Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ape, ant, aerial servant

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF It's the "ape,giant" ! Or possibly "ape,killer". Maybe just even "ape".
Anyhow I thought this one was gonna be simple! But no! His face just had to keep doing some kinda gestalt switch thing, where I would pin it in place, looking like an ape, sew it, and bang! It would look like a ogre or something, until I adjusted some tiny ratio of lip to brow and then it would look ape again. And then flip back.This took far long and made me sad and doubting of sanity. Thanks ape. Thanks.

Aerial servant, could pass as an air elemental, smoke paraelemental, or perhaps, unkindly: Golem, tissuewad.

It was kinda fun to make actually. Of course since I went for the "vague torso rising from cloud bank look" the air elemental is gonna have to be a funnel or something else distinctive. Oh for a palette swap cop out. But no! I will not stoop to such base roguery!

Okay last up for this update, the giant ant.

Does anyone else get all pissy when giant insects are in role-playing systems and they have like massive stats?
Coz "ants can lift 100 times their body weight". Except that is coz there small and the whole surface area to volume ratio means that life works way different for smaller things. So if the advantages of small get turned into magic ability, why not give giant ants a special weakness to water surface tension to balance it?
Anyway now working on ankheg , axe beak and the Baluchitherium. Which I thought was those rhinos with fancy horns but is actually a super large hornless rhino. Wow. Those are cool. Thanks wikipedia.  Thanks.

Yes, my camera is a piece of Baluchitherium coprolite. Apology's.

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