Sunday 7 July 2013

Down World

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It's basically the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.
Well except you are all dead and live in this empty house and can't interact with the modern world outside but beneath you is everything and there is too-big-crows on the roof that will sell you things but you don't have any money. More like the goonies where there is pirate tunnels beneath everything the fountain . More like neverwhere but you pass right through everyone outside but that giant red knight with a flaming sword.

You can go down, you can go out , you can go somewhere else.

You can be from whatever age. You have a handful of memories.
You might have a name. But you are in this house with these other guys.

ATTrIBuTES: str, con , wis, int , cha, dex
Roll a d4 . Roll another d4. Subtract that one from the first roll. That is your attribute. (so -3 to +3) Add +1 to one of your choosing.

You have 1 Hit Die (d6) + extra hit dice equal
to your COn.

 roll all your hit dice and keep a
number equal to your level to determine your
hp. when you rest and consume a ration/
waterskin/wineskin, you may re-roll your
hp. if you are attended by a healer, roll an
extra hit die.

Skills: Pick 2

SkILLS: if you have an applicable skill, you
can’t miss. a roll of 6 or less counts as a
partial success, but with a bigger compromise
or complication than a 7-9 result.

Choose Abilities: (2)
 Skirmish(+1 damage and worn
armor counts as one type lighter)


 Slay(+2 melee damage)

Hardy(+6 hp).

Backstab(attack from concealment
to do +3 damage)

 Lucky(once per day, turn
a miss into a partial success)

always go first and can react when suddenly

Tinker(you can attempt to quickly
pick a lock, pick a pocket, or disarm a trap)

 Cure(you can attempt to neutralize
poisons, remove curses, or heal wounds with
a touch)

Vision(take drugs to commune
with your deity for divine guidance bad ideas).

Cantrips(you know three
simple magical powers: Candle, Shadow,
Throw Voice)

 Command(you can attempt
to command any spirit, demon, etc.)

(you may perform occult rituals—detailed in
ancient tomes and scrolls)

 Pet(you have a loyal and effective
animal companion)

Scout(when you scout
ahead you always spot the target before
it spots you)

 Volley(+2 ranged damage)

Wild(you can converse with and attempt to
command animals).

Choose a Vocation:
This will have effects.










When you attempt something risky, sum 2d6
and add one of your attribute scores, based on
the action you’re taking. (the gm will tell you
some of the possible consequences before
you roll, so you can decide if it’s worth the risk
or if you want to revise your action.)
A total of 6 or less is a miss; things don’t go
well and the risk turns out badly. A total of
7-9 is a partial success; you do it, but there’s
some cost, compromise, retribution, harm, etc.
A total of 10 or more is a full success; you do
it without complications. and a total of 12 or
more is a critical success; you do it perfectly
to some extra benefit or advantage.

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  1. I really like this system, with any luck I'll be trying it out this weekend at a party. I'll let you know how it goes!