Thursday, 14 May 2015


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3.secret rooms


5. eyes

6. castles

7. whimsical companion

8. thought pin

Guns with teeth:

1. the standard semiliving one that shoots teeth like bullets. Looks like a Fiji mermaid or a Jenny Haniver
2. Also living. Like a half melted nautilus prototype. Half in this dimension half in an overlapping one. Has a radula in the other dimension but can use it on things in this dinmension , though it wouldn't be visible only the horrible damage it is doing. There is a spacial refraction  between the 2 dimensions and the tongue bore down  where the gun is pointed. Basically it works like a hitscan weapon.

3. A long rotten canine , the rot shaping it crudely like a gun. It shoots rot. Or rather things rot when the gun is upon them

4.Bone and rusted bloodwet mechanism. Like a jack in the box you wind the handle and a megladon tooth on the end of chain springs out to about 10 metres. The chain is threaded with similar smaller teeth. Twisting a knob releases the remaining kinetic energy causing the chain to flail around as it retracts fucking everything up in a swathe as it reloads. Some versions come with a music box inside so you can tell when the handle is nearly wound up. It plays backward when you wind it up and forwards (and speed up) when it comes back.

5. It's cookie cutter shark mouthed black tube with a discrete handle. You squeeze just so and it gnaws at the air, leaving a slight greasy blur. Then you can later squeeze again and it will latch and gnaw furiously at the spot , hooking anything there firm until it has eaten out a neat hole.

6. It's a greasy kludge of fused bone and teeth. You point it at people and it sucks the bones out of them and onto itself.

7.A thing made of clay like wind instrument made by someone who is afraid of wind instruments and was meant to be making a gun described to them by a child. Shooting it (point and whistle) makes a wind slow rise out of it and then quickly snick forward with a ripple of metre long teeth rising and falling from the ground in a cascading wave

8.This one looks like early flint lock, the stock and the barrel cracked and repaired with silver and gold. Black string hangs off it with holed teeth clacking on them. It fires completely silently but if you fail to collect and string teeth from anyone you shoot with it the gun will explode next time it is fired. It can be repaired though with silver and gold melted down from filings being the cement needed

Especially Exciting Places to Find Teeth:
(skipping the obvious Vagina Dentata )

1.Pockets, Hats, Gloves
4.Clumps of hair

Some Teeths: (click through for source)

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