Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Teaser page for Fire on the Velvet Horizon

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So it's pretty much done. Just some final fuckery now with cover font sizes and shifting a thing to the left or right a bit.
"Wait what is done?"

Fire on The Velvet Horizon

It's a book of monsters, 100ish to be exact. The original seed for it was me asking Patrick if he would like to write monsters based on pictures , as a whimsical little experiment in reversing what had been happening for the Pariahs of Creation.
At some point he decided 100 was a good achievable number and it kinda balloon into a bit more of thing than was previous envisioned. Anyway the process involved a screaming horde of half developed drawings, sketchs, doodles, scrawls and marginalia being set at him and him them gestating whatever took residence in his head. I was often surprised at what grabbed him and where it took him.

So the book. The layout was done more or less by hand, the drawings are violent and out of my responsibility , it looks like nothing else around right now . It looks like this:

If you think that is something that exites you so much , then great.
If you have developed several twitches at it, then like, go peruse everything else in the world

It will be able for sale in about 3-4 days on lulu. So right now I'm just kinda fucking with you. Or making sure you are all Informed Customers.


  1. Quick question, is it a rpg book? (With OSR stats and such on an unseen second page per monster?) Either way, looks really cool!

    1. It's a rpg book in the sense it mentions adventurers and all the monster are written in a way to suggest ways that the monsters are possible relevant to you favourite scheming band of malcontents , but no stats.
      Didn't really have room and there isn't really a system out that I like enough that is also generic enough to write stats for.

    2. O.k! Not a deal-breaker that it doesn't, I was mostly curious. :)

  2. This looks ridiculously amazing. I think it might be my favourite thing I've ever seen from you two.
    Absolutely excited. Can it be had in pdf?

  3. lulu? why no love for drivethru rpg or rpg now?