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Girl alone and killing:bringing the pretty EDIT

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF This is what I am doing with the feng shui system.
This notes are pretty fast and loose, comment or email me if you want me to explain something.
TOTALLY a work in progress, still being added to as it gets play tested.


The idea is the players play like magic girls, sassy androids, crime solving rock stars and intrepid girl detectives in todays world.
 Which underneath its veneer of banality lurks crime! intrigue! Monsters! Evil fruity space bastards with, like, the best hair! The absurdity of the world is played straight and slightly sinisterly , a pastel shaded hell , a monster every week, the school mates not returning to class and no-one notices, they land men on the moon but a black space castle hovers over Tokyo and is ignored. You fight so hard to make the world right, but the world isn't right at all.
You have great hair and
your friends try and steal each others boyfriends and girlfriends and everyone goes to your concert and the teacher doesn't flunk you and the mermaid returns your calls and you cut a dog man cyborg in half on a cruise ship tour

and you watch the sunset and things are good and you're a hero and you can't stop crying but
some fruity flying bastard with weird hair
just started putting people to sleep with evil fruit, and
then we tried to stop them and they turned
the store manger into a laser potato
and then we beat them to death, and the store burned down
, and we only saved a handful of people
and they are still in comas and no-one has noticed what so ever and it happens every goddamn week and my cat talks to me and I'm friends with dracula and breakfast is pills and vodka and I'm failing school because I can't sleep because of all the post traumatic stress going on, but the cat tells me I'm gonna be ruler of a magic kingdom one day and I'm so tired

I will be using the terms campaign, scenario and act, by this I mean
A campaign is like a tv series
a scenario is like one episode
and scenario  is made out of acts , generally 3, and  acts have
scenes in them and a  scene is like a fight, or a drama or any noteworthy challenge

Your stats are

Strength (used for damage with melee weapons)

Constitution  (used to make death checks, and reduces damage)

Intelligence (your ability to retain facts and stuff , general knowledge)

Awareness (how much you pick up on what's going on)

Will (you ability to focus and resist distractions, used for magic damage)

Reflexes (How quickly you respond to stuff)

Dexterity (coordination and the like)

Charisma (how good you are in social situations)

Fortune (how luck you are. You may deduct your fortune by 1 to get +1 on a check. You can spend as much Fortune points as you like on one roll. These come back at the end of the scenario or through the use of Petty Bullshit,(explained later). In the case of a stat check add the point on to your stat for that roll)

Roll 9d6 and assign each one to a stat of your choice.

Attack rolls are an exploding d6 subtracted from a exploding d6
Resistance rolls are them same but its stat vs stat.

Stat checks however,  are a single exploding d6 , and you are trying to get under the relevant stat.

Attacking is comparing the relevant action value
(guns if shooting people, violence if attacking with hand to hand or thrown object, Inner power if it's an inner power, monstrosity if a monster power, sorcery if a spell)
 with the relevant defense value, normally Dodge, but you can use Sorcery , Violence, Monstrosity,or Inner Power  .
Initiative is unexploding d6 + ref. Lowest declares action, and highest can interrupt at anytime, their action resolving first .
You move a dramatically relevant amount of metres in a round. You move faster if don't attack and just move, i.e. count as one speed higher.
Speed is rough tool to decide if you can reach someone in time or evade them. Attacks are resolve,d then movement for purpose of initiative and interrupting. If you wanna hit and run its a stunt at -2 , i.e. get to attack and move on a interrupt, rather than just an attack.

Speed categories from slowest to fastest
fast cars

basic mechanics a brief over view:
so that basic die roll is called an exploding yin yang , you roll a 6 sided dice that you declare is the positive one. And roll a 6 sided die that you declare as the negative on. If either die rolls a 6 roll it again and add it to the 6 (this is known as exploding). If you keep rolling 6s you could end up with a very big number. Go you.
This is added to the relevant score, for example, if you are a magical girl and trying to punch someone, you would use Violence, The violence score for magic girls is 12. You roll a 4 (positive) and a 2 (negative) thus you add 2 to your violence score. This is compared to a relevant defensive score, generally Dodge , but since this a hand to hand attack the opponent could use violence. Let say they use Dodge, and their dodge is 12. Since your die roll+violence score is 14 , and this is higher than than their dodge, that's a hit. The amount you got over the opposing value is called the outcome. In this (14-12) 2.
This is added to your damage, which for a punch is str+1. Lets say your str is 4. So 4+1+2, is 7. You do 7 damage. They get to subtract their constitution score from that (lets say it's 4). You now have inflicted 4 wounds.
YOu deduct wounds from your trouble capacity. Your trouble capacity is 20.
When your trouble capacity gets to 5, you suffer -1 impairment on all actions, including stat checks.
When your trouble capacity gets to zero and below, it is now -2 impairment.
When it is in negative numbers you start making Death Checks.
Which is an exploding yin-yang+ your con, and you are trying to get over the amount below zero your trouble capacity is at.
If you succeed, you can still be doing stuff and look all battered up, but yeah none of your organs are on the outside. Yet.
If you fail, see the Failed Death Check in the appendix to see how long it's going to take you to die without medical attention.

These death and maiming rules apply to npcs too. Well, the important ones anyway. Anyone not important enough to bother having a name for (ie mooks,minions.incidental civilians) will be taken-out if they are hit with an outcome of 5 or more. Take out means either knocked out or killed depending the circumstances, or if your action trait is 11 or above, you can choose.
Note some weapons will take out unnamed people on a roll of 4 or more, or 3 or more.
They will be with labelled with * and ** on the damage score, respectively.

ALso some clarification on opposed rolls in combat.
You are rolling 2d6. Before you roll them , one is designated as positive and the other negative. You subtract the negative from the positive. Then add the result to the relevant action trait. Any 6s rolled explode.

If you are attacking with violence, you are trying to beat the opponents choice of dodge, or violence. If they have the certain schticks, they might be able to use sorcery or monstrosity.
IF you are attacking with guns, or any kind of fast moving projectile attack (like a sorcery blast or an magical girl Inner power blast) the opponent generally has to use dodge to avoid it. If they have a strong and large enough object close at hand, they might be able to use Violence to parry it. If the projectile attack is a thrown object, they maybe able to make a reflex check in order to use their violence as a defensive action trait. In this case they could catch what ever you threw at them. This might of been your plan alllll allllong...

Again Monstrosity and Sorcery can be used if they have certain schticks. The Guns action trait maybe used to avoid gunfire and projectile attacks as well, with commando rolls and diving behind cover etc.

Monstrosity can be used to attack if you have frightening blur, hulking brute, sticky goo , foul projection or flesh rendering jags.
Frightening blur and Death From above allow you to use your monstrosity defensively. And if circumstances or bullshit allow so do hulking brute, sticky goo, flesh rendering jags and foul projection. See Mystical Creature for more information.

The Magic Girl blast abilities Force and Ice allow you to use Inner power defensive against ranged attacks . The other blast abilities could be used defensive if circumstance and bull shit allow, eg defending against a flame attack by pushing back at it with flame.

The sorcery portfolio Movement allows you fly around like a cackling eunuch, and thus use your sorcery action trait defensively. The Blast schtick can be depending on the effects chosen and again, circumstance and bullshit. And possibly Weather and Influence as well (a sudden wind blows arrows away, you make an illusory duplicate
of your self and your opponent hits that for example)
Weather, blast and movement can be used to have your sorcery something you can attack with.

Tactical this means if your having trouble hitting your opponent, try and prevent them from using their highest action trait, so getting into melee with a shooter, getting a lightning dodger in a enclosed space or deep mud , or hanging back and shooting lightning at large armored warrior type who is parrying all your melee attacks.

Anytime you are attacked you may forgone your action that round (and you can only do this if you have not already acted) , and your defensive value is 3 points higher.
If you attack multiple people its -1 to your attack per person above one.

Choose your

Yes the choker hides my adams apple.  Also? Fuck you.
magical girl
She is the one on which we can depend etc etc.
You have magic powers. You are , most likely , a girl.
You have a special dance, some fancy words, and there you are, standing in a sweet outfit, and capable of shooting fire from your hands. You may or may not have stopped to think why? what? how? or do I really wanna be in hand to hand combat with demons everyday?
Maybe that's for the best though,.. hey, you hear that ? No not the sirens, or the screams, or the growling or the sound of a car being twisted in half. Listen harder, you hear it yet?
It's your theme song.

examples of Magical Girls, Sailor Jupiter (and the rest), Card captor Sakura, Do I need to go on? Non-anime examples? ah...shit , Katara from Avatar: the last airbender?

+1 cha, +1 con, +1 dex
Inner Power 15
violence 12
Dodge 14
this takes an action to do, you get a sweet new outfit and can use your Inner Power Blast ability. You may not use your inner power blast if you have not transformed. People have alarming amount of trouble recognizing you in your outfit.
This is you attacking with your inner power, you may not interrupt someone in melee range with you , you may use it defensively against projectiles attacks , including guns if force or ice at chosen  and pick one additional ability
Fire: This totally sets stuff on fire. Will +6 damage Anytime you roll a 6 (either positive or negative) and your fire blast hits ,  the target is now on fire, suffering 1 point of impairment , and 1 point of unblockable damage a round, unless they spend an action putting themselves out
Ice:A big solid mass of ice., either blunt or razor sharp. It does will +4 damage, but if you spend a action making a ice shield you can use your Inner Power value against any attacks
Cold: A freezy beam. It does Will +2 damage, freezes water solid, and anyone hit by your attack takes 1 ref point of damage, lasting 1 round per outcome. If you hit someone again with this, it does another point of reflexes damage and add 1 round to the duration. Reflexes reduced to zero means they are like frozen solid in a block of ice, but other wise OKAY!
Force: A glowy beam of tactile violence . Will +4 damage at full strength, but you can use it as lightly and precisely as you like, for example, pushing a button, slowing a kittens fall, opening a door etc.
Lightning: Will +6 and you may reduce the penalty for attacking multiple people by 1 but reduce the damage by 1. You can take up to 6 points of your damage this way.
Positive Energy: Will plus 2 or no damage and heal the target  your will in wounds, or allow them to save again vs an effect thats messing their shit up. Someone may only be the subject of your healing once in a scene.
Negative Energy: Will plus 2 and reduce a stat of you choice by one. Stacks like the Cold Blast.

