Friday 18 April 2014

Grappling Rules, Stat check saving throws

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I scribbled some notes on grappling rules while avoiding the rain at a friends house and it's been a week(ish) since the last post and now they are here.


Make an attack. Generally this attack will go after all the other attacks happening because it counts as the shortest weapon.
If you successfully hit make an contested stat check. You and the target both choose if you want to use strength or dexterity .

A contested check works by both contestants try and roll under their stat . The one who succeeds by the most wins. The amount you win by is called the outcome

In the result of a tie, whatever was happening before the check keeps happening. So in the result of an attempt to start grappling, no grappling happens.

If neither party succeeds their check , it counts as a tie.


If you have successfully grappled someone you can inflict the outcome as stat damage to their strength or dexterity (that only lasts while the grapple is maintained) or inflict it straight to their hitpoints (which is treated as normal) via a variety of head butts , knees , body slams or constrictions.

If you have a small weapon or a natural attack like wolf jaws, a cestus,  or a dagger you can add that weapon/attacks damage to the outcome when inflicting hitpoint damage like this.

If reduce your opponent to zero strength or dexterity  they are pinned and can't do stuff other than yell and curse your parentage.

To get out of a grapple , as an attack , you make a contested check (as above) but at a disadvantage (roll twice and take the worst result) . If you win this you can then leave the grapple, or inflict damage as above. Any stat damage you inflict is also restored from any you may of taken.

If you have pinned someone you can then choked them out. It will take a round + their constitution modifier in rounds. They will then be unconscious. After that amount of time again they will be dead.
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I like stat check saving throws. But they mean spells work a lot less than usual.

So I was thinking about making all spells have a mild effect that usuals happens , a severe effect that happens on a bad safe, and a no effect that happens a good save.

AND THEN I was like oh I could give just give spells a duration of like 5 -outcome and
the damage like 2d10 - outcome
(because I'm into spells being used more often and not being one of the biggest sources of damage in the game, so I'm also scaling the damage down like this)

Haven't put it into practice or really sorted the math but this post dovetailed neatly in covering it.

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