Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So It Begins..

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Dubiously inspired, i have commenced a project to portray the 1st edition monster manual in occupational therapyish soft toys!
SO aiming for atleast 2 monsters a week, lets see how far I can kick this puppy!

Points of note:
Looking through a online list of the monsters contained in the fore-mentioned tome,
I notice about half the fucking book is indispensable d&d classics such as the giant beaver, giant ant, giant goat, giant ant, etc. Also that theres a giant stag in a separate entry to the irish elk. Which is separate again from the herd animal listing (giraffe + 2 others. Giraffe stuck in my head because of the mild hilarity of templating Dire, or Vampire or Demonic with a giraffe. ha.). Buffalo is of course needing its own entry, because of far too much tactical and background information to easily condense with the lower dungeon fodder of giraffekind.

So.. Statement Uno:
I'm making one example from each multiple monster entry, unless theres something ....sensually alluring about more than 1 of them. So herd animal is represented by the giraffe (possible featuring a fetching little scalloped cape, see Statement zwei) , Lizard by giant lizard, but maybe there will be a stag beetle and a boring beetle. Savvey?

Statement Zwei:
Accuracy is gonna lose to perverse hilarity.

Statement Toru:
I'm actually using whatever scrap fabric comes to hand, not just pants.

Statement Shi:
These are one-off hand-made "unique" creations, and I'm not about to make a etsy empire selling hundreds of these off. Hopefully this will avoid the attentions of a cease and desist letter from wizards of the coast, as the
beholder, gauth, carrion crawler, displacer beast, githyanki, githzerai, kuo-toa, mind flayer, slaad,umber hulk,and yuan-ti 
are their sole intellectual property etc etc.

Okay, think thats it. First up;
two shoddy(to be replaced soon) photos of the beholder and the displacer beast.
Currently working on the giant ape and aerial servant.
Next update saturday!
Cloud monsters... so much fun to make out of fabric.. ugh.

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