Hearts was not the only thing he stole. He stole lots of money. Because he was a thief . And  a heartbreaker.
Daring Thief
Danger is not your middle name, but it is the name you scrawl in lipstick , on the mirror in a room of a  cheap hotel. A cheap hotel called OTHER PEOPLES STUFF AND WHY ARE THEY SO BORING ABOUT IT. All that noise about needing challenges, and testing yourself, and playing a great game,  and the only time you feel alive, yeah yeah its true , I guess, but you know the truth beyond all that cliche shit, 3 words baby: because I can

Examples: Aeon Flux, Lupin the III, Catwoman, Raffles, The Thief of Bagadad

+3 dex +3 ref
Dodge 15
violence 12
RETROACTIVE THEFT: spend a fortune point to have already stolen something previous. You must of had the opportunity  to do so. Examples: Someone pulls a gun on you. You were left unobserved near the gun. Spent a fortune point and go "hahah I already stole the bullets". Sometimes discussion with your d.m about what counted as a opportunity will happen. You can also use this schtick as well to have something on that's bizarrely specific on you when its needed (by spending a fortune point), such as very garlic salami when trying to evade vampire dogs. Again you must of had a plausible opportunity to have stolen said item.
NOIK! You may make a dex, ref or int  check to do all kinds of outrageously sneaky thief shit. Picking pockets, hiding, hot wiring cars, remaining behind people, disappearing in moments notices, disarming security devices, picking locks.
CAT BURGLAR You are assumed to have high level of acrobatics and climbing ability, and so you can use dex checks to do acrobatic stuff at an olympic level.
Your speed is swift.
I was never here

shadowy ninja

Fuck you. Just fuck you okay? That pile of  hackneyed cliches is actually my goddamn life.
You think it was awesome to kill someone when I was  5 ? And that person was my twin? YOu think  a kid should have to navigate a death trap dungeon just to get to bed every night?
Be stuck in some misty ass piece of nowhere , just dying for a freaking conversation for once and not ,some zen koan shit and a stern  meaningful look?
Hiding in plain sight is my commuter journey. 9 hands cutting is my freaking hairnet, the 12 faultless kills is my 12 page ring binder, this sharp thing ? Attached to another sharp thing? By a chain, which , yes , is freaking sharp? This is my Register, my freaking burger flipping spatula, my stack of dirty fucking dishes. This trail of bodies? this impossible entrance? this is my freaking job, my day in day out job, hey man hey I'm doing you a freaking favour by not killing your dumb ass with this coaster, so buy this sorry son of bitch working stiff another BEER ALREADY?!?!?!!!

Fantômas, Diabolik,  as well as numerous Ninja- ninjas from endless media sources

+2 dex +2 ref
Dodge 15
violence 13
 SHADOW POWER  You make a opposed ref versus awareness check to disappear at a moments notice. . You get +2 to damage and your attacking action trait if you attack someone who is not aware of you.
NINJA SKILLS-You have a spooky level of acrobatics, and can run along narrow ledges and ropes automatically, and use dex check to pull off acrobatic feats that seem impossible
NINJITSU: have a look at the marital artist paths, choose one, but you can only use one technique from it.
NINJA TRANSFORM: you can change outfits with absurd speed 

Ninjas are  swift
"I have what on my face now?"

Intrepid reporter
It was only after you made it out of the pyramid , the pyramid in which graverobbers thought to entomb you in, and from which you escaped, and sneaked aboard their floating inverted island, and stole back the ancient treasure so wrongfully stolen from the Plague Gnomes, and had unravelled the clues, leading you to conclude it was the the scheming high sycophant all along , and after you had exposed his scheme, and survived his cruel fevered bee revenge, that those needling doubts returned.
About if other reporters have to hand in their stories by breaking into the editors house and writing them on his bathroom walls and some other stuff... no wait it's gone.

Examples: Tin Tin, April O'Neil, Lois Lane, Hunter S thompson, Andy Dick's character from Newsradio, Florence Dempsey (Mystery of the Wax Museum), Spider Jerusalem
+2 cha +1 awareness +1 will  +3 fortune
Dodge 13
violence 10

Intrepid reporters can pretty much get in anywhere , either with a range of fake i.d, a smooth line of bull shit, or just looking like you belong somewhere. You might need to cha or fortune checks if you are really pushing it, but generally you can automatically get in most places
You aren't particularly good at hiding, but you are really good at finding absurdly convenient  places to hide. You may make fortune checks to hide. Also people seem to take stupid pills when they go looking for you.
Man can you research. If you an hours access to a library or a computer , make a intelligence check, if you are successful you get some usefully clues/info. Any p.c can do this, it's just you can do it in ways that stretch believability. Also you can spend a fortune point to spontaneously remember something usefully. Like your trying to break into a guarded factory, and you spend a fortune point , and the g.m is like "um, okay you remember that this place was built on a old speak easy, there's prob tunnels that exist under it going to the river"
You can spend 3 fortune points to royally fuck something up. Like cross the wires on the flying super fortress and activate the self destruct system, or doodle on the pentagram and the demon now has a existential crisis. YOu can declare what you are trying to do but the final outcome is in the hands of your beloved d.m.

"of course!"

Talking animal
You have a  300 words per minute typing speed, a medical degree, a couple of physics papers to your name, no prehensile thumbs and you get to lick your balls to perfection any time you like.
Woof woof shithead woof woof.

Examples: Luna (from Sailor Moon), Numerous folktales, Mathew the Raven outta sandman, Jiji (kiki's delivery service), Behemoth (Master and the Margarita), Panzerbjorn(his dark materials), Macavity , Jake

Talking animal stats are rolled different from 1d6 each dice! If the alternate dice roll is not mentioned for a stat, assume d6. If the animal you want to play does not seem to fit this, talk to your d.m and see what stats you can switch around.

tiny (rat, bumble bee)
 str:1d2, con:1d2, dex:3d4, ref:3d4, awareness:3d4 awareness :3d4
dodge 16 violence 10 speed is normal
your unarmed attacks do just outcome damage

small (cat, hare, iguana)
str:1d4 , con:1d4,  dex:2d4, ref:2d4 , awareness:3d4
 dodge 15 violence 11
speed is swift
your unarmed attacks do just outcome+str damage

medium (dog, goat, chimpanzee)
one physical stat of your choice 1d8
awareness 1d8 dodge 14 violence 12
Natural weapons do damage = strength  +1
 speed is swift

big (wolf, puma, crocodile, horse , donkey)

get natural weapons at str+2, dodge and violence 13
speed is swift

Huge (elephant, bear, giraffe)
dodge is 10, violence 14,
natural weapons str+3,
you may take 2 points off your str to get speed: very fast otherwise your speed is swift

Also pick two as makes sense , gm get to veto
Improved mobility (swim, flight, agility/jumping, running ) speed is now one category higher where valid
Brutal, +1 violence additional +1 dmg with natural weapons
Natural armour +2 to con for purposes of damage reduction
Poison! (reduces str, con, dex or ref  (decide at character creation) by 1 point per 2 points of outcome on a successful attack with your poison delivery system. The poisoned gets to make a con opposed roll vs the outcome to reduce the stat damage by the outcome of this opposed roll.)
(If you poison is passively absorbed, like if they lick your back , they do a con check and take stat damage equal to the amount they  failed by.)
Cute! (+2 cha)
Lucky!(+2 for)
Mascot:(other players may spend you fortune points with your permission)
SpookyAnimalKnowing: you can reroll a failed awareness check once per check.
feel free to discuss with g.m about other suggestions.
Strong as Proverbial:+1 str and can reroll a strength check once 

If you are an animal that really sticks out and/or you just drew attention to yourself by talking or using a stapler, you may make fortune checks for people to assume it's just someone in a costume or a robot or something.
ALSO? one additional schtick , note you must be of the size in the brackets to choose a schtick.

Heroically underfoot: (tiny,small,average) means you can attack with your dodge action trait, but you don't do damage, you instead inflict one point of impairment and if the attackee gets an 6 on their negative die and then fails the check, it counts as a fumble. Lasts until their next action.
ARGHAAitsONmyFace!(tiny,small) means you can attack with your dodge score and inflict damage with your reflexes stat instead of your strength and they can't use con or armour to reduce damage. BUT you take wounds = the outcome of the attack, and your dodge action trait is 4 points lower for their next attack on you.

It looked harmless!:(tiny,small,average) if someone has not seen you fight before, you get +6 on your roll first attack roll on them if you are tiny, +4 if you are small and +2 if you are average. In addition the damage is not reduced by con but is by armour bonuses to con.

Maul:(average, big): If you successfully hit someone, you can latch on to them and continue to tear at their stupid smug face. This means your next attack on them you may choose to increase your violence +2 and damage by 2, but reduce any action trait used defensively by you by 2.

Proverbial in china shop (any): if left unattended or unimpeded  near any expensive , important or delicate equipment or elaborate location , you may choose to wreck it so so badly with a onslaught of tampering, chewing on stuff ,shitting on other stuff, and epic levels of clumsiness. If said equipment is mystically or structurally tough, you need to make successful fortune check in order to FUBAR it. If it has plot armour or is particualar potent it might be just temporarily disabled.

Too disagreeable to die: (big,huge): you may delay any death checks you need to make until the end of the next round.

