Thursday, 15 October 2015

There I fixed it part 1 rock paper scissor in rpg

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People suggested some things to fix in rpg with (a maximum of)* 4 paragraphs and a table.

First up is Matthew Sanchez:

"rock paper scissors? i guess when you both throw the same thing over and over again."


But I am going to go with the what to do in the event of a tie and list all the options in a table

1. A thumbs up thumbs down round. If you want to continue (WITH THE STAKES NOW DOUBLED) do thumbs up, if you don't thumbs down. If want to continue and the other person does not , you get half their stake if applicable or you get the contested item but give them a forfeit of lesser value

2. Reverse what beats what. Scissor now beats rock etc. Another tie reverses it back.

3. Add another clause or stake to the bet. Keep playing.

4. Assuming going on count of 3 , the round after the tie now goes on a count of 6 but a hand still must be thrown on the 3 though it counts for nothing. Another tie increases the count to 9 and a false hand must be thrown on the previous 3 and 6 , etc

* I Just added this subsclause so there

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