Sunday, 4 June 2017


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I now begin to document Arnold K's non-pig related crimes by making opposites of monsters

Do you know the movie Cube and the passing idea that the whole thing was bureaucratic mistake that became too big to shut down so everyone kept doing their job even their job was to maintain a murder-cube in the desert? Civillians are those people . When societies reach certain densities and complexity certain jobs and professions mysteriously that are seemingly irrational, perverse , and destructive (no not advertising, but sure) .  Very little people know about these jobs , and often the only way to find out about them is to be a target for them. Nothing about Civillians is objectively different from regular humans, and yet there's something wrong or too average , or not right about them. If you have ever stumbled upon something on the internet that you can't tell if it's a spam-bot or a person, that is like a Civillian. Their conversation, beliefs , and mannerisms seem to be a slightly ill-matched collection of cliches, stereotypical behaviour, and populism. 

Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Geryon (Arch-devil) , Dispater
The Haze, arch-civillian : a infection that settles on someone and makes everyone seem like a Civillian to them , a mass of noise and shapes, not real not real even though the blood and screams seems almost real. Possible not an independent entity and a condition that happens if you kill or become too focused on Civillians.

-- Barbed (Lesser devil) 
Developer: dictate that roads and streets make dangerous runes, mazes, absurd concentrations of population, and low level malignant architecture and civil engineering . If there's paperwork saying a graveyard should be disturbed or a haunted forest pushed into, it's a Developer.

-- Bone (Lesser devil) 
Runs pawn shops that appear to the desperate offering a really good price for their most valued possession. Will then disappear somewhere else, sell that item to someone that the original seller will run into. Burglaries that turn into murders tend to happen 

-- Erinyes  
Basically the Stasi , see here 

-- Horned 
catch stray children , sell them to guilds for use as apprentices, who generally use them in really shitty jobs

-- Ice 
If you find a stolen child and then try and get them off the guilds and the guilds go well actually that's against the law, you need to pay us this prohibitive amount of money , and you think "Who would write such laws?" . Legalators.
Never anything absurd and huge , just minor , petty , laws , that cause an additional sting to any injustice.  Homosexual men let out of nazi concentration camps but then put back in prison because Homosexuality was still a crime , is a classic Legalator move.

-- Lemure
Just a regular person that seems so devoid of imagination , insight, or depth . Friendly but draining. The Co-worker you avoid but can't explain why.  Harmless except other Civillians can command them telepathically to do anything without regard for self-preservation 

-- Pit Fiend 
The source of ideas such as using lead for drinking cups, feeding cow brains to cows, adding radium to everything. Never around when the corpses/mutations/insect swarms start to mount up.

Burgress Shale Arthopods, but they take the place of common animals that live in and around human homes like rats, bats , cats, mice , roaches

Displacer beast:

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