Trample: (huge)You may make an attack at -2 to your violence. This attack is resolved on anyone that is vaguely in front of you , including other player characters (if it's not obvious where someone is, they need to succeed a fortune check to be somewhere other than in the danger zone) , and it's plausible they would be in front of you, and does not have a higher speed category than you. If you hit them they can reduce the damage you do by their dexterity  in addition to their constitution.

Rampage:(huge) you take out unnamed characters on a 3 or more with physical attacks.

"<sigh> I just know that there is a mystery here. A mystery  that only valium and a crossbow can solve!"

Teen sleuth
You love solving mysterys like you love getting shot at, beaten up by cops, tied up, feed to sharks, breaking and entering , interfering with the pursuit of a criminal investigation, tampering with evidence, harassment, stalking, arson, slander , burglary , libel, and getting threatened with death and torture. So a lot . Specialized brown paper bag magazine  a lot.

Examples:Nancy Drew, various english kids annuals , Hayley Stark from Hard Candy

+3 awareness , +3 int, +1 cha +2 fortune
violence 10
dodge 13

You may spend a fortune point to get a clue! Ie the g.m to give a piece of information that will immediately help you towards to your goals.

you may make cha or int checks (you choice ) to pass yourself off as someone else

You may make awareness checks to find out ridiculous shit ala sherlock holmes!

THE BIG REVEAL BEAT DOWN:This where you go "hahahhaha this was stinking plan wasn't it?" and reveal everything you have deducted about an  adversary's plan. You , as a player, must be able to convincing do this. This action will be resolved before any other action this round if you currently in combat. If you can do this, the targeted person takes impairment = their own intelligence score for this round, and can reduce the impairment by half (round down) at the start of each preceding round with a will check.

"I wish I had time to change into something more fabulous"

Rising star
Guys, I promise you now, as sure as my hair still looks good, that we are going to win the battle of bands contest, even if we have to kill every shark between here and Hawaii and  making a raft of their bodies, living off turtle blood and seagull eyes  for a couple of weeks, kidnapping my sleazy agent, threatening to show the world what a scuzzball he really is, or failing that just stomp on his balls, until he tells us the  password so we can get the mastered backing tracks, then steal a tour bus, drive across the state, running down every radioactive snake cultist in our way!

Are you with me?!

I knew you were!!!

JEM, Josie and the Pussycats, them dudes from Brother Where out thou?,

+3 cha , +2 fort
Violence 10
dodge 13

Speech of Shame
Once per act you can totally hang shit on someone and make them realize what a dick they are being , and demoralizing them giving them a point of impairment until the end of the scene, if you beat there cha vs their will. If they have utterly no morals what so ever , they will become enraged instead, gaining the point of impairment but also getting +4 damage on attacks on you.
You can't use this power if the target is completely alien to you or cannot understand what the fuck you are saying.

Rousing speech
once per scenario per person you make a speech to someone with a successful cha check, they heal wounds to take them to just 1 point off death-checks, -2 impairment, or -1 impairment (what ever is closest,  in the direction of health). Alternative you can use this to let them recover one fortune point

Sassy Speech
Once an act you can deliver a stirring speech
that will convince any basically not hostile GMC of your
honesty and integrity, and they will want to help you out,
although they won't wreck their lives to do so. Spending a
Fortune Point lets you even win over over some shady or
disreputable people, though maybe only temporarily and
only when it will not derail/endanger the plot

Trustworthy face
people can't resist telling you things. You may spend a fortune point to get a reelect or hostile npc to tell you something they shouldn't

Permanent Dry Cleaning
Regardless of the hellish circumstances you
find yourself in, you always look marvelous. The
torn jungle clothes and bloody cuts have a certain
panache when you wear them. That fried
and smoking arcanoware on your back really
brings out the color of your eyes. And no matter
what hideous slime pit you’ve just dragged
yourself out of, everyone comments on
how good your hair looks.

"people don't understand me. I devour them and they don't understand me. It's .. complicated."

Mystic being
Mogor like new friends. New friends get Mogor pants and job! Mogor like new job at pet shop. Mogor like feeding bunnys. Mogor like feeding bunnys jerk off shoplifters eyeballs after Mogor rips them out of their stinking smug jerk faces with Mogors toes.

Bunnys like eyeballs

Violence at 12
Dodge at 12
Monstrosity at 14
Choose 2 traits from the following list, you may select ones labeled @ more than once

  1. Hulking brute +2 str + 2 con @ You may use monstrosity to attack with brute force type attacks.
  2. Frightening Blur +2 ref, speed is swift, you may use monstrosity to attack and dodge if lighting conditions are bad or targets can't other wise get a good look at you
  3. Death from Above @: You can fly! Speed is swift! You may use monstrosity to dodge if you can stay airborne , unless it is already swift, then it becomes super fast
  4. Foul projection@: fire breathe, acid spit, poison gas eyes,etc  Damage is 10, unless you get it twice, in which case its 14
  5. Flesh Rendering Jags: you have horrible claws or teeth or bony spurs or a big stabby tail. You use monstrosity to attack with them. They do str+3 damage
  6. Blood sucker! If you roll a 6 on either die, and successfully hit someone with a melee attack you heal wounds = to the outcome of the attack.
  7. Toxic: Something about you is poisons, like your kiss or blood or if have a foul projection or flesh rendering jags you use that to poison people.
  8. (reduces str, con, dex or ref  (decide at character creation) by 1 point per 2 points of outcome on a successful attack with your poison delivery system. The poisoned gets to make a con opposed roll vs the outcome to reduce the stat damage by the outcome of this opposed roll.). 
  9. If you poison is passively absorbed, like with a kiss, or someone tasting your blood, they do a con check and take stat damage equal to the amount they  failed by.
  10. Chameleon: you can change your appearance to match the back ground, allowing you to be pretty much be invisible  when still. Awareness checks can find you if they look at where you are. You can use your monstrosity to dodge projectile attacks with this trait.
  11. Evil Seducer: +3 cha +1 will, and you can make cha vs will to persuaded  people to do stuff they really would not to do. If you succeed on 5 checks in a roll on the same person,  you can start making them do stuff much further from their nature. Also cha check to persuade or distract people with this power.
  12. Sticky Goo! or webs or something. You attack with your monstrosity and inflict impairment = to the outcome. The target can make str checks to reduce the impairment by a number of points equal to how much they succeeded the check by.
  13. Transformation: you can turn into a normal looking person or an animal or something.
  14. Aquatic: You survive underwater just fine, and can use monstrosity to attack and defend when in water. You can make fortune checks for their to be convenient bodies of water to be present in a scene.
Feel free to come up with your own. Or look at the Feng Shui core rules for more inspiration

Secret android
You are human in appearence only, and you know, have a personality and a bunch of other crucial stuff. People can't deal with that. Even as they stuff their disgusting meaty bodys with half digested proteins chains and folates like its a completely not gross or stupid thing at all.
You can see through walls, have devices that extend out of your devices, and are the product of some of the finest money that can be spend on a billion dollar project , and then dumped in a skip bin out back, because of some internal political funding coup. You relish in your freedom from the sterile white testing rooms, but kinda wish there had been a little more of an effort to track you down, than some "have you seen this robot posters" stuck in a half block radius around the base.

-1 cha, +1 con, +1 str
Violence at 12
Dodge at 12
(guns at 12 if you have the hardware option of guns or lasers or rockets etc)
Secret androids are not meat, and immune to poison and disease and the like. But don't heal wounds unless someone who is good with machines is around to fix them.
Choose 3 hardwares from the following list


You have pop out rocket jets that allow you to fly at fast car speed in open sky, but just normal in any environment where you need any degree of maneuverability . You can over course go faster in a clutter environment, making reflexes checks to not smash into stuff. The jets come out of your back or feet or sides or anyway else you think makes sense. If used to burn someone, they do 10 damage.

Useful Devices
You can have stuff like , screw drivers, small blow torches, back massagers, staplers, glass cutters pop out from compartments, or your fingers. If you need something particular obscure, make a fortunate check to see if you have it. These devices if used (okay that should be, "when" not "if") as a weapon do only like 5 damage for a small saw or a blow torch or str+1 for a screw driver or hoof pick.

Secret guns/lasers
Hatches open, guns come out , stuff gets destroyed. Every-time you choose this schtick gets you another gun/laser.
Your choices are:
Small laser does 6* damage can be used every round, no ammo limit
Large laser does 14** damage but needs a round to cool down after being used. No ammo limit
Rockets/Missiles: Choose one  option
heat seeking: 18** damage, and 10* to any within 10 feet, +2 to your attack roll, but if its dodged randomly choose a new target for it next round. Ammo one
Rocket Pods: A cluster of small rockets, does 18** damage may attack up to 5 opponents at the same time without penalty but divid that 15** damage between them.
Ammo 1
Small rockets 15* damage and 8 to anyone with 10 feet, ammo 6
Bazooka 18** damage and 10* to anyone within 10 feet. Ammo 1
Flame-thrower 12** damage, and target is on fire, i.e. 1 point of impairment and one point of damage per round until they spent a action or a stunt dealing with it. Ammo see below. Can be reloaded with common flammable liquids. This may effect the damage.
Guns: pistol dmg 10 ammo see appendix
rifle/shotgun dmg 13 ammo see appendix
machine gun dmg 13* ammo see appendix

*means this weapon takes out unnamed characters on an outcome of 4 or more
**means this weapon takes out unnamed character on an outcome of 3 or more

Enhanced Senses package (pick 3)
X ray Vision: You can see through up to half a metre of brick or less dense substance. half a foot of steel or an inch of lead blocks your vision
Microscopic vision: you can see hella small, not to the level of a electronic microscope, but enough to see larger cells.
Telescopic vision: Up to a dramatically convenient distance away!
Infrared: See heat signatures! avoid darkness impairment unless fighting creatures at the same temp as the environment
Low Light Vision: Avoid darkness impairment, unless in utter darkness
Camera: you can take photos or film with your eyes , accessible with a usb cable, to somewhere on your person.
You have a binging radar thing . You can't be like snuck up on from behind, and can manage not to walk into stuff when in darkness, although it's not a perfect perception of the surroundings. +1 to your d/v when doing active dodges. Remind the g.m about it every-time you think you are going to get ambushed.
Chemical diagnosis: You can put your finger or your tongue in something and get a rough chemical analysis. Like you could tell someone's blood type and who's blood it was, but not a genetic profile of them
Super Hearing: Hear whispers on the other end of a busy street. Allows you to get awareness checks to detect stuff beyond the ken of normal meat people.
Super Smell: As above but smelling stuff. Bring it up all the time. Like "can I smell that the mysterious man has been handling explosives? Is their drugs in the house? Hey , wouldn't I have smelled that Freak Ape hiding in the ceiling before in leapt on my head" etc

Super-Brain +1 to int and awareness. You may get this multiple time

Horrifying robot strength: +1 to strength. You may get this multiple times. Also if you spend a couple of rounds, expanding muscles, extruding pistons, and extending booms, you can double your strength for the purpose of lifting or pushing something.

