Thursday 13 July 2017

Class Four

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Sooo that backwards monster manual was kicked off by getting some prompts to do paragraph long posts.

The idea being all my post ideas were spiralling off into things that were too laborious to get typed out, and the very first idea I use takes 3-4 posts to do.

Anyway , let's try this again

Ian Reilly said:

A 4d10 chart of alternative classes for a basic four class game to replace fighter/thief/mu/cleric

Did you know Ian that (displacerklaus) did something like this?

Anyway, I also will do this and not use the word synergic 


4d10 chart.. so this could be a "4-40" type deal (no) or a 4 column d10 table (yes).

The columns could be based on "classic" roles.

Though the roles people assume as classic
(fighter->tank/meatshield, cleric->healer, thief->"dps", wizard->area control/damage(?) )
are a lot informed by mmorpg .

The thief's original role was extremely entangled with how the g.m ran the game, with how they use traps, surprise, creature awareness, other classes ability to sneak or discover things etc.

And the backstab ability somehow grew into the idea of the thief as weedy but opportunistic super stabber.

I've never really like this, and also think it's weird having ambush and dirty tricks fighting styles not be a fighter thing.

As any professional murderer/soldier/gladiator/bruiser is going to take full and frequent advantage of any combat advantage they can.

It's only the (arguably mythologized) "chivalric knight" or "honourable samurai" that these techniques are a poor fit for.

Though a "warrior caste" class that is build around the central idea of it coming from a culture that has either heavily ritualised/ limited/controlled warfare or the caste is more about embodied of the values of the culture than military effectiveness .

There's more to be expanded on the idea of roles, where to split class, if they need to work ..together , etc.
But I'm getting vague on it, so table time:


1. Deceptionist
2. Scab-miner
3. Haptic
4. Liminator 
5. Ghoul
6. Loon
7. Tar-jack
8. Leech-wife
9. Zephyr
10. Under-thing

power source:
1. Occult/Secret/Tainted knowledge
2. Mutation or Physical superness
3. Magic/Spirits/Totemic /Channeling Primal Force
4. Weird Hunger(s)
5. Extreme Skill/Talent/Techniques
6. Unhumanity/Otherness
7. Parasites/Weird Friends/ Pets/ Devices
8. Nasty Bargains, Eldritch Patron
9. Schemes/bullshit/savvy
10.Roll twice, combine.

situations generally best at:
1. Fights, close
2. Fights, distance
3. "Diplomacy" , making friends
4. Discovery 
5. Surviving
6. Extra-lateral movement
7. Healing and Blighting
8. Off-piste solutions
9. Mayhem
10. Crime

also handy for:
1. A lot of damage real fast
2. Structure destruction
3. Blast Radiuses , spread out damage, crowd control
4. Being widely adored
5. Creeping people out
6. Noticing things
7. Quartermastering, foraging, "food"
8. Unnoticeability 
9. Resource/Hazard manipulation
10. Fixing , maintenance, repairs 

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