Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pictures,gerrymandering ,golems

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Shit, a lot of time just went past without me posting. I blame Santicore , moving house and going to melbourne. OKay 2 of those have not happened yet, but I've been thinking about them so that's nearly the same. Also home game, and.. I'm not sure what I have been doing the last 2 or 3 weeks. HUH.
I gotta half finished flail snail, which was going to be a hand puppet but it's not working out so I'm just gonna make it non-hand insertion flail snail and then get started again on an hand puppet flail snail.
Okay here's some golem's for y'all

WolfHeads Golem:
THis is a golem made from wolf heads. It rolls towards you in a snapping snarling broil of lupine chaos. It causes Fear as the spell and can howl inflicting a hold person effect effecting anyone who hears it and is more than 300 metres away. If on a surface softer than stone (or if it inflicts more than 10 points of damage in a round) , it regenerates 3 hit points per round by devouring the material its on and vomiting up more wolf heads. 
The crucial step in the rituals require to make it involves severing the heads off 12 werewolves , reducing the rest of their bodies to slurry , throw the heads into this mix, and seal it off. The resulting regeneration , starvation,  cannibalism and autophagy will from the base material of your wolfshead golem.

Spider Hive Golem:
This is an ominous striding abomination  of chitin, legs and fang. It's also filled with spiders.
To make one stuff a giant spider with its own young, randomly dispensing domination, insect swarm enlarge, polymorph and haste spells on them. The selling points of this golem is it can Spiderclimb as the spell, can repair itself via its internal spiders (providing the spiders have access to bone, chitin, metal or pottery to patch up the holes) and it can poison the very ground it walks on.

Obsolescence  Golem:
This could be mistaken for badly constructed and maintained  iron golem.
It is not. It is constructed from machines, weapons and tools that have fallen out of favour and use. It has a breathe attack as an iron golem, but inflicting Rusting (as a Rust Monster) instead of death.
The main thing to know about it is it takes no damage from any crafted weapon more advanced than the ones used in its construction.
Slum Golem:
This golem is crafted from the despair and human misery as much as the physical parts of the slums.
The golem is created by casting and performing the rituals in a suitable area, the wizard need not craft the body themselves. The golem can be primed for a future event or trigger before rising up like a long centipede of splinted beam, white wash and glass. The occupants of the building are not absorbed into it but need to make there own way out, risking being crushed by the golems internal movements.
As it teeters on its assigned mission it leaves randomly Symbols of Despair (in the form of graffiti) , and stinking clouds. 

 Due its size and capacity to absorb more materials to replace damage done to it, it is very hard to destroy. One  sure fire way is to erase its name, which is written on the inside of it somewhere. This requires delving through the shifting mazes of assimilated derelict housing. Due to the raw magics lurching through it , it is infested with lost ghosts , giant rats, angry miscarriages, and violent trash heaps.






  1. I'm sure you are the best there is at doing exactly this. Woooowwoww wolfshead golem... (!!!)

  2. Those golems are great, the first two solidly horrifying and disgusting and the others equally neat in a non-horror way - slum golem is amazing actually, the "erase it's name through spelunking in a moving slum" is an adventure seed waiting to happen. I see bands of former slum dwellers repairing and worshiping the golem, becoming piratical parasites of the constructs destruction of more affluent towns.

  3. Holy flipping freakshow batman! Any one of those would qualify for demented genius award.

    I fear for the sanity of your players :)

    1. Some of them still fear horses after The Horse incident

  4. Woaaaaaaaaah. You're right, slums ARE the greatest. I'd want a slum golem to just sit in wait and then naturally start consuming the city in a broken windows way. What seems like a natural process of urban decay is deliberate and predatory. It controls hobos in an unconscious influence way.

    1. Hey I never slums are the greatest, man you can't slander me like that. Seriously though I think you have this option of running slum golems as hijacked malcontent directed at the ruling classes by a sinister figures at the costs of the source of the outrage (ala Soviet Russia)
      or do a "the poor are suffering and thus vulnerable to corruption by evil" ala warhammer.
      Or hobo wizards sticking it to the man

  5. I think those troglodytes are the fucking best btw