Retractable chain-saw/ buzz saw
Does str+5* damage

Detachable Head
Your head can fly off around on a little helicopter or jets. It's hard to anything with your body while your heads detached, -2 to rolls.
You can operate your body from up to a kilometre away.

Helicopter Blade:
You can fly around with your own extendable helicopter. Speed is only swift, but your maneuverability is excellent.
If you hit someone with the blade and they have anything in there body as hard or harder than bone, that's your blades fucked. 16** damage though.

Projectile Grappling hook
In additional to accessing high places, you can shoot people with. It does 8 damage, and then you can make strength contest to pull them towards you, unless they are heavier and your not braced, then you get pulled towards. Generally like a couple of metre s per point of successful outcome. Double or triple that if they are way light. Distance subject to dramatic distortion.

Little pop out wheels, you can zoom around at super-fast on roads, swift on gravel/ grass and it's not happening on anything looser than that.

Body armour
Every-time you get this schtick you get 2 points to add to your constitution for damage reduction purposes.

Auto-repair unit:
If have access to bits and pieces of metal and electronics, spend a hour, and heal wounds = int+ a exploding d6

Monofiliment whip.
A finger or thumb detaches and out spools up to 6 feet of ridiculously fine thread that can totally cut stuff like it's weak ass butter.
This does 6** damage but ignores hardness or armour or constitution. If you box car and fail to hit, oh you betcha you just cut yourself, for 12 damage that goes straight through armour or constitution.


Badass brawler
You might be a big hulking bastard, or an unassuming figure, or a jazz musician. But the one thing you are not is a sucker that goes down easy when the trouble comes down hard.

Some people see themselves as tough guys, you see those tough guys as weeping sack of shit curled up in foetal position , and the fact that the flicked-smoke-ash-handful-of-coins-ashtray-to-the-throat-and-stomp- to-the-knee-and-pool-cue-in-the- kidney has not happened yet is actually just a mere formality at this stage.

Maybe you hate this. Maybe you love this.
But you can't ignore the beauty in the things that you love, like you can't stand the hatred in lies.

Princess Monoko,

+4 con, +4 str, +1 dex -1 cha, +1 will
Violence at 15, dodge at 12   
improvised weapons do another +2 damage
VISCOUS you always do a minimum of 1 point of damage, after damage reduction
"You know what? Fuck it."

Femme fatale
bang bang bang bang bang <reapplys lipstick in mirror> bang bang bang bang bang.... bang.

Cha+1, Ref+2, dex+1, +1 awareness
Guns at 15
dodge at 13
You may use your guns score to dodge projectile attacks with commando rolls and dramatic dives behind cover.
You get to start with 3 guns.

Select 4 gun schticks

Gun schticks for Femme Fatales :
Signature weapon: 
you have a particular gun , thats totally "your" gun, whether a hand me down from your dying demon hunting uncle or a gold painted shotgun, it's totally you. This weapon has nigh invulnerable plot armour and will show up again even if left behind. Using this gun gives you an additional +2 damage

Carnival of carnage:
if you have one schtick in this , unnamed characters shot by you go down on an outcome of 4 or more.
If you have two schticks, they go down on a outcome of 3 or more.

Fast draw:
For each schtick you spend on fast draw you may add 1 to your initiative rolls, but you must attack with a gun at the first available chance to do so (ie you may not wait until others act if they have lower initiatives)

Lightning Reload: You may reroll a failed fortune check for a gun running out of ammo. A success means you quick access some secret stash of ammo and reload in a blur of motion.

Hair Trigger Neck Hairs:
You get a +1 to your awareness score (per schtick spent on this) on checks made to detect ambushs, booby traps, and other sudden violent surprises. If you succeed on this check , and can (and choose to) respond with a dodge or a shooting, you may add the amount you succeeded the awareness check by to your dodge or guns score for that action.

10,000 bullets:
so you know how attacking multiple people is at -1 per additional person? well not for you. For every schtick you spend on this reduce that penalty by 1. You seem to be able to put an amazing amount of bullets into the air and scenario in a very short amount of time.

Both Guns Blazing:
You are a savant of shooting simultaneously , blasting away with both hands clenching around angry bullet vomiting steel. Shooting someone like this gives you a -2 penalty (reduce it to -1 if you spend another schtick in it, and then to zero if you spend a 3rd schtick). The damage is resolved by adding the damage of both weapons together , then adding the outcome , and then subtracting the constitution twice. 

Hidden talents:
You are always assumed to have a gun on you, or near by if at home. If you searched for weapons you make a opposed fortune check vs  awareness of the searching to still have a gun on you.
Generally the gun has to be atleast small enough to conceal in an armpit or coil purse.
If you have the Mechanical Genius Niche  ( or other explanation) you may have these guns disguised as lipstick or toy sharks.

Playing the Angles:
you are really really really good at ricochet shots. You may bounce a shot of a number of surfaces = to the schticks you spend on this before attacking the target as normal. Additional surfaces mean -2 to the roll. This means you may gain full cover from walls while shooting normally as long as you have a rough idea of where the target is.

Eagle eye:
You may ignore  up to 2 points of armour (per schtick spend on this), including that from armour plating or scales or the like.
Also you make ridiculous long range shots without penalty , say shooting a sparrow 10 stories up with a pistol or sniping people hanging off a zeppelin that are just visible to you.

"This is my listening face. Can be confused with my bored-shitless face or my why-are-so- fucking-stupid face. But no really, I'm listening."
Wanton witch
Broken glass, is luxury
Friendly fires, or alchemy
Daylight is the enemy
Witching hour, soft power

We're not sleeping at the wheel
The wheel is turning the machine,
that kills for us

Close your eyes, so your not seeing
and valentines daydream

We're not sleeping at the wheel
The wheel is turning the machine,
that kills for us

The arrogance of the forests
Setting fire to the tourists

We're not sleeping at the wheel
The wheel is turning the machine,
that kills for us

Broken glass, is luxury
Friendly fires, or alchemy
Daylight is the enemy
Witching hour, soft power

+2 will, +1 int
sorcery at 15
dodge at 12
Choose 3 sorcery powers
as in feng shui core rules, (i.e. blast, healing, influence, weather, movement, summoning, divination, and fertility)
"Don't even think about bleeding on my suit"

Martial Artist
I don't need hobbies, friends, lovers, jobs or school. I have training, training and more training.
A warrior thinks only of death. All life is illusion. I am the youngest student of Master Wong to ever master the 7 black wind stances.You will need me if you want to prevail against the Flamingo Hatchet Gang !
 I... really wanna hang out with you guys!!!!

+1 dex +1 ref +1 str +1 will
Violence at 15
dodge at 14

My Kung Fu is Strong:
You can use your violence score as a defensive action trait versus mental or mystical attacks.    

Choose your path! Get all those techniques from that path! Fight Evil! you may only use one technique in a round unless other wise stated
PAth of the Storm Turtle
    Armoured in Life :
reduce the damage done from one attack this round by 3. Can reduce damage that other wise does not get reduced. You can choose to activate this power whenever you have taken damage. It does not use up your action this round (like an active dodge) but does use up your fu power for this round.
    Vengeance of the Turtle:
 Triple your strength for damage purposes when attacking  vehicles
    The Storm Breaks:
If you do not attack this round, double your con for damage reduction purposes
    Punch Them In the Chi:
 Hit someone with a unarmed attack, this and the following round, they get a -1 to rolls involving     using their supernatural powers
PAth of the Secret Medicine
    Restore the Stream:
 roll a exploder die. Heal that many wounds on someone with a series of jabs to pressure points.
Alternatively you may negate a ongoing negative condition like poison or something. You may use this power to heal wounds once on each person in a scene.
    Block the Flow:
Hit some with a series of jabs. Instead of doing damage, they have to make a will check to use any     supernatural ability for a number of round equal to the outcome. If you hit them with block the flow again, increase the duration by 1 and the will check by -1.
    Legless Ox in Mud:
Hit someone with a series of jabs, Instead of doing damage, reduce their reflexes  by the     outcome until the end of the next round. If their reflexes are reduced to zero or less, they cannot act without a successful will check
    Meridian Stance:
if you do not move from the spot this round , heal your int+fortune in wounds. You make attack and parry     as usual . Dodging is at -3 or flat out not happening if it's a attack that can't be ducked or weaved out of the way of. You may only heal yourself once in an scene with this power.

