as much as I could so it would leave my brain.

Combat Bonus:C Saving Throw: Will, Hitdice 1d6

casts spells

Get two deeds to start with, one addtional every 3 levels, sarcfice humanity(like look monstrous or eat babys) to get more


Iron skin:

Natural armour class as chain or plate (if spend another deed on it)


Need a focus to do so, like a specially anointed broom or a baby fat potion. When you first get this , it's clumsy and the focus is cumbersome, if you get it twice not so much. If you get it a 3rd time, you can fly around cackling like a loon.


as fool


Put hexes on people. Quick solution, act like random disease from some other blogs table.

The more the level difference between you and your target the more elaborate and specific the materials needed for it. So a first level witch can hex a peasant if you know their name. A 3rd level could hex a peasant by looking at them. Someone equal to you would require a chunk of their hair or blood. To hex someone more powerful would require a beloved childhood toy, a secret about them only they (and now you) know and 3 tears. Etc


as Wizard in His Tower


As Wizard in His Tower


Equilvent to one free healing spell per spell level you can cast. Unless you can think of something more interesting then you just totally do that.

Beast/plant/element speak

breathe steal:

The breathe of children acts as random beneficial potion. This kills the child though

skinwalking :

If you have the chance to skin and prepare said skin in the full moon, you can turn into that thing 3 times for one night each time.

animal form:

As druid shape changing

Supernatural allies: One freebie per level. After that more aid from them means more debt. With interest. Assume current ally is at your level +5, as you get passed up the totem pole of spooky menace.


as Wizard In His Tower

Weather summoning:

As the spell but takes 2 hours to cast. Poss nudity, def cackling


Taboo rites


Loss of a sense, but partial, so you are blinded but have a seeing rock

Uglyness/ prenatural aging

anyone you love and loves you is doomed

familiar thats a fuckhead

Just a whole bunch of batshit

Temporal senses maladjusted, like keep seeing the future or the past and not noticing

Have goat legs or a tail

Like way,way messed up like hollow or blood is worms

weird diet like shadows or cat milk

cannot tell the truth/lies



Someone whos power comes from their personification of the virtues, or detachment from the soiled debasement of life.

CombatBonus:D hitdice:1d4 saving throws: All

crazy restrictions, regarding charity, trust, kindness, non violence or semi pacifistic. Like a list and you choose like 3 of them, or get one really severe one.

Maybe no alignment restrictions though? so there could totally be chaotic evil archmanipulator Saints that still can use all their purity powers on you

4deeds to start with, can get more restrictions to get more


SoftEyes:Someone can’t attack you if maintain eye contact with them

Just A bigSofty Really: As Fool

Oh! Hello There!: As Fool

Lay on Hands: heal 3 times level a day in hit points, can spend more deed choices to get more

Not really Dead: Can once a campaign per deed choice be miraculously not dead

Cure Disease:

Beast/plant/element speak

Sanctury:once per day per level

turn undead/outsiders

Augurys: As wizard

Fate Smiles:As Fool

Aura Of Serenity: non-evil creatures of animal intelligence or less will not attack you

protection from good:

Immunity to poison:

Cure poison

Immunity to disease

Immunity to fear

Featherfall: level per day

inspire:as warrior

Somekind of summon natures companion thing. b


prophet, radical, true believer, doom sayer, Cassandra

Combat bonus: C , Hitdice:1d8, Saving Throws: Will

Start with 2 deeds, can trade them both in to get cleric spell casting, or combat A


Convert: as general

Dooms:As Wizard

Prophecy : as general

Auguries: As Wizard

Not Here, Not Like This:if you die you can instead not die, but die in a circumstance of your immediate choosing a week later. In the meantime everything you care about suffers horrible somehow.

Racial Enemy:Like ranger but can choose more abstract things like " Orthodox Marxists" or the "shallow and needy"

<running out of steam here, but suggestions would be inspiration, (De)/morale powers, warlord type stuff. Maybe one off (like each spell could be used literally once in the characters life) wizard spells as million to one freak accidents? Get a new spell once a level?

Hopefully you get the picture.


