Tuesday 6 March 2018

Rey and Patrick Argued About Crystals

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EDIT: Added some ""on brand""  ""content""
and Lo! it happened

take aways from this:

> Rey is relentlessly agreeable

>Rey is also a relentlessly weeaboo. At one point he tries to think of a sword type other than katana. He does not succeed. To be fair Rey did say scimitar first and spends a couple of seconds wrestling with his weebness before submitting and saying katana. He manages to name drop only one obscure anime however.

>Rey says "To Be Fair" dozens of times and it's now in my vocabulary now  : /

>I get called the queen of fungus or suchlike and was confounded by such a charge and then there's a direct quote from me justifying that so : /

>I once ate a bunch of more-or-less identified boletes that were kind of old and got real nauseous just before a plane ride and was faced with the possibility of mad shitting myself on said plane but made myself throw up and it was fine

>don't eat "more or less" identified wild mushrooms. This is fucking stupid and I've at least twice made myself unwell by doing it because I don't fucking learn.

>like I was 100% sure that they weren't the "can kill with just a bite" types. So like I'm an idiot but not a fucking idiot.

>where was I? Oh good points made on both sides (Patrick makes much more good points though)
but numerous concepts and angles of g.m-ing and setting building are covered briskly and interestingly

>Thanks Kiel Chenier for organizing and recording this! You will be interned most honourably with the rest of the God-Kings prize trinkets

also too busy writing usable game content to write any usable game content to bookend this post so :/
 The main takeaway from the debate/sound thrashing of a weeb is that you make something banal and trite good by having it bleed when you cut it

which , to be fair , I think I got from one of Rey's arguements

unless it already bleeds then nah/

Also here is table of things to use instead of crystals or baked goods that are easily understood and visual familiar  (fungus already mentioned in debate)

1. Animal skulls, esp the weird ones like moles, and the human but not , i.e monkeys
"elves cough me up"
 2. homunculus
either the cortical one or the medival one
3. Preserved parts of Saints
4. Bandages stained with the blood of martyrs

5. Oversized Teeth; both animal and human
6. Beetles and other numerous and distinctive bugs
8.Murmuring mouths 
9. Grails
10. Minarets


  1. I said this on Patrick's FB, but I'll reiterate:crystals are a noun, an adjective and a verb. They're a state that another object can be in. Even another concept. Crystals can colonise anything, no host is too strange or abstract (air, fire, emotion, space, time and so on). The repetitous territories of the crystal interior (I was so proud of this line when i was drunk), lead to a paradoxical state of stasis and motion (the endless geography simulates movement): a natural home for consciousness, one might suggest (and other energies/concepts that cannot be measured, only witnessed ). They are content reduced or transmitted into endless journey; inhabited but never owned (I liked that bit of written guff also). Frozen things that are alive: incomprehensible states of being and perception=always interesting/ scary.

    There was a JG Ballard novel, the Crystal World... the crystals stop time, feed on reality as we know freezing it in planes and angles. That was a creepy story. Very creepy.

    Come on Rey, Hoth can't be saved, but the Crystal Dudes fight on!

    Ok, they should have another name.

  2. Also a Bismuth reality is a fucking great aesthetic for a universe/cosmology, each plane of the infinitely receding ziggurat fractal an actual world, reality or (yes) plane.

    1. on the other hand http://www.dragonarmyone.com/_/rsrc/1404335657720/Home/index/fantasy-house-rules/character-creation2/coreraces/dragonborn/gem-dragonborn/c6687d837269c2394fa78f6335ec72a4.jpg

    2. On reflection, an awesome crystal man. I missed the halo, first look.

    3. I shared that link to demonstrate what I thought was unarguable ugly-ass crystal dragon man, the worst excesses of high-fantasy un-imagination trope-mash.
      Like look at his coy fucking semi-toga.
      But hey if you like him then my loss

    4. I'm not sure if I do, or I felt guilty about being so dismissive of him in the first place.

      Fuck it. I stand by it. He's a time angel. My misunderstanding lead me to appreciate something I otherwise wouldn't have.

      Taste is mutable depending upon one's empathy for the other person. I thought 'Scrap Princess thought this was good... maybe I was missing something'. And I was, dammit.


      What year is this?

  3. runners up : flowers, smoking chimneys , eyes, syringes , gargoyles, burning or bleeding calligraphy, wings, wheels, shells

  4. That Crystal Dude is pleasing, but I think, missing what actually does make crystals interesting. I'll try and be less pretentious: interiors. Crystals have stuff going on inside them and you can see it and whatever it is you can see, now follows the aesthetic of the crystal in question, its refraction reflection/ordered geometry.

    Screams look good in crystal.

    I've not even touched on Superman 2.