PAth of the Crazy Tiger
    Claw of the tiger:
+2 to damage with a unarmed attack , declare you are using this power before you resolve your attack.
    Velocities Leap of the Tiger:
Leap like a ridiculous distance. Like a story or 2 in height. If you use this attack with an active dodge add +1 to your d.v
    Fighting The Bees:
Attack everyone you want within immediate reach. -1 to your attack roll.
    Murder the Peasant:
If you take out a unnamed character, you may immediate attack anyone else in  reach.
PAth of the IRon Bear
    Sundered of Earth:
+5 damage , -1 to attack
    End Of Spear Hide:
after someone attacks (and damage is resolved) you with a normal  melee or thrown weapon, that weapon is destroyed.You may declare your use of this power anytime in an attacks on you's resolution.
    Rage to Quake Heaven:
This round you convert any impairments, due wounds, or poison or other intoxication, to bonuses
You may not use this power 2 rounds in a row
    World Eater Stance:
+2 damage. You may not move from the spot, or dodge. Double your strength and/or weight for anyone
  trying to lift or push you. You may use this technique in addition to any others this round.

PAth of the Cruel Mantis
    Hands Tear the Wings:
Hit someone with a standard attack. They are knocked down , and cannot move this round.
    The Flower Now Kills:
+2 to the initiative roll, declare your use of this power immediately before you roll initiative.
    Nine Cuts:
 If  you have successfully hit someone for the 2nd time in a row , you may activate this power, they get a point of impairment due to pain.
    Mantis Claw:
+1 to hit, -3 damage. Declare your use of this power before you resolve an attack.
"would I lie to you? yes. But would I lie to you about this much gold? Well yes , yes I would. But! Would I lie to you about this much gold when I'm really high?"

Scheming Delinquent
The strong exploit the weak, the smart exploit the strong.
Yes you seen me around highschool, oh and now you think I don't run this town? You think I made that rocket launcher that you got of me, in Metal work class? You better be about to pay me or stop boring me so I don't just shoot your ass for something to do. Don't think I don't got silver bullets in this thing. I seen you coming a mile off.
Examples:Steerpike(Gormenghast), Charles Manson
+1 will, +2 cha, +2 awareness +1 fortune
guns at 12
dodge at 12
violence at 12
Choose one gun schtick from Femme Fatale
 In addtition you have all of the following archetypical schticks:
you have access to far more money than a teenager should. If you need a specific amount of money fast, roll an exploding ying yang and x it 1000. Treat any negatives as a debt you owe someone or something going wrong. You can spent a fortune point to re-roll.
can spend a fortune point to get something from the black market, like a car, or a machine gun, but not something absurdly rare

You use will or cha checks to intimidate the shit out average people, like mall cops, or high school teachers, but not like cops or bears.
You can get to follow more complex orders than other characters could get them to,

spend a day , checking out seedy areas, roll cha and a number of unnamed characters = to the amount you succeeded the check by

Can start with a gun   


So umm,. I know you last saw me , and I was dead and all, but.. got kinda lost , so I came back here? Can I crash on your couch for a bit? I got a lot to process you know?
Hey did anyone ever find out where that t-rex came from that ate me? No? Huh. you wanna go investigate that? No? Okay...Um.. guess I just hang around your couch some more then..

+2 awareness, +1 charisma
Monstrosity 13 dodge10 
Schticks:YOu get all of the following
Life as a dead dude:
You may use you Monstrosity to attack and dodge. This represents you going all intangible in a instant, or using your ghostly force to punch someone in the face. If something can hurt you in Ghostly form you cannot use your Monstrosity to avoid it.

Gifts from Beyond:
Choose one sorcery portfolio (see google documents, sorcery, is a mess at the moment, will fix it up ...soon). Use monstrosity instead of sorcery. 

Ghostly: You can become intangible and invisible (to anyone without a inner power, sorcery or monstrosity Action Trait). Physical objects and barriers maybe solid to you if they have been around intense emotion for a length of time. You cannot use any of your other powers when in ghostly mode. Fire and forms of energy can still effect you. As can some magic powers. You can only switch between regular mode and Ghostly mode when no-one is watching. This includes some pets.

If you fail a death check you may choose to hang on, reforming at the site of your original death site. You must deduct a point total of your stats and Action Traits = to the amount you failed the death check by.
You may make up that point total however you want. The point loss is permanent, but gaining the lost points via exp only costs half as much as would to normally increase a stat or action trait.

Then choose your Niche

Often like lesser versions of above , but yeah like oh yeah my character is also totally about this, like something that you would say in the 2nd line of a character blurb

so pugilist
get violence at 13

dabbler in the mystic arts
get sorcery at 13
and pick one sorcery schtick and one special effect of that you can use.

Criminal streak
can make int, dex, or cha checks to do reasonable criminal type stuff

Computer Wiz Kid
You are a standard level Hollywood hacker. Int checks to get information , disable stuff etc

Cyborg implants
Choose one hardware schtick from Secret android

Tainted blood
Choose one power option from Mystic Creature
your monstrosity is 13

Need for speed
crazy good drivering

Gun Bunny
get guns at 13

Mechanical Genius:
You can built and repair all kinds of fancy technological crap with access to the proper tools. Stuff you successfully built with a int check should not be more powerful than supernatural abilities.

Through theft, cunning, passed on or ebay you have an absurdly large and broad collection of weapons stashed at home. Machine guns , flame-throwers , swords. Everything up to minor weapons of the occult and lesser military gear can be here. At the start of the
scenario, request some weapons. You can make a fortune check to get particularly weird or specific. Note weapons that you get from your arsenal have negative plot armour, i.e. they will generally get lost, or broken by the end of scenario.

Marked By Fate:
You have some mysterious destiny, and circumstances conspire to keep you in that direction. This means you get to re-roll one die roll that you or anyone else makes, just after they made it. You must have a little monologue about why this is not to be, example "No, I Know I'm to be the Mermaid King, I can't Die here, No Like This" or "No its me and Shazzatarnia against the world! She can't of failed to get out in time!"
You of course have to come up with something vague yet specific for your fate.

Burning With Vengeance:
Man are you pissed of about something    Someone or some group has nearly destroyed you in the past , and now you it's payback time, and you've stolen their wallet. Or whatever. Come up with a nemesis or a shadowy organization that you strive against. You get +1 to rolls when striving against them directly.

In The Nick Of Time:
Your character can show up just when needed. You get highest initiative in the round that you join combat , if you were prevented from joining in at the start and it was an interesting reason, not you were searching the next room. Also in non combat , time sensitive challenge (like defused a bomb) you can get one extra action before the deadline.
Also if it's unclear where your character is in relation to the other characters, you can declare yourself to dramatically show up where everyone else is, if you can give a plausible enough reason ("It was me! I was the turkey! All along!" or "What ? Did you think I would just leave you to fight the UberPig of Munich all by yourself? Hahaha , I was on the plane with you, disguised as a stewardess!")

I though you were dead!:
Any time you successfully make a death check, you may choose for it to look like you had died but then come back in the next act.

Chaos Magnet:
Anything more complicated than a simple situation that involves you has a flat 50/50 chance of going increasingly hardware. This includes plans made against you as well. Generally the worst of the trouble will effect those around you and leave you untouched.
You can spend a fortune point to reign in this for a given "situation" Examples? Okay you are hanging out with your teen sleuth pal, and trying to follow someone. You are tailing them in a car. They go into the bank. You wait outside. The g.m flips a coin , and the chaos magnet kicks in. The bank is actually get robbed, and but the getaway car is not their so they jump in your car, put a gun to your friends head (but not you) and demand you drive.

You have a secret identity and choose to protect it by dressing up before you start fights. You get a bonus of +1 to all your rolls on the first combat of an act or whenever you make a dramatic entrance. You have something you dearly wish to protect as civilian , and if your identity is exposed, your career, family, antique vase collection, what have you , is in serious trouble. When ever you are not in costume , and engaged in combat, you suffer -1 to all your rolls for the first round, and then every round until you make a successful will check. This Niche can be taken if you have the Magical Girl archetype, the effects stack.

Hostage Prone Crush Object:
There is someone who you are totally complicated with. MAybe it's a unrequited love, maybe it's an ongoing lover. Or a beloved pet. Whatever. You like them heaps and would do anything to save them. Which is good and also bad, because man do they get themselves in trouble/kidnapped all the damn time. When ever you are trying to directly save their ass, you get a +2 bonus to your rolls. So if you were trying to punch the robot shark about to eat them you get the bonus, but if you are trying to shoot Doctor SewAnimalsTogther who is looking on and laughing, no bonus. The plot armour of your Hostage Prone Crush Object is relatively thick, but if you are dumb  and/or apathetic enough you will get them killed, and get -2 points of impairment for the next 3 scenarios.

Defiance against all odds:
Once a scenario, you can have big flip out back to the wall never give up moment. For the rest of the act, any impairments you have become positive modifiers instead.

Past Lives:
Each scenario choose a specific die result, like positive die 3 negative die 1. When you roll that (once an act), you have some  flashback to a past live and you get to roll another  positive d6 and add that on to the roll.

Inner Torment:
You have all this crazy conflict and feelings, because you wanna eat people but you don't or you betrayed your robot assassin clan and you are stressing out about it. What ever. Your character is deep, man.
The mechanic effect is that once an act you can re-roll a failed will roll, because your passions and shit mean you'll never give up or be understood or do what the tell you.

Small Gods:
You character can see a variety of small gods, from Jasmine the Goddess of lovers who's lovers have left them, or Ascanazel the god of talking to lonely people or Clio the Muse of history, who looks after museums. They are generally friendly to you and can help you out in small ways. Spend a fortune point to find one , make up the name and port folio, and make a charisma check to see how much they want to help you. At the very least they will have a kind word and maybe a biscuit.

