Thursday, 6 February 2020


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(might of even done this one before)

A TABLE OF SPICE to apply to acceptable but bland adventure content

1.Half the monsters will always fight the other half , due to warring parasite worm super-colonies . One results in blue luminous worms in the eyes , the other red luminous worms in the eyes. The psychic commanding queen worms of each side are found entirely filling the body of the least likely monsters. When a monster is slain the worms will leave the body a couple of minutes later and can take over any sleeping host

2. All friendly(ish) npcs are actually escaped dreams of a ever sleeping monster

3.Everything comes back to life worse

4.Herbivores are now predators and vice versa 

5.Any rocks or stone materials within a size window of a loaf of bread to big enough to built a house on have been chained down to the bedrock or they will fall upwards. Weird gnomic people climb out of shadows every pre-dawn to check on all their work, add more chains where necessary , and sometimes singing down lost rocks.

6. All monsters , despite initial appearances , are some kind of mollusk, their bonelessness only making their movements disturbing not less able. They each have a tiny shell hidden somewhere where they keep their soul.

7.Everything is on or in an iceberg

8. Two versions of everything exist. The shit-head version at nighttime and the happyland version from til dusk.

9.All monsters are made of sewn together hairless cats, dogs and rats. The hair is elsewhere

10.All monsters are made of a single human body, distorted and enlarged as necessary


  1. I support the Machomanrandysavageosaur.

  2. Great list, especially #3. Maybe the slain stays dead only for number of rounds equal to their level, so fights is basically about finding a opening to run away. So a bunch of lvl 1 critters is actually worse than a lvl 12 Whatshisname.