Wednesday 22 August 2012

Post Apoc Armour and a chameleon

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Seth S that's a chameleon prize for you, for everyone else here's some post-apoc armour stuff that I had kicking around for a now dismantled project. Anyway so you have your armour categories which do what ever armour does in your setting. You need a minimum of  X pieces of armour to qualify for that category.

Armour categories Light 2 pieces
                             Medium 4 pieces must include chest armour
                             Heavy 6 pieces must include chest armour and  either a helmet or greaves and gauntlets
                             Very Heavy : Must have 2  relics/high magic/ power armour etc

Items with a + beside them count as 2 pieces. Items with a - break if an attack roll rolls exactly what it needs to hit  you. Do I need to say that you can only effectively wear one piece of each type?

milk crate -
bike helmet  -
motorbike helmet +
fencing helmet
Pot -
Big soup pot with eye holes
Hockey mask
Pitchers mask
Kendo Mask +
Army Helmet (metal) +
Pith Helmet
Safety Hat
Welding Mask -
Riot Helmet +
Mascot head -
LArge animal skull -

Leather jacket (fashionable. At some point anyway)
Motorcycle leather jacket +
Boiled leather Cuirass   +
Phone books taped together to make vest +
Bullet Proof vest +
Chain links (from bed)
actually Chain mail +
Downhill Mountain bike chest guard +
Horse riding vest
Football armour
Pot lids tied to chest and back +
Sides of shopping trolley attached to front and back+
Woven inner tubes +
Breast guard
Backs of office chairs taped together

Mud guard from motor cycle
Shinguard (hockey or soccer) -
Motor cycle boots
Riding Boots
Steel capped boots
Safety shoes (steel capped)
Gumboots (steel capped)
groin guard (sports)
Metal cod piece
Bike chain kilt
Plate skirt
Street sign loincloth/tabard
Knee pads (sports) -
Knee pads, doll heads
Soft-toys packed with sand taped to legs -
Section of tire

magazines taped to forearms -
Spiked Leather greaves
Motor cycle long gloves
MMA gloves
Skateboard wrist protectors
Padded bikechain wrapped around forearms
P.V.C pipe
Drain Hosing-
Elbow pads (sports) -
Elbow pads (doll faces)
Plate Gauntlet +
Chain gloves (butchers)
Thick leather gloves
gardening gloves -
Greeves made from shopping trolley
Section of tire (car or motorcycle)

Poltroon pauldron/gardbrace (antique)
Poltroon    pauldron/gardbrace(from riot armour)
Goat/Horse/Cow Skull
Metal eagle
Football shoulder pads
Motorcycle tire, section
Teddy Bear packet with sand or polyfill
Small shopping basket
Milk Crate
Cooking Pot


  1. I like the hint of triceratops in the chameleon. Like it knows that somewhere waaaaaaay back in the bloodline, his great to the power of nth graddy pappy stuck it to the Tryranno-Man.

    1. Except chameleons did not involve from dinosaurs , Reptiles branched off from the dinosaurs ancestor way before there were dinosaurs. I just thought I would share that

    2. aw, don't shatter chameleon's illusions. he looks so happy believing he's part dinosaur

  2. Wow, I'm sorry I haven't checked in in a while, that Chameleon is totally sweet and is bursting with all kinds of personality. Thanks for drawing it Scrap.

  3. Poltroon (antique)

    Armoured in layers of spatchcocked cowards. *Chortle*

    1. Butts. I thought that was how you spelt it . Pauldron is what I meant. But now that I look it up I guess I'm thinking of a Gardbrace.