Bezerker Rage:
Rah! you can spend a round working up a lather of rage! after you do this you can add 2 to your attack value, but subtract 2 from your defensive number (whether dodge or Violence or what have you). This lasts until the end of the combat, or until you make a successful will check. You might have to make will checks not to attack people you should not, on the description.

Can see the Good In everyone:
Awww you can totally see the good in everyone. Use this to try and talk people out of their evil ways, convince people to help you.
This is played out by you as a player talking up being nice to some half defeated bad guy, and if your circumstances and blathers is good, maybe a cha check gets them to hesitant or change sides, maybe temp.
IF you act repeatedly ruthlessly you lose this niche.

Never Say Die:
You just plain refuse to die easy. Add your will score to your trouble capacity. But you have to choose something trivial that your character is complete adamant about not doing . Like never traveling in airplanes, or never saying sorry. If you are trying to do it anyway, you must fail a will check to do it.
You lose the benefits of this niche for the rest of the scenario if you ever do this thing or are forced or tricked into it.

Then the chaser, which is like skill packages, backgrounds etc
Choose one
Friends In weird Places:

You have one specific contact, like a high ranking police officer, a mid ranking demon, a urban witch. They are often willing to help you, but have numerous responsibilities and commitments that prevent them from getting too tangled up in your shit. You can Asspull them into a situation once every 2 scenarios

If not otherwise criminally or stealth talented, you can declare you character has gotten away with something because they are sneaky . Dex or fortune checks may be called. Example "Okay the Panty Ogre picks up the flaming barrel and goes to throw it at/ Not me! I'm sneaky! I would hide behind something!" Another Example: "Did anyone get a fake id?" "Oh me ! I'm  sneaky!"
Obviously does not out stealth or out steal ninjas or Daring Thief

Good with animals:
You can make friends with animals easy even calming wild animals down if you make a cha check and no one shooting at them.

String of Lovers:
You have a bunch of people who you have the good time parties with. You can spent a fortune point to have one of them having some convenient resource or job

Fancy contacts:
you have rich successful friends or something. You can Asspull them into a situation once every 2 scenarios

Dodgy contacts:
You know some dodgy people, and can access black market goods, score quality drugs etc.
You can Asspull them into a situation once every 2 scenarios

Mystical contacts
You know some wizards or a bridge troll or those gremlins that live in the basement, and can get advice and trade obscure magical supplies from them. You can Asspull them into a situation once every 2 scenarios

You can make basic chemicals, use lab equipment, identify strange machines etc.

Select some field of knowledge that you know way way way to much about. Field of knowledge has to be real world based, other wise that makes you a geek. You can be a geek about anything you want. Its not going to do shit. Nerd will give you occasionally bonus if you pester the g.m enough

You know your way around a workshop or tool shed, and can fix cars , computers and roofs. Int check (and possibly fortune checks) if you are trying to fix anything like a robot or a antimatter cannon.

You are a trained nurse or doctor, and can heal peoples wounds. Under your care, people can stop dying if they have failed a death check, and recovery your int in wounds with a small amount of downtime. Or get healed to full , given a couple of days.

You have some dudes that think your awesome, and will whatever dumbshit you talk them into. You have one per point of cha, they have violence or guns at 6 or some other basic skill, and are unnamed. If you lose one, spend a week and make a cha   check to get a new one. You get a penalty to this check for every one of your mooks you have "lost" this week.

You have someone who's an authority on your archetype offering you guidance and sharp comments.
They can give you advice, give you a place to stay, loan you weapons and help with training and shit. If you mooch of them too much they will tell you off.

Lair/secret hide out/
a secret little hidey away, known only to you, and who ever you are stupid enough to tell. Its pretty basic, having water and power at best, and its about the size of a large room. If it's harder to access it can be better, etc. So you could get a huge mountain cave that's like a days travel away, and it would be pretty fortifiable, or you get a tree-house in a park in the city, that would be crap defensively if anyone found it, but you have totally scammed power and water and it's hella convenient.

Property what is useful but not secret
Kinda like the above, but it's a fully furnished house with a lab or workshop or something, and enough room for a couple of people to stay. Or it's a shop and you can have some money. You get the idea.
Starts with one point of plot armour.

Outrageously Hot
You are stunning. Effortless beautiful. Could have a modeling career in a heart beat .
Bring this up whenever you need something from a npc and you should get whatever you need pretty easy

Sweet ride :
You have a sweet ride, like a holden kingswood, or a sports car, or sturdy pick up truck. This ride has a point  of plot armour to start with.

Well traveled:
You know like a bunch of languages. You can make a fortune check to see if you know any given language.

Duct Tape Magician
allows you to repair devices using only bare-bones
equipment. If the computer is fried, the
assault rifle jammed or the Geiger counter
blown to hell, you can somehow make it keep
going. This isn’t the same as fixing a device; this
is more like postponing its breakdown until
you’re done using it for the time being. If that
busted pistol needs to work right now, you can
probably coax a couple of rounds of action out
of it. By spending a Fortune Die, you are able
to coax the device in question to continue functioning
until the end of the act.

Aura Sight:
You can see auras. An awareness check reveals a certain amount of information , like their mood, stress levels, or any really strong super natural influences.

you are rich. Not buy your own country rich, but have like 6 cars and a boat rich.

Really Good cook:
You are amazing at cooking. YOur food, it revitalizes, rejuvenates, regenerates with actually mechanical effect when the d.m is feeling generous.
Choose some specialty if you like, like super detailed realistic cakes, or the ability to make delicious food out of fishheads and hair.

Really Bad Cook:
Possibly looks and smells fine, except for the cooking oil/dishwashing liquid mix up. OR the amount of salt. OR the use of shampoo for no goddaman reason at all. Or because you are cursed to make poisonous shit when ever you try anything more fancy than unwrapping something. And even then it can be dicey.
You, however, have a near immunity to poison in food, or food poisoning.

Botanist of Woe:
You know heaps of shit about plants, and can make poisonous and antidotes and downers and uppers and sidewayers. Varyable level of usefullness, depending on your access to plants, and how interesting it is to have something solved/not solved with your botany

UhOh aka Canary in the Mine aka It's Quiet, Almost Too Quiet
If you comment on an impending unexpected danger before everyone else twigs to it, you get +2 on your initiative and first roll.

Feet Don't Fail Me Now:
Your speed category is one higher if you are running away from something.

Love Is a Battlefield:
You get a bonus 2 exp if you have been leading other characters romantic interests astray

I love it when a plan comes together:
You get a bonus 2 exp if a plan of yours is a success. Plan must be more complicated than we hit the guy in the face and take his stuff.

I love it when a plan ploughs into turd island and we die:
You get a bonus 2 exp if your characters actions are crucial to fucking up someones plan. This can be either another p.c or a n.p.c

Legal Eagle:
you have an absurd knowledge and talent for exploiting legal loopholes. In a situation where the law is now a looming consequence you may make a fortune check to know someone way to wiggle out of it. You may then make a charisma or int check (cha if facing a single cop or jury, int if trying to scam a tax audit, or alien super computer etc) , and how much you succeed is how much you get out of it. Even a fail still means the consequences  are reduced (for you though, anyone else in the shitpond with you is outta luck). If you succeed the check by 5 or more, you actually wind up better off (an out of court settlement, can sue for false arrest etc).
This chaser can be used with any legal system you are familiar with and if you are not , you can still a penalty to the fortune check of -4 or -2 if you have chance to cram up quickly on the judicial procedures of the plague gnomes or whatever.


You can have access to whatever a teenager/young person/ whatever would have access to.
So maybe a flat, or you live with your parents, some tools and a basic lab / workshop if you have a niche/chaser that requires it.
A piece of crap car maybe. 
Daring Thief , Scheming Delinquent, Femme Fatale you can have some more flashy stuff, like a sports car, or a swimming pools, or someone sweet antique vases. You get the idea.



  Petty Bullshit: you heal when not in a fight with petty bullshit
Petty bullshit is like the characters arguing about something, obsessing about how this going to effect their grades, or anything that's amusing,  in character , and demonstrates the characters "rich and complex inner life".
for a minor distraction , heal like 10 wounds
for a significant tangent heal 20 wounds.
You also can choose a petty bullshit specialty! When engaging in a minor distraction that's your petty bullshit specialty  recover 2 fortune, and if its a significant tangent recover 4 fortune points.
(in addition to the wounds).
Examples of petty bullshit specialitys:
Relationship troubles!

you failed your death check by what??
14+ near instant death, baring last words
13-12 =15 minutes until hanging out with the reaper
11-10 =30 minutes ""
9 to 5 = 1 hour ""
4=2hours   ""
3=3 hours ""
2=4 hours ""
1= 6 hours ""

You be prevented from dying by a hospital , someone with medical training (medic chaser for example) ,or spooky magic. This involves, first making a fortune check. IF it's successfully, wahey, they prevent you from dying! See below about how long you are unconscious .
If your fortune is check is unsuccessful, no biggie.
Except now the people trying to save your ass have to work for their money.
If they are using some kind of archetype healing power, or a sorcery portfolio, they make an opposed roll, with their action trait versus the amount of wounds you are below zero. Success means you are not dying.
Failure means, you are still dying. Other methods can be tried , but not that method by that person.
If a person has the medic chaser, they make a intelligence opposed roll versus your the amount of wounds you are below zero. They get +1 to their int score if they have access to a decent medical kit, +2 for having something more comprehensive than that, +3 for an ambulance or field hospital set up, +4 for the average a&e, and +5 for an high tech a&e.

If the character is taken to a hospital, roll a d6 to determine the intelligence score of the doctor attending.

You remain unconscious for like  6 and half hours minus however long it was until you were going to die. Anything that reduces your wound total , allows you to regain consciousness instead . After this you may not be healed further than 10 trouble capacity until you've had a day or 2 of down time.
All this is heavily subject to circumstances and dramatic relevance.

