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derangers+encounter table for arabian nights

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Ryan Silva asked for some fluff for a class based on crazy.

 By fluff , I presume you mean the descriptions and all?
I have some what done this!

Actually I think I wandered off and did something else.


So wizards get by on what they know and clerics who they know and everyone else gets by on what ever they get their hands on.
 Derangers however are simply wrong, but too stubborn, dumb, or crazy to realize that they are. ANd that kind of works for them. For awhile any, there is only so long you can cheat luck and casuality before it comes a piling in on them. 6 paths.

charisma : Alienist  destructive resonance mimicry. You mimic someone exactly but just a little bit off setting off existential collapse in the viewer. someone that just cannot quite get social cues . Always too loud or too quiet or too soon. Treat any negative charisma modifiers as positive for purposes of adding to hit and damage rolls against intelligent foes. If using stat checks, roll over charisma for intimidation, bluff or any social situation that doesn't require the other party to like you afterwards . An Alienist risks total catatonic ego collapse.

wisdom . Delusionist. If you believe hard enough its real for you. Can perceive patterns in unconnected events and then influence them anyway. Risk seeing everything so interconnected that they dare not take a single step lest it set off a lethal chain of consequence. Treat negative modifiers to wisdom as positive as long as you can make up an explanation for everything. As soon as you hesitant on a explanation or get caught out on a contradiction it is negative again.  

intelligence: Faker: not a real wizard. Sometimes not a real anything.  Suspected rogue illusion .Manages to cast spells but not the same one twice. Risks losing hold on their own reality. (thanks to Jensan Thuresson)

constitution:Wretch: a hypochondriac that makes up new diseases to fight the diseases they already have. It works most of the time, making them a dangerous petridish of virulent mystic plagues. Risks losing the delicate balance of ills and vomiting up organs.

strength: Beast: Those guys that think they are a werewolf. You actually get the stats of the werecreature with the hitdice nearest your level, but must spend a equal amount of time with the mentality of the prey animal/plant

dexterity: Loon: drunken master even when sober

Jensan wanted an Arabian nights encounter table for a harbour city.
 (roll a d12 for night time, 2d6 for day time)
Which is funny because I was reading some of it the other day. Man some of the originally stories were filthy. That one about the 3 christian knights is basically paragraph after paragraph about how they smelt like farts and would steal the teeth from their own grandma while sodomizing a black slave. While farting.  I'm serious.

1 . Ghuls gambling on fresh body parts
2. Wailing woman. She has lost her family to a curse/Jinn/scheming vizier
3. Mysterious fountain. Will speak riddles and inflict curses for those that fail to deriddle the riddle.
4.Guards enforcing bizarre edicts of Sultan.
5.Trained Monkey or Dog or Parrot. Possibly all 3 in a gang. probably cursed with a long story behind it
6. Pickpockets
7. Cursed beggar with long story about what happened.
8. Enchanted animal being sold as ordinary animal, pleading for help. Because curse. Has a long story behind it.
9. Street Cobras.
10. Scheming Merchant , really disguised genius/scheming vizier/ Jinn. Has a scheme to get around the curse on some treasure.
11.Mischievous Pair of Jinn looking for a truly good being and a truly evil being. Because wager.
12.Ghost with a long story and a curse.

Look here is random generate for some of these storys and schemes:


  1. Thanks so much!

  2. I think the best way to do Tales of the Arabian Nights would probably be to have an NPC start telling the story, then have the PC's control characters in the story. Then those characters meet a guy who starts telling a story, and they switch to characters in that story. Over and over, until you reach the end and rocket back up through about 15 story layers in five minutes.

    1. haha yeah as long as like there is curses as well