Saturday, 14 July 2012

I draw pictures

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So not alot of sewing has happened recent, and while a fair amount of game material has been generated , sadly it all has too much loose ends for me to feel A OKAY putting it here. Actually I really wanna include my the stuff from my 4 reals d&d newbie friendly, but sadly it exists only in print format and maaaybe on a usb somewhere, after my external hard drive realized existence is not longer worth the effort. Wah wah wah etc.
So here's some stuff I've been drawing for various and sundry things, as a filler between posts:

THis is from Great Murderous Land, which was sparked by (as is a lot of the activites in my life) a joke that kept going from the ridiculous into the sublime. Ish.
So yeah Jez of  had some post on g+ saying hey all you <then rattled of a bunch of titles> blah blah blah, and then some conversation started about how it would awesome if those were base  classes for some kind of post apoc australia-ish dungeon crawl setting. And  so I started thumping out Great Murderous Land. Which I am slowly pecking  away at, and will put here when its done. Huzzah and shit. Anyway these are the core classes:


Children of Too Many  Eye Teeth




Men Of Ill Repute

Mystic Prancer

Nay Sayer






Women of No Dispute
Oh look I'll include a link to the google document if your really want.

Next is some pictures of some of the bad guys from NOT MY DISCO:Cry freedom Cry Glitter games that have been on g+

blah blah shameless negaverse expys.

And lastly a big stack of scrawlings I send to Jeff Rients (who I get like a huge chuck of traffic from so, I'm gonna presume you know him) for a flailsnails newsletter thing. Which I hope is not some illustrator ill-etiquette for me to include them here as well. Apologize if it is.
SPECIAL PRINCESS PRIZE!!! I will give a free commission drawing and or hand sewn monster to the first person that can name all the songs the text is from. Howdy Howdy Howdy and Fake Childhood are not from songs, Fake Childhood is something I used to tag, and Howdy Howdy Howdy is a No-Prize if you can guess it.
"el dopa gonna fix me"

"nothing to do in this town"

"we can be heroes"

"and this will stay with you your whole life"

"swim as dolphins can swim"

"I can shit outside if I want to"

"Then it really did start to matter"

"Fake Childhood"

"(oh) Baby, why wouldn't you talk to me"

"it's a job it's a job"

"cry for everything sad that's happened"

"where do people like us go?"

"we were hungry before we were born"

"gotta lot of birds"

"where the elephant man snaps strongmen's necks and has too many powers"
Maybe I just need(ed) the bang

"howdy howdy howdy"

COMPLICATIONS! One of the song lyrics is actually the title of the song, and I don't believe the song has words, and some of the lyrics maybe mis-remembered. And some are from the same song. So that's a little extra C.R for you. Ha.
If no-one gets all the songs, the prize will go to the person who has got the most right , entry by email or comment below . EMail is TOILETdon'ttypethisWORLDULTRA <<<at>>> gmail <<<.>> <<<com>>>

Next sunday is when I will decided the USURPER QUEEn/winner


  1. The dretch is fantastic (they all are, but the dretch!!!!)

    1. Glad you like it! you gonna try and WIN PRIZES?

  2. I'm going to try and win prizes later, but I gotta say the "Where do people like us go" makes my heart ache just a bit.

    Poor guy.

  3. first one is el dopa by big black i think,
    next one is kerosene
    then its a david bowie song

    that's all i got right now

  4. "It's a job, It's a job" is from Misery's the River of the World by Tom Waits

  5. Replies
    1. That's the one. Hmm no-one has got more than 2 yet. Might just send a picture of your choice to everyone that guesses at least one . MAYBE