Monday 15 July 2013

NPC faction interactions

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Has requested a quick and easy npc faction interaction matrix.

Here it is
roll 2d6

(1) Abandonment, rout
2 Evasive
3 consolidating
4-5 fortifying
 6-8 information warfare
9 probing
10 skirmishing
11 raiding
12 seizing
(13) Purging

After each roll mark each factions action with a counter on the above table. If a faction is successful with 2 aggressive actions ( 10 +) in a row add +1 to their next rolls until they receive a significant setback of some sort.
If a faction has been the subject of  significant losses -1 to subsequent rolls.

Explanation of the results:
Abandonment , rout: Faction is making no attempt to salvage or co-ordinate fleeing actions, severe demoralisation, members seeking to save their own skins above all.

Evasive: faction avoids engaging with aggressors or committing itself in anyway. Will still hold on to important resourses but contested or non-essential ones will not be fought for

Consolidating : the faction is reviewing its forces, bringing up old alliances and assessing where best to uses its strength

Fortifying: the faction is strengthen its defences and/or forming new alliances

Information Warfare: This is everything from espionage, to scouting, propaganda campaigns, misinformation, feints, bluffs, attempts to woo neutral party's+slander other factions

Probing: Subtle attacks to test another factions strengths.  Maybe disguised or through a 3rd party.

Skirmishing: Encroaching on another factions territory until it engages their forces there. No attempts to seize assets, merely to harass and draw up factions forces. Numerous attacks , retreating from strength but exploiting weakness.

Raiding: forces are send out with a specific goal in mind and will risk severe losses to achieve it. Goals include
1. looting/obtaining portable resources
2.destruction of resources providing assets
3. Terrorism, destruction of emotionally significant assets, ie civilians
4. Symbolic, such as the capture of ritual objects, or destruction of historic object
5. Tactical: a keep or watchtower or specific force
6. Assassination /kidnapping

Seizing: As raiding but a faction attempts to take and hold onto another territory or asset

Purging: The faction is systematically and thoroughly attempting to destroying every aspect of another in all out war

Give every faction a number of counters. Take away counters for attrition and losses. (say 1 for a successful attack , 3 for losing) . When a faction has  half as much as the strongest faction, -1 to rolls on this table . When a faction has half as much or less than every other faction, start rolling twice and taking the worst.

You might want to have X amount of counters come in each turn , and have this reduced or increased via the control of assets and alliances.
The consolidation action should give some counters, the fortify action reduces the loss from a conflict, etc.

I am being vague here because this starts getting into too much specifics to keep being broadly applicable, but hopefully it is obvious how to make a little sub-system for yourself

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  1. Hey, thanks, that was fast. I'll go and take a roll for my NPC factions just now! ;)