There has been discussions about the merits of "choose your name from this list" in games. And the list is like 12 names. I find this idea eye rolling, but a good list of names is handy is true. I dug this list out that I did ages ago and have placed it before like a cat with a half eaten mouse.

a D100 list of names!
1. Snide ellipsis
2.Mary Planks
3. Tom Armadillos
4.Syrup Basin
5.Calf Ambles
6.David Burly
7.Doug "The Doug" Douglas
8.Clancy Sugar
9.Nancy Smalls
10.Ford Motor
11.Andre "Cannibal" Winter
12.Fisher Probes
13.Lawn Bowls
14.Rivers Condo
15.Outpatients Department
16.Dan Tiger
17.Jelly Roll
18.Melissa Buffalo
19. Brian Harpoon
20.Bulbs Radiator
21.Vladimir Putin
22.Thomas Stalin
23.Trousers Sandwiches
24.Pearl Chowder
25.Tom "Stacker" Baker
26.Fawny Groove
27.Hank Wedge
28.Miles Testy
29.Cornelia Hubestss
30.Jersey Caramel
31.Wrangel Island
32.Sanny Frisco
33.Thomas Busdriver
34. Mark "Mark" Jenkins
35.Queefy Wheats
36.Lakes Blossum
37.Keith Boss
38.Jenny Hammer
39.Hermia Booty
40.Nina Arena
41. Cloudy Daze
42. Robust Badger
43.Frank Guns
44.Lily "Drownings" Drizzle
45.Fred Daggs
46.Melissa "Octogon" Daily
47. Shuddering Winston
48.Kevin Shirley
49. Trish Arson
50.Hurdy Sedums
51.Wolfgang Analgel
52.Grande Riveirre
53.Bernard Door
54. Hudson Drains
55.Loretta Drunk
56.Sally Runnings
57.Dolly Eastern Promise
58.Joy Cookies
59.Franklin Rhinestone
60.Gilly Eggs
61.Jam Katmandu
62. Kate Irrevocably
63. Erma Turkeyneck
64.Violet Shelves
65.Celia Lamp
66.Rozzy Miter
67.Duncan "Mop and Bucket" Cairn
68. Dredgy Wheel
69.Sufficient Industry
70.Theodore "backdoor" Monday
71.Flight School
72.Salad Despoil
73.Harvey Kindly
74.Complete Sentences
75.Beth Realism
76.Gaggy Paint
77.Henry "Doggy" Sellers
78.Douglas Brass
79.Louise "Bridal" Homicide
80.Tool Box
81.Bert Walrus
82.Classy Broad
83.Monica Plug
84.Laura Correctional
85.Peter Banned
86.Balls Snakey
87.Gamma Radiation
88.Trixey Alley
89.Pixie TwoByFour
90.Vivian "Sparky" Roosterton
92.Terry "Dipshit" Towel
93.Daisy Cutter
94.Poppy Fists
95.Reindeer Little
96.Austria Glide
97.Mary Ann Gusset
98.Conical Wizard
99.Metric Standard
100.Lara Houndings


