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Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF so you can do skills and some starting equipment as a background and then make playing non-humans as an option to have instead of a background and then you can have these non-human archetype to go with whatever pathfinder bullshit the players want but if they want to have a non-human but still don't have any ideas there's some tables I'm really tired and not making this easier for anyone

(and this bit of the current "players handbook" I'm using for home games that will be here for y'all once it's been tested a bit more. The stats are Learnings, Toughness, Dexterity, Wits, Perception, Strength, and it's not a homebrew unless you have atleast one pointless stat renaming. The background skill system was influenced by Zzarchov Kowolski's Neo-Classical Geek Revival

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Your background  determines what Stuff you have and any usefully skills  you may have picked up.
When you are playing the game and you try something that requires an Stat check and you think that your past might be relevant tell the g.m. If they are convinced you will get an Advantage to the roll. Make a note of this, because you will get Advantage any other time a situation similar to this happens. Then make Learnings roll.. If you succeed you can keep bringing up your Past in future. If you fail, that's it. That is all your character managed to get the hang off.

You may choose or roll a past from below. The weapon and armour description is mainly for how you picture your character, ignore it if it is not interesting.

Starts with:
Sacks, long hooked pole, protective mask, shovel
your weapons and armour is:
"scrounged and repaired"

Starts with:
dried meats, snares, calls, scent
your weapons and armour is:
"self made and simple"

Starts with:
esoteric cultural item, concealed jewellery,compass,trade item
your weapons and armour is:
"distinctive and unfamiliar"

Starts with:
domesticated animal, basic trade good, lard, homebrew
your weapons and armour is:
"repurposed tools"

Starts with:
bad drugs, stolen valuable, blinding dust, caltrops
your weapons and armour is:
"stolen and/or easily concealable"

Starts with:
jewellery, weird drugs, reading material, clockwork toy
your weapons and armour is:
"gaudy and distinctive"

Starts with:
lantern, maps, crowbar, chalk
your weapons and armour is:
"ancient and rare"

Starts with:
divination tools, spirit cleansing incense, fireworks, blankets
your weapons and armour is:
"anointed and festooned"


Instead of these you can be something NOt HUMAN. They won’t have any stuff, but their Past is used in the same way as other Backgrounds.
Upon choosing one of these you will need  your highest stat to be one of the two listed, you will need to swap it is not.

Some kinda of talking upright animal person like a possum-man or pangoliod, a funguy,  a short hairy irish-esque person, a silly goblin man or walking plantpart
You are Slight (makes some things harder other things easier) but only the other player characters can understand what you say (and maybe things close enough to what you are.).
Your highest stat is now either Dexterity or Perception
If you can’t think of anything use below table.
1. Fun-guy : a walking toadstool dude
2. Hobbot: a cheery little man with hairy feet and this accent, what is it? You don’t know, very rustic and cheeky.
3. Boggle: Ugly , big nosed , squeaky darkness dweller. Like decorated a gnome with bat parts
4.Cocofolk: It’s a coconut but with adorable little limbs . What a fellow
5. TikkityTok: A wind up toy , with all the complicated parts of a person but with cogs and a furnace.
6. Ragdolly: cloth sack filled with life and hair! Smiling face , oh it digusts to watch you eat
7. The Garbage Eating Friend: A rat or raccoon or oppossom, but walking about on 2 legs and touching everything with it’s uncanny pale hands
8. Hand Faced Cat: This isn’t right at all.

Large! Of impressive physical form if not always large, is somehow dense, or potent. A walking crocodile, an anger statute , or just a bearded near-boulder up blinking from below!
You are Burly (makes somethings harder other things easier) but Impetuous! If you (the player) say your character is doing something , your character is immediately attempting it , no take backs or “but wait” if you have spoken too soon.
Your highest stat is now Strength or Toughness .
If you can’t think of anything to be use below table :
1. Gladigator: A scaley lizardy fight man of blood sport
2. Alive Statue: of what purpose it has life?
3. Grim Earth Miner: you have a beard and if imagination fails, a scottish accent
4. Piggy: Fierce and bestial , just appetite or a misunderstood savage?
5.Gorilla of your Dreams: Primate trailblazer.
6. Morlock: Degenerate future bruiser, like an albino neanderthal with crazy shag hair
7. Beetleborglar: A mass of chitin ,choppy bits, intimidation , and insectile authority
8.Rat-Ogre: Fierce rodent snooted head but no cowering squeaker , just this towering nuggety body

Shimmering and foreign, not like us, with their insights , androgyny and arcane ways. You could be a pointed eared superhuman , a walking butterfly, blue skinned jewel eyed deceptionist or a Many-Bowie.

You don’t have as many biologically limitations as everyone else, choose 2 things like “sleep”, “eating”, “aging”, “fatigue”, “illness”  to not need or suffer.  On the other hand your alien-ness means something everyday and harmless , scalds you like boiling water. Something as common as salty liquids, fresh water, iron or song.

Your highest stat is now Learnings or Wits.

1.Bug Eyed Being : thin and insectile with kind alien eyes
2.Fairy Explorer : A man-pixie , long limped and clad in forest green
3.The Spell Who Lived: A idealised figure, conjured as illusion and now partial real!
4.Pygmalion : Eerie delicate artifice , quicken by creator or god dreams
5.Sorcerer's child : your hair is smoke , your wit and eye the fire
6.Flower-being: A pollen smudged face collared  by petal , step with stem or root
7. Star-Man: from the upper upper air, soft and silvery
8. Not-Quite-Ghost: You are cold and ethereal, hearted stopped but not your will.

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