Also? INJURYS! when you make a death check you are also simultaneous comparing the negative die to your fortune score (like a fortune check) if it's higher than your fortune score, roll on the table below!

 exploding d6!
1-2 : battered, coughing up some blood  but okay!
3: Stunned, drifting in and quickly out of unconsciousness, lose you next action
4:Ribs cracked badly, can't run.
5:Knocked out! for a exploding d6 minutes and suffer concussion, failing any awareness and int checks for the next exploding d6 days
6,7: a random limb broken. Legs is 1 point of impairment per leg broken and you can't run. Arms is 2 points of impairment with that arm.
8: major facial injury! Like your checks is totally ripped open or your nose is smashed to complete smasheditude you will have like a scar forevers! another one point of impairment coz blood and pain.
9: Lose of a couple of fingers and or toes. 1d6 1-2: a finger 3-4 a toe 5: 1d4 fingers 6: 1d4 toes and get a trauma
12-13: Lose an ear! and get a trauma
14:Major kidney and or liver damage, you will piss bleed for about a week, and your con counts as 1 for purposes of drugs and other  toxins. Make a con check once a month to recover.
15:random limb is severed! as broken for impairment but you are bleeding 2 wounds per round as well and get a trauma
16:Randomly change your all-about-this to another due to fear a combination of near death crisis and head injuries.And get a trauma
17:Lose an eye! -2 to any ranged attacks ever, and -1 impairment as result 8. And a Trauma
18,19 Brain damage  lose one point of will, int and awareness. And a Trauma
20-24 paralyzed from waist down and a trauma
25+ paralyzed from neck down and a trauma

Attempting to heal these horrible injuries means you need access to advanced medicine or supernatural means of healing.
 Sorcery healing can handle all of this stuff with a high enough roll. d.c 17 for reattaching limbs, 20 for spine or brain injuries.
One attempt per caster yo, failure means you have no clue how to handle this.
Modern medicine can handle reattaching things if the cut is cleanish , the detached part is intact and the treatment is prompt. You will be recovering in hospital for a couple of months at least.

Brain and spine injuries might be treatable but -4 on the intelligence check for the doctor. And recovery is like a d6 months. Which okay is most likely tooo fast but hey.

You guys now can get Trauma. I will tell you when your character has a Trauma. Recorded it as a T on your sheet.
 You may earn more than one T in a scenario.

Things that earn you a trauma:
Taking 15 or more wounds in a single attack.
Having to make a death check
Failing a death check.
Having someone you care about die or nearly die (having to make a death check)
 Failing to prevent something horrible happen. That you care about.
Massive destruction or horrible slaughter.
Confronted with something that you really really really hoped was not real. ( not just hoped was not real like toxic shock syndrome or rabbit devils. Something that is a serious bad happening. Like someone scooped out , and filled with horse semen, to be animated as a golem)

Your I'm-all-about-this!  also has an additional trauma condition. I'm-all-about-this! are explained below.
You can get rid of trauma with a character moment! Character moments explained after the I'm-All-About-This'es

If you end a scenario with a T on your sheet, erase that T and roll on the Suddenly Oblivion Seems Almost Desirable table (or SO SAD for short). The lower you roll the more chance your characters mental health will not decline!

And I'm still thinking how this all goes down for mystic beings and secret androids. Watch this space.

 You can influence this roll by doing things to push that trauma away. Such as deep and meaningful chats with people, seeing a shrink, cathartic vandalism, and getting fucked up. Getting fucked up is a pretty good way of reducing your SoSad result. But it runs the risk of making things so much worse. Ways of getting fucked up include Smack, Weed, Booze, Downers, Uppers and Trips. They each have their benefits and dangers. If you are sufficiently fucked up in a scene you will not gain Trauma. Booze, Downers, Uppers and Smack can do this. Not so much weed or trips. Fighting demons while hallucinating even more demons is going to make things so much worse. Avoiding Trauma by being fucked up might result in later SoSad table roll penaltys.
There is possibly-a-little-too-extensive rules on drug use that I will include here later.

you can declare your character does not give a fuck. This can be done in character generation (especially if you are Mystic Being or a Secret Android who has no time for petty human concerns), or during the game. If your character does not give a fuck, you no longer get Trauma, can't set goals, and your "I'm-all-about-this" is effectively suspended, and you get one less exp every scenario than everyone else. You will also have trouble maintaining relationships , jobs and other such stuff. This is more of rule of thumb kind thing, with you cruel /loving d.m making you make a roll every now and again to not become a homeless person.
 You can Start-to-give-a-fuck-(again), but its gonna cost you 15exp..

Your Character also has a I'm-all-about-this!
This is like a deepset understanding or motivation which keeps them sane.
You can change during play, but it costs you 10 exp.
Choose from list:
Justice: The character believes the world can and should be made fair. 
Character moments relating to this are anything to do with realizing you have made a difference or otherwise seeing a positive result on someone else's life from your actions. You resist trauma like this as well. You gain trauma by being confronted with your powerlessness in the face of injustice or your actions having consequences that are the reverse of your noble intentions. Also being beholden to acts of utter senseless brutality or unfairness, that challenge all attempts to define a just world. see the expression on Sheriff Ed Tom Bell at the end of No country for Old men.

Order: you believe in a system or the possibility of a system to make the world a better place.  Order is about the world being meaningless and unjust but by upholding a system  pain and despair can be reduced and meaningful action taken. Order is  You exp bonus character moments are things relating to doing stuff for the greater good, even when it seems unfair to the individual, and maintain the status quo or advancing a system that seems more credible to you. You resist trauma by seeing "the big picture". You gain trauma by forced to confront failings of your beloved system, either by the strength of forces it faces, or its own corruption or hypocrisy.

Belonging: You have a group or friends circle or family that you belong to and that's all that matters really. Being loyal to that group and putting them before you is what you are about. Your character moments are about sticking up for your comrades, and sacrificing stuff to help them and being there for them. You resist trauma by having your group tell you why its all okay and their ongoing survival.
You gain trauma by feeling betrayed or feeling like you betrayed or failed your group.

Hedonism: If you're having a good time who cares? You seek new and better experiences and heights of excitement. Your character moments are relating to indulging in your vices and choosing novelty over safety. You resist trauma by having fun, and having the freedom to indulge and sample the worlds pleasures.
You can trauma by being trapped or stagnated.

Survival: Any day in which you are alive is a good day. Your character moments are when you survive against the odds, or take actions that are hard-headed and pragmatic. You resist trauma by being satisfied with mere survival. Unfortunately you get half as much benefit from getting wasted or talking to people. Seeing the big picture is not how you have made it so far. You don't have any particular trauma vulnerabilitys however.

SelfDiscovery: You don't know. You just don't know, but you are going to find out. Character moments: when you test your understanding of your self and come to new conclusions. You resist trauma by gaining some insight from the madness. You gain trauma by discovering failings or limitations or otherwise stuff you would rather not no about yourself.
Note the SelfDiscovery can be changed to another I'm-all-about-this! without exp cost, unlike the rest.

Detachment: you are a taoist , go with the flow type. Being in the now and mindfullness is how you keep it together. All you can know is your self and your present moment, so that's what you do. Don't sweat the small stuff man. Your character moments are ones where a simple spur of the moment reflection allows a easier way, or when you simplify things for yourself. You resist trauma by detachment.
You gain trauma by being forced to deal with you entanglements and consequences of your actions or inaction.

Bestness: you are obsessed with being the best at something. Your character moments are about challenging yourself to the edge and overcoming that edge by breaking through that wall and going the extra mile and sports metaphor sports metaphor sportsmetaphor. You resist trauma by overcoming stuff. As long as your elite skills allowed you to triumph you are okay! so if a scary monster ate your dog and you defeated the monster! you resist that trauma. If that monster ate your family and you can't find it, ah man are you sad.
You gain trauma by failing. Or not being the best.

You have a trauma and you want it to begone? Using the frame work of your All-about-this explain whats going through your characters head and how you are going to push against this horror with this next action. That action could be a death check, a healing check on someone, an attack roll or whatever. The action must be something that is defying or resisting the source of the trauma. If this roll succeeds, in additon to whatever it normally does, it erases one trauma. Huzzah! If it does not, well , huh, you still have that trauma, and you  can try again with  a future action, BUT if the action is being used as a character moment it now has a -2 to it. If it fails, the next character moment attempt will be at -4.

Exp works vaguely like this:
The d.m makes a note of when:
you make everyone laugh
you make the session take a unexpected AND INTERESTING turn
you deduce something
you are on the winning side of a fight
you are on the winning side of a challenging  fight (stacks with the above)
you are on the winning side of a brutal fight (stacks with above)
you are on the losing side of a fight
you had to make (a) deathcheck/s in this scenario
you actions made the world a better place
you made yourself useful

each thing is worth a point. Total these, then half them, and that's how much exp everyone got at the end of the scenario. Having a character moment is worth +1 exp as well, and there are chasers that can earn you bonus exp.

you can declare a goal. It costs you 3 exp.
At the end of a scenario if you have worked towards the goal you get 3 exp.
If you achieve a goal, hurrah! you get  you get +1 to your TROUBLE CAPACITY  for every 3 scenarios spend advancing the goal.
THis is the only way to increase your TROUBLE CAPACITY that does not involve cash bribes to the d.m.

So A quick reminder:
 action value plus dice roll - defensive score (dodge usually)= outcome
outcome+weapondamage=damage   Damage-con and armour (if any)=wounds
wounds are subtracted from TROUBLE CAPACITY

When your TROUBLE CAPACITY gets to 5 you suffer 1 point of impairment
When your TROUBLE CAPACITY gets to zero and below you suffer another point of impairment.
And you start making death checks when you are in negative numbers.


