Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Why did I click this, it's barely a sentence III : TO SPACE

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF " Alien Warlock"  is 2 word phrase of such promise.
Not only does it tell us that there's aliens and at least one of the them can cast magic, it suggests that there's enough going with magic that one needs to dig up the weirder words to specify just what kind of magically empowered lunacy you are telling with.

Additionally if you have magic , you have the ability for a consciousness to shove the objective bits of reality around on its terms. Which by extension means(or maybe just implys)  that this reality has the subjective experience of it fundamental to its very axioms.

But because you have Aliens (as opposed to just Jovians or Martians etc. I mean Martian Sorcerer is also a fucking delight but that's maybe a different post) you have subjective perspectives beyond a human scope .

And these too will matter to the very basis of reality ,  A  universe written in cacophony of languages .


  1. and alien magic could be... anything
    human magic is built around things we can't do but want to - flight, fireballs, etc.
    but what do they want? what do they aspire to? that is their magic

  2. Alien Warlock
    Martian Sorcerer
    Cellar Door

    1. I've never got the cellar door one but it's possibly the accent I think in

  3. mm hmm