Sunday 17 April 2011


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Its the giant beaver! I watched a documentary that covered beavers, and fuck do those bastards like to destroy trees. What is this cheeky little fellow got?

go on you can show us..
aw.. You done murdered an elf. Good on you beaver, who put them in charge of the trees anyhow?
Love the mask beaver, no one will  ever know the truth...

Fuck the elves. Fuck there whole mary sue race bullshit shtick, fuck tolkien , fuck their whole nazi/hippy hybrid philosophy, fuck them in space, fuck them in every goddamn setting they inevitably pop up like pompous tight panted fungus. Okay maybe darksun where the elves were thieving con artists was passable.
And while I'm vomiting here, fuck the drow and the whole mary sue race X 100 thing they got going on, fuck the whole "the evil elves? Oh you'll recognize them, they got black skin", fuck all the stupid books I read as a kid where every 4th line is something about how any activity what so ever the drow have a spooky evil version that's ten time as cool and awesome, fuck all the extra special magic everything they got, fuck the "crazy" edgy evil matriarchy and all the associated fan service that entailed and fuck them associating with spiders.

Spiders are too good for those diet bdsm wankers.

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