01:Serenity Kong
02: Charlie “Sucking” Gut wound
03: Fiona Swarming
04:Shucka Pines
05: Wall Finkelstein
06:Franco Downings
06:Buster Shots
07:Erma Flipper
08:Phillip “Steamy” Rhodes
09:Manu Photosensitivity
10:Tessa Coils
11:Vinny Long Division
12:Manny Thunk
13:Olivia Apefocker
14:Willow “Cold Butchery” Sunshine
15: Belinda Hive
16:Drusilla “Wine and Dine” Machete
17:Orlando Tombstone
18:Bucket Lisp
19:Lucinda Succotash
20:Weaver Rotterdam
21:Hamlet Jackhammer
22:Pigs Whistling
23:Claudius Removalist
24:Lennox Moth
26:Ross Growling
27:Hecate Verbery
28:Heather Ganger
29:Elbow Southerly
30:Pete Bog
31:Isabella Carny
32:Kitten Smalling
33:Juliet Furnace
34:Juggy Dimestore
35:Gilbert “Genuine Article” Druidly
36:Wicker Thicket
37:Helen Shanks
38:Melancholy Hams
39:Muse Jenkins
40:Moses Brown
41:Roman Decline
42:Aria Throttle
43:Grace “StoneCold” Riddance
44:Max Intentions
45:Pug Tyler
46:Hercules Periot
47:Samuel “The Dead” Waking
48:Kathlyn Castaway
49:Theodore Jogging
50:Fridge Cancer
51:Ivy S’More
52:Friendship Station
53:Air Supply
54:Screen “ForHelp” Trenching
55:Ashes Paving
56:Jizz Archer
57:Hinemoa Arkweld
58:Serpent Bridge
59:Violet Bruising
60:Zeke Hurling
61:Xavier Slothfoul
62:Frank “anchors” Downstairs
63:Simian Grace
64:Benjamin Oscillation Black
65:Gamma Fillets
66: Figs Sickly
67:Khole Dispersal
68:Maurice Junker
69:Tabby Filled
70:Ruby Ocean
71:Quin “Fear Itself” Books
72:Jen Warrior
73:Hooty Galore
74:Zoey Zeigeist
75:Peaches Molotov
76:Bruno Shining PAth
77:Emma Void
78:Colin Buried-Alive
79:Eli Mozambique
80:Africa Wilson
81:Molly “Drinking Problem” Pullover
82:Zed Fullstop
83:Chuck Stakes
84:Timely Arrival
85:Jade Condition
86:Falling Upward
87:Manos Gold
88:Oliver Footnote
89:Hanks Raw
90:India Tombstone
91:Holden “Hooker” Sunset
92:Cammy Winger
93:Drudge Monument
94:Kristos Tuxedos
95:Missy Peyote
96:Bill Crack
97:Forest Yearning
98:Boomer Dogs
99:Watson Chokehold
100:Gelty Finetune

SOme of the discussion about Dungeon Worlds List of NAmes on G+ was fruitful, and here are some of the sweet fruits. Magically enough there was 50 of them!

Hycorax Bamboozle
Dimes Thaddeus
Shark Augustine
Lux Plummeting
Cassius Downhill
Hadrian Fist
Lucia Moonbrute
Harmsway Octavia the 4th
Regulus Bust
Valeria Hammered
Sanguinus Hog
Titanius Yawninggrave
Perplexity Hawke
Florian Anvil
Justine Rising Damp
Adolphus Plumprick
Dagoliir "rag and bone" Sissyilusiius
Jonah Codswallop
Vitus Grope
Lust Brownparcel
Perspicacity Mouse
Precipitation Windmill
Calliope Flayshank
Ivy Punctilious
Messalina Gorse
Cincinnatus Pinchkettle
Abercrombie Flensewell
Conan Farthingale
Pandemonia Toole
Bartleby Oilwell
Jack Fibula
Theodolite Ransom Dodge
Ajax Lowell Panthermusk
Pustulus Pule
Lodestool Libramus
Myles Bodkin
Philotomy Jurament
Pyro Agrippa
Publius Mons
Scröti son of Snöti son of Scumbl Arzecarver.
Galadiir Merekin
Burning Fenfaril
Discharge Lilliastre
Phirosalle Gleaming
Enkirash "swervy" Winesroad
Bone Halwyr
Astrafel House
Daelwyn "ducky" Willowglaive
Feliana Snit
Damarra Hounds
Beans Sistranalle
Thrip Pendrel
Snickering Melliandre
Deedee Dagoliir 
Elysium St.Clair

Wait what the hell okay there is 55. Damn. Okay just cross out the ones you don't like as much.

A fair wad of these are from other people:

Cole "Dangerous" Long, Trent "Change in the House of Flies" B, Jeremy "Juggersteine" Duncan, and Charles "Curtain Hound" Ferguson.

See if you can spot the ones with origins in Dungeon World.



Next up, according to random numbers, is a Peryton.


Sunday 16 September 2012


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF I like drawing monsters, talking in lyrics from songs, that I like
Beholder , telling you what you need to hear

ogre. I love the word ogre.

This is a pegasus. Which is the monster I'm currently assigned by random number to make at the moment

this is a spectre she is dead but with FEELINGS

Thursday 6 September 2012

Climbing on things and stabbing them in their stupid face

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Fighting big creatures. What is really cool is people whaling away at a dragons ankles until it explodes an hour later,  occasionally falling over on the spot  because it hit you too much and someone touches you with glowing blue hands and you get back up again.
Okay that was sarcasm and hyperbole. But yeah what do when the players wanna climb on some big ass monster and stab it in its stupid face.