So exp! What the funbuns do you do with it? Well , you spend it on things!
SENSHI AND SEAHAGS: mascara in the dark does not have a level system, instead you spend it as you go.
IF you wanna improve an attribute, it costs you 4+double what the new value will be.
So if you wanted to increase your fortune score from 3 to 4 , it would cost you (4+(2x4)) 12 exp. If you want to increase an action trait, ie your violence, innerpower, dodge , sorcery, guns or monstrosity scores, it costs twice what the new value will be. So increase your guns from 12 to 13 costs you 26 exp. If you would like to purchase an action trait you don't already have, you must have some enough of some plausible game downtime happening happen.
Like you join the triads a couple of episodes ago and they have been teaching you how to shoot. This is dependable on dungeon mistress approval! Mwahahaha!

Once that has happen it will cost you 10 exp, and it will start at the number of an attribute +1. The attribute used is reflexes for guns, dex or ref for dodge, str or dex for violence, int or will for sorcery , will or cha for inner power (which is not really applicable outside of magic girls , but maybe there will be some other archetypes that will use it, like a pyrokinetic or something) and whatever stat you like for monstrosity.
The new action trait may not start at higher than ten.
While it's below ten it costs a fixed 5 exp to increase it by one point. After that it's whatever the new value is going to be.

It costs 15 points to get a new hardware, monster power, gun schtick , martial arts technique (note you get one technique from a path, not a new path) or other optional schtick from your archetype.
sorcery portfolios cost 20 to get a new one.

If you want a schtick from another archetypes , it will cost you 25 (35 for sorcery), and you might have to a relevant action trait in order to use it.  The only schticks you can purchase this way are ones that are not specific to one archetype. So Hardware, Monster Powers, Guns schtick, and Martial arts.
You need to have the okay of the g.m and some relevant stuff happening for this as well.

Additional Chasers can be purchased as well. They cost 15 exp, but anyone who has this chaser purchased from character creation will always be better than you. In the case of a roll, they can choose not to roll and automatically get what you get but one point higher. The chasers that give you exp bonuses give you one less if purchased after character creation.

Plot armour: 1 point of plot armour ,means one death or serious unpleasantness is evaded through oversight, luck , or unlikly circumstances.
You can buy plot armour for locations, npcs, equipment. Locations and npcs is 5 points per 1 point of plot armour. equipment is 10 per point of plot armour.
You can also dictate the existence of stuff in the world by spending exp!
The character of the player spending the exp will be oh yeah that's always been there, but other characters will be like"oh...really? huh. I guess I remember that..I think" Some npcs will be weird about it too, but most will accept this seamlessly into their stupid feelings lives.
3 exp to create a minor npc that's helpful, and the help can be pulled once out of your ass. Like you need a getaway driver and your stoner mate just happens to pull open in his pizza delivery car. That's an asspull.
After that you can still get their help, you just have to go out of your way to get it.
A minor npc is like just your average joe or joessey
6e xp gets you a npc that has a valuable ability like a good doctor, elite lawyer, rogue sewer alligator etc.
12exp for a major npc, like someone that can fight good, or is in charge of a bunch of stuff.
10 exp can be spend to have an event introduced
Locations are like npcs, but like buildings can't really be your friend, but in this case you have access to the building more than can be provided with a crowbar .
5 for a house that's actually pretty unlikely for your character to afford
10 for a shop, or lab or factory

 15 for a secret lab, a high tech factory or a talking tree house (hey this building can be your friend!)

You can also spend 15 exp have an event happen of your choice. Like a solar eclipse, or a plague of jellyfish, or a black out or a stock market crash or something. Like something that would make the front page on a slow day. Not like "aliens steal moon, planet earth to suck it"

20 exp gets you to make a new aspect of the world. So you want there to be a hollow earth? 20 exp. You want an astral plane? 20 exp. You want mail boxs to contain small dragons? 20 exp. You want the moon to have pyramids and crystal Egyptians? 20 exp
Whatever this new aspect is, it must be something that could of plausibly (even just a sliver of plausibility) gone undetected by the majority of the populace this whole time.


projectile weaponry

short bow, lightcrossbow 7
small hand gun (.22) 8
Crossbow , Long bow , medium hand gun (.38) 9
big hand gun ( 9mm,.45) 10
really big handgun (.44)  11
Hunting Shotgun 10
combat shotgun 13
medium rifle (5.56) *
Heavy rifle (7.62) 13**
* unnamed characters go down when hit by this on a outcome of 4 or more
**unnamed characters go down when hit by this on a outcome of 3 or more

With pistols, if you box car , make a fortune check. IF you fail , you are out of ammo
With rifle and shot guns and flame throwers if you get snake eyes, or box cars, make a fortune check. If you fail you are out of ammo.
With Machine guns the same as above but also if you choose to do full auto (+4 damage, -1 to hit) a combined value of 7 on the dice as well as box car and snake eyes, means you have to make a fortune check.

If you fail the fortune check, make another one. Additional failure means you are out of ammo before you make the shot, i.e. your attack just failed.

Melee weapons:
you can use dex instead of strength for foils, rapiers, whips, ninja stars , chopsticks and small knives. But only if the target has actually cares where abouts it gets stabbed (so a robot would, but not a horrifying amporphous blob of meat and bone) 
bearhug, squeeze, small animal (as a club), chopstick, umbrella , whip: str
unarmed strike ,small club,  tyre, heavy book, bottle(unbroken): str +1
trained kick or punch (violence 11 or higher or applicable background), tonfa, club, nunchuka , knife bottle (broken), flimsy chair, frying pan: str+2
staff, hatchet, gladius, big branch, large antique vase, flimsy shelves: str+3
sword, spear, axe, table , frozen dog on a chain, white hot poker, bicycle, drain cover, person (as club): str+4
Tetsubo, frighteningly big axe, smallish tree, parking metre, stop sign, large desk, wardrobe, small pony (thrown)  Str+5

Environmental damage:
Hit by car: 15
Hit by bus 20
falling one story 10
falling two stories 15
falling four stories 20
falling five stories 21
falling ten stories 22
falling twenty stories 23 
falling forty stories 24 etc
Soaked in gasoline and set on fire 15*
drowning 5 **
having a tv dropped on you from height 8
having support beam land on you 10
having the whole damn roof falling on you 15
thrown through plate glass window 5
jumping voluntary through plate glass window 0
Jumping from speeding vehicle 8
jumping on grenade 23
in middle of big explosion 15
more than 3 metres from big explosion 10
poison 4-20 depending on strength
driving into power pole  (still in car)17 (not in car) 26
wiping out at 100 kph18
Driving off cliff 22
*and you are now on fire. On fire means 1 point of impairment (pain and visual distortion) and you take  2 wounds each round (do not apply constitution to reduce damage). Spending a round rolling on the ground or emerging self in water or non-flammable substance stops you being on fire. Unless it's something particularly horrible like napalm or tri-chlorine fluorine...
**you can hold your breathe for a number of rounds equal to your constitution , after that you take 5 damage straight to wounds.



Oh alright, tactical vests , or chainmail gives you +2 to constitution for damage reduction purposes, but reduce your dodge and attacks involving concentration or movement (basically everything except guns) by 1.
Full plate or riot armour gives you +4 , but -2 to dodge and attacks.
Leather armour looks cool.


  1. I really want to play in this but would only be able to during workdays in GMT +1... so I'm very curious to know what time you're planning it for.

    1. I keep weird hours so it might work out, I think lunch time your time, is about midnight here is choice-bro-island. So it might just work out. Preferred times? I'll sort it out when I get back from melbourne.

    2. lunchtime's perfect - within that workday window I can work around you. Although I'm trying to keep Monday 10:30gmt free for Wessex, just in case...

  2. Those intro paragraphs are sheer literature.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was pretty good too, that's why I keep re-using it. I think I may have including something about a sweet new gang called the end of the world mother fuckers with the beholder or the flail snail. Curious if you liked that as well

  3. Sounds awesome! Interested to know when you would run this as well. I'm Tiffany Simmons on G+, feel free to add/message me.

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    That is all.

  5. You know what? Hells yeah, I'm in. I live in Sweden, my sleep schedule is all out of whack and I have no idea when and at what times I might need to work. But I am so in if you'll have me!

    Kasper Blomdell on G+.

    1. sweeeeeeet, I've added you on g+ and will keep you informed. feel free to start thinking up your character

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  8. OMG have just made up character. squee. So many options, so much hilarity. Feel free to veto:

    secret pretty war character

    Tina the Lemur (rat-sized)
    str 2
    con 1
    int 6
    aware 2
    will 1
    reflex 5
    dex 7
    cha 8
    fortune 2
    Awareness dodge: 16
    violence 10
    jump (swiftly)
    cute (+2 cha)
    Mechanical genius
    Dodgy contacts (thought about "string of lovers" and "sweet ride" but…)

    Tina has no weird origin story, she's just a talking lemur with a Lenin cap, a sassy attitude and a screwdriver clutched in her tail. You gotta problem with that? I bet she's the pet of one of the other PCs, or if not yet, then friendship is just an eyelash bat and an anatomically-doubtful thumbs-up away. She's had a string of lovers but they're all too embarrassed/worried to come forward, since the scandal broke about that guy and the iguana. Always made up - chews on a lipstick like it's a cigarette, counts in hex on her toes, has formal training as an engineer and can mix it up with nuclear physicists, jumping across the blackboard with a chalk.

    character picture: (this is her just getting out of the shower/pleased to see you after many years/about to go swimming/desperately lunging for the closet to avoid a lover's regular partner. Add cap, lipstick, screwdriver for more typical view)

    1. sweet beans, that takes our party to 4. (a magic girl, a nyanpire cat , and a daring thief ) Have you seen the g+ page? It has like a list of questions for your character. Pick 5 and answer with what ever whimsy you wish

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