Saturday, 10 December 2011

GORGON and residencey photossss

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Okay so I'll put the cute photos of the gorgon at the start and then I'm gonna start to go on about Dunedin. GORGON!

Okay so I'm in Dundedin for a couple of months on a unofficial residency. Dunedin is like 30% students, 10% beer 30% castles 10% empty buildings 26% 50 year olds with high waisted jeans doing every single job 15% obscure artists/noise musicians
And  now 100% me!

okay I'm bored of uploading pictures of castles, but yeah these are all in about one block of each other.
Oh and that one with the crest with the lion and unicorn?
the unicorns crotch...
I can't help but think that the sculptor modeled the dick off his own or perhaps a particular favourite of his/hers as way of signing the work.
Next up is , rolling the dice,... an Ear seeker. Huh.


  1. Love the Gorgon. If my adventurers met that in a dungeon, they'd get all confused by its cuteness and ultimately die...

  2. Isn't a phallus kind of redundant on a unicorn? Or maybe I'm being excessively Freudian. Anyway, if I ever let my players fight a Gorgon, I will show them a picture of yours and tell them that this is exactly what it looks like.

  3. To be clear, I think "misshapen, grotesque and disturbing" describes it better than "cute".

  4. @ronson
    Phallus's (phallsi? phalli? phallus?) are kinda redundant anyway, especially if my designs for hot glittery space genitalia ever become plausible. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON FERTILITY TREATMENT RESEARCH FUNDING SCIENCE MAKERS WHO ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW AND SPEND IT ON DESIGNS FOR NEW GENITALS I HAVE DESIGNSSSSSSS

    yes I will cheerfully concede your point on "cute"

  5. also the building with classy greek columns is Dunedin's strip club. And the one behind is empty, and its massive.

  6. I could stare at that dick for hours