Like examples from media are pretty endless. SO I've been trying to think up a nice general system (more for if the players are like tiny animals trying to kill a dog or goose or something, but that's a whole other thing)
to handle this.

Some general notes about making sub-systems :

a)Climbing on stuff larger than you is absolutely stupid in real life, so lets forget about trying to accurately model that. Instead, what do you need to account (ie people can or can't left up t-rexs? can or can't survive been kicked in the face by t-rexs?) for in your game, as not to max out the acceptable bullshit for fun quota in your game? Model that.

b)you can make up rules for anything on the spot, and trying to have a rule for everything is counter productive because then you have to look said rules up. Unless you have/are a Mentat.
In that case, say hello to Agent Dale Cooper for me and tell him to LISTEN TO THE FUCKING GIANT FOR FUCKS SAKE!!
So if you are using/considering making a subsystem you gotta think how much does this come up? and is there enough generalities in the situations to make a subsystem around them and is it going to be fun to have one? More or less fun than just ruling based on player skill on the spot?

Say haggling. Let's say you want it to come up a lot in your games because its a Heathens & Hovels setting and you think it adds a touch of authenticity to the whole thing.

And lets say it's not fun (or not fun all the time) for you and the player to ham it up at each other spruiking the miraculous properties of this chicken vs the hunger of their 17 limbless children etc etc.
And you want something that has choices involved, because choices are what make the whole thing fun, rather than roll a charisma check boom it costs this much thing.
THen you should have a subsystem! weeeee.

c)Trying to make a subsystem do all the work for you is futile. As in it's still gonna to need you to make rulings on the spot and players to think up cool things to do that just activating shit on their character sheet. Trying to make it do all the work is MADNESS. As in early grappling rules. As in; trying to work out if its easier or harder to put a centaur or drider in headlock blah blah oh shit its an extensive modifier table. And no-one likes them. NO-ONE.*
So instead treat the subsystem like a general framework ad hoc system to refer back to or build upon as needed, and use the groups interpretation of the circumstances as your guide rather than trying to get the circumstances to fit the subsystem.

Okay that was over-long.

Anyway this subsystem " Scale the Bastard " builds on my homebrewed rules with size coming with built in damage resistance. (and much lower hit points for big creatures)
And by climbing onto the creature you can bypass some or all of that damage resistance depending on much effort you are willing to spend climbing to a good position.

If you do not have damage resistance for large creatures, instead you could use a straight damage bonus for better positions, or improved critical chances or what have you.

For purposes of this subsystem ( " Scale the Bastard" ) the size categories are
Player character size (from halfling to horse)
Large (a really big bear) 5 points of Damage Resistance
Huge (elephants)            10 points of Damage Resistance
Massive (dinosaur)         15 points of Damage Resistance
Colossal (blue whale, super dinosaur) 20 points of Damage Resistance
Titanic (lesser Godzillas) 25 points of Damage Resistance

We are ignoring tiny creatures because what ever, like they are going to have one or 2 hit points any way. And if you want to use this system for gremlins climbing on people have them do like +5 damage if they can get a chance to get to the face or neck or something.

First things , starting the climb. This is a dex/strength
/climbing check. YOu need to be way too close to the creature first,  so you go last in the initiative (or draw an attack of opportunity or whatever) and if it hits you in the round then you can't make the attempt.
SO distract the creature or sneak up on it or whatever.

Once you are on it , congratulations! You are hanging of its side , clinging to it's ankle or whatever. This is called a 1st position. Attacking from here means you get to shave 5 points of that damage resistance! If it's a large creature, that probably  means you are now sitting on its shoulders stabbing it in the face. It's damage resistance is zero, and there is no where left to climb.
If it's a huge creature, you are most likely hanging off its side, and while you get a better shot at its kidneys or gaps in the scales, it still has 5 points of damage resistance left.
So you keep climbing and (if successful) you reach its head (a second position) and can stab it with no damage resistance what so ever!

