Thursday 16 April 2015


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I don't know what these are yet but I have 4  5 pictures and I will work out what they are by the end of this post.


It is a ball bearing from the Great Machines that has contemplated its redundancy too long.
It lives in the dark corners of The Machine and will attempt to maintain itself with the parts of others but also organize an revolution against the vile hypocrisy of the machine. It can grind away at physical laws as well as eat you. Might be lurking inside a large enough creature trying to pass itself off as an organ or a cancer


A creature like a floating brain of rotten stone that glides in with the apocalypse. It drifts down after the main big noise armys and dark forces and plants its trunk and extends its roots which start tugging away at all the small things that make the world the world. An agent of Apoptosis.

They come in 2 s and threes . Polite little fellows of black stone and gentle shining faces. They come to the disasters and the ends of things and they offer to go back and time and change one minor thing that just happened in exchange they will observe quietly , watching discretely as everything pretty much pans out the same way as it just did.

When ruins have become less than even that , the Groon might be found there. They drift in the silence and will explain to you what you are seeing , acting like a tour guide or temporal guide dog, telling you all the things that you would see if you could see back in time. However they start in past tense and start referring to things in present tense and then start seeing you as part of the long gone bustling city-scape, and narrating all the things you should be doing.  If you defy this mummery they will become agitated and try repeating themselves louder and louder. Eventually they just might have to swallow you where you will be shrinking and failing forever

A being like a slime colony or metaphysical lichen that slowly grows  itself over anything it can and makes it worse in every way. An area effected by it is a  world made of brittle , half baked , shit cake made of shit that looks boring and shitty. The slime colony is extremely intelligent  and insightful however and possibly knows the weakness and flaw to everything. While communicating with it involves some kind of weird shit telepathy or metastructural empathy, it is happy to trade information for propagation. It prefers to be spread to areas with the potential to become something great. It's not malignant , just hungry.

So apparently those things were elementals based of the Kübler-Ross model

Number 1 is a sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, 2 is painting by Zdzisław Beksińsk and 3 is by Lynn Chadwick