Monday 9 September 2019


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF I got nothing for this here blog until some projects are done or 2020 rolls around. Not sure which will happen first though.

See you then have some art in the meantime


  1. Replies
    1. I play via video hangout sometimes? But I can't seem to work on something and be gm-ing at the same time . I think as a gm one needs to have a "Use whatever works with as little effort" mentality to get an ongoing session happening sustainably . While if one is writing something , it's gotta push the envelope way more than that.

      But yeah one of the plans after shit is finished is to just run stuff again and let myself enjoy it more and not get all over-wrought about wanting to dismantle the game system every session

    2. Tbh, I think I enjoy creating more than playing 0.o. Like, I do genuinely enjoy the actual process of RP and GMing, usually more than I fully appreciate except when I'm actually doing it, but it often feels more like a vehicle to jump-start or motivate creation.

  2. These are very nice, I like the bushfire.

    (If it's not a bushfire I like it anyway.)