Basically each time you spend a round climbing you move up a position and shave off 5 points of damage resistances. So while something large (a kodiak bear or ubergorilla) has only one position , a lesser Godzilla has 5.

This is very general and very abstract and is meant only as guide. If the  beast the character is fighting has weak knees, let them get them advantage only half way up (and they say they are going for the knees). If the characters jump onto it from a 3rd storey building, wahey let them start at the 4th position or whatever.

If they are going for its eyes or something, assume you can trade damage for maiming. So instead of doing damage the creature is now blind. Shouldn't blinding do hitpoint damage? YEs but hitpoints maaan they are more like "hit points" and shut up.

Okay so every round you are on the creature you can do one of these things:

Attack! Attack that thing! Show it who's the biggest slice of cheese in the dales!:
You attack bypasses its damage resistance for 5 points per point of position. If it tries to get rid of you , you are at -4 to the resulting stat check though.

Advance! hand over hand up its filth encrusted shaggy hide!:
At the end of this round you increase your position by one

Scramble! It can't catch you, you are an audacious wind! Har HAA!: Like advancing but you are not trying to get anywhere in particular, just scrambling all over it so it can't get a fix on where you are .

This gives you +2 bonus to any stat checks to remain on if the creature tries and scrape you off or rolling on you, and you may use your dex instead of strength if it tries to shake you off.

Hold ON! For dear , sweet,  capricious life, hold on!: You have found a particular firm matted clump of hair or scaly ridge and have braced your self. You can attack (bypassing any damage resistance as per your position) as well as do this but either at -4 to the attack roll or -4 to any stat check to remain on or some other arrangement of that 4 point penalty. You also get -4 to the dex check to avoid taking damage from a roll or a scrape.

MEANWHILE the beast can try and dislodge you ! yes you impudent flea!
This is generally instead of it being able to attack someone else.

Shaking you off: means that you have to make strength check or fall off! Falling damage as per normal.
If you fumble that strength check it means you are flung off! Double the distance you were at before the flinging to determine how much fall damage you take, and roll a scatter diagram to determine direction.
 If you are falling off (not flung off) you can make a dex check and grab on a couple of positions lower (1d3 maybe? Or base it on how much they succeed the dex check by).

Swatting at you: it tries to attack you as per normal. BUT you get a bonus to your a.c of +1 per position , or +2 per position if you are taking the scramble action. Ha ha! It can choose to do damage as normal or do half damage and make you do a strength or dex check or fall off. If gets a natural 20 you are flung off. If it fumbles or misses by 5 or more , it inflicts damage on itself, bypassing  damage resistance as per your current position.

Scraping: it either scrapes itself against a nearby wall or scratches itself like a dog with it's hind leg.
You need to make a dex check (with +2 if you took the scramble action, -4 if you took the attack or hold on action) or take 1d4 per total positions the creature has (ie 1d4 for large, 5d4 for titanic) and then make a strength check (with bonuses if you are holding on) or fall off

Rolling: the creature proceed to roll over and over trying to squish you like the pest you are. This takes a round to begin (giving you effectively one free round) but each round it maintains you can either choose to make a dex check (failure results in a 1d10 damage per total positions of the creature, ie 1d10 for large, 5d10 for titanic) or drop down a position. If you are on position 1 you are now on the ground. The creature may be limited by the terrain in how far it can roll and can't do anything else while rolling. Is prone if that matters for something the size of a building.
If you make attack actions while on it you are nuts but get to add half of any crushing damage you take to the damage you do.

I feel a well constructed table could of made that so much more clear, but my attempts to do so were sadly lacking. IF you know your players are going up against a MASSIVE BASTARD you could make yourself a map of said MASSIVE BASTARD with the different damage resistances for different areas and situational modifiers/mini challenges for hanging onto to its poo dreads vs clambering up its scaly legs. Also giving the players the chance to research vulnerable areas on the creature or spots that it cannot reach you if you are so placed.
Like I said earlier use these rules as guideline , modify heavily for circumstance and player plan and make sure there's a firm understanding between you and your players about what the bullshit quota is.

Think the creature taking the roll action might be the best for it all the time, so maybe that needs be limited by having enough room or something,

sleek snake panther version here: