Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sewers Tables That I meant to do awhile a go

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1. Sublime Broiling: worship moon milch | semi real illusions
2. Glory Meat: worship a spherical flesh elemental | transform in to brutish hulks
3.Whistling Night: Construct "deep listening pits"to hear the "whistling between the stars" Wear bird masks with whistle beaks | summon nightgaunts
4.The Bell Drowners. They drown bells. The music of a efficiently drowned bell is rather unsettling |ultrasonic abilities
5. The Stabbers : so divination by reading organs, but if you change the organs (With dexterity,  speed and special knives like olive pitters) before the reading you can change the future. In theory | Surgical instruments, weird internal damage and fate interference
6. The Gigglers: like those people that have organized therapeutic  laughing sessions but have the doctrine that laughter is more therapeutic if the environment is extremely unfunny. Set up tableau that are either horrifying or absurdly banal. | Piranha flails
7. Essentialists: The human body has unnecessary parts that can be removed for greater efficiency. And replaced with beans. | Explosive seed projection, plant monsters
8. The Bombers: bonsai pyrotechnics. Try to blow up exaclty one thing like hope or disapproval. | bombchus

The cult is currently:
1. ceremonys
2. plannings
3.going to war
4.recovering after defeat
5. Out doing non-cult stuff
6. flipping the fuck out

Gangs of Thieves
1. Second story gang with trained squibbon grappling hooks
2. Midgets that disguise themselves as children
3. Fagan with mind control fungus hats and his child slaves
4. Conjoined Twins with a cadre of trained monekys
5. gas spore prostitutes
5. Graverobbers , also dabble in blackmail via a Speak With The Dead ritual they stumbled upon
6. Kidnappers, use blow darts with paralyzing poison from a rare species of bat found here
7.Spys and blackmailers, specialize in disguise themselves as plants
8. Snatch and grabbers , ride trained climbing goats

What are they doing?
1. Falling out violently
2. Counting spoils
3. Playing cards
4. Waiting for a meet
5. Leaving for a job
6. Hiding from retribution

Alchemical horrors

1. Homunculus swarm
2.gas-spore prostitutes 
2.Perpetually melting wax golem, keeps trying to turn into you. Kinda results in the death throes of the T1000
3.Stilt legged rats. YOu  think they are  swimming but they are really just walking.
4.Cimim: like a mimic but always appears as the most extremely unlikely and not particularly desirable thing relative to the enviroment. SO in a sewer, a feather 4 post bed or a roast chicken.
5.A centipede made from monkeys.
6.Monkeys made from centipedes.
7. Swimming mirrors. Possible harmless.
8.A symbiotic second skin. Now lurching around looking for someone to attach to. Not a good idea.
9.A giant tongue , studded with teeth.
10.Frog of Holding.

Lost Places
2.Cold store
4. Zoo
5. Arsenal
6. Voluntary entombment cells
7. Elevator
8. Pumphouse

1. A blind basilisk with a seeing eye parrot. Parrot constantly whispering descriptions of the environment to it. Basilisk is intelligent and fairly benign. The parrot however is judgmental and suspicious. If the Basilisk gets a good enough description of you from the parrot it can still use its gaze attack, except without limits on range or line of sight. That is because the Basilisk has far too much knowledge of philosophy.
2.A Sundial with moving shadow corresponds to another worlds sun
3.crude shelves with books. Books have haphazard yet skilled bindings. Content is violent angular scribbling.
4.Statues hanging from chains around their feet, so the head remains in sewage
5. A ghost trapped in a crack in a wall. Crack is not really big enough for the violently distorted face crushed into it.
6. Luminous hissing roses
7.Storage room for a theatre.
 8.Childrens drawings on the walls

4.Sewer Manatee
5.Pale Giraffe
6.Raccoon, cave adapted
7.Big moths
8. Diving Beetles
9. Bat eating spiders
10. Bats with symbiotic anemones  , with paralytic poison

Predators/roving locus of destruction
1. Wight
3. Ogre
4. trogloraptor
5. Murder Weasel
6. Giant Crab
7. Harpoon tongued Great Eel
8. Alligator
9. Shambling mound
10.Hydra with heads that appear as giant rats from a distance.


  1. And me with a bunch of players who are likely to wander into the sewer-labyrinth under their city... Thanks Scrap!

  2. The "A Sundial with moving shadow corresponds to another worlds sun" is really cool. That's one of those items which leads to a weird adventure on that other world.